Measle and the Wrathmonk

Ian Ogilvy

Measle and the Wrathmonk

Measle and the Wrathmonk

  • Title: Measle and the Wrathmonk
  • Author: Ian Ogilvy
  • ISBN: 9780060586874
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Paperback

Colossal Adventures in a miniature worldMeasle Stubbs lives with Basil Tramplebone, his dreary, horrible guardian His life is miserable, and gets worse when Measle finds himself on the wrong end of one of Basil s evil spells Now he s half an inch tall and trapped in a toy train set But when Measle joins up with Basil s other victims, he becomes than just a smelly lColossal Adventures in a miniature worldMeasle Stubbs lives with Basil Tramplebone, his dreary, horrible guardian His life is miserable, and gets worse when Measle finds himself on the wrong end of one of Basil s evil spells Now he s half an inch tall and trapped in a toy train set But when Measle joins up with Basil s other victims, he becomes than just a smelly little orphan Suddenly he s a hero with a plan

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I read all the Measle books as a child and I'd recommend them a million times over. Beautifully written with plenty unexpected twisted and great humour, your child won't be able to put these books down. Buying them again for my little niece and I suggest you buy them, too!

Measle and the Wrathmonk by Ian Ogilvy was an awesome book. It had alot of adventure, and also had alot of interesting characters.The storyline of this book was kind of confusing. This is because it was a kind of strange storyline that took a while to comprehend. I had to read the book twice to fully understand it, but after that, it was pretty fun.I really liked the ending of this book when Measle's parents were the people that were turned to stone by Basil and placed in the town square of the [...]

It all started at the scarey black house outside of town. Where there's a dark rain cloud constantly over the house. Everything is scarey about the house. There are cocroaches all over the inside.The describition of measle is very realistic with his hair. He waits for his Gurdian, Basil to leave. And goes up stairs to play with his train set. Basil finds out.There's a kid named Measle,and he lives with his legal gurdian, Basil.The whole house is black, and there's always a rain cloud over the ho [...]

Plenty of action to keep the interest for the most reluctant readers but still smart and twisted enough for sophisticated kids. Frightening premise : Basil Tramplebone (Wrathmonk = evil, insane wizard) is the guardian of a child, Measle, who has to figure out how to survive under his twisted "care", and, many times, how to escape his wrath. I'd recommend for 4th - 6th grade, but it depends on the kid.

Sin je već treći put čita, odlična za klince od desetak godina: uzbudljiva, maličak strašna, duhovita i brza, ali lepo zaokružena priča. A tu je i divan opis makete železnice koju ima negativac za koga nema sumnje da je sav negativan, iako mu se kućni ljubimac zove Maza, što i jeste sasvim zgodno ime za šišmiša.

This novel is written by the actor who used to play the “The Saint” and is fab for boys 7+Measle is a weedy orphan living with his hideous guardian ‘Basil’ who makes his life a misery,One day a angry ‘Basil’ places a evil spell on Measle shrinking him to a few centimetres tall, forcing him to live out his days in the toy trainset.Can Measle prove himself a hero and save the day ??

I loved the idea and was hooked throughout, I actually got quite scared at one point! I loved this book but I can’t seem to find the next one :(

This was a fun read-aloud with my kids. They loved it, and I did too! We were all excited to keep going to find out how the characters would solve their problem. Definitely a book I'd like to have on my bookshelf.

This was a book i picked up in a thrift store. The first of, I believe, 4 or 5. Very hard to get your hands on these babies, I reckon, because I've read things online where fans are disheartened that they can only find the first three books in Australia. Ian Ogilvy, I have found, used to be an actor in the late 60s to late 70s and starred in several movies before deciding to become an author.By the cover, i'm sure you can surmise that this is not even close to Teen Fiction. It's considered a Chi [...]

