Double Fudge Brownie Murder

Joanne Fluke

Double Fudge Brownie Murder

Double Fudge Brownie Murder

  • Title: Double Fudge Brownie Murder
  • Author: Joanne Fluke
  • ISBN: 9780758280404
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Hardcover

Hannah is nervous about the upcoming trial for her involvement in a tragic accident She s eager to clear her name once and for all, but her troubles only double when she finds the judge bludgeoned to death with his own gavel and Hannah is the number one suspect.

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Oh. My. Where do I begin?I tend to agree with the reviews that smell a ghostwriter, but he or she must be a superfan because although Hannah’s romantic character was completely OUT of character, a lot of the same old, same old is totally present. Because we readers are all total idiots, we still have to have EVERYTHING explained to us. I think her intended audience is newcomers from the planet Venus who have no education in our earthly ways. When they are in Vegas, they are talking about Germa [...]

Don't waste your time with this book. I am actually regretting that I spent the time to read this book. In my defense, I have enjoyed the Hannah Swenson series up to about book 14, but the series has been going downhill since then. I had actually decided to quit reading the series after Red Velvet Cupcake Murder (Number 16), but I was perusing book lists and saw that a new one had come out last year and this one for this year. I decided to read them both. Blackberry Pie Murder was all right, and [...]

I won't rate this, because I can't finish it. I didn't even make it through the first chapter. If this was the author's 1st book, I might be able to overlook the cutesy, overly simple writing. But after 18 books, I'd expect a little more polish and a tone that reflected a middle-aged woman, not a breathless 16 year old. Also how can a small town doctor have enough money to hire a private jet, buy a "trousseau" for several women, fund a vacation in Las Vegas? He better be Hannah's next victim, be [...]

Contains SpoilersJoanne Fluke has, until this point, been one of my all-time favorite murder-mystery authors. The Hannah Swensen Cookie Shop books have, until right now, been one of my all-time favorite series.Unfortunately, Double Fudge Brownie Murder reads like it was written by someone else.Hannah spends all of Cinnamon Roll Murder (Book 15) pining over Norman and his soon-to-be marriage to Doctor Beverly Thorndike. She then spends the majority of Red Velvet Cake Murder (Book 16) worried that [...]

Why do I keep up with this series? Do I like to torture myself with the recipes that never turn out as amazing as the text makes them out to be? Do I have an obsession with completing what I start? I don't know. What I do know is that this series is ready to die. Hannah is a character that's as unrealistic as Jennifer Grey's nose. What "30-something" year old woman is that technologically inept? The writing is utterly prudish, with references to "maintaining her reputation", and outrage over Han [...]

This book seemed to amplify the things that irritate me about the Swensens and the series. It starts off with a stylish green pantsuit (why do they all think pantsuits are the ultimate in style?) and TWO men telling Hannah to check her peephole before answering the door in her secure condo. It gets worse from there.Hannah is to attend her trial for killing the guy whom she hit with her truck. Nobody - NOBODY - except the prosecutor thinks that Hannah should stand trial for it - because she's Han [...]

As I was reading this one I wondered what happened to Hannah? When did she become so dumb, that she can't figure out a cell phone, that everyone feels the need to talk to her about men, that she can't figure out things for herself. Welle last might be warranted as for most of the series we have gone back and forth with Hannah between Mike and Norman. That is why I was surprised when a dark horse came out of no where and it seems like he has managed to do what the previous men haven't. Not sure h [...]

Literally my first words when finishing this book were (and I quote) "What a piece of shit."I realize that is harsh, as I have been a Hannah fan for over 10 years now. But good god, it's time for the series to be over.The writing is now atrocious. It reads like it's Joanne's first book ever. Most of it is filler, which is generally forgiven for first timers, but this is not her first time to the rodeo, and it's been one of my complaints as the series has progressed. It literally never progressed [...]

I am done with this series. It started going downhill about 9 books ago and with book 18 it crashed. The only bright spot is apparently Book 18 is the book where Hannah finally stops being a pedantic twit who nitpicks her (alleged) loved ones grammar on a near constant basis. Not having to read her constant commentary about their grammatical mistakes is the only reason why I'm giving it two stars instead of one.***SPOILER***So, in addition to believing that two men would wait around for an alleg [...]

