Doll Bones: La bambola di ossa

Holly Black

Doll Bones: La bambola di ossa

Doll Bones: La bambola di ossa

  • Title: Doll Bones: La bambola di ossa
  • Author: Holly Black
  • ISBN: 9788804635260
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Hardcover

A dodici anni, Zach passa i pomeriggi a inventare storie con le sue due migliori amiche, Poppy e Alice i tre hanno affidato il dominio del loro regno immaginario all enigmatica Regina, una bambola di porcellana cos perfetta da sembrare viva Un brutto giorno il padre affronta Zach intimandogli di crescere e di cominciare a interessarsi a cose da grandi Il mondo di ZacA dodici anni, Zach passa i pomeriggi a inventare storie con le sue due migliori amiche, Poppy e Alice i tre hanno affidato il dominio del loro regno immaginario all enigmatica Regina, una bambola di porcellana cos perfetta da sembrare viva Un brutto giorno il padre affronta Zach intimandogli di crescere e di cominciare a interessarsi a cose da grandi Il mondo di Zach sembra andare in frantumi, finch una notte la Regina compare in sogno a Poppy, rivelandole di essere stata una bambina in carne e ossa di nome Eleanor, le cui ceneri si trovano ora all interno della bambola Eleanor non avr pace finch non sar seppellita nella sua tomba, in una lontana cittadina dall altra parte degli Stati Uniti I tre ragazzi partono nel cuore della notte, dormendo sotto le stelle, accampandosi nei cimiteri, incontrando bizzarri personaggi che parlano alla bambola scambiandola per una bambina vera, in un viaggio che cambier per sempre le loro esistenze Non somigliava affatto a un sogno Era seduta sul bordo del mio letto Aveva i capelli biondi, come quelli della bambola, ma arruffati e sporchi Mi ha detto di seppellirla Mi ha detto che non avrebbe trovato riposo fino a che le sue ossa non fossero state nella tomba e che, se non l avessi aiutata, me ne avrebbe fatto pentire.

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While this was an interesting read and even a bit creepy, it didn't completely grab me like I'd hoped it would. The romance in this book felt so out of place and unnecessary. It didn't do anything for me and I didn't find that it did anything for the plot. I also felt like the pacing of this book seemed a bit off. I am happy that I took the time to read this, but to me it just wasn't anything spectacular.

Zach, Poppy, and Alice have been playing make-believe for as long as they've been friends. With pirates and mermaids, thieves and warriors, their imaginary realm is ruled by the Great Queen, a bone-china doll Poppy's mom keeps locked in a cabinet. When their dreams reveal the bone-china doll is haunted by a girl who longs to be buried with her deceased family, Zach, Poppy, and Alice set off on a real adventure to lay the girl to rest. Doll Bones doesn't shy away from the macabre and there are qu [...]

I don’t watch much horror in general. I’m what you might call a chicken. When I do see it, though, I’m not particularly disturbed by random splattering and gore. The psychological stuff is far more of a lure for me. If I’m going to be honest, though, one of the scariest things I ever saw was on the cheesiest of television shows. It was this insider look into the world of ghosts and on the show we heard about a haunted home. It was a well-lit suburban house and we watched as a woman took [...]

Holly Black is one of few who can write something as cute as it is creepy!Doll Bones is a Middle Grade novel that is full of adventure and friendship--really the only type of MG books I read and enjoy. It's the story of Zach, Poppy, and Alice who have been friends for such a long time that their friendship feels familiar even to us. I immediately felt attuned to their mutual trust and support. Not giving in when the other kids laughed at them for playing with action figures. But then one day the [...]

I loved this book! I was hesitant going in because it is a middle grade book. I was pleasantly surprised. This book pulled me in immediately. The writing was amazing and I loved the illustrations. Three friends play an imaginary game. When Zach can no longer play, the game is over. Until Poppy has a dream about the bone China doll that acts as the queen of their game. Thus begins their quest and creeping happenings along the way. This book was fun and the writing was perfect. Recommend for every [...]

Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/I read Doll Bones a couple of weeks ago, but then life got in the way as it sometimes does and I didn’t ever get around to writing a review. BUUUUUUUUUT! I remembered I had not yet reviewed it and made sure to do an “auto renewal” of my library book in order to save all the highlighting and notes about the story that were contained on my Kindle. And then I received notice that my auto renewal failed, but the book was still available for me to re-dow [...]

