Coming Home

Lydia Michaels

Coming Home

Coming Home

  • Title: Coming Home
  • Author: Lydia Michaels
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The conclusion of the savage, sensual Surrender trilogy in which betrayal, pain, and vengeance threaten to destroy a passion between two damaged souls Evelyn Scout Keats thought she finally found her long sought happiness in billionaire Lucian Patras But even though Lucian has always treated her like a queen, she has discovered she is nothing than a pawn in his ownThe conclusion of the savage, sensual Surrender trilogy in which betrayal, pain, and vengeance threaten to destroy a passion between two damaged souls Evelyn Scout Keats thought she finally found her long sought happiness in billionaire Lucian Patras But even though Lucian has always treated her like a queen, she has discovered she is nothing than a pawn in his own secret game.Worse, her long time friend and supposed shining knight, Parker Hughes has also used her for his own interests by playing a part in Lucian s game Everyone s honor is suspect, and no one can be trusted It is Scout s worst nightmare come to life.As she struggles to comprehend the cost of a broken heart and the value of love, she must choose, once and for all, how much her pride can endure and how much she is willing to risk to be truly happy.

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3 SUPER ANGST StarsIt’s Evelyn and Lucian’s last book! What can we expect in this last installment?Angst! Drama, A lot of fighting and STEAMBut it wouldn’t be a Lydia Michaels read if it wasn’t. Coming Home starts where Breaking Out left off. Evelyn is angry with Lucian for giving her away to Parker. Let me just say it. Evelyn isn’t my favorite person right now. I’m kind of angry with Lucian as well. Why didn’t Lucian just tell Evelyn why he was giving her away? Also, why can’t E [...]

6 Amazing Stars ☆☆☆☆☆☆"Scout? Come on, child. It’s getting dark.” Scout turned as her mother came out of the house without windows. Boards with swirled graffiti filled each socket, eyes to a home without a soul. Dropping the piece of onion grass she’d been nibbling on, Scout stood, her gaze drawn back to the children across the way. “Momma, what’s that place there?” Her mother righted her clothing and stashed a bag of her medicine in her pocket. “That ain’t nothing yo [...]

luv luv luv this book everything i ve wanted 2 know in the last 2 book was in this 2 thank god cause i needed 2 know this story as been a whirlwind but an amazin 1 i so luv lucian he is just so hot an very sexy an the chemistry him an evelyn/scout is HOT REALLY HOT at the begin the of this book i felt so sorry 4 evelyn/scout cause she was just so lost after findin out what parker an lucian had done but her luv 4 lucian was so strong an she want 2 b with him but she just didnt want 2 get hurt aga [...]

I literally devoured book 2 Breaking Out and Book 3 Coming Home in the Surrender trilogy the past couple days. I am seriously in awe! I came into this serious thinking it is just a love story between a billionaire and a homeless girl, but it is sooo much more! The series took us through Evelyn's struggle of finding herself, she has the ultimate love from Lucian who is one of the most eligible bachelors in the states, she has all the money he has, all the attention he gives her, even with all the [...]

In Coming Home, Lucian finds himself having to fight more for the woman he’s fallen in love with than he ever imagined. But the glimmer of hope we are given, is that some transgressions can’t be forgiven for all involved. Although both men have betrayed her, only one has the power of making her heart forget and forgive. But for Evelyn that forgiveness doesn’t come for free or even willingly, at first. Determined to make it on her own. To have something that is solely hers, she begins her j [...]

Wow, this book was really really enjoyable. This was one of those books that I actually read really slowly, taking breaks at times but not because it lost my attention, but because it really caused me to savor the words, reflecting, imagining and visualizing the beauty of what Ms. Michaels was conveying. "Love was like piloting a jet through a mountain range, blind. It was freeing and exhilarating, but at the same time, at any second the person risking their life piloting that plane could crash [...]

A STUNNING end to an amazing story! I can't give this anything less than 5 stars. It's so beautifully written that it pains me to see it end. What a great ride it was!Evelyn/Scout is such a fiery, strong yet vulnerable character. She tries to make the best in any situation & tells it as it is. She's a survivor and a very likable heroine. Though she was poor as dirt, she had perseverance, focus & determination that was just awe inspiring. In this last book, she's determined to make it on [...]

