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  • Title: CAPE MAYBE
  • Author: Carol Fragale Brill Isabelle Cameron and Malorie Massaro
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Sometimes the toughest journey is the one that takes you back to your roots For Katie, navigating life and love is trickier than walking barefoot on a beach full of broken shells Maybe Katie will break the family cycle of alcoholism Maybe she won t Set against the backdrop of picturesque, seaside Cape May, Cape Maybe traces the push and pull of Katie s conflicting loveSometimes the toughest journey is the one that takes you back to your roots For Katie, navigating life and love is trickier than walking barefoot on a beach full of broken shells Maybe Katie will break the family cycle of alcoholism Maybe she won t Set against the backdrop of picturesque, seaside Cape May, Cape Maybe traces the push and pull of Katie s conflicting love for her erratic mother and steadfast grandfather and her ever growing attraction to her best friend, Dennis Katie s life is shaped by her vow to be nothing like her alcoholic mother Her reckless teenage choices test the strength of family ties, friendship, and first love Ultimately about hard earned hope, what we inherit, and what we choose to let go, in Cape Maybe, Katie discovers what she never expected about motherhood, forgiving yourself, and creating your own second chances.

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Four and a half stars. I am not a huge fan of coming of age stories, nor of reading on a Kindle either. But I did with this book since Carol gifted me a copy. Once I started I had to keep reading this book, because it kept calling me back to it. The story starts with 11 year old Katie, her alcoholic mother and the mother’s current boyfriend Ray. He is a real piece of work. The reader is meant to s despise him and you do. The situation becomes so unbearable for Katie that her grandfather Poppi [...]

A beautiful heartbreaking book about life and addiction. Katie grew up with an alcoholic mother and lived with her grandfather and great-uncle for the most part. Watching her mother struggle and fail time and time again, Katie deals with it the best way she knows how - in the bottle. This book was at times hard to read as it deals with real life issues. It shows you despair but also gives you hope. Wonderful story!

This read is one that I would not normally pick up just because I am on a different reading ‘kick’ right now, however I am glad that I took the chance. I have to be honest here and say that it did take me a little bit to get into this read. The inner dialogue threw me for a bit, it just didn’t sound right. But then after a chapter or two we are given the time frame and it made sense. The mention of Katie’s (our female MC) father dying in Vietnam when she was a toddler helped me place the [...]

I received this book as part of an early readers program. Sometimes one can be sorely disappointed, but certainly not with this book. The characters are so well-developed that I became engrossed in their lives, and I just kept turning the pages.It starts when Katie is eleven years old and carries her through high school. Her protector is her grandfather whom she adores, yet she is torn between his common sense way of raising her and her desire to be with her alcoholic, mentally ill mother.Katie [...]

an honest examination of the development of an alcoholicKatie's mother June is an ugly alcoholic, who constantly disappoints her daughter, and her father and brother. As June spins out of control, Katie is protected by her grandfather, Poppi, and given a second chance to live up to her potential. Shadows of her mother continue to sabotage her efforts to succeed. The first half of the book move a bit slowly, and I was disappointed to find that the pathology and roots of June's alcohol addiction, [...]

I could not put this book down once I started it. I was immediately drawn into the story of Kate, who we meet at 11 years old. Kate is dealing with an alcoholic mother and her abusive boyfriend, but fortunately is taken away by her grandfather to live with him and Kate's great uncle. At a young age, Kate discovers that alcohol can help her forget the problems and disappointments in her life. She becomes pregnant while in a drunken haze, and delivers a daughter. Will the circle of alcoholism cont [...]

In this poignant coming-of-age story, we meet Katie at age eleven when she is battling with her alcoholic mother and her boyfriend Ray. Katie's grandfather takes custody of her for protection, and her mother progressively becomes more unstable until she ends up insttutionalized. As her teen years progress, the reader suffers right along with Katie as she makes questionable choices that will determine her future. Is she strong enough to learn from her mother's mistakes as well as her own and beco [...]

A well written story of a young girl and with many struggles other than just "coming of age." This is not about that, so much, as the other challenges she faces within her life. She has to make decisions at a young age that none of us wish upon our daughters, sisters, friends, etc. This is a book of choices, mistakes, family, love and coming out on the other side of potential disaster. I think adults and teenagers alike would enjoy this book. I also believe that young people could learn somethin [...]

