The Time of Our Lives

Jane Costello

The Time of Our Lives

The Time of Our Lives

  • Title: The Time of Our Lives
  • Author: Jane Costello
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Imogen and her friends have had their fill of budget holidays, cattle class flights and 6 a.m offensives for a space by the pool.So when one of the group wins a VIP holiday at Barcelona s hippest new hotel, they plan to sip champagne with the jet set, party with the glitterati and switch off in surroundings of unapologetic luxury.But as they mingle with movie stars, mafiaImogen and her friends have had their fill of budget holidays, cattle class flights and 6 a.m offensives for a space by the pool.So when one of the group wins a VIP holiday at Barcelona s hippest new hotel, they plan to sip champagne with the jet set, party with the glitterati and switch off in surroundings of unapologetic luxury.But as they mingle with movie stars, mafia bosses and millionaires, it becomes clear with riotous consequences that even in the most glamorous of locations, things can go wrong Very wrong .Hilarious and heart warming by turns, The Time of Our Lives is Jane Costello at her very best See at booksmonandschuster T

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Simpatične glavne junakinje i veoma smiješno - na nekim dijelovima toliko smiješno da mi je bilo pomalo neugodno sjedit i smijat se knjizi :) prava ljetna knjigica!

4.5 - "Son of a Belgian Bun" & "Thunderclap" Stars.Take three very different women, send them on holiday to a luxury hotel in Barcelona, add in a pregnancy, a sexy Journalist, a P.R nightmare, and a plethora of mix-ups, unfortunate incidents and comedic anecdotes and you have basically got The Time of our Lives. Jane Costello has written a book of the type I adore, where you can't help but laugh, whether you are on the bus, at the station or sitting in a coffee shop minding your own business [...]

4,5 starsI honestly don't remember when was the last time I read a book in a day.I am a slow reader and I get distracted easily. In other words, a lot of factors have to work together for me to achieve finishing a book in a day.I have to have a free time to read, the story has to be interesting enough, and it has to keep going. Also, it HAS to have characters I would decide to spend my time with.This book has it all!I devoured this book!I was laughing. I had a great time all the time I was readi [...]

Jane Costello jedna je od meni najdražih autorica chick-lit romana, koji su joj svi odreda zabavni, vrckasti i puni šeprtljavo-simpatičnih likova. Ni ovaj njen roman u tome nije iznimka.Svaka od 3 prijateljice o čijem ludom odmoru u ovom romanu čitamo je na svoj način, onako zabavno, uvrnuta. Imogen je samohrana majka opsjednuta poslom i time da u svakom trenutku sve drži pod kontrolom, Meredith je neozbiljna trudnica koja više vremena troši na partijanje nego na pripremu na to da će ( [...]

Iskreno, ova Costellina knjiga me nije baš oduševilaMnogo sam očekivala nakon Djeveruša i knjige Moj prijatelj samac, koje su me nasmijavale do suza, pa čak i Zamalo vjenčani. Mislila sam da će ova biti najbolja dosad, ali Jedva 4.Ne kažem da nije bilo smiješnih momenata, ali jednostavno- nije to to. Kad sam čitala Djeveruše bilo me je stid naglas se smijati npr. u vozu, a sad sam se jedva par puta osmijehnula Ali nije loša priča, zanimljiva jest, samoViše sam od nje očekivala :)

I’m a big fan of Jane Costello, she’s one of my favourite, go-to Chick Lit authors. Her books are fantastic – they’re reminiscent of Sophie Kinsella, and Paige Toon, and she has this warm, easy to read writing style that truly gets you into the head of her characters. She’s also one of the few authors capable of making of literally laugh out loud. Which is not something to be sniffed at! So when I saw her new novel on Netgalley, I was super chuffed, and requested it immediately – obv [...]

I hope I don't get shot down for my review. I'm usually a very generous reviewer and I purchased this book based on all the glowing reports. The main character in this book is supposed to be adorably cute and accident prone a la Bridget Jones. It did not come off that way for me. In fact it was so frustrating to read from her point of view. I felt like I was reading the point of view of a fourteen year old. It started off quite readable but just sank as the book went on. This chick lit book that [...]

Ovako piše samo jedna jedina - Jane Costello! Predivan roman, pun humora, romantike i avanture. Ja sam uživala!

Ok je. Iako mi se prva polovica više svidjela od druge. I generalno očekivala sam da će knjiga ići u drugom smjeru. Sinopsis me je naveo na krivo razmišljanje. Joj što to ne volim, ali bar je imala smiješnih trenutaka.

Book CoverThe cover is really cute and girly, to say in short - it's pretty! This cover caught my eyes when I was exploring the library shelves and I immediately picked it up. One look at the blurb and I decided to try this book. Also, there is statement/comment/short review-like-thing from Sophie Kinsella on the book cover, which was another reason I decided to read it. I am a big Sophie Kinsella fan and I have read everything from her. So, if she is saying that this book is good then it's pro [...]

I first read a Jane Costello book last year and that book was The Wish List. I absolutely loved it. Jane had been on my to read list for a while as her books are set in Liverpool, the best city in the world and the place I was born and live. Liverpool girls are also the funniest, smartest, sexiest, best dressed women* in the world and so I knew a chick lit book set in Liverpool was a must read and would feature some great characters. I stormed through The Wish List and immediately went to to ge [...]

