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  • Title: Promposal
  • Author: Rhonda Helms
  • ISBN: 9781481422314
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Paperback

Prom should be one of the most memorable nights of your life But for Camilla and Joshua, some elaborate promposals are getting in the way Will they be able to land their dream dates in time for the dance Promposal n an often very public proposal, in which one person asks another person to the prom, eliciting joy or mortification.Camilla can t help hoping her secret crProm should be one of the most memorable nights of your life But for Camilla and Joshua, some elaborate promposals are getting in the way Will they be able to land their dream dates in time for the dance Promposal n an often very public proposal, in which one person asks another person to the prom, eliciting joy or mortification.Camilla can t help hoping her secret crush, Benjamin, might randomly surprise her out of the blue with a promposal But when she s asked to prom by an irritating casual acquaintance who s wearing a fancy tux and standing in front of a news crew she s forced to say yes However, all hope is not lost, as a timely school project gives Camilla a chance to get closer to Benjamind it seems like the chemistry between them is crackling Is she reading into something that isn t there, or will she get her dream guy just in time for prom Joshua has been secretly in love with his best friend Ethan since middle school Just as he decides to bite the bullet and ask Ethan if he d go to prom with him, even if just as friends, he gets a shocking surprise Ethan asks Joshua for help crafting the perfect promposal for another guy Now Joshua has to suppress his love and try to fake enthusiasm as he watches his dreams fall apartunless he can make Ethan see that love has been right in front of his eyes the whole time.The road to the perfect promposal isn t easy to navigate But one thing s certain prom season is going to be memorable.

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My thanks to Simon Pulse & EdelweissPoint of View: Dual (Camilla & Joshua)Writing: First Person | Past TenseSetting:Genre: Young Adult | Contemporary Romance/GLBT (Joshua was gay)This was such a delightful read. It was light and sweet, but not too much that I couldn't stand. There was cheesiness that I normally don't like, but in this book, it somehow worked.Between Camilla and Joshua, I have to say Joshua stole the show for me. I thought he was super sweet and such a wonderful character [...]

“The best promposal is the one that comes from the heart. It doesn’t try too hard. It’s confident without being arrogant or fake. It shows that you understand the person, have taken the time to pay attention and learn him. Nothing is more flattering than feeling like someone gets you.”Fun and easy read. Reading this makes me reminisce my own prom experience even though its TOTALLY different from the one that happenedhis book. The characters are okay and the story flowed smoothly however [...]

También en: El Extraño Gato del CuentoPromposal es uno de esos libros que te llena de arrugas. ¿Cómo es eso? Porque sonríes como idiota en cada paso de página.La palabra Promposal no me era conocida, eso sí, lo asociaba con propuesta pero hasta ahí nada más. Si tienes curiosidad, Promposal viene de Prom (la fiesta de PROMoción) y Proposal (propuesta en inglés), lo que me da a entender que este tipo de eventos son importantes (a duras penas a mí me lograron arrastrar a mi graduación, [...]

Rating: 2 starsThe newest craze of the 21st century teen: promposals. So of course there has to be a book based around them. Personally, I think most promposals are cheesy and over-the-top, so I'm kind of scratching my own head over why I picked this up to begin with. Maybe it was because I had a few expectations going in that didn't play out the way I wanted them to- and that disappointed me.The Big Act: This book did a great job of addressing every kind of promposal, from cheesy and over the t [...]

Will you go to prom with me? Who wants a simple promposal like that? In this book it's all about how you're asked. The two main characters are best friends, Camilla and Joshua, and they're both hoping to go to prom with both of their crushes. Throughout the book they have to power through some challenging obstacles. It mostly takes place at school or at a house. It is a happy, romantic book that I'm sure you'll enjoy. I haven't read any book like Promposal, but it was a really good enjoyable boo [...]