I received this book for free from the author, who is a friend on whom I have never met, for her birthday present to us. My expectations were pretty low as I knew nothing about the book and wasn't sure if the author was going to have any talent. I was very pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed reading this book. It was one I stayed up way too late reading because I just couldn't put it down. The characters were very well developed. I felt the whole spectrum of emotions for the main character, [...]

Cape Maybe is a wonderfully written story that takes you deep into the lives of some powerful characters. I found myself loving, hating and crying alongside Kate throughout the novel and had a difficult time putting the book down without knowing what happened next. Twenty-four hours later I closed the book wishing it hadn't ended so soon! Great read from Carol Fragale Brill - definitely add it to your list!

Thank you Carol for the birthday gift. I really enjoyed this book and thought the characters were very realistic. It is the coming of age story of a girl with an alcoholic mother and dead father. So, she ends up being raised by a grandfather, great uncle and family friend. Unfortunately,her immature decisions have consequences and she has to fight her way through. But her made-up family is very supportive and she eventually finds peace.

Poor Katie is having a rough time of it. Her mother prefers booze and skanky men to being a mom, and her best friend/crush Dennis has the hots for her friend Cam (female).Is alcoholism inherited? Katie starts dipping into the vine to console herself. Unfortunately, this does not help with any of the above problems.I liked most of the characters in this book. It seemed a little predictable, but I was interested and engaged.

A beautiful story, full of hope, despair, longings. Will the addiction gene which is destroying the mother be inherited by the daughter? Will she win through? At times I got so angry with the characters, at times, sad, because they were written so well that they were easy to identify with.

The author has created an amazing character here. Katie draws you in immediately. Her coming-of-age story resonates and stays with you, because it's so true-to-life. The story deals with addiction and mental illness, but also with the uplifting themes of hope and love. A beautiful read.

A great story about the cycle of alcoholism. Very heart touching and a tear jerker at times. Would have given it 5 stars if I had just liked the main character a bit better.

I got this as a freebie in celebration of Brill's birthday. It is not something I would normally pick up and did not appeal to my taste.I have read lots on addiction, but this doesn't really fit the mold. In this novel, Brill attempts to create a sympathetic character. I can only imagine that the reader is supposed to be impressed by and understanding of Katie's struggle. However, I kept finding myself wondering "if she's so damn smart, how come she doesn't recognize that turning to alcohol migh [...]

At the time of this writing, I finished reading Cape Maybe by Carol Fragale Brill about an hour ago. OH MY GOSH! Talk about getting into a story!This novel begins with the young main character, Katie, arriving home from school to find a not-so-good situation involving her alcoholic mother. Immediately, the reader is rooting for Katie, annoyed with but hoping for her mother, sympathizing with her grandfather.I have to tell you, there were parts of this story that were a little hard to read becaus [...]

Cape Maybe was another young adult read that addressed another issue for teens---alcoholism and also teen pregnancy. Part 1 addresses Katie at a young age when she is rescued from her alcoholic mother and her abusive boyfriend, by Poppi, Katie's grandfather. Katie had a friend named, Cam, and while living with Poppi and Uncle Nack, she met the love of her life, Dennis. Dennis was the son of Uncle Nack's lady friend, Ursula.This cast of characters was so believable. Katie had an innate knowledge [...]

This is the second novel by Carol Fragale Brill that I have read and reviewed. It's the story of a young girl, who has lost her father, and eventually loses her mother to alcoholism and addiction. The story follows the path of Katie from pre-adolescence until she is a young woman. It's a beautifully written account of Katie's quest for stability in her life after her father dies and her mother spirals downward.Ms. Brill handles difficult subject matters with a lot of insight. Her first novel dea [...]

Smiles, Tears, RealityWhen a story makes me smile in one place, nod my head in recognition in another, and then blink back tears in a different scene, I know it’s one I’ll never forget. That’s exactly what happened with CAPE MAYBE.Author Carol Fragale Brill tells the story of Katie, a girl who grows up with an alcoholic single mother. Katie’s day-to-day life is filled with uncertainty and fear, not knowing if her mother will be drunk or sober and fearing her mother’s no-good boyfriend [...]

