New Uses for Old Boyfriends

Beth Kendrick

New Uses for Old Boyfriends

New Uses for Old Boyfriends

  • Title: New Uses for Old Boyfriends
  • Author: Beth Kendrick
  • ISBN: 9780451465863
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Paperback

After growing up in privilege and marrying into money, Lila Alders has gotten used to the good life But when her happily ever after implodes, Lila must return to Black Dog Bay, the tiny seaside town where she grew up She s desperate for a safe haven, but everything has changed over the past ten years Her family s fortune is gone and her mother is in total denial It s uAfter growing up in privilege and marrying into money, Lila Alders has gotten used to the good life But when her happily ever after implodes, Lila must return to Black Dog Bay, the tiny seaside town where she grew up She s desperate for a safe haven, but everything has changed over the past ten years Her family s fortune is gone and her mother is in total denial It s up to Lila to take care of everythingbut she can barely take care of herself.The former golden girl of Black Dog Bay struggles to reinvent herself by opening a vintage clothing boutique But even as Lila finds new purpose for outdated dresses and tries to reunite with her ex, she realizes that sometimes it s too late for old dreams She s lost everything she thought she needed but found something someone she desperately wants A boy she hardly noticed has grown up into a man she can t forgetd a second chance has never felt so much like first love.

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"Who knew the secret to happiness could be so simple? Reduce, reuse, recycle."Enjoyable, funny chick lit about a daughter and a mother trying to carry on and reinvent themselves after a divorce and a spouse's death. Both women are used to having money and being taken care of by their husbands. But through financial hardship, they learn to stand on their own. All this sounds like it's a heavy book, but it's not. There is alot of humor to lighten up the plot, and many fun characters that enter the [...]

A perfect "relaxing on a Saturday afternoon" kind of read. This is a no stress, outlandish enough in providing escapism, and quirky characters that are easy to like sort of book. A most definite chick lit book as the male characters are designed to appeal to the female reader. And if that is the kind of book mood you are in, go for it in reading this book. I laughed out loud at least five times and had a perma-grin through the last half of the book.A home shopping network host has-been, Lila Ald [...]

If you've ever read one of Beth Kendrick's books, I'm not going to tell you anything you don't already know: her novels are fun, smile and laugh-producing, and a great break in whatever you have going on (for me, it's government budget time!) from which you can appreciate a brief escape. New Uses for Old Boyfriends is certainly no exception; in fact, it was really fun for me because some of the lovable characters from Cure for the Common Breakup appear again and I felt like I'd picked up right w [...]

Dollycas’s ThoughtsThis is my first experience with this author and I am thrilled to have been offered this book for review. The story is like a breath of fresh air and just what I needed.It is hard to go back home again. In Lila’s case her life has basically fallen apart. She has lost her job and her husband has left her and all just a few months after her father has passed away. She arrives back in Black Dog Bay to start over and help her mom adjust to living without her dad, which turns o [...]

This story was a lot of fun. New Uses for Old Boyfriends was a great upbeat story about overcoming. Lila was a great character who goes home after a nasty divorce to live with her Mom. Lila’s Mom is completely broke. Of course, her Mom is in complete denial about her financial situation which leads Lila to take action. This book was full of fun ideas and surprises.The setting of Black Dog Bay was so quaint and perfect for Lila to start over. There was a bit of humor in this story. I could tota [...]

I was honestly attracted to this book because of the cover (pretty colors) and the title (it sounded humorous). It wasn't terrible, but it was utterly forgettable. Just your average perfect girl meets the real world with a spritz of cute guy tossed in. We start with Lila Alders, a 29 year old divorcee who returns to her hometown of Black Dog Bay, where she has to regroup and restart her life. She lives with her mother, an ex-model who has a shopping addiction and a large number of financial prob [...]

I love when an author takes you back into a familiar place with familiar characters, Kendrick has brought us back to Black Dog Bay in her follow up novel NEW USES FOR OLD BOYFRIENDS. I encourage readers to first read THE CURE FOR A COMMON BREAKUP, as you will gain so much more depth to this already richly written, well developed and engrossing story!!! I want Black Dog Bay to be realI want to go there and spend time. Kendrick has a way to pull the reader in and to make not only the setting feel [...]


This one did not disappoint!! I'm looking forward jumping right into the next book set in Black Dog Bay.

Intro:I hadn't heard of Beth Kendrick's writing prior to reading New Uses for Old Boyfriends, but after seeing both the title and cover of the book, and reading the synopsis, I knew that this was something I wanted to read right away. And seriously, I'm so glad I did. This book is quiet and delightful, and seriously reenergized me after I finished reading. ***Things that worked:CharacterizationsWe meet Lila just as she's hit a low point in her life - she's newly divorced, unemployed and about to [...]

It was a cute book, the girl in high school that had everything comes back to the small seaside town of Black Dog Bay after her divorce to find out her mom is broke too and in desperate need of help. Together they open up a vintage clothing store with a lot of mishaps and discovering of themselves. A fun twist on the "It" girl comes back home, rediscovers the new version of herself. I have read other versions of this storyline that I liked better, I just never connected with the characters and s [...]

