What Is the Panama Canal?

Janet B. Pascal Tim Foley Fred Harper

What Is the Panama Canal?

What Is the Panama Canal?

  • Title: What Is the Panama Canal?
  • Author: Janet B. Pascal Tim Foley Fred Harper
  • ISBN: 9780448478999
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback

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Before 1914, traveling from the East Coast to the West Coast meant going by land across the entire United States To go by sea involved a long journey around South America and north along the Pacific Coast But then, in a dangerous and amazing feat of engineering, a 48 mile long channel was dug through Panama, creating the world s most famous shortcut the Panama Canal

Recent Comments "What Is the Panama Canal?"

Wow. This book was very nicely done! It's well researched and well written. I learned a lot about the Panama Canal and all the blood, sweat, and tears that was involved in crafting this waterway. An engineering triumph of brawn and brains, indeed.

Nice book about a miraculous feat. Truly a modern seventh wonder for humanity.

I learned so much from this book on the Panama Canal.

this was a pretty good book. It was pretty interesting. I recomened this book to anyone who like who was books.

What Is The Panama Canal by Janet Pascal. The Panama Canal was one of the best ideas for travel. Originally people would have to go all the way around South America. I did know a little about this Canal I have heard of it and I knew it was next to an isthmus. It is really a great idea to cut time in half. The fact that it is like a water elevator and it works is amazing to me. I recommend this book to people who like boats and want to be sea men.

I read this book because I have recently seen the Panama Canal. Knowing what I know now about the canal, I am not surprised it's one of the seven modern wonders.

I liked it. France got 9 miles in before they got bankrupt trying to do it so they stopped. The United States was going to build it in Nicaragua, but the French wanted them to dig where they had been digging, so they gave them a bargain to do it. Most people wanted it to be at sea level, but the United States wanted it to be 85 feet above sea level because all those mountains. They used locks to do it. So you went 11 miles in, then you went in locks 85 feet up and then you go 21 miles and then y [...]

I liked it. France started buy only got 11 miles in and it couldn't farther. It got bankrupt. And once they made a railroad across Panama so that would help them get supplies for the canal. but it was American, so France had to buy it. There were lots of diseases but France didn't know what caused them. It turned out they were caused by mosquitos. The diseases were malaria and yellow fever. Their machinery would fall into the holes they had been digging and it was a failure. But then France gave [...]

I was actually fairly impressed by the account presented. Given that it is written as a children's book, I was happy to see that the U.S. wasn't given a free pass and highlighted as the glorious country that gave Panama a canal. I thought Pascal did a better job of explaining the tension and racism that went on during the building than she did on the state of affairs after the canal was open and full on rioting occurred. Overall, I found the book to be insightful for the target audience.

My third grade daughter and I learned a lot in this great book!

I thought that only some parts made me want to read on.

I never knew building the Panama Canal took a long time and many things are sacrifed before reading this book.

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