Desperado Pikachu

Hidenori Kusaka Mato

Desperado Pikachu

Desperado Pikachu

  • Title: Desperado Pikachu
  • Author: Hidenori Kusaka Mato
  • ISBN: 9781569315071
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Paperback

Red was just a kid who liked Pokemon until he met Professor Oak, the town s Pokemon expert Now he s out to become a Pokemon Master, along with his rival Blue, Professor Oak s grandson Based on the Pokemon game the number one Game Boy video game in the U.S their adventures include all the gym leaders, places, and opponents of the game.

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If you watched the Pokemon anime before reading this, like I did, you're in for some real surprises. This manga volume left me feeling like most of what they put in the Pokemon anime was a lie. That being said, I did quite enjoy this, and even liked this story better than the anime story.-------------- Remember Ash not having any Pokemon, and staying up all night to get one from Prof. Oak? Well, meet Red (who Ash is the manga). Red has a Poliwhirl, which he has raised since he was little, and it [...]

I'm not gonna spend the time to give every book in this series five stars but they all deserve it. This book is the reason I'm on the weeab list tbh. But honestly this is such a good series. The characters are lovable the story is actually amazing and there are a ton of crossovers. Also like Pokemon legitimately die in this. It's the real world. I'm not even kidding this was so good I want to reread it.

In the last few chapters, in the Pokémon tower, shit got VERY real. Holy damn

Yeey, een manga over Pokémon! Een fantastische reread, veel rauwer en gaver dan de serie! Lees hier mijn recensie: nerdygeekyfanboy/recensie/

Realized the story has many similarities, but also dissimilarities between the manga and TV series for the first time.

Like most manga I found this hard to put down and had to keep flipping pages until I was done. This book gets a 4.5 star rating.Pokemon adventures follows the story of Red, a boy from Pallet Town on a quest to become the greatest Pokemon trainer ever. Red is based off of the main protagonist in the red and blue video games for the game boy colour. Me being a life long fan of the Pokemon games and playing Pokemon red and blue over and over as a child, this was a real treat for me to be able to re [...]

I wanna be the very bestLike no one ever wasTo catch them is my real testTo train them is my causeI will travel across the landSearching far and wideEach Pokemon to understandThe power that's insidePokemon, its you and meI know its my destinyPokemon, oh, you're my best friendIn a world we must defendPokemon, a heart so trueOur courage will pull us throughYou teach me and I'll teach youPokemon, gotta catch 'em allEvery challenge along the wayWith courage I will faceI will battle every dayTo claim [...]

I think this book was brilliant

My son read this to me in the car. I have now banned him from reading comic books to me in the car because I have no idea what was going on. As an example, this was how he read me page 50: "Bulbasaur - go!" BOM Pon mrgl mrgl "Pi?" mrgl mrgl mrgl "Oooh, a pokemon!" mrmrmr grnn grrr chak "Auggh!"Parents, learn from my mistakes.

28th book read in 2017.Number 176 out of 593 on my all time book list.

This book is very well written and has the best story line every thing is you would what to see in a Pokémon book. And it has the classic Pokémon that there is.


I really enjoyed reading this book and I feel like this is how Pokemon really should be. It really reminded me of when I played Pokemon FireRed and went through all of the cities to get the Gym Badges. I have been playing Pokemon since I was little and I still enjoy playing it today. This book really talks about how you should befriend Pokemon instead of just having them as battling tools. Red really shows that in the way he treats his Pokemon and that is how it should really be, and it this tre [...]

I enjoyed reading this manga as it was quick, short and filled with Pokemon (and who doesn't love that?). I liked meeting the familiar characters and seeing them in a new way, but also the same [as they appear in the anime (cartoon?)]. What I found funny was that Pikachu's cuteness was mentioned more than once. It's funny because in the anime (cartoon?) Pikachu starts off as being this rotund little thing with the cute child-like voice but as the anime (cartoon?) continues, it becomes thinner an [...]

I have mixed feelings about this book. I like the art style a lot. It is very well drawn and consistent in its style. It seems a little kiddish for me though. The dialogue was simple and honestly seemed a little dumb. I didn't like what they've done with several characters, especially Lt. Surge. Chapters went by way too fast for me and I could tell it was made for someone with not the best attention span. I can tell that I was not be target demographic for this book. It kind of disappoint me sin [...]

WAY better than the anime! I think.I remember watching the anime when I was really small, and I thought it was GREAT! Though, if I watched it again, based on what I've heard, I'm sure I would find it too childish and simpleIn spite of that, I read this, since I really LOVE the Pokemon games. And guess what?This was surprisingly GREAT!I have no idea why this hasn't been made into an anime yet.The story is pretty good. There's, surprisingly, no Ash. Instead, the protagonist is Red (Fire Red, anyon [...]

