Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon

Jules Verne

Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon

Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon

  • Title: Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon
  • Author: Jules Verne
  • ISBN: 9781406554182
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Paperback

Take a journey on a giant raft with Joam Garral down 800 Leagues on the Garral, a Brazilian, lives on a thriving fazenda plantation in the Peruvian frontier with his loving family But, his daughter s imminent marriage to a Brazilian army surgeon compels him to return to his homeland to face the dark secrets of his past Will his love and dedication to his familyTake a journey on a giant raft with Joam Garral down 800 Leagues on the Garral, a Brazilian, lives on a thriving fazenda plantation in the Peruvian frontier with his loving family But, his daughter s imminent marriage to a Brazilian army surgeon compels him to return to his homeland to face the dark secrets of his past Will his love and dedication to his family help him in his struggle to right injustice Will a strange encoded message be deciphered in time to save him

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'800 Leagues on the ' is an amazing story of adventure, honor, loyalty and exotic travel shrouded in great mystery. This is not the typical Jules Verne science fiction but it is a rollicking ride full of suspense and thrill on a log raft down almost the full length of the mighty River. The book starts slowly and Verne narrates the surroundings and the flora and fauna of the in great detail. In the backdrop of one of the most exotic locations on the planet Verne narrates the story of the clash [...]

La Jangada: 800 lieues sur l'e=800 Leagues on the (Extraordinary Voyages #21), Jules Verne عنوانها: جنگل های تاریک آمازون ؛ کشتی جانکادا؛ شهر شناور؛ موضوع: داستانهای نویسندگان فرانسوی قرن 19 معنوان: شهر شناور ؛ نویسنده: ژول ورن؛ مترجم: نادره حصیری؛ تهران، اردیبهشت، 1361؛ ، در 158 ص؛ چاپ دیگر: تهران، ارغوان، 1367؛ در 158 ص؛ چ [...]

Nav ko slēpt, bet bērna gados šis autors man bija pats, pats labākais. Kā gan var nepatikt Žils Verns, ja visos garajos skolas brīvlaikos mēs ar TV starpniecību tikām iepriecināti ar “Kapteiņa Granta bērniem”. Verna grāmatas bibliotēkās arī vienmēr bija paņemtas, un tieši tādēļ šo grāmatu man izdevās izlasīt tikai pēc pamatskolas beigšanas. Izlasīju un konstatēju, ka grāmata nav neko jēdzīga. Tagad nolēmu pārlasīt, lai noskaidrotu vai manas domas nav main [...]

More of a travelogue than a story, although it does have an engaging plot, Verne's 800 Leagues on the follows a family's descent by enormous log raft down almost the full length of the mighty River, from Peru to the Atlantic coast in Brazil, as they make their way to the last town on the river where a double wedding will take place. The major complication is that a villain is intent on blackmailing the father of the family for events that happened 23 years previously. Like many of Verne's adve [...]

Bu kitap elimde aylarca süründü. Sebep biraz cep boy olmasından kaynaklanıyor. Cep boy olunca elde tutmak zor oluyor. Kitap güzel basılmış sayfalar kopmuyor ama kitabı okuyacağım derken ellerim ağrıdı resmen. E tabii okuma keyfim de sekteye uğradı dolayısıyla. Neyse Kitap Jangada isimli geminin yolcusu olan ailenin macerasını anlatıyor. Uzuuun yıllar önce bu ailenin reisinin yaşadığı bir olay var ve sonuçları tüm aile bireylerini etkileyecek türden. Kitabı bitire [...]

Here is a most interesting Jules Verne tale. Unlike his usual science fiction novels, Eight hundred leagues actually tells the tale of an River trip, and most is quite descriptive as regards the surroundings, people, places, vegetation, wildlife, etc. It's quite a tale to follow, from the end of part one its got you at the edge of your seat!

I enjoyed this book more than I expected. It's not the best Jules Verne story, but is written in his classic scientific style. A fascinating journey about the and the Brazilian frontier in a fascinating time. The story is simple, but well-suited for the setting. If you like Verne, give this a read.

کتاب هشتصد فرسنگ در طول آمازون با انطور که در نسخه فارسیش کتاب جنگل های تاریک آمازون ترجمه شده است، احتمالا در نگاه اول تصوری از قبایل بدوی ادمخوار را در دل جنگل های آمازون را به شمابدهد.هرچند با عطف به ماسبق نویسننده کتاب میتوان همچنان تمی ماجراجویانه در کتاب اخیر جست 800 فرسن [...]

A family travels on a giant raft along the river, from Iquitos to Belém. During the journey, they go through many dangers and adventures. What's more, the father is accused of a crime he never committed, and the only proof of his innocence is an encrypted document. His family and friends must race against time to decode it, before the man is executed.

A Jules Verne adventure and mystery traveling down the on a huge raft. Not as exciting or involved as "The Mysterious Island" butt involves the and takes place in the nineteenth century, thus it was of interest to me. Interesting natural history "facts".

I was just 11 ,when I started to read this book! I leaned back in my room all day to finish it

Po osiali Dvomi rokmi prazdnin som zacala hladat dalsie verneovky v nadeji, ze by som mohla natrafit na dalsiu taku skvelu. Tato to nebola, ale bola to dalsia fajn kniha pre cerstvu teenagerku :-)

So much information! The first half was like reading a text book about the amazon. Definitely not my favorite Verne.

Jules Verne is such a masterful story teller and this one didn't disappoint!

