Tender Rebel

Johanna Lindsey

Tender Rebel

Tender Rebel

  • Title: Tender Rebel
  • Author: Johanna Lindsey
  • ISBN: 9780380750863
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

Also see Alternate Cover Editions for this ISBN ACE ACE 1 Scottish heiress Roslynn Chadwick needs the safety of marriage to protect her from an unscrupulous cousin and from the army of fortune hunting scoundrels who covet her wealth and beauty And Anthony Malory is everything she has been warned against.A ruthless, irresistibly handsome English rogue, Malory s sensuAlso see Alternate Cover Editions for this ISBN ACE ACE 1Scottish heiress Roslynn Chadwick needs the safety of marriage to protect her from an unscrupulous cousin and from the army of fortune hunting scoundrels who covet her wealth and beauty And Anthony Malory is everything she has been warned against.A ruthless, irresistibly handsome English rogue, Malory s sensual blue eyes speak of limitless pleasures How she wishes she dare to love such a man to believe the whispered murmurings of his passionate promise and to follow the enchanting dream

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Well, well, wellIt was uncle-Tony's turn!!! And it was really good to see the womaniser Tony to be tamed from a Scottish heiress with quite a temperAnd this book in this series was lovely!!! Even though i still have a preference to Nicholas Eden!!!I love this guy and the first book was my favoriteBut Tony and Nicholas were similar characters That's why they don't like each other!!! And of course the same happened with James He and Tony are against to Nicholas and believe me when i say that when [...]

To me, there's nothing at all enjoyable about watching an irrational bitch treat her new husband like shit merely because of the wrongs she's constructed in her head. It goes on seemingly forever, and is justified as her "Scots temper". How thoroughly insulting to Scottish women. There's a difference between having a temper in justifiable circumstances and making things up to justify treating someone badly merely because you wish to. This would have been an enjoyable read if the heroine had been [...]

This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceI have been re reading this Malory Anderson series and thought it would be a good idea to review these books as I read them. Tender Rebel is the second book in the series, and what a fun book to read and I loved this one. This is one of my personal favorites to read, although I could say that for many of the books in the series. But I have such fond memories of reading this the first time so many years ago and was quite a blast reconnecting [...]

This is probably one of my favorite Malory books, although I think that Anthony is an absolute cad. He is a complete rake, and he certainly gets hoisted by his own petard when he decides to pursue innocent Rosalyn, who's on the lookout for a husband, not a lover. He's never met a woman like Rosalyn, who is Scottish to her toes, and not one to fall easily for his charms. However, he is a Malory, so she does fall, eventually. But she ends up getting the husband she came looking for.This book has s [...]

Κανονικά θα έβαζα 4 αστεράκια,μόνο και μόνο γι' αυτό το κακομαθημένο πλάσμα που είναι η πρωταγωνίστρια Δεν μιλάμε απλά για Σκωτσέζα με ταμπεραμέντο,αλλά για στενοκέφαλο,πεισματάρικο ον με κοκκινόξανθο μαλλί Παρόλα αυτά,ο Άντονι Μάλορι παραήταν τέλειος για να του στερήσω τ [...]

Ah, the beginning of a huge love affair for me. This is the introduction to my "guilty pleasures'. Books that are pure escapism, a bit cheesy, a bit bawdy, but intoxicating, none the less. I fell in love with the Malory's (Tony in particular). fact, I want to be adopted by the Malory family. The men, are strong, and a bit unconventional, and their women, equally unconventional and refreshingly strong and independent. Johanna Lindsay is a great narrator, she entwines the reader into the plot and [...]

A protagonista feminina Roslynn irritou-me profundamente ao longo de todo o livro, Tony foi mais engraçado e ainda me ri em alguns momentos com ele. Mas primeiro que aqueles dois se entendessem em relação a alguma coisa

So this is the 2nd book I’ve read by this author, and I liked it even less than the first. I’ve heard so many good things about Johanna Lindsey, I wonder if my tastes are so different from everyone else.Lady Rosalynn Chadwick from Scotland is on a mission. After the death of her beloved grandfather, she has no one else to protect her. She has inherited her grandfather’s entire estate, which is quite large and makes her quite wealthy. Her cousin, Jordy Cameron wants it, and will stop at not [...]

I loved the little stubborn scottish !

Το πρώτο πράγμα που πρόσεξα όταν έπιασα στα χέρια μου το βιβλίο της Johanna Lindsey “Τυφλή Αφοσίωση”, το οποίο κυκλοφορεί από τις εκδόσεις Elxis, ήταν το συγκλονιστικό εξώφυλλο του. Ιδανικό για την ιστορία του βιβλίου και τους δυναμικούς του ήρωες. Ήρωες που γνώριζα καλά, πολύ πριν τ [...]

I was disappointed in this book, I expected more for dear uncle Tony, and I realized from these two first books that there is a pattern, at least one main character is an ass, and in this case it's the dear lady.I still loved Anthony in here, even thought he acted mean most of the story in retaliation, still I felt him sweet and loving, even in moments when he was giving her a lesson he could help but be tender and devoted to her.Roslyn in my eyes was a self-centered bitch, I know that I sound m [...]

Στο δεύτερο βιβλίο της σειράς, τα ερωτικά σκήπτρα της περνάνε στον Άντονι Μάλορι, τον οποίο και γνωρίσαμε μέσα από το "Αγαπάς μόνο μια φορά". Ο Άντονι έχει όλα εκείνα τα στοιχεία που -θεωρητικά- τον καθιστούν ακατάλληλο για μια γυναίκα, όμως παρά του ότι είναι απατεώνας, η γοη [...]