Numerous times during this book I let out a huge sigh, rolled my eyes and thought "why am I reading this nonsense?".I quickly found myself disliking the "Imogen" character, it was so far over the top it spoiled the book for me. *************SPOILERS************Some of the things she did was just pathetic and stupid. I got the fact she was having a bad time, a bit unlucky, etc that's fine but when you:1) bump into someone and spill your coffee2) drop your phone in some liquid in an embarassing si [...]

thank you for getting me out of slump. very cute, very very

Clumsy main character, funny, easy to read. :)

imogen is the stand-in p.r. girl for a food company that is growing in strength with her 2 friends, meredith who is pregnant with her partner and nichola who lives with her girl partner they fly to barcelona after winning a competition to stay in a 5 star hotel but all does not run smoothly. imogen's firm is facing a disaster prior to a merger. it appears one of their top executives has been caught inflagrante on a flight under the blankets needless to say they call on imogen to avert this disa [...]

Posted originally reviewedthebook/2014 The Time of Our Lives is the first Jane Costello book I’ve read and I have to say, not picking up one of her books before is single-handedly the worst book related decision I have ever made. The Time of Our Lives is chick lit at its complete and utter best. It has all the components of a typical chick lit novel – friendship, humour, romance, drama – written with such vivacity and style that bounces off the pages and had a warm and inviting feel to it, [...]

Good. Enjoyed the story and the characters were good. Ideal for a good summer read.

labibliotecadieliza.iTre amiche e tanti guai può essere considerato un romanzo leggero, una spassosa commedia rosa che parla delle peripezie vacanziere di Imogen, mamma single che, nel disperato tentativo di staccare la spina e rilassarsi, accetta di andare a Barcellona in vacanza con le sue due amiche Nicola e Meredith. Non solo Imogen non sa rilassarsi e ha il costante pensiero della figlia lontana e del lavoro, ma il mondo che le ruota intorno non la aiuta di certo con le continue telefonate [...]

I'll tell you what I really liked about this story, despite my many concerns and misgivings as I read it. I loved the way that Jane Costello took me completely off-guard. Absolutely and completely, that I actually felt my eyes go wide and my breath catch. Unfortunately, I can't tell you why, because that would be a big spoiler. Here's the thing though, although this story happens over a span of 8 days, and yes - as is the deal with every chick-lit - the protagonist ends up falling in love at the [...]

Allora inizio subito a parlarvi di questo libro partendo dalla copertina. Anche se un po’ banale (perché diciamocelo pure un drink , del ghiaccio e un po’ di frutta svolazzante non danno certo un senso ad una trama) mi ha incuriosita. Diversa dalle soliti copertine e dai soliti romanzi seri e passionali, mi ha molto colpita, ricordandomi un po’ i libri della Kinsella e quindi la vecchia e cara Chick-lit, che era la regina dei romanzi rosa prima che il nostro Mr Grey facesse esplodere gli [...]

I was so excited for this book, I love Jane Costello’s style and her books are awesome! Another addictive and gripping book! So here it goes.The story follows Imogen and her two friends Meredith and Nicola. I really liked Imogen, such a likable and down to earth character and a wonderful mum. The father of the girl is not around anymore and we only learn some pages into the story what happened to him. It’s clear that Imogen loved him very much and he’s still in her thoughts.The three frien [...]

The Time of Our Lives - Jane CostelloThe Time of Our Lives tells the story of three friends, Imogen, Meredith and Nicola, who after having their fair share of budget holidays have struck lucky and won a VIP holiday in Barcelona at one of the top hotels. However, it's far from the jet setting, champagne sipping, glitterati partying holiday they thought as they encounter a robbery, run-ins with the hotel staff and an embarrassing encounter on a nudist beach. Luckily, Imogen has a gorgeous guy to d [...]

Questo libro è entrato a far parte della mia classifica personale tra le letture più divertenti che ho letto dal 2014 a adesso. Non si può far a meno di adorare tutti i personaggi, ognuno ha qualcosa che lo rende simpatico al lettore. Per non parlare delle gaffe della protagonista, non so dirvi quale mi ha fatto più ridere. Tuttavia non ci sarà solo divertimento, non è l'unico ingrediente che lo rende un libro imperdibile per gli adoratori del genere. Ci sono anche scene malinconiche, tocc [...]

Mai un titolo poteva essere più veritiero. Questo romanzo si giudica già dalla copertina. Infatti, promette una storia davvero piena di brio e scintille: esattamente quelle che tre amiche possono fare stando insieme.Le tre protagoniste sono: Imogen, Meredith e Nicola. Sono specializzate in vacanze low-budget, voli in quarta classe e assalti all’alba per conquistarsi un posto a bordo piscina. L'amicizia le lega e la vita sorride loro, nonostante non abbiano mai fatto una vera e propria vacanz [...]

This book was ok, but not really gripping. In many ways, it was heavy handed. For example, the author tried to put a twist into it, but I guessed what the twist was early on in the book, and the attempts to mislead were grating. Also, it was the typical trope of an absolutely, stunningly perfect guy who always does the right thing inexplicably falling for a girl who is so unlucky/incompetent that it's amazing she can manage to dress herself appropriately (point in fact: the heroine often can't). [...]

This is a rating of 3.5Jane Costello is one of my favourite authors. She manages to write a story which has you gripped till the last word. She has humour, and heart tugging moments in every book. To begin with I was slightly confused who was who in terms of the girls but once I got to grips with that the story flowed. Nicola was my Favourite as she was a good listener and always had wise words of advice to offer Imogen and Meredith.Im looking forward to reading more from Jane. Thanks goes to ne [...]

A fast paced storyline with so much happening in it I sometimes lost the plot. Not as good as some of her earlier books.

loved it

Not my favorite book by her but still a good read.

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