I think its a really good book. I love how Red the main charecter his really cool and could beat o lot of pokemon trainers. But i was disapoinyted when he got bulbasuar and not charmander like in the game s or like the anime. Its really cool that red when he found poliwag he was drounding as a kid and poliwag couldnt save him son he evolved into a poliwhirh the in the end of the book Red was drounding and poliwhirth was tired so he evolved into a beast poliwrath and saved him.

This wonderful book started off kinda slow. I mean they should mix up the characters or something. Also pickachu should not be the best Pokemon for instance if I had a cha razed level 100 it would kill it instantly with flame thrower. Another thing it's slow because it is recommended for a fourth grade reading level but I didn't listen so it was a tough read.

This is my review. This book is really cool. I really liked how it wasn't copied from the actual pokemon anime show. I recommend this book to people who the fantasy with a touch of adventure. I give this book 5/5 stars

It was pretty good. better then The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya but not as good as dragonball z.

Man, this is darker than I remember. Like, murdered Pokemon dark. Zombie Pokemon dark.So much stuff I didn't catch as a kid.

I've been in love with pokémon for, well, 2o years. In these 20 years, I've watched the anime (not everything, although I miss it so badly that I really want to rewatch everything and even catch up on the seasons that I didn't watch yet), collected the cards (never knew how to play, but I did have some cards, including a very special mew one exclusive to when the first movie hit the theaters), played the games (and oh boy, am I a HUGE fan of said games) and read the manga.In 2006 or 2007, I was [...]

Finally got my hands on this thing. Pokemon Adventures has been running forever, but finding a Volume 1 copy can be difficult. I happened upon one while the store in question was having a sale. Picking up Pokemon Adventures Vol 1 was a no-brainer. This is a weird take on Pokemon. This title is clearly adapting the original games, and since this was long before the franchise gave itself any real rules, we have things like Gym Leaders being villains, Red winning Gym Badges just for training alongs [...]

nga ReviewPokemon Adventures Special Volume 1-3Red, Blue, Green Arc (RGB) Its so good to see the Pokemon that we saw on TV and played with on Gameboy up front on paper (or the kindle screen). The manga is seriously a total hit with brand new characters and their journey in the Kanto region. This Manga arc shows the journey of Red, his rival Blue and a Pokemon theif Green across various towns as they encounter various powerful and unique Pokemon and their battle against gym leaders and the villai [...]

I think this book was a great add on to the show an video games! I love red's personality, sort of like ash, from the show, and not at the same time. This book had a great story line that went along perfect with the game and television show. The book did cut bits short though, such as traveling and certain other parts and went straight to another part of the story. It is a manga and is read opposite of how an english book would be read, from right to left, but not to hard to get used to. I read [...]

NOSTALGIA. I love this manga series so much and when I saw a physical copy at my local bookstore, I had to buy it! I read it for the first time a few years ago and read it all the way up to DP (left off somewhere in the middle of that)This manga goes into a different and darker direction than the anime. It more closely follows the game, although there are a bunch of things in the story that are completely different from the game as well, such as Red's first Pokémon being a Poliwag (a Poliwhirl [...]

Siempre quise leer los mangas basados en los videojuegos ya que aunque el anime me gusta desde de tantas temporadas con el mismo protagonista la historia se volvía predecible así que esperaba que el manga me diera algo nuevo y sí que lo hizo la trama es básicamente la misma que en el primer juego de pokémon aunque con unos pequeños cambios para que no sea tan predecible la historia. Algo que me gustó mucho fue que cuando los pokémon estan en sus pokébolas estos simplemente se vuelven pe [...]

My first foray into pop culture manga. This book may be animated, but it's a complete story with tension, action, consequences and a resolutioneverything a good book should have. I'm familiar with the Pokémon GO game--slightly obsessed, you might say--and that's what sparked my interest. The story follows the adventures of Red, a boy who wants to be the greatest Pokémon trainer ever. There are quests, friendship, death, villains, thieves, mentors and lessons learned. You can read only this Vol [...]

i enjoyed the first part of the series. i thought there would be a little more about the pokemon in the series, the battles seem to go by really fast for the pokemon that was in the title. all in all though, i did really enjoy it. i've been wanting to read this series for quite a long time, i don't know why i didn't even think to look for it online was a good taste, i'm going to go on and read the rest of it, i think the whole story is picking up and i'm going to focus more on the story than on [...]

This was just fun to read! I am finally understanding Pokemon better and see why my kids love it so much. The characters are fantastic and the book shows the truth that the Pokemon need care, friendship, rest, etc. I really liked that part and this first volume sets up the Red, Blue and Green Trainers' relationships together to learn and grow from each other. Loved it! I'm sure my little Pokemon Trainer will check out more for us to read. Can't wait!

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