A good old-fashioned hate-read!So many of us reviewers who gave this book one star have declared, "This is it! I refuse to read another one of these!"And then we do. Why? It's because we, deep down inside, are horrible people and we can't resist a good hate-read.And there's SO much to hate about this series--this book in particular. I swear that, if we tried a drinking game in which we threw back a shot each time a Hannah Swensen/Lake Eden/recipe cliche occurred, we'd be dead from alcohol poison [...]

Did she really need another boyfriend and half the book was on recipes. Not as good as her other booksToo many recipes. Too many boyfriends.I've read all her books not happy with this one.

The dialog for this entire series sounds like it was written by a 3rd grader. It's stilted, and ridiculous.The story line is just as ridiculous. A 30 something woman who can't even figure out how to turn on a cell phone? A mom going on a honeymoon when her daughter is being charged with murder and may go to jail? And a 3rd man in love with her? And yet I read every book. I can't explain it. The books are not good, but I read them all anyway, and will probably read the next one when it comes out. [...]

*Warning, there will be spoilers*This is the worst Hannah Swenson mystery I've read thus far. I didn't like how Hannah was cleared from her charges from Blackberry Pie Murder by Judge Colfax minutes before he was murdered. Is it just me or does this sound too convenient to anyone? The book didn't do a good job at mixing the mystery and Hannah's baking life, often letting the baking outshine the investigating far too often than it should.The love triangle, no, wait, scratch that, love square was [...]

Why do I keep reading these? Have they gotten worse or have they always been this bad? The writing is incredibly simplistic. I have an 11yo and she uses this system at school called Accelerated Reader. They label each book with a reading level basic on it's complexity. I'm quite sure that if this book were in there, it would be written on a low elementary school level. There are exclamation points in odd places that make it look like a child with delusions of writing the great American novel at [...]

I have read every book in the Hannah Swenson series and maybe that is my problem, but this book drove me nuts. I swear there was a lecture every other page. A lecture on hydrangea bushes, a lecture on what grenadine is, a lecture on how to make pork chops, a lecture on private jets, etc. etc. etc. I'm half tempted to go back and read the first book to see if they have always been this bad. I know there has been comments in the past about the recipes and how she made them or what were in the cook [...]

Wow, I have read a lot of fluke, and while she isn't noble prize material, I've generally thought her books were fun. This book, however needs a strong editor and maybe a ghost writer. It was silly and poorly written.And of course there is 30 year old Hannah who is really a 60 year old who attracts all the single men in town. Huh? Yes, all men want frumpy grumpy out of sync woman. It isn't as if she even is old fashioned in a 50s housewife kind of way. I really don't like books where a woman who [...]

Wow this series was my first real entrance into the cozy-mystery world, and I've not followed the series order, just skipping around, but awhile ago I got fed up with the series and put it down. However, I heard some things were resolved in this book so I got it from my library and I was disappointed. The writing was sophomoric, the main characters annoying, and the ending rushed.I really had not remembered how Ms. Fluke wrote, and I must say it was a disappointment! The writing is almost juveni [...]

I told myself that Blackberry Pie Murder was going to be the last Hannah Swenson book that I would ever read. Why, oh WHY did I go ahead and read Double Fudge Brownie Murder?!? I knew I should of stopped with BPM, but no, I thought that maybe the next book in the series would be better. Wrong. Anyway, I'm so disappointed that these books have become so boring and annoying. The only redeeming quality that this snooze-fest has is that Hannah FINALLY agreed to marry *someone*. It took 80EIGHTY page [...]

After seventeen books of the Hannah-Norman-Mike love triangle, book eighteen finally provides closure! The winner is, drum roll please, (view spoiler)[ Ross?! Hannah's college boyfriend, who she reconnected with after he came to Lake Eden to film a movie a dozen or so books ago, is Doc Knight's best man at his and Delores' Vegas wedding. Ross and Hannah reconnect and start a relationship, which, at first I was hesitant about. She already had two "boyfriends" and I didn't have any interest in Ms. [...]