Review:Promposal is a cute story about two best friends, Camilla and Joshua, hoping against all odds that they will be able to attend prom with the long time objects of their affections. Camilla is blindsided by an over the top promposal from a classmate she barely knows. There are roses, music and even a news crew. How is a girl supposed to answer in the negative when the whole world is watching – including the proposer with such a hopeful look on his face? I really felt for Camilla. Although [...]

***Spoiler Alert*** "Camila" has a secret crush that might surprise her with a proposal but everything goes wrong when Camila's acquaintance asked her In front of a news crew and she was forced to say yes. The genre of this book is Realistic Fiction. This book is First person point of view because it has words like I, Me, and We. First of all, Joshua and Camila, I would say that Joshua was really sweet guy and romantic. And I also think that he was a really wonderful character. Second of all, Be [...]

(I received a copy from Edelweiss, in exchange for an honest review.)Promposal was an alright read, but it wasn't great. Camilla and Joshua were okay characters, but i didn't love them. I did feel quite sorry for them both though. Having a crush on one of your good friends, and watching them trying to come up with the perfect promposal for another guy wouldn't be very nice. I would have died from embarressment if i was Camilla. Having a promposal from a guy you didn't really like, in front of a [...]

Promposal(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Simon & Schuster and Edelweiss.)This was an okay story, but I ended up finding the very notion of a ‘promposal’ to be pretty cringe-worthy.Camilla and Joshua were both okay characters. I felt quite sorry for Camilla and the way that Zach ambushed her and asked her to prom, and the situation that Joshua found himself in wasn’t much better!The storyline in this was okay, but I did find [...]

This review can also be found on A Thousand Lives Lived, check it out for more!From my personal experiences of adoring novels by fabulous authors, I tend to add all of the author's other works to my TBR list. Okay, maybe not everything, but other novels for sure. The interesting thing with Promposal was that it is written by Rhonda Helms, who mastered her hit new-adult novel, One Broke Girl, which I immediately fell in love with as I started reading it. When I requested this one from the library [...]

2.5 starsI thought the cover of Promposal screamed fluffy contemporary and was eager to start the weekend off by immersing myself in an adorable feel-inducing story. However, I completely overestimated this book. Despite its entertaining and light-hearted beginning, the more and more I read, the more I found myself becoming tired of its droning plotline.The romance was the main reason I picked this book up and it saddens me to say that I did not like any of the relationships in this book. I did [...]

Camilla has a huge crush on Ben, who has sat in front of her in class, silent, of course, for the entire year. She's a senior, and hopes that before the end of the year she can talk to him, but when Zach surprises her with an elaborate "promposal" with Ben watching, she is mortified and accepts Zach's offer. Later, she gets assigned to work with Ben on a school project, and the two hit it off, but he's reluctant to pursue her because of Zach's interest. In alternating chapters, we hear from Cami [...]

Promposal is a short, cute novel about best friends, Camilla and Joshua, who hope that they will be able to attend their high school prom with the people of their dreams. Camilla receives a huge promposal full of flowers, music, and the attention of what seems like everyone in their school. However, there is only one problem, she does not want to go with this boy, but wants to go with her crush, Benjamin instead. Then we have Joshua who has a crush on their other BFF, Ethan, but Joshua is let do [...]

My Thoughts: Promposal was a really cute one! We are introduced to Joshua and Camilla. Two best friends who fall in love with other people and are there for one another through everything. Joshua is gay and Camilla is straight. Joshua falls for one of his best friends while Camilla falls for a guy in one of her classes at school.I really liked this one. I liked seeing all the other characters plan their promposals and ask people out. I liked the different points of view between Joshua and Camill [...]

What if you couldn't go to prom with the guy you wanted to go with because some other guy asks you on front of a news crew and audience and you can't say no? Well, that's Camilla's problem. Then there's Joshua. When Joshua and his friend Ethan both came out of the closet in the seventh grade Joshua never admitted the feelings he had for him. Now a senior with prom on the way Ethan needs Joshua's help with the perfect promposal For another guy leaving Joshua to wonder if he'll ever get Ethan. I t [...]

