Blind Justice

Bruce Alexander

Blind Justice

Blind Justice

  • Title: Blind Justice
  • Author: Bruce Alexander
  • ISBN: 9780399139789
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Hardcover

The legendary and blind eighteenth century judge, Sir John Fielding, cofounder of London s first police force, debuts in the case of a lord whose apparent suicide is exposed as a fountainhead of deception, greed, and murder.

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Onvan : Blind Justice (Sir John Fielding, #1) - Nevisande : Bruce Alexander - ISBN : 425150070 - ISBN13 : 9780425150078 - Dar 336 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 1994

A delightful historical mystery! The main character, Sir John Fielding was half brother to Henry Fielding who wrote the brilliant The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling and this book is written in a Fielding type style. Old fashioned but still easy to read.Set in London in 1768 the book is busy with prostitutes, gamblers and street thieves. We visit Newgate Jail and Bow Street Court where Sir John deals out justice on criminals caught by the Bow Street Runners. I love all this historical stuff!Th [...]

I was pleasantly surprised at this one--usually an era I'm not interested in. This was the first volume in an enjoyable mystery series, with Sir John Fielding, 18th century blind magistrate and founder of the Bow Street Runners, and his "helper", 13-year-old Jeremy Proctor, who narrates the cases. This is a classic "locked room" mystery, with the revelation of the villain revealed in Sir John's gathering all the suspects together in the same room. Lord Goodhope commits suicide, but Jeremy's noti [...]

My daughter and I have read all of the Sir John Fielding novels and were heartbroken when we heard that Bruce Alexander had died. Read all of them, in order, and you will be so happy. Another series of books that are somewhat similar are the Sebastian St. Cyr novels by C.S. Harris. Again, a series that needs to be read in order. Still yet another series that you will enjoy of this type are the Lady Julia Grey books (Silent as the Grave) etc. by Deanna Raybourn are fabulous.Whew! all of these won [...]

I would really give this book 3.5 stars. It was an intriguing mystery told from the viewpoint of a character recounting his experience with a blind magistrate, Sir John Fielding. Historically, Fielding is one of the men who started the Bow Street Runners and was the half-brother of Henry Fielding, novelist. At the start Jeremy Proctor, the narrator, is 13 and just come to London after the loss of both parents. He is brought before Sir John on false charges of theft, which Sir John recognizes and [...]

Sir John Fielding was the half brother of British novelist, Henry Fielding. Together they started the first London police force known as the Bow Street Runners. After Henry's death, John took over as the Bow Street Magistrate. His ability to discern truth and learn the facts of crimes was extraordinary given that he was blinded in an accident in the Navy when he was 19. Bruce Alexander wrote 11 fiction novels in which the historical figure of Sir John is the protagonist. Blind Justice is the fir [...]

Although I missed Bruce Alexander's mystery series first time around, a friend of mine highly recommended it (Thanks Mary!). I was not disappointed; it is certainly one of the better historical mystery series I have read in the past 20 years. The series depicts London of the 1700s in a descriptive manner reminiscent of Dickens; the strong descriptive writing giving us the sights and sounds of 1700 London: the thieves, pickpockets, outdoor markets, the street walkers, people from various classes, [...]

Blind Justice(Hist-Jeremy/John Fielding-London-Georgian) - VGAlexander, Bruce - 1st in seriesPutnam, 2005, US HardcoverI am fascinated by books about the Bow Street Runners and early police procedures in England. Alexander has clearly done his research as his book is rich with detail of life in Georgian England. His characters are wonderful and Jeremy very well drawn. I shall definitely be reading more of this series.

4.5 stars. I'll be reading this whole series. I thoroughly enjoy well written historical mysteries, and that fits that niche perfectly!London, 1768

This is the 3rd time I've read this book, and it just keeps on being one of my all time favorite books (12-7-16)

Thanks Stacie Haden for bringing me back to this series.

In 1768, thirteen year old orphan Jeremy Proctor arrives in London, to be immediately framed for theft and hauled up before a legendary magistrate: the blind man, Sir John Fielding, brother of Henry Fielding (author of Tom Jones), and inheritor of the system of policing set up by Henry at Bow Street: the Bow Street Runners. Within a couple of days, Jeremy finds himself a part of Sir John Fielding’s household, and helping the magistrate investigate the gruesome suicide—or is it murder?—of a [...]

Existen libros que despiertan el interés no por el argumento en sí, que también, sino mucho más por el autor del propio libro como es el caso de Bruce Alexander Cook. Un escritor que a pesar de haber escrito obras como La generación beat, tres biografías, una de Dalton Trumbo (Navona 2015), otra de Bertolt Brecht y una última biografía ficticia de Shakespeare entre otros libros, alcanzó la fama por la serie del Juez Fielding. Una serie de misterio o enigma de una excelente calidad narra [...]

