Hank and Chloe

Jo-Ann Mapson

Hank and Chloe

Hank and Chloe

  • Title: Hank and Chloe
  • Author: Jo-Ann Mapson
  • ISBN: 9780060169435
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Hardcover

From the author of Fault Line, this novel is set in the dwindling rural canyonlands of Southern California Once Hank steps inside Chloe s makeshift cabin in the hills, she realizes she must come to terms with her losses and decide between the life of solitude or the love of a man.

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I really enjoyed this story. Chloe is a great character . . . hard and determined as someone who's gone through numerous foster homes can be. Hank is less formed, but still believeable. I lived in Modjeska Canyon near where this story takes place. I know the environments: both the rural, hardscrabble one and the upscale Irvine/South Coast one. I too have gone back and forth between the two. I also worked at Juvenile Court in Orange County so I have some awareness of what the kids who go through [...]

"An earthy, tender tale of an unlikely romance"--I needed a romance for Valentine's Day. This is a good one. Another plus--there's a sequel!!

Tough cow-girl meets handsome professor. Not very exciting.

The book is cleverly written but almost relentlessly intense and hopeless, at least for the two main characters. Bad things happen to them, they make bad things happen, and yet never seem to learn, grow or benefit from these experiences. What are their goals? They drift in a sea of often lovely or shocking writing yet never quite reach shore. Yes, a "happy" ending is indicated. But often I felt distanced. I think that is because taken as a whole, the book is too self-consciously "literary". I de [...]

This might be the most I've ever loved a book I didn't like so much. Not sure if I can explain that. This book contains one of the most thoroughly described settings I've ever come across. It made me feel like I was living in this small California community along with the characters. I could see the rocks and paths and shacks described in the book, and could ride along with the horses, even though I know precious little about any of that. So an A+ job on settings and descriptions. The characters [...]

Chloe Morgan - waitress, horsewoman. Hank Oliver - Junior college professor of mythology. They meet after Chloe had pulled an all-nighter helping a friend's horse with a difficult foaling. The friend was a co-worker of Hank's and Chloe ended up with Hank's good shirt when she needed to change clothes. Hank wanted his shirt back and found out where Chloe worked. Both Chloe and Hank had pasts that made trusting in a relationship difficult. Could they work it out? Re-read in 2012, having not rememb [...]

I read this book years ago -- probably not too long after it was published and I still remember the title, the characters and the story with great fondness. I remember thinking that I was completely satisfied when the book ended and wishing I had another book like it to read. Additionally, I was living in Southern California at the time and working in Irvine where the novel takes place, and was astonished to learn that a completely different rural world existed just a few miles away and I had ne [...]

Meh. I decided to read this after loving Mapson's "The Owl And Moon Cafe", and was somewhat let down. I liked her development of the characters individually, but I'm afraid I never bought the attraction between them together as a couple. By the end, I admit I was somewhat intrigued as to what would happen to them individually, and whether or not they would make it together, but more as an interested observer than anyone with a concerned stake in the game. I suppose I will eventually pick up the [...]

A funny, tender, sexy Western love story about Chloe Morgan, a part time waitress and part time horse trainer who meets college professor Hank after she has tried to save the horse which belongs to his office mate. Chloe has been brought up in foster homes and is independent and tenacious, while Hank has been hen¬pecked by his mother and haunted by the death of his sister; they both find it hard to make permanent attach¬ments. This is a first novel, although the author has written short storie [...]

Oh I loved this story. A love story, but so filled with more than that alone. Chloe is a lady who has known so much hurt during her lifetime and has decided that there is only true love found with animals, including her horse who is slowly dying and her dog who she took in and saved. She lives on the edge of homelessness and says that is who she is and how she is happy. Then she meets Hank who is totally opposite in lifestyle. It is not always smooth going between them but the chemistry is stron [...]

While I did like this book and read it pretty quickly, I'm only giving it three stars because it has a lot of language which I found distracting and also it has way too many "romantic scenes" if you know what I'm saying. I felt like the swearing and these scenes were an escape of sorts so that the author didn't have to deal with harder conversations between characters and sometimes it was hard to see why (beyond the sexual attraction) the two main characters loved each other. The ending was a li [...]

I have read other Jo-Ann Mapson novels and just read this oneher first novel.Mapson does such a wonderful job making her characters come to life. The settings of her books are always described in a way that it is easy for you to imagine them.The main character, Chloe, lives in the canyon land of Southern California. She is a very guarded womand then meets Hank. just a good read.

Chloe is a part-time horse trainer, part-time waitress. She connects with Henry, a professor of folklore at the local college where she boards her horse. Chloe and her dog live in a primitive cabin with no water or electricity (she likes it that way) in a canyon that makes me think of Trabuco Canyon. What does she want moreher independent solitary life or Hank?

Mapson is my new favorite author. I'm glad I read a couple of others of hers first though, because the emotion is so raw in this one, that if I didn't know that she would bring a satisfying ending, I'd have had to quit it. The characters are so real, so well-rounded -- I'm in awe of her ability.Wonderful book.

Technically, I shouldn't mark this book as read. I got to chapter two and quit. I can't interest myself in a book where the author feels it necessary to use bad language. I'd rather read books where the author can make me see things in a few words, and those words certainly don't need to be horrible language.

Just terrifichave had this book sitting on my shelf for a few years, don't even remember when I bought it. What a treat it was to read - great characters, interesting story, it was such an enjoyable read and a glimpse into a world ( horses) that i know little about.

I loved this book. The characters are so complex, it's not a typical romance, it's very real - real situations and feelings.Now that I'm about to give it away to someone who will love it as much as I haveI wish I had read it again!

Although I recently recommended this book and another in this series to several GR friends, I *totally* forgot to mention there are explicit adult scenes (which I skip over). So, apologies for leaving this detail out!

The story of gritty survivor Chloe, struggling to make ends meet waitressing & teaching riding, and quiet, reserved mythology professor Hank. The writing deals with heartbreak & damaged people in an insightful way, but probably too many purple passages to recommend to my mother!

I did not finish this book. So often, anymore, when I get to a book that has "graphic" sex, I just quit. Up until that point, Hank and Chloe had been enjoyable, I found the character development, the writing and the story very well done. Enough said.

Story of two flawed characters that you feel belong together.but who have problems that seem unsurmontable. Throughout the story you realize that love is not easyd sometimes it just isn't going to work.

An easy fun read/romance set in the west. Some of the language is a little coarse but the story is basically sweet. Opposites attract? Friendships come in all ages and genders.

Recommended by Connie.Check our catalog: encoreoklib/iii/encore/

I love anything by this author and this was the first one I ever read of hers. Needless to say I have read them all now.

Well-written romance, really, about a lonesome cowgirl and a bewildered community college professor. Lovely descriptions of a woman's relationship with a horse.

A great read!

I wish there were 1/2 stars. this isn't quite 4 stars, but it was better then 3 stars.

If this had been the first Mapson book I ever read it would have been the last. Characters are simply not likeable

If this was my first book by Jo-Ann Mapson I wouldn't have read her other books. This read like a romance novel. Not my taste to read.

Wonderful book; not just a romance but a story of close friendships.

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