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  • Title: Cuts
  • Author: Richard Laymon
  • ISBN: 9780843957525
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Paperback

In a suburb of Chicago, Albert Prince parks on a dark street thinking he s about to get lucky with Betty only to find out she wants cash, not romance And Albert is a few bucks short Dig up the rest of the money tomorrow, says Betty, and give me a call We ll have a great time tomorrow night But Albert won t be seeing Betty tomorrow night.He ll be having a grIn a suburb of Chicago, Albert Prince parks on a dark street thinking he s about to get lucky with Betty only to find out she wants cash, not romance And Albert is a few bucks short Dig up the rest of the money tomorrow, says Betty, and give me a call We ll have a great time tomorrow night But Albert won t be seeing Betty tomorrow night.He ll be having a great time without her in a stranger s house with a beautiful woman with a knife.Albert Prince has one passion in life he loves to cut people He s about to leave a trail of blood from Chicago to California.

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I decided to read this book as a buddy read with a friend. And I gotta say it is another story wrote in pure Laymon style. Again, very fluid and easy to read, definitely a one sitting book with a lot happening.In this story we have Albert, a 17 year old deranged serial killer, who is on a cutting/killing rampage as he travels across country from Chicago to California, taking as many victims as he can. Cutting people in general seems to be his favorite pastime.This is wrote in true Laymon style o [...]

CUTS is an average outing for Laymon. As evinced by the title, there is a lot of cutting and stabbing, but the book is disjointed, and drags on far too long, even at its modest length.There are some fun, goofy moments throughout, and it isn't a major disappointment, but I think it would have worked much better as a novella.One or two plot threads started out promising, and then simply fizzled out, never to be picked up again.

Of all of Laymon's books that I have read, this is by far my least favorite. It sounded entertaining enough; I like serial killer books, all of the reviews on here made it out to be a great read I haven't been this bored reading a book in a long time. Short summary: There's a 17 year old serial killer on the loose, armed with a switchblade. He successfully manages to evade the cops on a cross country killing spree even though he's not at all a bright individual. Meanwhile a pack of teachers who [...]

What an ending! Love it!

On an old episode of LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O'BRIEN, Norm MacDonald once told a 4-minute joke that ended in a bad pun. Conan's sidekick, Andy Richter, said listening to the joke was like taking a 12-mile hike just to look at a turd.The same could be said for Richard Laymon's CUTS, a book that is all build-up with virtually no pay-off.To be fair, in the moment-to-moment sense, CUTS is a decent enough beach read. The story thread involving Albert the serial killer is overly gory and not very convin [...]

Mal wieder ein Laymon, den ich fast binnen einem Tag gelesen habe, da "Die Klinge" eher zu seinen kürzer gehaltenen Romanen zu zählen ist. Wie schon gewohnt, bekommt man es hier in Form von Albert mit einem gnadenlos-durchgedrehten Charakter zu tun, der keine Skrupel kennt und nur fürs Töten lebt, nachdem er unappetitliche Dinge mit seinen Opfern anstellt.Aber es treten auch zahlreiche Nebencharaktere auf, die zum Schluss alle aufeinandertreffen und die Handlung somit in einer Art Showdown m [...]

Full disclosure, Richard Laymon is a god in my eyes, and in my most humble of opinions, a better horror writer than Stephen King (patiently awaits backlash from King fans) However, this was probably one of the single worst Laymon books I've read. When you pick up a Laymon book, you likely expect a brutal, nasty little tale filled with graphic sex and excessive violence, but this book seems to be greatly lacking in both of those departments. The deal killer for me, however, was the seemingly endl [...]

I think I've outgrown Laymon's novels- I almost sprained my eyes from all the rolling they did over some of the scenes. Every character in this story is messed up and unlikable (well, maybe not Ian, but like all the characters, he's not fully fleshed out). Certain characters and storylines just get dropped without explanation Spoilers ahead:I kept waiting for Janet's crazy ex to pop up and get killed by Albert, but he's never mentioned again after Janet decides to ditch him to go to the Hallowee [...]