This book is a gem. Perhaps it is because we read it in the midst of pre-reading 7th grade required literature reading (Anne Frank!), but probably the real reason we loved this book is because it is excellent! I read this book with my almost 14 year old son and 12 year old twin boys. The older boy loved it so much he grabbed it from me and finished it yesterday. I loved it so much I finished it the day we started it. Action-based endorsements aside, this book has a quick setup and dives straight [...]

Quando devo spezzare il ciclo di libri horror/thiller e che non ti fanno dormire, mi butto sui libri per bambini.Questo l'ho trovato al mercatino a un euro. La storia è semplice ma molto carina e piuttosto originale.Troglo è orfano, e cresce con Basil, il suo orribile tutore.Sì, fino a qui è uguale a Una serie di sfortunati eventi, lo ammetto, ma è meno cinico della serie di Snicket.Basil (che assomiglia moltissimo a Piton) possiede un bellissimo trenino in soffitta, in cui investe tutto il [...]

Max Leu 705 hw reading response reading with lens of kindness/love on Measle and the wrathmonkI really think that people that are never shown kindness and love are the saddest people ever. in the book Measle never even got a "thank you" when he worked for Basil, but when the people he saved said "thank you" he felt like that was a gift. today, most people get the kindness they deserve, but the people who don't become very sad people. It's surprising what a small "thank you" can do for someone. i [...]

In this exciting story of Measle Stubbs, Measle lives with his legal guardian, Basil Tramplebone, who he soon finds out is a wrathmonk. He lives a dull life without having to take baths, haircuts, or having an education. Since he finds out his guardian has a train set up in the attic he goes up one day without permission and gets punished very badly. He sees that everything starts growing around him and finds himself being half an inch tall. He saves the other people on the set as well before th [...]

Throughout the hole book I've been thinking what would I do in this situation because there are so many kid like scenerios like when he blushes when someone says thank you or when looks out the window and lowers his head so just his eye is peeking over the side.One place I really cant stop thinking about is when measle is jumping from the different peices of wood going along the train tracks and he trips and falls on the jagged rubble and I could not stop thinking about how I felt imagining that [...]

measle and the wrath monk by Ian Ogilvy is an exquisit fantacy about a young boy living with a horrifying baby sitter Basil,after his parents mysterious death. Basil prized a ceartain train set and wouldnt let Measle go near it. However, when Measle does play with Basil's train set and Basil finds out, havic steps in. There are many good parts to this book that make it uniqe and give you emotion. such as when Ian Ogilvy describes how Measle's daily life style is around that vile house. The way h [...]

This book is written for ages 8-13 and would be a great read for them, espcially for kids closer to eight. It's a children's fantasy about 10 year old Measle who lives with his loathsome guardian, Basil Tramplebone. At the beginning, Measle is portrayed as a powerless victim, but as the storty unfolds, Measle shows his courage and ingenuity. Measle's guardian possesses evil powers, and uses them on any and all who challenge him by shrinking them to fit into his miniature town surrounded by his e [...]

Reading this with my 10 year old in the evenings.And now we have finished it!(Genre:children's fiction/fantasy) 3.5 stars for this fun adventure (written for 8-12 year olds). This is the story of a young boy who lives a miserable existence. His guardian (Basil Tramplebone) is unkind and abusive. When Measle tricks Basil into leaving the house so that he can play with Basil's massive model train set, he unwittingly unmasks the true identity of his guardian. Basil is a powerful "wrathmonk" and Mea [...]

I thought that Measle and the Wrathmonk was an amazing book. It was nothing too difficult but all at the same time, it wasn't something that was too easy. Overall, I say that Ian Ogilvy did an excellent job on writing a story that wasn't too serious, but all at the same time it was also a story with really deep themes. In this book, the reader follows the journeys of Measle Stubbs who gets "played" with by his legal guardian, literally, as he gets shrunk and put into a toy train set. The plot wa [...]