Spoilers abound as I can not think of a way to express my discontent without mentioning the sudden reappearance of an old boyfriend. If you do not want spoilers, please stop reading. Still here? Okay. I have long waited for Hannah to grow up and chose Norman. I know there are plenty of people on Team Mike but I was never one of them. He seems just as interested in every other woman in the room as he is in Hannah. He often opposes her murder solving schemes and since she is always going to get in [...]

I've read all of the books in this series as "comfort" reads--nothing too scary will happen. But this time I felt like I was reading a bad 1950s romance with a murder subplot. Hannah once again is like a 60-year-old woman. Even in rural Minnesota, a pantsuit is not a dynamic fashion statement. She is always exhausted. She has a small child teaching her how to text. Hannah would have to have an IQ of 65 to be this challenged in technology. And the kid's use of language and grasp of concepts gives [...]

My two stars is being very generous. I'm about 1/3 of the way through and I just can't stomach it to finish. I'm thoroughly upset that after all of these years of waiting for Hannah to make a choice, she chooses an old flame who is, to me, very fake. Also there's some lazy writing with having all of the characters talk alike (I noticed this in Blackberry Pie Murder as well). Sadly, this is an end of an era for me, unless I find a review for the next book that the new flame is the murder victim. [...]

I read reviews before getting this book from the library. I wish I had listened to them. This is awful. No disrespect to Ms. Fluke, but this book is horrible. On page 239, Michelle says, "I think I could have lived my whole life without knowing that," and that pretty much sums up how I feel about this story.Every irritating thing about this series just came to a head in this book. The awkward dialogue, the boring cat stories, the will-she, won't she aspect of Hannah's relationships with mene who [...]

Hannah’s trial is coming up, and she’s hoping to finally have the entire things behind her. Instead, she finds another dead body, this time the judge who was supposed to preside over her trial. With her name once again on the suspect list, Hannah must find the real killer.While it is always fun to check in with these characters, I do enjoy a good mystery. Sadly, the mystery took a back seat to other things happening. Too many scenes were devoted to cooking. On the other hand, there is signif [...]

Still a bit heavy on the love triangle and cooking/baking (yes I know the latter is part of the premise but reading a whole chapter on how to prepare slow cooker pork chops was a bit overkill especially since there's a recipe that follows). Hope the love triangle is over as it is a stale story. Mystery was okay, not very unique storyline, but kept one guessing. **/*****

First a warning Though I will use a spoiler tag for part of this review, there will be spoilers outside that tag. Also, sorry about the length.I rated this three stars because I rated the last one three stars and I liked this book better than that, but not as well as earlier entries. Blackberry Pie Murder spent so much time on the boring minutia of wedding planning that the mystery story was almost lost. I've seen this change over the past few books -- the series is becoming more a series about [...]

Like coming upon a car wreck on the freeway, you know that something terrible has happened, yet you can't keep yourself from looking -- hoping all the while that everything is going to be OK. That's how I felt reading this book. With each passing chapter, I kept asking myself -- "why am I reading this? I'll read one more chapter -- maybe it will get better". No such luck. It felt as if Ms.Fluke was making up the story as she was writing it. I've enjoyed most of the Hannah Swensen books (although [...]

Why, oh why did I finish this? I was going to give it the benefit of the doubt and give it two stars (mainly for the recipes), but even those were less than impressive and annoyed me.I've read a number of her books, and in general I enjoy them. They aren't fabulous as a rule, but they are entertaining. This one was just awful. First, all of the characters speak in the same voice. Really. If you took away all references to who was speaking, you would have no idea who was speaking. Including the c [...]

01. why do I torture myself and waste valuable reading time with these books?02. answer to #1 - because it's one of the few series I can say I'm all caught up03. Hannah is more than TSTL in this one04. I'm tired of the wishy-washying around the Hannah/Norman/Mike relationship05. the 'mystery' was the weakest of all the series books06. resolution to murder came totally out of left field, almost like the author was so busy not making Hannah a more likable heroine that the author almost forgot that [...]

Well for one I've always hated the recipes in between the chapters. Just stick them in at the end of the book, like some other series. In this case it was more annoying because this book felt so half baked. Like maybe there was more concern for the recipes than the actual book. Everything came out of left field, Ross the murderer I read so much that I honestly didn't remember Ross. Then to have the relationship go 0 to 60 was a bit much. I hate love triangles, I especially hate this one, and to [...]

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