Why was she always so self-centered, never considering anyone's feelings but her own?Just what I was thinking for the second part of the book. I am so frustrated with this book! I am so glad this is the fourth Malory book I've read because otherwise I might have given up. How can a wonderful author like Johanna Lindsey take to so lovable character and a great villain and screw up the romance? I love the Malory family as always and I was bouncing up and down in the first part. Anthony is one hot [...]

RATING:Welp!.It was a great book for something written in 1988. However, the hero is a dick and the heroine is a bitch. The communication issues were petty AS HECK! I just feel like the plot was hellishly lazy and rather bored me at times and dragged on. The characters were not likeable. They were just insanely rich and so they had the time to listen to no one and act selfish as freak. The beginning was so promising! I rather enjoyed her book "The magic of you" ( i think it's called that) Howeve [...]

Ah, a total guilty pleasure, this one. I first read it when I was around twelve (I do a joint review with my inner child here) and it's still one of those books that I can open and lose myself in the sheer crack-tastic awesomeness that was late-80's, early-90's Lindsey.

Okay, I'm cheating here, and I don't like them all equally, but I do love the Mallory's. They're all funny. I especially liked Love Only Once (the first book), Gentle Rogue (my favorite), and The Magic of You (where the heroine chases the hero shamelessly).

Tony, vente pa España! alacamaconunlibro

Opinião, em breve mas ela irritou-me lol

Anthony'ye hiç yakışmamış bu şımarık ve "iki kere" aptal kız. Kızın tavırları öyle bunaltıcıydı ki zor tahammül ettim. İki günde bitebilecek bir kitap elimde süründü o yüzden.

This JL re-read surprised me… I remember really digging this one when I was younger. Really diggin it. Now? Eh not so much. And it had a lot to do with the hero then again, the heroine got on my nerves as well. So. Many of Lindsey’s early heros get a bad rap for their force and brutish ways and rightfully so. But I can almost handle them better than Lord Anthony Malory- who though not a barbarian, is forceful in his pursuit and relentless seduction. He’s a manho. Plain and simple. And this [...]

A pretty cute romance, about a Scottish heiress who flees to London to escape marrying her despicable cousin, and falls under the spell of a confirmed rake. I liked how Lindsey keeps you guessing at what obstacles will keep these two apart; for example, you might think that when the heroine mistakes the hero's nephew for his son, this would cause a rift for a large portion of the plot, but instead the misunderstanding gets cleared up almost right away. Roslynn has a lot of spunk, though for such [...]

Roslyn is one of the most Unlikeable Romance Heroines Ever. I would have given this a 4 stars but the heroine Roslyn Chadwick was such a shrew that towards the last third of the book end I wanted either Anthony Malory or her cousin Geordie to give her a good Spanking. The premise of her putting stupid conditions on a marriage and then over reacting at the slightest hint of indrescretion was totally unbelievable and extremely tiresome as the book went on. She was childish and her spending the mon [...]

Loved it for the 3rd or 4th time I've lost count actully. Still one of my favorites in the series. Now I will have to read book one and then read about Derek and Kelsey again. Who knows I might just re-read them all in 2016.Yep, read again because it's one of my favs of the series and I just finished the newest in the series. This series and Janet Evanovich's numbers are titles I can read again and again. I borrowed out my book three, so I might re-read book one again. Regina's story featuring a [...]

Hated this. Possibly my least favorite of the Malory series. The heroine is so incredibly annoying that I cannot stop rolling my eyes. The plot is stale, the dialogue boring -- I had such a hard time getting through this, and this review is a reminder to myself to never read it again as the completely forgettable storyline might make me re-read it by accident.

me ha gustado muuucho, Tony Malory es LOVE. Sus discusiones con su hermano James son

3.75Me ha gustado más este segundo libro, al principio me iba pareciendo un poquito lento (tampoco demasiado) pero sin duda, el libro de Antony Malory fue un poco más interesante. La autora sigue recreando muy bien las épocas (y creo que lo hace en todos y cada uno de los libros que conforman la serie), así que su patrón repetitivo es la época y las sociedades. para hacer este tipo de novelas se necesita investigar bastante, y lindsey es aficionada a Inglaterra y su historia.Me ha caído m [...]

Και το ταξιδι στην Αγγλια του 1800 συνεχιζεται σειρα εχει ο γοητευτικος Αντονι Μαλορυ Πολυ μου αρεσε αυτος ο τυπος η σκωτζεζα συμπαθητικη μεν ,ολιγον υστερικη δεη ιστορια κυλησε σαν νερακι και χαλαρα συνεχιζω με τον σκληρο τζεημς Μαλορυ

I have this original cover and I'm so glad I still have it. I loved reading this many years ago and reading it now I still enjoy this story. I love that Johanna Lindsey books have strong heroines that don't cower no matter how alpha their males are and Roslynn is one strong and feisty female.

I love Johanna Lindsey!! Her books always make me smile, cry, laugh and just really enjoy my time reading. This is book number 2 in the Malory novels and once again Johanna does a great job in making you love the Malory men and hate them at the same time.This is the story of Anthony Malory and Lady Roslyn Chadwick. Roslyn needs to marry in a rush so that her cousin doesn't marry her and steal the Chadwick fortune. Roslyn does not have Anthony Malory on her list of possible candidates but when he [...]

Blech!the most god awful sex scene in existenceHer loins were aching, an inferno of moist heat, and when she felt something touching there for the first time, her body instinctively closed around it, hungering for the pressure in that burning region. And it managed to fill her, a glorious, welcoming fullness that she pushed against, locking her legs around him so she wouldn't lose it, finally feeling she had gained a measure of control. She wouldn't let go, and the pressure built in her, grew, u [...]

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