The Highland Dragon's Lady

Isabel Cooper

The Highland Dragon's Lady

The Highland Dragon's Lady

  • Title: The Highland Dragon's Lady
  • Author: Isabel Cooper
  • ISBN: 9781402284700
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

Regina Talbot Jones has always known her rambling family home was haunted She also knows her brother has invited one of his friends to attend an ill conceived s ance She didn t count on that friend being so handsome and she certainly didn t expect him to be a dragon.Scottish Highlander Colin MacAlasdair has hidden his true nature for his entire life, but the moment heRegina Talbot Jones has always known her rambling family home was haunted She also knows her brother has invited one of his friends to attend an ill conceived s ance She didn t count on that friend being so handsome and she certainly didn t expect him to be a dragon.Scottish Highlander Colin MacAlasdair has hidden his true nature for his entire life, but the moment he sets eyes on Regina, he knows he has to have her In his hundreds of years, he s never met a woman who could understand him so thoroughly or touch him so deeply Bound by their mutual loneliness, drawn by the fire awakening inside of them, Colin and Regina must work together to defeat a vengeful spirit and discover whether their growing love is powerful enough to defy convention.

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I've given this an A- for narration, but only a C- for content. I suspect that's technically more than three stars, but I can't recommend this audiobook, so three it is.I’m not a great fan of paranormal romances in the main (although I adored Kristen Callihan’s Darkest London books), but I read one of the other titles in Isabel Cooper’s Highland Dragon series a while back and enjoyed it enough to be interested in reading or listening to another one. Until recently, only the first book, Leg [...]

When I first read the description of this book, I thought it sounded good. I was a little unsure of the Dragon portion of the book just because even though I think the authors mean this: All I can picture is this: And that just makes me giggle and lose interest. But that's what I remember from my childhood of Dragons so's a constant battle with my imagination while reading. While this did involve Colin being a dragon, it wasn't him constantly turning into one, so there weren't that many scenes w [...]

Take one part dragon shifter, one part historical romance and one part paranormal occurrences and what do you have, a new story called The Highland Dragon’s Lady.One touch from Regina Talbot-Jones and the carefully constructed human façade of dragon shifter, Colin MacAlasdair, is blown to smithereens. Regina has a special ability to see visions of those she touches. When she touches her brother’s best friend Colin, she immediately knows he’s a dragon. Not frighten by intrigued this unique [...]

3.5/5 stars. Review posted on RabidReads After reading and really enjoying Legend of the Highland Dragon, I was excited to read this one, the second in the series. I was a bit disappointed in the book, but still thought it was a pretty solid read.Colin, brother to Stephen, was introduced in book one, and I was happy to see him get a book of his own. As he is not the heir to the title as Stephen is, his life has been a bit more unconventional then Stephen’s. Of course he is a dragon shifter, so [...]

Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyTHE HIGHLAND DRAGON'S LADY is a good gothic ghost story combined with dragons because why not! I enjoyed the way the mystery of the spirit haunting the house started to unravel with a classic seance gone wrong scene but the worldbuilding was a bit hard for me to grasp. I am not sure if it was an "I haven't read the first book" situation or I just was not getting something because I did feel a little lost as to what was going on aside from the fact that [...]

More like 4 1/2. Good characters and a good plot. I'm mad there is only one more. Shoot.

Originally reviewed for Tea and Book.The Highland Dragon's Lady is book two in Isabel Cooper's Highland Dragon Series. It's a bit of a misnomer, sure the characters come from Scotland and yes they are Dragons but neither book in the series is really about being a dragon or from Scotland for that matter. Both books take place in Victorian England, both brothers are urban, sophisticated and sure of themselves, fitting in well with the times, which we would hope a dragon would be. But it's like the [...]

I was provided an advance copy of The Highland Dragon's Lady (#2) in exchange for an honest review.I hate to say this, because I know the work, love and commitment that goes into writing a book, but I have to be honest; I couldn't even finish the second chapter. I can't remember the last time I rated a book this low, but the reading was very difficult with over-use of complex and non-sensical words (in context), thus making the story and characters get buried under it all. I couldn't even track [...]

