Red Denver

D.L. Denham

Red Denver

Red Denver

  • Title: Red Denver
  • Author: D.L. Denham
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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Red Denver, one of several successful communities in Usona, post Blast America, has thrived because of OldWorld machinery and a strong community government With his past behind him, Reho has made a new life for himself in Red Denver Until Soapy, a local crime boss, starts a chain of events that leads to a climatic final face off between Reho and one of the genetically moRed Denver, one of several successful communities in Usona, post Blast America, has thrived because of OldWorld machinery and a strong community government With his past behind him, Reho has made a new life for himself in Red Denver Until Soapy, a local crime boss, starts a chain of events that leads to a climatic final face off between Reho and one of the genetically modified warbeasts designed by the Hegemons an alien race determined to see humankind go extinct.

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I am a sucker for post apocalyptic sci-fi so the writer only needed to get the basics right for me to enjoy this. However, he went beyond my expectations with his authentic touches like believable technological devices and outstanding world building; combine this with an excellent narrative style and you have a top quality short story.My only criticism (and I seem to write this on every review) was a little too much telling, rather than showing, but if the writer's only sin is one every second w [...]

`Being undefeated had made him enemies.'Louisiana author D. L. Denham comes to his debut novel well prepared. He has degrees from Southeastern Louisiana University including a Masters Degree in History, he teaches and he writes. He is a talent developing and a talent to watch.Denham opens his short story with extraordinary atmosphere. The year is 2083, the place is a prison holding cell where we meet Reho, our main character, who has been captured and accused of murder of one of the subordinates [...]

Adding SamuriSteve's review : Red Denver is the story of an anti-hero named Reho. Plagued by a tumultuous past, he must fight to survive in the post-apocalyptic world that Mr. Denham has so vividly painted. But survival won't be easy. Not when a powerful crime boss wants him dead and unleashes a genetically engineered beast to get the job done.Part action, part thriller, Red Denver is a short glimpse into what will undoubtedly be one of the best indie scifi adventure books of the year. I'm looki [...]

Futuristic Wow!I was Given this book as a gift, Its not usually the kind of genre that I read. But I was willing to give it a try. And I am so glad I did. This is a well written short story that takes place in an apocalyptic new world. The story is about Reho who is my new hero, he's kind of like Hercules in the future. But he has no idea he's a hero nor does he care to be one. He's a Bad-ass and I love him already. There's fast cars and a stadium filled with people who love to see gore and bloo [...]

Red Denver tells the story of Reho, a man running from his past. We meet him shortly after he has been placed in jail for murder. The story fills unfolds as Reho faces the judge and is sentenced to fight in the Red Rocks Arena. The fight scene is fantastic!. This book is a mix of science fiction genres. Reho is a mix of superman-meets-everyman. His actions reflect him as more of an “antihero.” I look forward to the series and watching Reho's transformation.This author does not waste one word [...]

While I don't normally read sci-fi/fantasy, I was blown away by the world that D.L. Daenham creates in his well-crafted Red Denver.The hero, Reho, is easy to connect with. I love anti-heroes because their struggles are so compound, making the moment when they succeed in their own right a victory that the reader can share in. Reho is no exception and in fact is a most enjoyable protagonist that caps off this suspenseful short story.A must for sci-fi fantasy fans and any reader looking for an exci [...]

Come on May!I haven't read very many prequel's and they usually don't leave me counting down the days until the novel's release. I am extremely excited to read more about the Hegemon Wars.

A delicious taste of things to come. Look forward to more of Reho's adventures.

Good preview of the upcoming series, The Hegemon Wars. Looking forward to reading it!

Quick easy read that leaves me impatient to read The Hegemon Wars. Well written teaser! Would highly recommend to others.

Overall, D.L. Denham's Red Denver is a fun little read which introduces us to Reho, a man with no last name who has been set up by Soapy, a local crime boss who wants Reho dead.Reho is a man with both a past and a future as Red Denver is meant to act as somewhat of a vignette into one of his many adventures. The reader is given a small glimpse into his former life on the eastern seaboard of what was once the United States as well as the promise of a future that may see him return there.Denham su [...]

Red Denver by D.L. DenhamI liked this book. The whole time I was reading, I thought back on the Star Wars scene with the racing machines, and also a bit of Mad Max. Mr. Denham has written a prequel before the story, a bit unusual,but it works. The story takes place in a futuristic world with ruthless men who live on the edge of society. Roho, is a bad-boy hero who races Oldworld Gasolines, and fights to make points. He never loses and makes a powerful enemy in Soapy. Roho is considered dangerous [...]

Post-apocalyptic short storyUPDATE: November 8, 2014 Just re-read RED DENVER and am getting ready to start REHO. I enjoyed this story just as much the second time as I did the first. The post-apocalyptic genre is probably my favorite type of books to read and this story based on Reho's adventures in Red Denver is a tantalizing glimpse into the full story of the Hegemon Wars that will be coming (hopefully) soon.I am looking forward to reading the book and finding out more about Reho's backstory. [...]

Reho has become the best driver in the gasolines races. But that isn't setting too well with Soapy who controls the betting on the gasolines. Soapy sets Reho up to either be killed or to be framed for murder. But Reho has no intention of losing, no matter how bad the odds get.This was another free short story download. It is an introductory tale for a new series. Set sometime after a war with an alien species with a lot of things to be explored. Reho is pretty tough and has some special powers. [...]

As prequels go this book delivers a tale that wets ones appetite for more. In this tale we are introduced to a futuristic world which has been devastated by a nuclear war. We find our hero sitting in a cell awaiting his fate in the isolated community of Red Denver. This book tells the story of how he got there and what he has to face to survive.By the end of this short story you have a good sense of the world it is set in and what makes our hero tick. The story by itself is entertaining if not a [...]

D.L. Denham has created the perfect hero for his post apocalyptic vision. A man of superhuman scale, but as mired in humanitie's survival as anyone else in his shoes should be. He is hero, antihero and mostly reluctant hero all rolled into one with enough baggage to mire down any bellhop. Red Denver is a good, well-paced read that really helps to set up what is to come. Good on you, Mr. Denham. :-)

The author involves you immediately by opening with a description of Reho's life and the details of his post-apocalyptic world that are intriguing and well drawn. This is a quick and gripping read, the story is really very well written and I'm definitely looking forward to the novel Reho (The Hegemon Wars) by this author.

If you have read D.L. Denham's book REHO, then this is a must! Red Denver is a wonderfully written short story that gives more background on D.L.'s main character Reho. The story establishes the type of character Reho is and the challenges that he faced during his stay in Red Denver. It addresses some things that were eluded to in the book REHO. While it doesn't matter which order you read them in, I would recommend you read this after REHO.

Good storyline and strong charactersThis prelude to The Hegemon Wars, by author D. L. Denham is a great teaser for the series which will be appearing on the scene later. A strong storyline led by some very interesting characters makes this book an entertaining experience. I recommend this book and the series for all readers.Gaston Sanders, Author

Great short story. The post-apocalyptic world setting is quite interesting & I really like the mutant superhero, Reho. I definitely want to read more about him. I received this ebook as a bonus gift from the author at the same time I received The sequel, "Reho," through the March 2015 book giveaways on the group "Apocalypse Whenever."

Typical hero wins all - we have Earth after a nuclear holocaust, almost lost to an alien race called the Hegemons and Reho, a hero with an unusual ability to heal and to cross radiated ground without breathing mask.

Reho rocksThis was a pretty good short story. An interesting lead, I will be reading more about in the future. A good start.

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