Make Damn Sure

S.A. Price

Make Damn Sure

Make Damn Sure

  • Title: Make Damn Sure
  • Author: S.A. Price
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Paperback

It s been 10 years since Nyx Deveraux had the night of her life with a guy that was elusive as smoke 10 years since she was rocked, utterly Every man since then has been lacking, and Nyx has been chasing the devastation she felt since No one compares to the one night only man that haunts her dreams And then she meets Rusty Formally anyway She already knows him in theIt s been 10 years since Nyx Deveraux had the night of her life with a guy that was elusive as smoke 10 years since she was rocked, utterly Every man since then has been lacking, and Nyx has been chasing the devastation she felt since No one compares to the one night only man that haunts her dreams And then she meets Rusty Formally anyway She already knows him in the biblical sense Declan Rusty Rust made a mistake ten years ago, one he s paid for every day since Nyx was too much of a sexy obsession, and his pride demanded he take what was destined to be his, first, so that she never forgot him Now, his punishment is over, and with the opportunity presenting itself to reconnect with the woman he burns for, his plans can finally be put into action.But Nyx is not the girl she was ten years ago, and what should be an easy seduction turns into an all out fight for their future A fight that could mean certain destruction for life as they know it.

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This is probably my favorite book in the series. There was something about Rusty that made me love him instantly. Nyx is very likable and I adored her. S.A. Price pulled me into the book and I didn't want to stop reading it. It was the perfect amount of everything that I needed at the time of reading it. I want more of these characters.Copy provided by author exchange for an honest review.

10 years ago, on the night of Nyx’s birthday, a stranger showed up in her bedroom and rocked her world. The next morning he was gone, leaving only a cryptic note saying “soon”, she never even got his name. He was her first and she has never forgotten him, and for the last 10 years she has been trying (without success) to find someone who could come close to giving her what she felt that night.Now, 13 Shades are getting ready to record a new album and they have lucked out and gotten the bes [...]

Make Damn Sure is my favorite of the 13 Shades of Red Series. This is a great book. I’m not big on romance and falling in love in general. Often times there is just too much slack given to the guys in books and they just say sorry and all is forgiven. I love that Nyx really makes Rusty work for her love. And boy does he. He’s a smooth talker, but he’s only got eyes for Nyx. He is totally book boyfriend material. The kind of guy that only exists in books. Each book in this series has a diff [...]

I haven’t read this series in awhile, but once I started this book I just couldn’t put it down! One thing that I love about S.A. Price does with their paranormal stories is that it’s not something that you read every day. Each story has an amazing set of characters who all have their own abilities that just blow me away while reading.I really loved Rusty’s character in this book just because there was something about him that was so amazing, even though he had the crazy stalker thing goi [...]

I absolutely adored this book. When I received this book from the author I had recently gone through a rough time in my life and I was pretty down. As I started reading I was sucked into a world where true love does exist, men are honorable, and women kick ass. I absolutely fell in love with Rust and Nyx. Nyx is everything I want to be when I grow up yet she is still trying to find herself like we all are and that really connected with me. I enjoyed watching as their relationship finally got the [...]

This book had me from the start. I read it in one day, I couldn't put it down! This is the 3rd book in the 13 Shades of Red series from SA Price and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed. Nyx, a band member of 13 Shades of Red, has been longing for the man that rocked her world at her birthday party 10 years ago. He vanished afterward, and no man has ever measured up since. Fate finally steps in when the band heads to the studio to record. The guy that is running the studio is none other that [...]

Loved, LOVED this book!!!Nyx is determined to find the man who rocked her world ten years ago. Rust is that man and he's determined to stay hidden until well now! He comes back into her life and just about knocks her on her ass. Talk about a sweet and sexy man! As I told SA Price earlier this afternoon, "I want to be Nyx when I grow up so I can have Rust!" LOL! Make Damn Sure is an epic love story of putting ones needs before your own, self sacrifice and learning to trust whole heartedly in some [...]

I COULD NOT PUT THIS BOOK DOWN!!This is the most recent book in SA Price 13 Shades of Red series and she has continued to produce amazing stories with rock bands, sexy men, strong women, and a twist of paranormal activity. In this book, SA Price tells the story of 13 Shades band member, Nyx Deveraux and her blast from the past, Declan Rust. After Declan is shoved back into her life, Nyx's world is turned upside down. I thoroughly enjoyed this story especially getting to learn Nyx's back story an [...]