I received a ARC copy in exchange for a honest review, thanks to Netgalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca.I have always loved paranormal historical romancesa mixture of my two favorite sub genres in romance, but I hate to say that I had a hard time with this one. There were some aspects that I enjoyed, aspects that was different and unique in a way that really pulls you in at the beginning, but when I got to the middle of the book, I really had to force my way through portions of it, because I did w [...]

1.5I had no idea it’s an HR. Nothin on the bak led me 2 think it was the 1800s&Idt the story is suited 4this time period. I was lookin forward 2contemporary. I was prepared 4 modern speech so this was an unwelcome surprise. It required so much concentration 2understand, cuz the author was hard2 understand. I saw it was on my 2-read shelf from 2 yrs ago&so I tried 2get in2 it. Reggie dint make a good 1st impression. &usually if Idl a character from the start I nvr cum 2like them. Sh [...]

3.6 ; 4.1 : clever writing, likable characters, and exciting plotThere were quite a few passages where I laughed at witty wording, and several where I stopped to appreciate an insightful thought. The characters were well-developed and both believable and appealing. Even the lesser roles generally feel like more than cardboard cutouts, though unfortunately I'm not sure a happy ending of his own is likely for her brother, Colin's friend. Colin is quite a different character from his older brother [...]

Read this as part of the on-going project to help a friend develop a booklist for her group, Adult Children of Parents with PTSD. And wasn't I pleasantly surprised to find a dragon shapeshifter in it I do love dragons.One word about the cover. It's a cliché. None of the book takes place in the Highlands and although the hero does wear a kilt to a formal affair, I am sick and tired of the half-naked guy in a kilt on almost every single book in which the hero is from the Highlands. That said, I e [...]

Reggie is not an average well-to-do Victorian lady. She can reads minds and one day she comes across a dragon. But this is just the beginning of surprises for Reggie as she has to battle ghosts, demons and possibly her own heart.This story was very cute with a clear cut plot that carries the romance well enough to not just seem like an emotion filled romp. I feel the dragon subplot could have been expanded more, as well as Reggie's powers. They were used as a means to an end but were not very we [...]

This book took me a little while to get into. It didn't read like a typical romance in some ways. Once I was into it, I appreciated that and moved right along. Then was interrupted multiple times so that I was not as into it at the end. It also ended sort of abruptly, in a way.

It was ok not really my genre

Colin meets his match when his friend's sister climbs a tree to get in his, errr, her brother's, room.

I am really loving this series- fun to read with the darker shades of fantasy thrown in there to balance out the romance side. And who doesn't love a handsome Scottish highlander that can turn into a dragon? Definitely a good series to turn to between my more serious historical fiction.

I just finished the first book in the series recently and it was my encounter with the hero as a secondary character that made me interested in picking up this second book not to mention that he's a dragon and that never fails to grab my attention. Adventuresome and fun loving, flirty Colins please. Oh, and did I mention this one came with a ghost story? Though this one is a sequel and the hero, Colin, carries over along with little updates on the first pair, this can easily be read out of order [...]

Originally published at Reading RealityI enjoyed the first book in this series, Legend of the Highland Dragon, quite a lot (see review) and this second book is even more fun than the first one, in spite of the fact that there isn't much more info about that Legend, and that there isn't a whole lot of dragon. I was having too much fun to care.That’s because the hero and heroine in this one, Colin MacAlasdair and Regina Talbot-Jones, are incredibly fun characters themselves (Stephen and Mina in [...]

Reviewed at The Blogger Girls.3.5 starsLiving in London, the country life is far different from what Reggie is used too. Especially when the family home she’s visiting is as haunted as it can get. Add to that her parents invited a few guests to help banish the ghost and her brother has brought a devilishly handsome Scotsman to help out. As soon as he meets Reggie breaking into his rooms, Colin knows she’s a unique sort of woman and more intrigued than he could ever remember being. But when t [...]

