Hungry Like the Wolf

Paige Tyler

Hungry Like the Wolf

Hungry Like the Wolf

  • Title: Hungry Like the Wolf
  • Author: Paige Tyler
  • ISBN: 9781492608479
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

The Dallas SWAT team is hiding one helluva secret they re a pack of wolf shifters.The team of elite sharpshooters is ultra secretive and also the darlings of Dallas This doesn t sit well with investigative journalist Mackenzie Stone They must be hiding something and she s determined to find out what.Keeping Mac at a distance proves impossible for SWAT team coThe Dallas SWAT team is hiding one helluva secret they re a pack of wolf shifters.The team of elite sharpshooters is ultra secretive and also the darlings of Dallas This doesn t sit well with investigative journalist Mackenzie Stone They must be hiding something and she s determined to find out what.Keeping Mac at a distance proves impossible for SWAT team commander Gage Dixon She s smart, sexy, and makes him feel alive for the first time in years But she s getting dangerously close to the truth and perilously close to his heart

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Reviewed by: Rabid Reads.Nothing starts a new year off right quite like a debut werewolf series, and Paige Tyler brings it with SWAT. There are sixteen alpha males to choose from, so you’re sure to find at least one to drool over, and first in line is their smexy leader, Gage Dixon. HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF was light on shifter lore, but heavy on scorching romps which makes it the perfect read for Paranormal Romance groupies looking for a bit of danger, and a whole lot of steam. The story was pred [...]

I did it! I finished it! Major Pet Peeve: Awful heroine.So, this book had a good (a bit stereotypical) Alpha Male, some hot sexy times, a solid world-building and solid writing.And it had an awful heroine.You can read below why I hate her (she is stupid, selfish, egotistic, shallow and dishonest. Examples of her musings and behaviours see below.Another reason to hate her:(view spoiler)[ So, she decides that she has the serious hots for the hot alpha guy. And when she finds out the big secret of [...]

In HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF we meet ace reporter Mac Stone who has gotten wind of something odd happening behind the scenes at the nationally admired Dallas SWAT team. On a mission to expose as much corruption as she can Mac is determined to get access to the team by any means necessary. Reporter character usually tend to annoy me in stories as they tend to consistently put getting their scoops and the 'right' to know ahead of common sense. But in this case Mac seems to find a balance between her ne [...]

Loved the SWAT/SWAT combo - hot cops who are wolvesReporter Mackenzie is hot on the trail of a big story, sure that there is a dirty secret behind the Dallas SWAT team's perfect record and she is not above using her seduction skills on SWAT team leader, Gage, to get that story. And Gage, whose team is composed of werewolves, is as equally willing to use his own animal magnetism on Mac to protect his pack's secrets. I really liked Hungry Like the Wolf. I liked both the fearless tenacious Mac and [...]

I had to admit that when I started this, I was a little skeptic (yes, I can start a book feeling like that!). The thing is, I usually prefer to take Alpha men in small dosage. I know they're big hit among romance readers, but I tend to think Alpha men are so close of being Assholes. So my preference in romance leans more towards approachable regular men. So I was skeptical on whether I could enjoy a book where all the men were Alphas.Oh well, Tyler proved me wrong because this was definitely ENJ [...]

I am always on the hunt for a good paranormal romance. Fortunately for me, Paige Tyler was running a sale on Hungry Like the Wolf and I decided to pick it up. Best $0.99 cents I ever spent but I would have absolutely paid the full price for this story. Hungry Like the Wolf kept my attention from beginning to end and the pages on my Kindle couldn't flip fast enough. I loved the main protagonists -- Mackenzie Stone and Gage Dixon. They were a perfect compliment to one another. The unwittingly enga [...]

2.5 I had no idea how to rate this book, so I went with 2.5 but a 3 star GR rating.So, this book wasn't awful. It started out pretty nice, everything went well (for the most part) 'til about 60%, then it got awkward. Maybe the thing I didn't like was the chemistry, or lack thereof. I get the instalove (it annoys the hell out of me but I try not to judge), but the one in this book was so so annoying. It was just strange and it made me feel nothing.Then, after about 60%, I kept looking at how much [...]

ETA 12/21/14: Not bad but the world building could have been stronger. ETA 11/11/14: SQUEEEEEEEEEEE! It's on my Kindle!!!!Werewolves, action/adventure, and romance - this book isn't calling my name, it's SCREAMING my name. :D WANT!1/15/15 The Actual review :D - Werewolves. As police officers. And there’s romance. And action. So. Much. Catnip! (Pardon the expression.) I was giddy when I saw this book and knew I wanted to read it. I was intrigued by the premise of a SWAT team being composed enti [...]