What a powerful book this is! I liked it right from the start. It was up and down and up and down all through the book, just pulling at your heartstrings the whole time. But I held out, I didn't shed a tear until the very last page.Some people might think the ending was abrupt or maybe a non-ending, but I actually thought it was perfect! Yes, me, queen of having the perfect ending. In this case you don't need to know more, you only need to know that one thing. I felt satisfied.Excellent characte [...]

This review is for the Kindle edition ebook.The power of love is the strongest power there is.We follow Katie, on her journey through the ups and downs of life. The story starts when she is 11 and takes the reader through her teen years. This is more then the story of Katie. It is the story of hope, leaning to love, and learning to forgive. It is also a story of learning to accept ourselves and our mistakes. Life is full of twists and turns, it is up to each individual to find their own way. Som [...]

Dark in sad reallybut pretty good.Katie is robbed of a father in her young years due to death in the Vietnam war, robbed (not dead) of a mother due to inability to cope with the death of her husband and turns to drugs and alcohol, robbed of a loving grandfather (who took her in and showed her there is much more)due to stroke. It is a bit heart wrenching as she faces each of these great losses. Wanting to be loved and taken care of by a mother who incapable of doing so. Determined to not become h [...]

Cape Maybe tells the story of a young girl growing up named Kate Mae. Her father was killed in VietNam when she was a baby and her mother drinks to excess and uses drugs. Her Poppi gains custody and as she grows up she always feels his love and high expectations. She also feels the need for her mother and wants to connect with her father.She meet Dennis at age twelve and the remain friends although she wishes for more. She makes some mistakes, starts drinking and Dennis goes off to college to fo [...]

Cape Maybe by Carol Brill is a great read! One reason I enjoyed the story is because I live in Cape May County, the setting of the story. The characters are all very well-developed and believable. I laughed and cried with them and even yelled at them occasionally! The plot was totally engaging. I routed for Katie and Dennis in their awkward teen moments, sympathized with Poppi and Uncle Nack as they did their best to raise Katie and support her addict mother, and marveled at how the author captu [...]

I read the Kindle edition of this book while I was visiting my son/daughter-in-law/Grand for the last time in Williamsburg, VA. (They are moving back to the Pacific Northwest happiness from this Granny in that regard of course!)I really enjoyed the characters in the book and following along with their lives and the promises we make to others and ourselves in life, not knowing what things may make those promises not possible. Kate is the main character and the story follows her life from age 11 t [...]

I was kindly given this book as a gift on Kindle from the author Carol – thanks Carol! I really enjoyed this read…This is a coming of age story and I was surprised at how involved I became in the story. The story portrays the awful effect of addiction and how 11 year old Katie comes of age with her own problems. Were they inherited from her mother? Katie makes a lot of wrong choices in her late teens and sometimes I just wanted to grab her, so on occasion I didn’t even like Katie but I jus [...]

Journey with strong, smart, willful Katie through her difficult childhood, and stormy adolescence, cheering for her healing and growth. This beautifully written account of a young girl growing up in the shadow of her mother's alcoholism and mental illness is tender, honest, and real. You'll fall in love with Katie's Poppi (her grandfather) and her loyal friend, Dennis, who see her through very difficult times. You'll want to stay with Katie and her family on Cape Maybe for much longer than the t [...]

What a great book. The author really gets people - their motivations, their struggles, quirks, and foibles.Katie becomes a person you know. I felt very engaged in her story and wanted her to overcome a very difficult disease/problem.The book is a honest portrayal of real people trying to deal with the hands life has given them.I'd highly recommend it - the writing flows, the characters are well developed. I think you'll find it a worthwhile read.

Not a horrible read, actually a pretty quick read. Kate is a girl who lives with her alcoholic mother June, who happens to be in an abusive and toxic relationship. When June seems to pick her boyfriend Ray over Kate, Kate moves in with her Italian grandfather, Poppi. The rest of the book is a coming of age story, with love, drama, and a little bit of humor. Not too bad of a read for a book I got free off of amazon.

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