This story falls more on the Agatha Christie side than Jack the Ripper dark Victorian of other stories. The story centers on John Fielding, a court magistrate in London during the 1750's. What makes this story the most fascinating is that John Fielding was a real person. He and his brother, Henry Fielding founded the Bow Street Runners, London's first organized police force. Perhaps the most notable feature of the Judge, beside being honest, is the fact that he is blind. While the storyline itse [...]

I breezed through this book - in the good way. The characters were that compelling and that life-like that I thought I was reading a true story, rather than a novel based on a historical figure.Jeremy Proctor finds himself in the care of Sir John Fielding, a blind magistrate who started the Bow Street Runners with his half-brother. During his stay, he becomes involved in the investigation of Lord Goodhope's murder, and his contributions prove to shine a whole new light on the case. As a narrator [...]

The first book in a historical crime series set in 1768 London featuring Sir John Fielding, a blind magistrate and founder of the Bow Street Runners police force. The narrator is Jeremy Proctor, 13 years old when the story starts and recent orphaned. Jeremy runs to London, where he is quickly tricked and accused of theft by a con artist. He ends up in front of Sir John, who easily figures the truth of the matter and then takes Jeremy under his wing. Jeremy ends up assisting him when Sir John inv [...]

This was a great read. Set in the 1700s based around John Fielding, blind magistrate, who makes up for his handicap with his keen other senses and brilliant deduction. The narrator is 13 year old Jeremy Proctor recently orphaned when his father dies in the stocks. Jeremy comes before the magistrate accused of a crime he does not commit. Fielding "sees through" the con of Jeremy's accusers. Fielding sets him free and sets out to find him an apprenticeship in the printing trade, a trade taught to [...]

Wow, this whole series of historical mysteries is just fantastic. I have a soft spot for the first one, in which 13-year-old Jeremy is brought before the bench for alleged theft to be tried by magistrate, Sir John Fielding (brother of Henry Fielding, the novelist). Known as the Blind Beak, the judge takes in young Jeremy as his eyes as they solve the first of many hard cases in 1700s London. Outstanding, a cut above the usual genre.

This is the first book in a charming historical mystery series of a young man's adventures in helping the blind magistrate Sir John Fielding solve murder mysteries. Sir John Fielding was the brother of the writer Henry Fielding, and London is indeed a colorful character in the books. There's a gentleness in the relationship between Sir John and his charge that is quite appealing.

Now this book, which is the first one in "Sir John Fielding" series, was worth my time, truly! I enjoyed the main mysterious murder, immensely! I liked the writing style, and how the main mystery developed. Great work by Bruce Alexander.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

It's been awhile since I started a new mystery series and was so impressed with it that as soon as I put the book down I ordered the next from the library. Great characters. Great story. Surprising mystery. Justice served.

A fun little mystery buoyed up by excellent setting and wonderful characters. A light, enjoyable murder, well worth the read.

Really good. Enjoyed the writing style very much. The characters were written well. Sir John is very likeable and his pursuit of justice, truth, and mercy are admirable.

Blind Justice, set in England during the reign of George III, is the first in a series of mysteries featuring Sir John Fielding, a magistrate for the Bow Street court. The famed Bow Street Runners, founded by Sir John's half brother Henry, assist Sir John in investigating a murder in the London home of a member of the House of Lords. The story is told in a first person account by a 13 year old boy, Jeremy Procter.The writing is excellent, and both characters and setting are highly developed. The [...]

I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed this book! The premise is interesting, and I believe it is loosely based on a real person (I could be wrong about that). It's an interesting time period that I have not read much about from the British side. I thought they story was really interesting, and the writing was compelling! I really enjoyed all of the characters! I only gave it 5 stars, because I began to suspect the murderer before the big reveal. I'm not sure how or why I suspected what I [...]

Enjoyed this first title in a new-to-me series. Now I want to read the entire series. I also want to know more about the real-life Sir John Fielding. Wonderful picture of London during the time of Boswell and Johnson.

A murder mystery set in the 17oo's London. I liked the story and the characters, so I'll poke along in the series for a while.

Ottima l'ambientazione storica e la sua descrizione, senza annoiare mai. Ben tratteggiata la figura del giudice cieco. Una trama gialla ben congegnata: un giallo storico da 4 stelle piene.

I really enjoyed the well developed characters and all their diverse personalities.

A well paced mystery with smart, and interesting characters. I will read more in this series!

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