Just when you thought you’d heard it all you could about “werewolves”, Paige Tyler comes in and twists it all around. Hungry Like the Wolf is an action packed adventure that puts a totally new spin on what it takes to become a werewolf. I’m not giving it away, you’ll have to read Hungry Like the Wolf to find out more.The elite Dallas SWAT team has a secret. A secret Mackenzie Stone, journalist, wants to uncover. But Gage Dixon will do everything in his power to protect his team and the [...]

I can't say I didn't see some of this coming. I mean, a series about wolf shapeshifters who are also SWAT members? With a title of HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF? What did you expect, lady, a read worthy of Oprah's Bookclub?"I guess some women might consider them attractive.""Some?""The ones who're only interested in muscular men who kick in doors and shoot things.""Versus men who do what? Take pictures and eavesdrop on police scanners?""And program their own phone apps. Trust me. That skill is in high de [...]

Pre book Did you say alpha man?? After reading I gotta say I did enjoy this story, the sex scenes were hot and I would like to read more by this author. :)

4 Stars - Wolves in SWAT ClothingWith a strong code of ethics, journalist Mackenzie Stone attacks a story like a dog with a bone. Mac’s nose for stories often leads her into dangerous situations, but the public deserves the truth. This time, she catches a scent that may reveal Dallas’ SWAT time isn’t as squeaky-clean as it should be. After seeing the team in action, there’s a sequence of events that doesn’t add up. As Mac digs deeper and gets closer to the team she experiences a confli [...]

Hungry Like The Wolf is the first book in Paige Tyler's newest series "SWAT" which just means we have a pack of a SWAT team, who are sexy shifter wolves and fight totally badass and are sexy hot!! I mean can you resist that combination? I certainly couldn't. When I was asked to do a honest review and spotlight post I was so excited to start this one. I have seen other books by this author, of course, but I haven't ever picked her up. And I just love this combinationgood type cops, but are also p [...]

Hungry Like the Wolf is book one in the SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team series by Paige Tyler. We are introduced to several dreamy hunky alpha wolves; who make up the Dallas SWAT team. Action, suspense, and romance. Hungry Like the Wolf starts off slow, picks up, slows down, and picks up again. I wasn’t overly impressed or drawn into the world and story. The world building wasn’t bad, but we just don’t get much on the world building until later, much later, in the story when we have a mini-i [...]

~Arc provided via Netgalley in exchange for honest review~This review is posted on Way Too Hot Books>.3 solid, action-packed, suspenseful & steamy stars.What can I say- men in uniform turn me on and shifters are one of my favorite creatures of the night, so those are one of the main reasons that "made" me choose this book. I can't say that the story impressed me, but I also can't say it was that bad. There were some things I liked about it and then there were some things that the author c [...]

The Dallas SWAT team is hiding a huge secret and Mackenzie Stone is out for next big story but Gage is finding it impossible to keep Mac at a distance and she’s getting dangerously close to the truth…and his heart in this thrilling paranormal romance.There is never a dull moment is this thrilling fast paced and smooth flowing plot that keeps readers on the edge of their seat with suspense, action and romance. The reader’s can’t help but get caught up in the story as Mackenzie sets her si [...]

Review posted on Got Fiction? book blogI needed a good PNR, and this fit the bill! This is the first book in Paige Tyler’s new series SWAT, a series about a SWAT team made up entirely of alpha shifters. They have such an amazing record, that the city of Dallas has given them commendations, etc. But a source shows up at Mackenzie Stone’s work and tells her that they aren’t normal guys. He has the claw marks to prove it.Mackenzie figures these guys are on some new performance enhancing drug, [...]

RATING: SOLID 3 HEARTSMen in uniform + werewolf shifters = SOLD! Its been a while since I last read an okay werewolf book, but Paige Tyler's debut read definitely resolved that for me. Along with a little suspense, action and a lot of steaminess thrown together with the werewolf aspect, this was a little better than okay. I enjoyed this, despite me wishing that certain aspects could change, most notably the stupid (and infuriating) thing Mac does near the 73% mark. There were some other minor re [...]

OMG, I LOVED THIS SOOOO MUCH!!!I wasn't expecting it to be so sweet, but heck, I'm in love with THE WHOLE SWAT TEAM now *SWOON*CAN'T WAIT to read the REST of this series, Paige Tyler!!!!*ARC courtesy of Netgalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca*

Self note:/review/showI like alpha males and not beta heroes, where the heroine chases after him.