Originally reviewed at Books Etc.I love Beth Kendrick and I'm always so excited when she publishes a new book. It should be no surprise then that I jumped at the chance to read her latest novel, New Uses For Old Boyfriends. The book was good and I enjoyed reading itbutI found it a little lacking.I think one of my issues is I found the characters to be somewhat two dimensional. Or maybe I just didn't get the connection I wanted with them. For example, Daphne, Lila's mom, drove me up the wall. I c [...]

In "New Uses for Old Boyfriends," Lila's life falls apart and the only place that she can think of to go is Black Dog Bay, her hometown. She finds that even her hometown has changed and the gold status that she once enjoyed is gone. Her mom's financial status is in ruins and she wants Lila to help her keep her home but she may be forced to leave her home behind. This book explores one woman's try at trying to put her life back together when the conditions are anything but easy. This book takes p [...]

MY THOUGHTSLila has had a charmed life until her husband dumps her, she loses her job hosting on a shopping channel and her father passes away. She has always counted on men to make the hard decisions. Now on her own and moving back home, she finds her mother’s financial situation is dire. Her mother, Daphne, a former model, cannot face the fact that her beloved home will have to be sold. Until Lila discovers that Daphne has been collecting and hording designer fashions through out her lifetim [...]

4.5 starsDid I enjoy this book: I really enjoyed this book. It was a fairly quick read that had me smiling throughout.New Uses for Old Boyfriends was a fun read. There were quite a few laugh-out-loud moments as well as a few giddy, romantic moments. I wasn’t sure about Lila in the beginning. She just seemed like a spoiled brat, but there was more to her. She had initiative. I loved how she and her mother went out and took control, even if they weren’t quite ready to do so. I really loved Dap [...]

Firstly, I love the title of this book. Secondly it is belly-laugh funny. I keep telling people about Lila's vehicle. Nearly wet my pants each time I read its nick-name.The setting gets 5 stars. Beth has drawn me into Black Dog Bay, I hope a town like this exists. I love her musical references, just wish she had a spotify playlist or any list somewhere if I want to hear the songs mentioned in order. This book brings back characters from another book. I could handle Summer if we had more of Dutch [...]

I really enjoyed this book. I had just read something pretty heavy and this light, quick, read was just what I needed. I liked the main character and her new friends, and her romantic interest. Her mother drove me insane for most of the book, but she did grow a lot by the end, so I can appreciate the character arc. This is the first book I've ever read by Kendrick, but I'm definitely going to check out some of her other books.

This was a sweet book but I didn't particularly like any of the characters (except for the masterful sewer slash Marine Malcolm). I wasn't really interested in what happened to anybody, but I loved the descriptions of the vintage clothes, even if I was about as clueless as the protagonist as to which designer did what.

I really couldn't stand this story. the writing was fine. if I heard one more "sweet pea" or culture reference, I was going to lose it. I found no chemistry between Lila and Malcolm. the Whinery had to be the most annoying bar in history. Sorry I just skimmed most of this since I paid for it. disappointed.

This book left me wanting more. More chemistry, more romance, more friendship, more growth. It was like the author got close, but just couldn't quite jump off the cliff ;) That said, it's a very easy read and perfect for the beach.

Adorable beach read! The older women cracked me up, kind of Steel Magnolias-ish. And I totally want to open a boutique:)

Wonderful summer read!

Fun read.

3.5 out of 5

Overall, I enjoyed this book, but I had a few issues with it. It's lighthearted and doesn't take much active thought to follow, which is nice if you're looking for an easy read.When Lila first gets to town, you think she's going to be going after Ben for the majority of the book, and it's refreshing when that doesn't happen. It was nice to see Ben follow his heart back to his ex-girlfriend, even if it wasn't ideal for Lila.I had a hard time with Lila and Malcolm's relationship. I felt like it we [...]

I'm waffling between 4 and 4.5 stars. Despite its title, this isn't really a romance-driven story. It's mostly about a mom and daughter getting back on their feet and dealing with changes in both of their lives. I loved the whole setup of the story and all the characters, especially the people who were in the previous book. Lila was great, the ex-boyfriends were great, and her mom was annoying. Some twists I didn't expect toward the end definitely made this less predictable than the first book, [...]

New Uses for Old Boyfriends this story truly reinforces the belief that everything happens for a reason. Following a series of unexpected and poorly timed events, recently divorced Lila and her mother, Daphne, a fashion aficionado and recently widowed, work together to keep the lifestyle they know. Numerous surprises and romantic interests interlude to make a humorous story.

This was a quick read and very entertaining. I bought the book as I was on the check out line at Barnes and Noble. The cover caught my eye and I thought "why not?" It wound up being a fun book to read and I really liked it! Lesson learned.r disregard books piled on a table at the check out line!

Pros: adorable, relatable, code word-ableCons: seemed a bit rushed, time-skips weren't always obvious as to how much time elapsedDisclaimer: It made sewing seem so hot all of a sudden and it caused an embarrassing incident with my friends.

Hands down my favorite in the Black Dog Bay series! I felt that Lila was a very relatable character and enjoyed reading about the mother-daughter bond and how both women overcame their hardships. I also enjoyed the returning characters from the original BDB book.

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