Christmas with the Alexanders

M. Malone

Christmas with the Alexanders

Christmas with the Alexanders

  • Title: Christmas with the Alexanders
  • Author: M. Malone
  • ISBN: 9781938789137
  • Page: 219
  • Format: ebook

Kaylee Wilhelm knows what she wants for Christmas, for Elliott Alexander to notice she s alive Unfortunately he doesn t seem to like her much so she s spending the holidays with her disapproving parents, both of whom think she s screwing up her life Elliott Alexander s security business is booming and he s finally in the position to come home for good But home brings biKaylee Wilhelm knows what she wants for Christmas, for Elliott Alexander to notice she s alive Unfortunately he doesn t seem to like her much so she s spending the holidays with her disapproving parents, both of whom think she s screwing up her life Elliott Alexander s security business is booming and he s finally in the position to come home for good But home brings bittersweet memories and puts him in the path of a woman who makes him feel things he isn t ready for.When Kay s car skids out of control on Christmas Eve, she s forced to reach out to the only man she trusts to save herE ALEXANDERS SERIESReading OrderBook 0.5 Teasing Trent The PrequelBook 1 One More Day Jackson RidleyBook 2 The Things I Do for You Nick RainaBook 3 He s the Man Matt PennyBook 3.5 Christmas with The Alexanders Book 4 All I Need is You Elliott KayleeBook 5 Say You Will Trent Mara Book 6 Just One Thing Bennett Katie coming soon

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I bought this Christmas collection last year but never got around to reading them so now is the perfect time. All new authors and new stories for me, I might be a bit lost with some. I find this is a great way of discovering new series's to read.Christmas with the Alexanders is one novella I felt lost with while I was reading as this is part of a series I have not read so I did not know anyone.Kay spends Christmas Eve with the Alexander family after an accident she has always had a crush on Eli [...]

Kaylee Wilhelm and Elliot AlexanderThe start of something incredible happening between these two but if only Elliot drops his fears.Kaylee is a single mom and a singing sensation, her parents are religious, her mom is hypocritical and her dad is just trying to keep the peace. Kaylee needs a break and understanding but all she receives is condemnation from her mother. Her mother when she got pregnant with her, gave up her singing career and now she expects Kaylee to do the same. Her mother giving [...]

This was one short but sweet Christmas story. It was however a teaser leading into the January release of the full love story of Eli and Kaylee. It does have all the things you want a true Christmas story to have. It has love, family, emotions, suspense, and the unknown. Most of all it has you smiling just like all of the other Alexander family books. You still feel the family closeness and love. Kaylee and Eli’s relationship has been anything but smooth due to their age difference he is 30 an [...]

You will never ever go wrong with a Minx Malone book, and definitely not one about the warm and loving Alexander Family, and the entire family and their friends are back in this novella. The Alexander family series reminds me of Francis Ray's Taggart/Falcon/Graysons of New Mexico/Grayson's Friends series. This book focuses more so on Elliott Alexander and Kaylee Wilhelm!! No matter how much Eli tries to deny how much Kay gets to him, he just can't fight the feeling. I love the internal battle th [...]

This is the second book in this series that I have read, and I am hooked. I can't wait to read the rest of the books. Julia and her husband was able to give her sons a glimpse at what true love looked like each and every day. Now her sons are grown, and some have families of their own. It was so delightful to see the whole family get together for Christmas. I read the books out of order, but I think each book is about one of her sons. This book was about the sparks of romance stating between Kay [...]

The entire time I was reading this book, I kept wondering who these characters were and why I should even care about them. Then I reached the end and realized that this was part a series, and this book was a little Christmas story that had been thrown between two other books in the regular series.Ahh that's why there was zero description or character building. No wonder I was confused.So yes, my bad for not realizing that this is part of a series before I read it. To make up for this transgressi [...]

This is the perfect novella! Nothing like pulling at your heart strings! I am addicted to the Alexander Series and this is such a great preview to what we are in store for! This family is so dynamic you can't help but feel like you're apart of the love too! The Alexander in question. Mr. Elliot! Omg, he exudes yumminess! I CANNOT wait for January. I think I say in every review that the couple in question is my favorite, but I really really like Kaylee and Elliot! I hope things work out for them [...]