Klappentext:Alte Liebe rostet nichtDer psychopathische Albert mag Frauen. Doch die Frauen mögen Albert nicht. Unmenschlicher Hass treibt ihn dazu, alle Grenzen hinter sich zu lassen. Albert beginnt einen mörderischen Streifzug durch die USA – immer auf der Suche nach Opfern. In Kalifornien kreuzt sein Weg das Schicksal einer Gruppe junger Intellektueller. Auf einer Halloweenparty treffen alle zusammen – das Blutbad beginnt Meine Meinung:"Cuts" hieß der Originaltitel von "Die Klinge", der [...]

This was my first Laymon book. I hated it. Passionately. The characters were both cliched and entirely unbelievable. The way the characters dealt with the situations they were placed in were generally senseless and akin to B-grade horror movies in which the naked-but-for-a-towel teenager walks alone into the woods, curious about a noise she heard while in the safety of her house. I didn't care for a single character within the novel, and therefore didn't care when they were mercilessly slaughter [...]

I enjoyed this book. I have read almost every book of richard laymon and so far none of his books were disappointing. Even if you can see that it is one of his first books, there is already a lot in this book, which will make his later books such a success: a bunch of interesting characters, a serial killer, lots of blood, sex and gore. if you love laymon you have to read this book - you will love it.

This book was a pretty good read. The story was pretty good it was more to t then you thought. Definitely a lot of action & there are a lot of twists in this book. The characters were pretty good I feel more than normal but it was pretty good. The beginning was back & forth with some different stories but the middle & the end picks up pretty nicely it was a good read IMO Laymon's ideas for books just amazes me & that's why he's definitely one of my favorite authors.

This is one of the few Richard Laymon books that I thought was complete crap. Most of it is just boring characters pretending to like each other and talking crap while you wait to see who the maniac wants to kill. Personally I wish they had just let him kill everyone and made me very happy.

Cuts is the first Laymon novel that I have read that I honestly did not enjoy hardly at all. A part would catch my interest here and there for a moment but for the most part, this was read purely because of my desire to read all of Laymon's work. This book is not all that long (301 pages in the version I read) and yet it insists on having several main characters. I hate when books do this because they do not spend enough time on any of the characters and I lose interest in them all. Even the mai [...]

Richard Laymon yet again leaves me confused, grossed out and in awe of how deliriously out of control his imagination was. The premise of this story is rather boring. There is a sick teenager named Albert who goes around slashing women and doing incredibly disgusting things with them. There is also a disturbing plot about a pregnant young woman and a group of high school teachers. The non-serial killer plot turns out to be very gross in its own right, as it examines the bizarre sex lives of the [...]

This book only just scrimped a 2 star rating I am a huge Richard Laymon fan and love everything I read of his however this is the weakest book of his ive read to date the whole 4 characters in diffrents places with different agendas linking up doesn't work at all I found my mind wondering and struggling to keep up with who was who at times I wanted to give up however it still has some of laymons typical aspects sexually charged violence and quick shocking kills I wouldn't recommend this to a fir [...]

While CUTS is a good romp through the world Laymon has laid forth in his novels, I find this to be my least favorite of his works I've read. We spend 275 pages with 4 stories going on simultaneously and only 25 pages of an actual conclusion. The character of Albert is a villain you root for to die horribly and that is where Laymon excels in this book. The other characters minus Janet seem to be thrown in to fill pages and arguably none of them have any kind of satisfying conclusion. We spend cha [...]

On the surface, Cuts is a fairly routine Laymon hack 'n' slash horror outing. As such, it contains torture, cruelty, sex, a bit of humour and , of course, reqular references to breasts. However, over the course of the novel it develops a number of characters (although none too deeply) as they go through their own trials and tribulations and weave in and out of each other's lives. All of them are ultimately affected by Albert, the guy who inflicts the titular cuts. The narrative threads, limited [...]

The first Laymon novel I read as a youngster was The Cellar. I really enjoyed it. My favorite Laymon novel to date is The Traveling Vampire Show. I consider myself a fan but Cuts is a bit of a disappointment. Sure, the Laymon staples of blood and gore and sex are there but the most interesting character was Lester, a library secretary stuck in a loveless marriage who winds up having an affair with an aging Georgia Peach. The villain of the piece who is obsessed with cutting others is largely for [...]

