Children of a Broken Sky

Adam J. Nicolai

Children of a Broken Sky

Children of a Broken Sky

  • Title: Children of a Broken Sky
  • Author: Adam J. Nicolai
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 480
  • Format: ebook

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Recent Comments "Children of a Broken Sky"

Beautifully written, this book fascinated me from the very first page. The world and the story continually unfolded through the eyes of the six individual main characters through the author's skillful talent, seamlessly leading me onward through the pages.At times, trying to keep up with so many characters got a bit confusing. But I enjoyed getting the individual world views of the characters, of the events that brought them together, the friendships formed despite their differences, and the loy [...]

Adam J. Nicolai’s Children of a Broken Sky is a fantasy novel that is not only engaging and well written, but it also challenges my preconceptions of the genre.The besetting sin of a lot of contemporary fantasy is its unoriginality. Much of it seems intent on rehashing Tolkien’s ideas or basing plots on a paint-by-numbers Joseph Campbell hero’s journey. Frankly, I’m bored with a lot of fantasy these days (my true love is science fiction, anyway). I usually read a few fantasy books a year [...]

Once of the unique aspects of "Children of a Broken Sky" is that it explores religion in a fantasy world. I love fantasy books that do this. Good fantasy will pull tough topics from the real world and explore them with thought-provoking storytelling. Religion is one of the most important aspects of our world. It affects everyone, is a question that everyone asks themselves multiple times throughout their lives, and is the center of many cultures throughout time. It just makes sense that a fantas [...]

Good book. First read for this author and looking forward to reading the sequel when it comes out. I struggled a bit with jumping from present to past with the many character perspectives, but enjoyed the book. I'm interested to see how the author weaves the differences between Syntal, Iggy and Lyseira's (sp?) views on their god and how they maybe be connected. I enjoyed the play on religion and how it can be corrupted - we see it today in many places.

Review of Children of a Broken Sky by Adam J Nicolai Not PostedThis fantasy novel is about a group of teens living in troubling times, with flashbacks to when they were children. Flashbacks can be confusing things, and these sometimes were, but as long as I read the headings I was all right. At first I had the hardest time keeping track of all the characters, who was who, who was related to whom, and so on, and the flashbacks actually made this more confusing because the family structures change [...]

One of the best books I've read.This book grabbed my imagination immediately. It just flowed as I read it. It was enchanting and I loved every word.

So I'm a little torn on this.It was a decent read but felt almost incomplete, though it's not really the fault of where the story ends. While the epilogue makes it clear this isn't a cliffhanger, the denouement only barely averts the sensation of a deliberate lead to a sequel. Still, some themes are only barely explored and the plot doesn't ever quite seem to find its head.The characters are okay, but Angbar and Helix never felt distinct enough to me, particularly given the way both seemed prima [...]

English:Different kinds of faith. Different kinds of heroes. Only one enemy in common.Children of a Broken Sky is a book that exceeded my expectations. I wasn't sure to read it because the main theme is religion (this one reminds me of Catholic Church -a lot) and I'm not fond of reading something like that but with Nicolai's book now I'm totally looking forward for the next instance.I think that what it made it so interesting was the fact that its characters, even that they're friends since chil [...]

Great bookForgive me if I do not write a long review. Could I be notified by email when the sequel is available? I enjoyed this excellent story. Thank you for your hard work which is very obvious. At location 3788. "The road was thick with dying grass. It wended Is this a misspelling?

This book blew me away and now I am sad I have to wait for the next one. It is fantasy mixed with a dystopian world.

Loved this book! Fun fantasy fiction! I can't wait to find out what happens to the characters in the next book!

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