Very short story telling of how two characters long for each other but think the other is out of their leagueey share a mistletoe kiss and almost start foreveren it ends on a cliff hanger. This is an addition to a series of books, I did not read, was told it is not stand aloneeven tho I agree was still very enjoyable as I am sure the other books will be also!

Read as part of the Naughty & Nice Holiday collection. Have not read the other books but will give them a try after this novella. It does end with unresolved issues and the next book is already out that features Kaylee and Elliott so I shall see what happens next. Good overall, easy read with enough back story that I wasn't lost reading it.

This was shaping up to be a great story but it turned out to be basically a prologue. It was disappointing.I hate it when books advertise as books but are just meant to whet the appetite so you will buy the profile and the book and you end up paying twice as much for what should have been a single book

This was a free book, and the author said it wasn't meant to be a stand a lone book. I didn't feel like buying the other two books in the series, and I couldn't find them at the library. I wasn't crazy about this book.

I read this as a standalone even with the warning not to but I don't think it was that bad. You got the information you needed for this story but didn't have all the back story. The Alexander's seem to be an amazing family and I am definitely interested in continuing with the series.

Love it. January why aren't you here yet

A sweet quick intro to the next book focusing on Eli and Kay.

Not a full book more of teaser. This excerpt serves as a segue between books.

Now I really like this one it was nicer than the first

Was this a novella or just a teaser for the next book?

cute little short story and intro into the next book. also nice just to catch up with all the previous characters.

A sweet and perfect continuation.

Prequels set the stageGood foundation to see where Kay and Eli will wine up. Hope being a critical part to the dynamic as she is Kay's daughter. Not to mention the tension between Kay and her mother Henrietta. Through it all you can see that the Alexander family are a good fit to the lives of all around them.

Kinda boring

I loved this story. It a little short but I can't wait to read Book 4 - All I Need is You. This book is like a taste as to what is to come.

it was ok

Loved it!Eli and Kaylee have the hottest chemistry ever. I hope they finally get their happy ever after soon. It's too much to wait.

This was a really enjoyable short Christmas story. I'm not a prior follower of the Alexanders. There are a lot of them, and by now about half of them are "taken", so by the time you add in their spouses, children, and parents, that's quite a few people. It was a little confusing at first with all these people gathered around for the Christmas holiday, but they were gently explained without overdoing it with details, so I felt comfortable with this huge family without having to know everyone's li [...]

Talk about a tease so for several books now you have heard about Elliot and Kaylee. Kaylee is part of a music group that Jackson represents and Elliot is her body guard yet also Jacjson's brother. Both have feelings for each other but feel they are less than perfect in the eyes of the other. Elliot feels he is too rugged and not as atractive as his other brothers. Kaylee on the other hand is a single mother raised by extremely conservative parents who make her feel like she is not good enough, p [...]

"For the first time, Eli wondered if it was time to come home in more ways than one."I adore this family!!!! Elliott and Kaylee are two souls meant to be together, but are so scared to trust themselves. I love reading stories about two people that obviously need each other, but are too stubborn in a lot of aspects to actually make a move. That's what makes these two characters enjoyable! Kay being a single mom, she's weary about letting someone in. Elliott feels that he's too old for her and he' [...]

This is a wonderful Christmas story showing us the Alexander family together and how they celebrate Christmas. I have not read the previous Alexander books but I still had a clear picture of who everyone was. There were a few things I didn't know about and thought the explanations must have been in earlier books, but the author kept the story flowing easily and I didn't feel that I was missing anything. What a great family the Alexanders are. I just love them!The relationship between Elliot and [...]

I didn't read any of the previous novels in this series and this novel clearly states that it is not a stand-alone. I didn't like it well enough to purchase other editions. This was very short, all about one Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, that this young mother spends with a friends family. She has a crush on the single man 10 years her senior, but it doesn't give any closure to this story line, you have to go on to the next novel.

I was a little disappointed. The Eli & Kay both in love with each other but not willing to go further. The start of the story set up nicely, a crash, a hero, taking control, then it just seemed to slide into average. Was expecting more, but I read it to the end. Perhaps it's more of a bridging boom between others in a series or at least that's how it felt to me. Sorry.

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