2.5 Stars. A cute, easy read, just maybe a little too easy.A boy asks Camilla to prom in a manner that’s tricky for her to refuse, so she accepts even though she crushes heavily on another guy. Meantime, Camilla’s best friend Joshua harbors a crush on their mutual friend Ethan; however, Ethan enlists heartbroken Joshua to help him ask another boy to prom.A slight twist somewhere along the way, a change of heart, or at least the possibility of a change of heart would have brought a welcome bi [...]

Ok, the title was seemed shallow. but don't judge it by its title. buku ini diceritakan dr 2 pov brgantian. joshua & camilla. nooo mereka tdk akan dijodohkan pngarangnya d akhir cerita. dua rmaja ini mnghdpi problem msg2 trkait promal sampai akhir baca, aq puas dg cuteness ceritanya. tp aq agak trganggu dg 2 pov, cowok & cewek, yg sering bikin aq rancu. feelings yg aq dpt dr 2 pov ini sama: spt sdg bc pov ceweksa dianggap sbg 'cacat' novel ini, tp bs jg dianggap sbg kelebihan (jika mmg d [...]

Promposal is a short, sweet read about prom and the stories that go with it. I finished this book in one sitting, and I would recommend it to everyone–especially those who want to relive memories of their prom night and those who are dreaming to know how it feels like. Rhonda Helms was able to capture the #PromFeels that I was looking for, and I’m glad that I read this book.Full review on my book blog: bibliophilesoprano.wordpress. (Will be up on February 5!)

This book is a good light read, perfect for getting in the mood of prom season. In addition to the entire lack of description in characters, setting, and personality, the whole book was really cliche. Regardless, it had a few swoon-worthy and totally relatable moments. Though the rating is closer to 2.5, I gave it a 3.

A very easy and sweet read. I'd recommend this book to those wanting a bit of fluff, a few smiles, and a bucket full of high school angst. I simply adored Joshua and to a lesser extent Camilla. Their respective love interests were also very likeable and so very sweet.


This was so bad. Just so bad. Torture to read.

Cute cute cute! American highschool at its finest

I actually think it's a cute story.

this is the second time ive read it and it gets better each time ive read it. This book was about Camilla and Joshua and promposals. She gets a promposal from a guy she doesn't have feelings for and Joshua helps his best friend Ethan impress another boy even though Joshua likes Ethan a lot. Camilla likes a boy names Benjamin and they are paired up for an English assignment. Joshua can't just sit back and let Ethan ask this guy out so he admits to Ethan that he likes him and this shakes Ethan up [...]

This book is very earnest but just doesn't feel like it goes anywhere. I can't be overally critical of the writing as it is YA, but there was no real stakes or character growth or even really tension. Always nice to run into queer kids in books who don't die tragically or just act as sidekicks, so kudos on that. Not so thrilled about the clumsy inclusion of Dwayne and Niecey, who are like the only two black kids in school but are given even less personality than the other kids--which is saying s [...]

Rating- 3/5This book was a good short read, I finished it in around 2 hours, seeing how it was only around 200 pages.There jsnt a lot to say for this one, I generally liked it and it was a cool read.But the one complaint is the way that the book ended. With the information that Ethan gathered about Joshua I thought the book would end differently, with a different promposal so I was somewhat diapointed with it.

2.75Okay, is this really that quality of a book? Not at all. In fact, I'd say it's quite badly written and it's so freaking slow at some pointsbut I will say that it was cute. I don't think I'd recommend it for people who want a great contemporary with LGBT themes packed with wonderful writing and stunning characters, but if you're looking for a short and sweet book, check it out.

A cute, easy read that I did for a challenge on . I didn't really see the point of alternating characters for first-person point of view chapters, as the voices sounded the same, and I really think the promposal idea is insane, but all-in-all a nice YA book with a happy ending.

The book was pretty good in the romantic and comedy section, but I was really hoping for a major plot twist. The plot twist never happened and the ending was predictable from foreshadowing and it was similar to movies and other books.

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