In Wilderness

Diane Thomas

In Wilderness

In Wilderness

  • Title: In Wilderness
  • Author: Diane Thomas
  • ISBN: 9780804176958
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Hardcover

SELECTED AS ONE OF THE 10 GREAT THRILLERS FOR YOUR BEACH READING LIST BY ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY For readers of Ron Rash, Thomas H Cook, and Tim Johnston, In Wilderness is a suspenseful and literary love story hailed by New York Times bestselling author Joshilyn Jackson as heartbreaking, bold, relentless and the work of a true original In the winter of 1966, KathSELECTED AS ONE OF THE 10 GREAT THRILLERS FOR YOUR BEACH READING LIST BY ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY For readers of Ron Rash, Thomas H Cook, and Tim Johnston, In Wilderness is a suspenseful and literary love story hailed by New York Times bestselling author Joshilyn Jackson as heartbreaking, bold, relentless and the work of a true original In the winter of 1966, Katherine Reid moves to an isolated cabin deep in Georgia s Appalachian Mountains There, with little than a sleeping bag, a tin plate, and a loaded gun, she plans to spend her time in peaceful solitude But one day, Katherine realizes the woods are not empty, and she is not alone Someone else is near, observing her every move Twenty year old Vietnam veteran Danny lives not far from Katherine s cabin, in a once grand mansion he has dubbed Gatsby s house Haunted by war and enclosed by walls of moldering books, he becomes fixated on Katherine What starts as cautious observation grows to obsession When these two souls collide, the passion that ignites between them is all consuming and increasingly dangerous Suffused with a stunning sense of character and atmosphere, Diane Thomas s intimate voice creates an unforgettable depiction of the transformative power of love, how we grieve and hope, and the perilous ways in which we heed and test our hearts.

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In 1966 Katherine Reid is giving a death sentence. Her doctor tells her that she has less than six months to live. There is no name for the disease that is causing her body aches and continual vomiting. In a few short months her vital organs will begin to shut down.Katherine does not want to die in a hospital. She wants to die on her own terms. So she buys a small cabin in the mountains of North Georgia. She leaves her ad agency job and takes just what she can carry and moves into the cabin. Her [...]

"Thirty-eight seems young to die. But maybe if you're ninety-six so does ninety-seven."Sad and discouraged by loss, tragedy and a death sentence, thirty-eight year old Katherine Reid (and her gun) move to a remote cabin in the Appalachian Mountains to spend her last days, but soon finds she is actually feeling better and is not really alone, and when twenty year old Danny Maclean appears on the scene, a lusty and "weird" relationship develops that soon progresses to darkness and danger. (no spoi [...]

'It's not a plan. A plan requires a future.'Katherine Reid is 38 years old and she is dying. She can't eat, can't sleep, and her strength is slowly ebbing. Doctors are unable to pinpoint what is killing her, what they do know is that she has only a matter of months to live before her organs start shutting down. Unwilling to die in a hospital, Katherine decides to buy a cabin in the middle of nowhere, a place where she can make peace with herself and where she can make the determination of when t [...]

In Wilderness is a literary fiction novel written by author Diane Thomas. After finishing this book, my thoughts about it felt somewhat disorganized. I could not write a review right away. All I knew was that in some strange, deranged way, I loved itevery dysfunctional and haunting thing about it. I think I can put my thoughts down now. I won't say that I can do it justice, because I know I can't. But here it goesOn Ms. Thomas's author page, she provides some insights regarding her book In Wild [...]

4★Two disparate and damaged souls seeking extreme solutions to their physical and mental disabilities collide in a remote Appalachian wilderness in the late 1960s. Initially it’s a cat and mouse game for one, Russian roulette for the other.The reader is kept off balance with the author’s intent. Is this unfolding as a nail biting thriller, à la the movie Deliverance, or perhaps something else? The spare, raw, and mesmerizing prose explores the twin sides of physical and psychological desp [...]

3rd review,Still in the ICU butWaiting for a bed.I finished this about a week ago and while there were many things I liked, there was some I didn't. In another thread a few friends and I were, discussing how we each need different things from a story, how we identify with characters or plots. Interesting conversations and now after my recent hospital experiences my review has been hijacked because I identified in a big way with Catherine. A young woman basically being poisoned with modernism, al [...]

