The Queerling

Austin Gary

The Queerling

The Queerling

  • Title: The Queerling
  • Author: Austin Gary
  • ISBN: 9781492326274
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback

Preston Nesbitt is a 16 year old memory prodigy, with a rare form of Asperger s Syndrome, confined to a Portland, Oregon mental hospital for refusing to admit his participation in a viral YouTube video showing him being struck by a car that appears to pass through

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The Queerling came to me through a giveaway. It appealed to me because it is written in the form of a journal and the main character is in a mental hospital. I guess my struggle with depression and anxiety had a lot to do with it. Before I go into my personal feelings about The Queerling let me say that this book is well written and edited. I found only two errors. The author has a healthy command of the writing skills required to produce quality work. That being said, I can only admit to a tep [...]

This book resides in that land between 4-5 stars. Doesn't quite make my criteria for 5, but gosh-darn it was this book good.The ending. That's all I'm saying. The physicist in me loved this book very, very much.

I just finished The Queerling, and am still dumbfounded over the resolution, leaving me at a loss for the proper words to describe and review. The following is a stumbling attemptAt 4% into the ebook, I already loved the humor and whit of Preston. That didn't change at all. Through out, I had question--things I wanted more info on. Some were answered or explained. Others were never resolved. I can't say that is a flaw in the writing. In fact, in a novel written in a journal form from one point o [...]

The dialogue and portraits of minor characters of color in this book struck me as racist. As I read the narration, I thought it sounded like the voice of a 60-year-old white man. The author’s photo at the end confirmed my suspicion. The voice is engaging, entertaining and sometimes believable as that of an autism-spectrum genius youth. The author shows through, however, with a misplaced modifier, belying the narrator’s obsession with grammar. I liked that the protagonist seemed to be bisexua [...]

I really loved this book but hated the ending. As someone who deals with mental illness it was interesting to view someone else dealing with it. As someone who has read far to many mysteries and seen far to many movies with twist endings I saw a twist coming from about half way through the book. What the twist was I wasn't expecting. Still the ending left me wondering. Is it real. The cover says its a novel but the ending leaves you wondering if this really happened or if the doctor at leasts be [...]

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