I loved this beautiful love story of Nyx Deveraux and Declan Rust. S.A. Price pulled me in at the start and I was totally enthralled through every scenario. The story line is smartly written and the characters are described so well you can visualize them. It was heartwarming to see Nyx interact with her family. I also like the paranormal aspect and the hot, steamy sex adds to the excitement of the book.I have loved the 13 Shades of Red Series and its rock and roll theme. I highly recommend Make [...]

Whirlwind!!! I honestly can't say enough about this book!! S.A. Price gets better every time!! This book has it all You are taken on an emotional roller coaster. Seriously you will identify with with one or more of these characters. Granted this book has paranormal characters, however what they go through and deal with, you have at some point dealt with in your own life. Declan and Nyx are amazing This series S.A. Price has created is one you need to read excuses!!!!

Holy hotness! S.A. Price has done it again. Nyx and Rust's story is hot and sweet. Nyx has been searching for him for ten years and he's been watching over her for the same. When they come together again they're combustible. Unlike the first books this one does not take place on the road, but in the studio. This does not diminish the story in any way. I enjoyed seeing how the band acted during down time. Rust has stolen my heart. You must read this wonderful story.

Paranormal and rock and roll go hand in hand in this fun addition to the 13 Shades band.

Wasn't as great as the other reviews saidWasn't as great as the other reviews said**POSSIBLE SPOILERS**First of all, nowhere in the blurb or the other reviews did it mention anything about this being a paranormal story about the Fey. Rust was betrothed to Nyx from birth. He watched her since he realized it and eventually noticed how lonely she was. So, on the night of her 16th birthday he took her virginity even though he wasn't supposed to have contact with her until she turned 18. As punishmen [...]

Great Erotic PNR as Standalone or in Series. I was provided this audiobook at no charge by the author, publisher and/or narrator in exchange for an unbiased review. I am new to this author, but the series books prior to this volume had captured my interest so I went ahead an purchased them. I was pleased when I got to this 3rd volume that it was strong enough in the writing and story telling that it would have been a great read/listen all by itself. However, I have really enjoyed the entire seri [...]

Make Damn Sure you read this book. The author is not wrong that Declan Rust is the perfect book "boyfriend" material. Although I'm a Winter fan, this story was amazing.Declan Rust has waited 10 years for his perfect girl, Nyx. But that wait wasn't easy. Watching Nyx strut about in the "human" world doing all types of things that every girl would love to do. Watching from afar made him realize that to catch his girl he was going to have to be every girls dream guy. What he accomplishes in his wai [...]

Thirteen Shades of Red Book Three.When she was sixteen, Nyx was seduced and dumped in one night by a mysterious man. She hasn't stopped looking for him, but when she finds him she cannot forget his previous treatment. Rusty was punished for his impulsive actions with banishment from his intended mate for ten years. Producing the new album for Shades, Rusty is in the perfect position to get close to Nyx and make up for his past mistake.Audio Review:Joshua Macrae works wonders for the Shades serie [...]

Make Damn Sure If I could give this book more than 5 stars I would!! 13 Shades is recording a new album and when they meet the producer Nyx Deveraux will have her world turned upside down. 10 years ago Declan Rust walked into Nyx's life and then out again and she never even knew his name. Declan has loved Nyx since he first saw her but he can never take back what he did or the punishment he has incurred for it. Finally able to see her again Declan is determined to finish what he started 10 years [...]

I did really like this book, and it was very sexy in some partsDeclan is a dirty boy! :) Nyx tried to play hard to get, but yaat didn't last long, lol!!! I really like this seriesbut I am still standing strong on book 2 being my fave.I hope there will be more books in this series, because of course this book left me wanting more!!!! This is a great rocker romance series with a strong paranormal twistd it is really a good one!!!!I RECOMMEND!!!!! :)

This would have gotten a 'meh' rating (3 stars), but the all the editing errors went beyond what I could stand. The author needs at the very, very least, is just one singular person to proofread it. Having multiple mistakes on every page just detracts from any experience.

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