I loved this disturbing story about two broken, both physically and mentally, souls living deep in the wilderness. The writing is just beautiful ~ almost dreamlike ~ evoking all the senses. It's unlike anything I have read.After finishing the book and reading the acknowledgments, I discovered my mother's cousin married the author's sister.

The year is 1966 and Katherine Reid receives a heartbreaking diagnosis. She is dying from a terminal illness. The doctors can't even figure out what's wrong with her, only that she is dying. So, she sells everything's she owns and moves far away to a cabin in Georgia's Appalachian Mountains. Her plan is to spend her last months in solitude and she has brought with her a gun to end it if it gets too painful towards the end. But she doesn't know that she is not alone. In the forest, someone is wat [...]

3.8 Rating"Into the Woods".d off we go.Haunting, haunted, and increasingly borders on insanity(as novels go) .a little 'creepy'! Yet, the writing is luminous! You HAVE to keep reading! It will drive you nuts 'not-to'.As Katherine tries to face mortality with courage, having been overexposed to a pesticide, alone in a Cabin she purchased--Danny, a younger man, living with post-traumatic stress disorder, is stalking her from the other side of the mountain. The entire first half of the book --these [...]

2.5 stars

Katherine sells off her share of an ad agency and leaves her big city life when she learns that she is dying, her body slowly slipping away.  And where she goes is to a lonely cabin in a beautiful wilderness--to die peacefully of natural causes, or to speed things up a bit herself once she gets there.   Things don't always work out as planned.  By her taking over this cabin, a squatter named Danny uprooted and relocated himself, Katherine knowing nothing of him.  But he knows all about her [...]

Diane Thomas has written a tale of suspense and passion about two individuals who retreat to the wilderness, unable to survive in the modern world. Katherine, an advertising executive, is wasting away and her doctors told her she only has months to live. (She has an unknown illness in the 1960s, which we would describe today as multiple chemical sensitivities.) She buys a cabin deep in the mountains of Georgia to live out her final days.Danny, a Vietnam vet, cannot function since witnessing the [...]

Thank you to Netgalley and Random House Publishing-Bantam Dell for the advanced copy in exchange for this honest review.There is no arguing the fact that Diane Thomas is a talented author. Her blunt and and at times poetic prose is firmly on display In Wilderness. The reason I gave this only three stars has nothing to do with quality of the writing. The three stars is because I despised both character which made it hard for me to see the light in this dark tale. I don't mind a dark story or goin [...]

Wow. I am not sure what to say, except, again, Wow. What a delight to come across a writer not many have heard of before, and find such emotional depth and skillful artistry. This is one of the best books I've read this year. Maybe ever. This won't be for everyone. Read some reviews and decide before adding to your to read list. It is disturbing and raw in places, heartbreaking in others, but also transcendent. For folks who love wilderness/nature, this is a must. Think female Thoreau. The autho [...]

Easily a contender for my favorites this year. Could not be more in my wheelhouse. The solitude, the wilderness, the complex psychological stakes. Quiet and disquieting, fearsome and lovely, haunting and profound. Thomas took thirty years to write this, and it feels both old and new, in a wonderful way. She gripped me right from the start and held on. The coda was perfect. One of those books where I can’t believe it exists, and am so glad it does.

I’m always hungering for a book that will make me forget I am reading. A book that will make me take a pass on doing the shopping, forget the milk out on the counter, and burn dinner. In Wilderness, by Diane Thomas is that kind of book.It begins quietly: an expectant mother feels her baby flutter for the first time. But this is not some saccharine, worn out by overuse Women’s fiction trope; it couldn’t be anything further. For in the next chapter that same baby is dead, killed possibly by [...]

"Way down yonder, in the meadow,Poor little baby crying mama,Birds and the butterflies flutter 'round his eyes,Poor little baby crying mama."Setting:Georgia’s Appalachian Mountains; 1966-1968 Coverly Love?:Yes! It perfectly captures the haunting nature of this book. Plot:Katherine Reid is dying, or at least that’s what the doctors tell her. She once had a highly successful career at an advertising firm, a loving husband, and a baby on the way. But after she lost both her baby and her husband [...]

This is well written. It's also very dark. It's about 2 people with isolating and horrendous illnesses.Many people will like this far more than I did. The parts narrated from Danny's thoughts became so distasteful to me that I skipped huge tracts of them. I already "got" it.Katherine's cognition was not as soured but as difficult, maybe more so. So I don't know how you can say that this is a novel for any "enjoyment" level quotient. It's barely a 2 on that, maybe 1.5 star. And actually the plot [...]