Do you live, read, and breathe stories? Does the idea of causing trouble make you grin? Do you believe in magic? Then Holly Black’s Doll Bones is the book for you! The pull and power of a story on the page and off the cuff, free-flowing narratives can hold the secrets of the world for me. True magic can be found in a story. I have always believed that and always will. A belief that can’t be taken away from us. Right?”He wondered whether growing up was learning that most stories turned out [...]

I came at this little book with expectations waaaay too high, and my overall tepid response to it is the result. That cover, that awesome cover screams epic creep. I wanted Coraline. This is not Coraline. I hate to pit books against each other in caged death matches, but my reader brain kept doing that here, and guess which competitor got gutted and left for dead? It was gruesome to watch so ill-prepared was the one for the other. Doll Bones will have some appeal to younger middle-grade readers. [...]

Holy FUCK, I need this book!!!

Super schöne und ein klitzekleines bisschen gruselige Geschichte :)

I read this to my 9-year-old son and we both loved it. He loved the adventure, I loved how Black so perfectly captured that age just before adolescence.As an adult, I think we forget sometimes how scary it was being a kid and realizing that growing up means putting away your toys and venturing off into the unknown of dating and adolescence.The kids in this book are so fun and the parents were also incredibly well-crafted.Then there is the ghost story, that was spooky enough to keep our interest [...]

Pretty boring. The characters weren't very interesting or likeable, all they did was snap at each other, and the MC was so unbelievably generic and dull. There was nothing remotely scary, creepy, adventurous or dramatic about the story, it was all so blah.The illustrations weren't impressive either, they didn't really add anything to the book.

I ended up having a good time reading this book, but I didn't love it. I often had a hard time believing these kids were twelve and not in their late teens, the crush between two of the main characters felt shoe-horned in, and the way Zach reacted to his dad throwing out his toys (refusing to tell his friend what happened and just closing off) seemed I don't know. Extreme. Unnecessary. While the plot was fun, it felt like a book trying to achieve A Series of Unfortunate Events levels of disbelie [...]

My best friend, Ginny, and I would sneak into the storm sewer system that emptied into the nature center bordering our adjacent backyards, huddle around a candle (it was more exciting striking a match than flipping a flashlight switch) and whisper ghost stories to each other. We'd hike in the inky darkness bent at the waist until reaching a manhole where we'd straighten up looking at a spotlight of sunshine near a small hole at the top. Sometimes I'd climb the rungs to get closer to the light fe [...]

I didn't place this on any of my shelves as it comes to us in the clothes of a ghost story but I would say that it's not truly that. Mostly I believe this is what I'd call a "coming of age story". The book is more the story of three young people growing up and trying to move from childhood into adulthood (with the cards often stacked against them) placed in the atmosphere of a ghost story.We meet the 3 young people that we will "travel" with as the book opens. A young man and two young women (or [...]

What if our childhood games and fantasies were real? When is childhood over? Three children--on the edge of adolescence--set off on one last adventure in answer to a dead girl's wishes. Beautifully written. I particularly enjoyed the friendships between Poppy, Zach, and Alice. Scary, but not too scary. I plan to read Doll Bones to my 5th graders this year.

Zach, Poppy and Alice are friends who have known each other for ever. The three love coming up with awesome stories and to play them out with their action figure toys. Their current story follows pirate William the Blade and his ally the thief Lady Jaye on a quest for The Queen, “played” by an ancient china doll. When they reach a point when William the Blade is about to find out the truth about his past, the unthinkable happens: Zach’s father throws away all of his action figures because [...]

Did you know that the fear of dolls is called Pediophobia? It is. I just learned something new just now about my deep-seated fear of antique dolls. Suffice it to say that I for one find antique dolls very creepy. Apparently, I'm not alone. Holly Black seemed to take pediophobia and run with it. Imagine these kids who have their elaborate role-playing game that involves action figures and dolls, and they employ one of the girl's mom's prized possessions as the Great Queen. She rules over the imag [...]