Chưa bao giờ nghĩ mình sẽ rate sách của Jules Verne 2 sao, nhưng mà quyển này đúng là hội đủ các lý do khiến mình muốn bỏ giữa chừng mấy lần và phải skim qua đoạn cuối.Đầu tiên thì phải nói ngay là cuốn này tuy không nổi tiếng lắm nhưng chả hiểu sao bị NXB VHTT coi như con ghẻ vậy. Từ hình thức nhạt nhòa đến dịch thuật kém và edit ẩu tả (chỉ 10 trang đầu thôi đã nhặt một đống sạn [...]

I was so disappointed not to like this book.Some personal history here: I started reading Jules Verne as a child because my grandfather loved his books. His favourite was La Jangada but he could never convince me to read it (I have to say, he wasn't very good at selling the book to me: until I finally picked it up myself, I had no idea what the book was actually about).A few years after he passed away, I had been re-reading a few of my favourite Jules Verne novels, and I figured it was time to g [...]

Yo pensé que se iba cometer una injusticia con el protagonista, pero también enseña mucho este libro sobre el as.

Long and boring. Hard to follow due to language in the time it was written.

La Jangada offre beaucoup de bons moments pour les fanatiques de Jules Verne mais ce roman sera d'un tres grand ennui pour ceux qui ne le sont pas.Le roman est un hommage au Scarabée d'or de Poe qui raconte le dévoilement d'un mystère realisé grace a la cryptologie. L'oeuvre de Poe est une breve nouvelle de 44 pages qui functionne à la merveille. La Jangada est un gros roman de 329 pages dont le déroulement est péniblement lent. Les efforts des protagonistes a décoder le cryptogramme rem [...]

Kindled for free: Very boring and so starting for the most part, but the cryptogram at the end livens things up a lot, and then everything happens quite fast. Three quotes show the most interesting aspects of the writing, but I should warn you there's a possible spoiler ahead:"Such is the law of progress. The Indians will disappear. Before the Anglo-Saxon race Australians and Tasmanians have vanished. Before the conquerors of the Far West the North American Indians have been wiped out. One day p [...]

This is more of a travel log than anything else. It certainly is not science-fiction. It is primarily a description of a family traveling down the River to a family wedding, and the adventures they have along the way. The book reflects many of the prejudices of the period, including giving a vivid description of how the body of a drowned person will rise to the surface if a cannon is fired over the water (you will also find reference to this in Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn).One of the things I [...]

This was a cool book, although despite Jules Verne being the author, it isn’t a whit science fiction. However, there is a nifty cryptogram (if you listen to the audiobook, they read the whole cryptogram letter by letter and it's rather long—so you might want to skip through that part, unless you have an excellent memory and attention span).The book isn't about the at all, either (although they are on it throughout a fair portion of the book, and they do encounter some animals here and there [...]

It definitely took a while to get going. The first half of the book is mostly background and filler, but after that, the story seems to move along quite well. In the second half, some of Jules Verne's signature ultra-in-depth analyses and calculations are injected, which I enjoyed following. Verne closely describes the studies of cryptography, scuba diving, and, strangely, underwater body decomposition. If you can get past the dry parts detailing the geography and types of vegetation seen on the [...]

This was a really good book. One of the best ones I've read by Verne, in fact every book I read by this author gets better than the last. This story was a lot different from the others, though. Not as much action or science, but more of a drama. In fact, the story is rather anti climactic. It is set up in two parts, with the second part being more about the scientific stuff, all the action pretty much happened in the first part. The begining of the story is probably the best part, and there is a [...]

The travelogue of a family traveling down the from Iquitos to Belem, with a long stop in Manaus. Also, the story of a wrongly accused man getting justice after decades as a fugitive outside of Brazil. The book was so detailed, amazingly detailed for an author who had never been to the . Verne's research and writing struck me, as someone who has lived in that region in the 21st Century, as an accurate representation of the region in the 19th Century. Not sure if the picture he painted was actual [...]

It's easy to think of Verne as a sci-fi author, with his tales of voyages to the moon, the center of the earth, and his fantastic machines. However, he was first and foremost a teller of adventure tales. This one is a straightforward historical adventure which relates the story of a trip through the South American jungle. A cracking story filled with naturalistic and anthropological detail, and certainly as good as anything else he wrote.

This is a very different sort of work from Jules Verne. Part of it is a travelogue, traveling from the headwaters of the in the uplands of Peru to its mouth at the shores of the Atlantic. Part is a suspense story: can Joam Garral, previously Dacosta, prove himself innocent of a crime for which he was convicted and condemned to death more than twenty years earlier?Eja, ewujd zyp ven, e hnozpiuxo rfkypi hxoz qp ouwcpa.(And, along the way, a mysterious cipher must be solved.)

Another wonderful adventure created by Verne in which he explores the great river. I like it because he gives information about the area that I'd otherwise never know. It's a nice mix of information about the mighty river and a mystery of sorts the adventurers come upon along the way. Its the sixth book of his I've read now and it's safe to say I really enjoy his work. This book is right up there with Around the World in 80 Days & The Mysterious Island.

Verne either traveled in the or was one heckuva researcher - his description of the rafts' progress downriver is excellent. My favorite part was where the natives lined up to get their hair styled by the "famous" barber - good fun. Anyone who is interested in the will enjoy this novel. Its plot was a little disjointed, but the descriptions of wildlife and the natives of Brazil, all very good.

This was a great adventure that had me on on the edge, and NEEDING to know how it would work out. A great detective type story. It had a simple explanation of cryptography I will use whenever I need to explain it to a non-tech person from now on (and this was freakin 1881!!!! awesome) A lot of fun and you will not be disappointed for starting this one.

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