Happy Release Day!!!I love dragons, I love shifters, and DRAGON SHIFTERS are extra cool. I was happy to see Colin get his own book after meeting him in Legend of a Highland Dragon. Colin has come to Whitehill with his friend Edmund to suss out the ghosts who seem to inhabit the house. Reggie is Edmund's sister, and a rather bohemian lady. She hasn't always been so, but after an unfortunate incident, it seems that's the lot she'll have in life. She meets Colin face to face after climbing a tree, [...]

This is the second book in this series but I thought it works quite well as a standalone. It's an unusual mixture of both paranormal and historical romance with the addition of a chilling ghost story. The story begins with a case of mistaken identity as Regina goes to her brothers bedroom one night to try to talk some sense into him but what she doesn't realise is that he has temporarily exchanged rooms with Colin who is staying in their home at Whitehall. Not a lot perturbs the plucky Regina th [...]

Isabel Cooper completely involved me in her universe with the first book of the series and that was a true pleasure to come back here with Colin. However, the auteure got it right by correcting certain defects as the lack of greatter importance of the paranormal. That was possible thanks to the second main character of this book: Regina. The well known womanizer of London will be able to attract in his nets a free and independent woman? Colin is of course a dragon like all the members of McAlisd [...]

Originally posted on Books & Bottles.Colin is an old dragon shifter from Scotland. Yup, he turns into a sparkly, prickly blue dragon. Regina, aka. Reggie, has a psychic ability where she can see people's thoughts and secrets when she touches them skin to skin. This means Colin's dragon is revealed the first time they meet (and it's not the "dragon" Reggie was expecting). Kind of a let, down, if I'm being honest. No build up, no suspense, just BAM! dragon.It's interesting to read a supernat [...]

The Highland Dragon's Lady is the second book in the Highland Dragon series by Isabel Cooper. This historical romance is currently schedule for release on December 2nd 2014. Regina Talbot-Jones is an unconventional girl, whose family has fairly recently moved into a home with rumors of hauntings and curses. Her family has planned a rather ill-conceived séance, and her brother has invited one of his friends. She did not count on that friend being so handsome, or a dragon. Scottish Highlander Col [...]

The hero and heroine find themselves drawn together with a party of others, in a haunted house trying to banish the ghost within. It quickly because apparent, however that they are not dealing with just an ordinary ghost but rather a demon with the power to seriously harm the living persons of the home. The heroine is shunned from society after a bad engagement and is headstrong and independent. But she's far from your typical heroine in that she can read peoples minds through touch. How surpris [...]

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This was a continuation of the Highland Dragon series. I think this can be read as a standalone (if you want to). The book combined a historical fiction with some different paranormal elements from the first.Colin is a highland dragon shifter who is always on the search for his next adventure. Life has gotten monotonous and it's led him to a supposedly haunted house. He's procured an invitation from a friend and son of the house own [...]

Loved loved loved it! Great setting, good mystery and great characters. What struck me most was how evocative the language that Reggie used - it's clear that she's using the slang of the time and has been influenced by the "fast set" that she runs with. Her parents are a little bewildered by their children, but love them unconditionally and let them have a certain amount of freedom (though they are pushing Edmund a little hard toward marriage, both out of concern for the estate and concern for h [...]

Within the past year I was introduced to the world of dragon shape-shifting heroes and in my discovery I stumbled upon Cooper's idea of what such a hero such be and I have never looked back. The Highland Dragon's Lady is by far one of the best books I have read this year!I was surprised by how immensely enjoyable both the plot and the romance is in this book. A Scottish adventure filled with sensual passion, an alpha hero and a heroine that is independent made this book something extra special. [...]

Cooper is a very visual author. Her descriptions paint this world and its inhabitants for her audience. The mellow writing style allows you to enjoy the full impact of the story rather than feeling that you need to race through the novel to reach the end. This novel is definitely unique and chalk full of originality. It was intellectually and imaginatively stimulating. Cooper combines a variety of different topics together into a seamless whole. I’m the first to admit that I’m generally not [...]

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