Like Stephen King says, if you've missed Laymon, you've missed a treat. Like Dean Koontz says, You're going to have a good time with Laymon, no one writes like him. This book is no exception. It's a horror blast. It's got everything horror lovers want: plenty of sex, gore and comedy. You could do worse than not read a Laymon book. You could start with this one, aptly named Cuts. There's plenty of cuts going on between these covers. If you haven't tried Laymon, what are you waiting for?The man ma [...]

This book was very strange, but not in a good way. I have never read a book like this before. There were not any police or P.I.'s following the main character to try to catch him. I thought I would like the way he make high school teachers appear like normal people, but Richard Laymon went way over the top with their drinking and their affairs.The two seperate storylines do twist and turn and come together in the end, however that dose not mean I liked the ending. I will give this story 3 stars [...]

Typical Laymon, and that is a very good thing if you like quick, bloody, fun horror. In this we follow a 16 year old serial killer as he slashes his way across the country. In California we follow a cast of characters who paths don't cross with our villain until the last act. It was cool seeing how the storylines all tied together in the end. Some of the relationship drama with the other character's was pretty eye rolling and lame but it went by so quick it didn't even matter. If you dig Laymon [...]

Another typical Laymon horror novel with lots of blood, sex, and gore. I have read several Laymon novels and I would say this one probably ranks somewhere in the middle of the ones I have read (I enjoyed "The Stake" probably the most). It falls into Laymon's killer slasher books and is similar to "Come Out Tonight" and "Island." As stated in other entrys, I too was not sure about Janet's and Lisa's motivations at the end of the book. To me the biggest flaw, however, was that Albert's motivations [...]

Cuts has a tried and true Laymonesque premise, in that there's a pervert that likes to brutalize women on the loose and eventually he and the female lead will face off. Sadly, this time the story was not pulled off quite so well and it comes off sort of watered down and incomplete feeling. I was going into it expected something similar to his short story "Slit" which is about a guy that enjoys cutting women, as this novel is also about a guy that enjoys cutting women, but with those expectations [...]

This was my first crack at Laymon and although I "enjoyed" the horror aspect of this book, I thought it seriously lacked a developed storyline and the character development was null. I'm use to reading horrific stories where the murderers thoughts, actions and motivations are clearly outlined and the reasons why he/she does the horrible things that they do are fleshed out. This killer just killed and we never really find out why or what possessed the killer to do these terrible things. That bein [...]

3 - 3.5 starsI didn’t enjoy this novel as much as I have enjoyed some of Laymon’s other novels. There seemed to be less tension, and the obvious seemed to always happen.I also felt that there were a number of plot holes and there were certainly some aspects of the story that were simply brushed over, but could have been used so much better to tie the plot together.Having said that, it’s still true to Laymon and is easy to read / hard to put down. And the ending is fantastic!

wow! this was my first book by this author and i can't wait to read more by hime book begins in th 1970s. it follows al as he makes his way across country killing people. the book also follows a few teachers of an area high school. eventaully, al and the teachers meet up and there is an amazing fight. the endind of the book will leave you saying "wow". i just can't figure out why janet did what she did, or why lisa did what she did.

I must be seriously sick in the head! This book was so outrageously messed up I loved it. I was giggling towards the end with glee, I only wish there had been more deaths. I freakin' loved the ending.I'm not sure how I would have felt if I wasn't already familiar with Laymon's style of writing and knowing where the story was going because of it. He's quick paced and one screwed up writer, Laymon must have had some childhood.

Albert is a young man with a fetish for cutting up young women; the slower the better. Half the book is spent following Albert on his cut-a-palooza across the US and the rest felt like a bizarre game of Clue with a slue of wacky characters trying to hook up with each other. To me, this book felt much more like 'gore erotica' than a horror novel. The book was a quick read with a few very gruesome scenes, but for the most part was disjointed and uninteresting.

I love Laymon but not this book, I read it quickly just to get to the end. I'm really surprised by this book, it wasn't terrible but it really wasn't a good review for new laymon readers. The best bit was short chapters but I think there was too many characters & how u could go for about 5 chapters not hearing about a character & then forgetting who they were when u got to them.

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