A special thank you to Random House Publishing Group, Bantam Dell, and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. IN WILDERNESS, by Diane Thomasis an emotional and riveting literary fiction of illness, danger, obsession, and love, set in the North Georgia Mountains of two troubled souls igniting, for a compelling and moving thriller. Katherineis a thirty-eight year old woman, a former successful professional of an advertising agency in Atlanta in the early sixties. Her life has been [...]

If you love twists in fiction with unusual, bizarre, warped characters that make you wonder about their sanity, and then yours as well for getting sucked up into their world, never quite sure how it will end, thinking about it for days after the last page, then this 1960s thriller is for you.During the 1960s, women in the corporate world in high-powered positions are not the norm. But Kate is that anomaly. Kate who worked beside her husband in their advertising agency, until she receives the con [...]

3.0 out of 5 stars - Haunting, extremely disturbing, somewhat depressing -- I had to take a little time to get my thoughts ordered after finishing this one. The prose paints a very poignant picture of loneliness mashed up with near psychosis. The details of the wilderness and Katherine's isolation, along with her physical illness, made me anxious and fearful. I perceived Danny as a dangerous menace immediately, and willed him to stay away from her even as I knew she was emotionally needy given h [...]

In Wilderness by Diane Thomas is an intimate and atmospheric book of terminal illness, isolation, the stages of grief, and of love. Katherine Reid is given a terminal diagnosis in 1966 and moves to a cabin deep in the Appalachian Mountains. Her chosen cabin is remote, isolated, and has the bare essentials, surrounded by beauty she is allowed to grieve in her own way, but Diane is not alone. Vietnam veteran Danny lives in a grand mansion, known as the “Gatsby House”, in his own way is isolate [...]

In WildernessDiane ThomasTime: winter 1966Setting: isolated wilderness in Georgia's Appalachian Mountains"Told she is dying of the mysterious illness that plagues her, thirty-eight-year-old Katherine Reid moves to a remote cabin in the southern mountains to live out her last days.But in this peaceful solitude, her life may still be in terrible danger: A damaged young man also lives in the forest, and he watches her every move." (publishers note)Danny (20) is a PTSD veteran traumatized by experie [...]

Absolute 5 star read for me. This book promised something out of the ordinary and boy did it deliver. After turning the last page I sat and wondered how I would write a review that could convey all that I was feeling. Instead I just started typing the words that came to mind -hauntingtouchingemotivedescriptivethought-provokinggrippingat times terrifyinggut wrenchingpoeticmovingcrescendomasterful in setting the sceneskept me off balance and on my toestear jerkingrawanimalisticwildlaid bareheart w [...]

This book is definitely not a beautiful love story. I'd say a sick obsession that borders on creepiness and insanity! The two main characters take love and loneliness to another level. The doctors tell Katherine Reid that she is dying. She decides to wait for death in the wilderness of the Appalachian Mountains. Danny, a Vietnam vet with PSTD, watches her from afar. He becomes obsessed and has to have her. When these two lost souls meet the story explodes into destructive passion and twisted des [...]

Creepy. I really didn't like the first half of the book but something made me keep reading it. Pretty disturbing look at 2 people who have psychological problems. Danny is a war veteran with PTSD and Katherine has environmental illness. They end up meeting and have a very disturbing relationship with each other. Like I said before creepy. The second half of the book is better because there is more interaction between the two characters and you want to find out what happens next.

Weird. Creepy and unsettling but I couldn't put it down. I SO want to talk to SOMEONE about this book.

Great story~ Fever pitch~ Evocative like a dream, like a nightmare~ Psychological intrigue~ Celebration of Nature~ Intensive self-discovery~ Empowering parable~ Beautifully written~ Favorite 2015!

A mesmerizing and thought-provoking read

In that long afternoon soon after my copy of In Wilderness arrived in the mail, I could have read the whole book of 300 pages, so quick was the pacing, but it occurred to me about halfway through that I needed some time to reflect and gather myself for what was to come. And so I paused, and in the next sitting, the next day, I read on to the end. If you haven't read the book yet, prepare to have your dreams stirred, your securities shaken, your perspectives altered.It's 1966. A 38-year-old woman [...]

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