I listened to the audiobook and quite enjoyed the story. The narrator does a great job with the voices. (However, the high, slightly growly voice of the bad guy sometimes sounded exactly like Winnie the Pooh. And that was slightly hilarious, because Pooh would never be a villain. But whenever that growl got to just the right point, my brain would chime in with "muddled" or "think, think.") Cameo by Winnie the Pooh aside, it is a really entertaining book, and I have already checked out the sequel [...]

Sneaking into the attic to play with his evil guardian’s massive train set seemed like a good idea to Measle Stubbs until he was caught and shrunk down to half an inch. He’ll have to be brave or the imprisonment may be permanent.Measel’s got a melodramatically bad life and a dumb name. The book isn’t strict with rules of magic and most things (including character background and development) are only there for plot. The ending is convenient but I’ve no ill will towards it. I do think pl [...]

The plot in this book is really good and the characters are really desciptive. It talks about the hardship of a young boy whose parent's died and a complete stranger takes charge of him just for the inheritance. But this book teaches us that good things will eventually come to those that wait. I will definately reccommend this book to anybody becasue it is a fun and interesting book for readers of all ages.

Read this ages ago, borrowed from my mom's fifth grade classroom. Still trying to track all of them down in the series! Love these books though. Measle is a great underdog, and he escapes from peril in the most unexpected ways, but always appropriate, not miraculous. The world Ogilvy has created is droll and borrowed but still original. Wish they were a little easier to find; regretfully I've given some in the series away but I want to read them again!

The first chapter of this was full of promise for something interesting and out of the ordinary.Then things turned rather conventional, with the victim child turning out to be incredibly brave and resourceful and saving everyone.Predictably, he is reunited with his (supposedly dead)parents as well.As adventure fantasy goes, it succeeds at its level very well, I'd say. But I can't say it was all that memorable overall.

What I loved most about this book is that the whole time I was reading it I could actually see the movie for it in my head. This would be an amazing kids movie. Sort of Spiderwick Chronicles or Series of Unfortunate Events like. I just hope if they make this into a movie that they don't destroy the plot. It is a very good plot already. It is about a 4th grade reading level I think so I got through it quickly. It was definitely a fun "day read".

Measle and the Wrathmonk is the first in a series of three. They are all good books and are mostly about magic and sorcery. Great for fantasy lovers. Measle is a small boy who has lots of adventures with his odious gaurdian while trying to find his long lost parents. Measle,although he doesn't have magic of his own, has to deal with a lot of vile magic. Great series.

I thought that this book was brilliant! It comes with intricate and enthralling illustrations (which much remind me of Tim Burton's style) on the side.The plot line is great and I immediately became interested in Measles upbringing and questioned in my head where his parents were.I will most definitely be reading this book again as I enjoyed it so much and if I do it will be theird time round!

This cute story about a young boy (Measle) trapped in a big, gloomy, dreary house with his nasty guardian Basil leads us down a path towards a heartwarming ending. It is somewhat predictable, but even at the end there were a couple of surprises, and I enjoyed it. Measle is half an inch tall and trapped by himself in a train town in his guardian's attic, chased by a giant bloodthirsty bat. He has to survive, and he has to get out - and his efforts to do so will surprise and please.

enjoyable book about a very smart boy named measle stubbs. he is under the "care" of a basil tramplebone. the living conditions are horrible and this poor boy does not know any better. his parents were killed by a deadly snake and basil is some kind of distant relative. turns out that basil is a wrathmonk, which is a kind of wizard. the story centers around an elaborate train set that is set up in the attic. wonderful adventure for young and old.

This books will take you on an adventure on what it's like to be 2 inches tall in a world of danger. Its an easy read with some deep emotion that keep you turning the page until you finish. The entire time I was on-edge with suspense and enjoyed this book to the fullest. I recommend it to anyone who can read, young or old.

I got really close to finishing this. While I liked the story and the actor reading it was incredible, there was just something missing. I think the author was trying to write for a younger audience and as a result kept dumbing it down (for example when we go into the mind of the dog just to hear what insipid impulses he might be experiencing at the time.)

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