Oh man. Where did this Holly Black come from? She's always been a pretty good writer to me. I really liked the Curse Workers series, but this is a new, and drastically improved Holly Black. This is Newbery award worthy stuff, guys. This passes anything Holly Black has written so far, by miles, and it's also better than any 2013 book I've read so far. I really think it's leading the Newbery race at this point.The problem is, when a book is leading the Newbery race, people start picking at it and [...]

Doll Bones is not just a story about a doll possessed by a ghost. It's not just a story about three kids going to an adventure to bury a dead girl's remains. It is a story about pirates sailing unto endless quests, mermaids asking for sacrifices, dangerous dukes, thieves, and the changes and choices everyone has to go through growing up. It reminded me so much of my own childhood, making up worlds and adventures in my own backyard, inventing ghosts rattling outside the window, and being both sca [...]

I know a lot of older readers avoid middle grade stories because they feel ‘too old’ to be reading them. I’ve always scoffed at those types of readers because a truly good story should be accessible to all readers. There is no age limit on adventure. but Doll Bones with its twelve-year-old protagonists made me feel old, despite the mere five year age gap between me and the characters. I struggled to get invested into this story and, as much as I tried, I could not relate to either Poppy, A [...]

A charming coming-of-age story and a ghost story all rolled into one. I was worried that this would be too scary for me, I'm a huge chicken when it comes to ghosts, but it's lite on horror and goes into far more depth about the nature of friendship and how that can change as you grow up. A lovely book!

So not okay with a book about a ghost possessed doll but this was a cute story about kids coming of age, questing, feeding their imaginations and facing difficulties with families. It was a really cute middle grade ghost adventure and a fun audiobook read.

Doll Bones is simpler than I expected. Elements of it were ambiguous, and those elements seem to mask a complexity that has not completely sunk in, but for now, for me, what I loved, or almost loved, or would have absolutely loved, remained undeveloped.Oh, well.Those undeveloped things include the interesting dynamic between Poppy, Zach and Alice. Zach narrates. They have been friends for years but they’re entering a time of change and their friendship seems unlikely to last. This was fascinat [...]

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, my thanks for the opportunity.China dolls, creepy looking china dolls. Oh yes, I know what they are like. This book made me remember being a young child and being afraid of a porcelain doll that sounded similar to the doll in the book. This doll sat in a cupboard at my Nana's house and everytime I got sent to the cupboard to get something one eye open would watch me. I remember my heart hammering in [...]

**** Newbery Honor (2014) ****Three friends go on a quest of adventure to put the spirit of long deceased girl at rest. Quite a lot of fun and just the right amount of spookiness. It will make you believe in ghosts! One thing, and this is probably just me, I kept confusing the characters of Poppy and Alice. There are portraits of the three characters on the back cover, which I appreciated. But still, it seemed to me that Poppy was a better name for the dark haired girl, and Alice was better suit [...]

Sure, this book is about creepy dolls and bone china made with real bones, which would be reason enough to read it. But it's also a story about pretend games and story telling, how we need them, how we struggle to hang on to them as we get older, and how their role changes and doesn't change as we do. Lovely stuff that hits the right buttons for those of us who never gave up on playing pretend ourselves.

When I was a kid, there was a ghost story we told called "The China Doll." It had the reputation for being the most terrifying story anybody knew, and before a telling began, we'd repeat the lore about the previous times it had been told. At so-and-so's slumber party it made someone cry. At a different party, it made a girl puke! And finally, the worst, a girl got so scared she had to call their mom to pick her up. Everyone was offered the opportunity to leave the room before the story began, in [...]

Carino, davvero, ma secondo me la Black doveva svilupparlo meglio. Il finale non mi è piaciuto, finiscono la loro missione e poi? Basta, mi aspettavo che la bambola facesse qualcosa ma okay. Poi, i tre ragazzi protagonisti sono dodicenni, quindi io, leggendo un libro dove ci sono dei dodicenni, mi aspetto che il loro linguaggio sia semplice ovvero collegato alla loro età, ma qui usano paroloni che nemmeno io uso, e ho vent'anni .Per il resto una storia carina che a volta mi metteva ansia.

An absolutely fantastic read aloud story about friendship mixed with adventure and the cool edge of a ghost's tale. Not too scary for a seven year old, but enough tension to keep a ten year old wondering and the adult reader and listeners engaged and interested in the outcome.

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