A special police team made up of huge, lethal alpha werewolves? Yes, please! I was so eager to try Paige Tyler's new shifter series and I loved the idea of the setting and the potential for a bunch of terribly exciting action stories and a new sexy alpha hero for each one. This first book was the pack leader, Gage Dixon's story and wouldn't you know it his heroine was an investigative journalist determined to snoop out a story. Ordinarily, I see the word 'reporter' or 'journalist' in a book blur [...]

Reviewed for herding cats & burning soup.Quickie Review:Dammit all to hell. Things were going so fucking good! I mean. Like the book version of your eyes rolling back in your head and thene heroine had to be both too stupid to live and put her career as a journalist above everything else and not give a damn who it hurt. Gah but I HATE heroines like that. Worst career for a heroine to have. It's like an instant stamp of "you're going to wish the bad guys would just kill me before the book is [...]

SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha TeamI couldn't resist grabbing-up this new series by Paige Tyler! Hungry Like the Wolf is part of her new series featuring very alpha males as part of the Dallas SWAT team. Only these are not any ordinary males, they're shifters of the furry, werewolves variety. Need numbers. There are 16 members of this close-knit group to drool over. Brother officers who have each other's backs, bro-camaraderie, and some serious physical awesomeness going on. I loved every minute spent [...]

A Swat team comprised of only werewolves and a very curious investigative journalist are about to come together in an explosive story! Such an unusual idea for a book and yet it works beautifully . Ms Tyler is very good at writing stories that grip her readers from the start and then takes them on a voyage of discovery . Yes this is a paranormal romance but in many ways I thought it could also qualify as a romantic suspense novel as it's all about the action which kept it fast paced with never a [...]

ARC Review. The review originally posted at: Love Affair with an E-ReaderI love this high-adventure, shifter romance. It has all the right elements for an explosively fun read – a cynical alpha male (lots of them); a smart, sassy female, a law enforcement setting (can it get any better than SWAT?), and a notorious bad guy with lots of money and no-holds-barred bad behavior. Gage Dixon is the leader of the Dallas SWAT. He has recruited some of the best shifters around the country to be on the t [...]

This one is .99 through June 15, 2015Do you know what SWAT stands for? Yep, SPECIAL WOLF ALPHA TEAM!!!This author is new to me. I'm going to be searching out her other books just as fast as I can! This was a fabulous start in a new series. In the acknowledgements at the end of the book, Ms. Tyler mentions that she and her husband came up with this idea and I really can't thank them enough.A whole pack of Alpha Wolf Shifters, wearing uniformss, my kindle tried to melt. Ms. Tyler builds their back [...]

When the police force encounters a situation they can’t manage they call in the elite of their kind… SWAT.Perhaps I am showing my age here, but I grew up watching SWAT on TV every week. However, I have never encountered a SWAT team quite like this one. It would explain a lot. Bigger, faster, stronger, these men are the type of police officers just about anyone would be afraid to encounter in a dark alley or otherwise. Now add the wolf factor and you’ve got an unstoppable force. Unless, you [...]

This series has the potential to be really fun, if PT does her research. The Dallas SWAT, now I know you are thinking Special Weapons and Tactics, but in this case your would be wrong, it stands for Special Wolf Alpha Team. This SWAT team has a secret, a really big hairy, my-grandma-what-big- teeth-you-have secret. No it isn't juicing like Mackenzie the investigative reporter is thinking and determined to use all her resources to get the dirt. It is that they are a bunch of alpha Wolves and not [...]

This novel is fast paced from beginning to end. Tyler’s insightful and imaginative writing definitely kept me hooked throughout this well plotted novel. She seamlessly combines the public lives of SWAT officers with the private lives of shifters in a uniquely inviting manner. I loved getting to know her world of werewolves, at the same time as reading this suspenseful romance that brought a smile to my face.The characters in this novel were really neat to get to know. Everyone, main and second [...]

I've never had such a struggle to rate a book like i had with this one!Someone approached me saying, "Hey Em, you like reading books by Indie authors right?" So I turned around with a grin saying, "Do i ever!" Same person: "You like books like Mercy Thompson right? I mean, you know, PNRs." Me: "You mean the clean- action packed, romantic and thoroughly enjoyable series such as Mercy Thompson? I'd be insane not to!" Same Person: "Well Hungry like the wolf is like that! AND the guy is fully dresse [...]

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