Brilliant end to the trilogy :)Hello worldHope you're listeningForgive me if I’m youngFor speaking out of turnThere’s someone I’ve been missingI think that they could beThe better half of meThey’re in the wrong place trying to make it rightBut I’m tired of justifyingSo I say to youCome homeCome homeCause I’ve been waiting for youFor so longFor so longRight now there's a war between the vanitiesBut all I see is you and meThe fight for you is all I’ve ever knownSo come homeCome Home [...]

A great story with a steamy Alpha male LUCIAN PATRAS who looks exactly like this for me. His female counterpart EVELYN SCOUT KEATS was a tough girl, quite younger than him, with a story that is totally wrecking and different than what you may imagine. The whole story keeps you thrilled and for me it was much more than a simple "Pretty Women" story, although I thought that was what I was expecting to read here. But NOPE, not at all. I liked that it was not a 'typical' love story where you know ex [...]

I was bored. This book could have been cut down and combined with a cut down version of book 2. I should have listened to my gut and stopped at #2. Hate when really good characters are trapped in a less than mediocre remake of a borrowed idea. Read this before and wasn't thrilled then. Definitely not now.Save your money and stop at #1. Nothing much happens after that. Or, I should say, you can guess and be correct at what happens after. Save your money and time.I'll give myself a break before re [...]

Review to come but wow this book was so so so good

The Surrender Trilogy Lucian PatrasEvelyn"Scout" Keats Wonderful Trilogy!This is what good writing is all about. I am perfectly contented with how the issues of each of the characters are resolved. I totally want a novella--Lucian and Evelyn as parents and happily married couple and all! Yup! That's how I'm crazy about this trilogy. CTTO

I haven’t experienced a finale this magnificent since the 4th of July. I’m not kidding. I got so worked up in this final book that I had to set it down and remind myself it was just a story. I spent much of the book waffling between being in love with Lucian and Evelyn and then being angry with them. Evelyn was still finding her way in her new world and figuring out just who she was. She wanted some control and independence. Lucian was trying to allow Evelyn the freedoms she needed even if [...]

WOOHOO, the last book. The main question I had when starting this book was, how is Lucian going to get Scott/Evelyn back? I thought she was finally going to really live life without him, but nope. She asks him for a loan. Of course she needed his help after all. It would have been interesting to see her go on without him, but the story would have stretched on so much more, so I can't say I blame the author for putting this scene in.I was proud that Scott/Evelyn was getting a education because I [...]

4.5/5 StarsI really enjoyed this series. I loved the characters, I loved the premise, and I love all the angst that came with the story.Evelyn, the heroine, is strong but not b****y. Lucian, was just protective of Evelyn and I loved that about him.I love that Evelyn did not give in and forgive Lucian with just a smile and a wink. There was groveling which I love from my heroes. I know I will be reading more by Lydia Michaels. After I finished book 2, I immediately started reading book 3.One thin [...]

SmilingSmilingThis series put a smile on my face. Lucian was romantic, sweet and devoted which I love in all my favourite book heroes. Scout was strong, smart and determined which made her a wonderful heroine.Everything worked out exactly how I wanted it to, but there were things left open which could lead to more books on other characters.Lots of really good sexy bits which IMO were not over the top or felt forced.This book was well written and I will definitely be reading more from this author [...]

'Lucien Patras', you made me fall for you real bad!!!Enjoyed their journey of love:)

Loved this series. An emotional read from the get go. Get your tissues ready.Loved it all!

Absolutely loved this last book! Loved Lucian and Evelyn together. Great series overall with some of the sexiest scenes I've read. Definitely reading more from this author.

My fav out all 3 books. Will def check out more of her books.

I love this trilogy but the final book could have been better.

4~4.5 Stars

I do believe I have found a new favorite series! I have to admit i'm a bit shocked that the majority of my GR friends haven't yet read this series, especially when these types of trilogies have been so popular in the past. On the other hand, i can see why a lot would pass it up because they've already had their fill of billionaire and the virgin type story lines. However, even though this is a billionaire and virgin scenario, THAT is where the similarities end!There is no tortured hero with an a [...]

I enjoyed this book. This was a magnificent trilogy , I can say it is one of my favorites now! Evelyn aka Scout showed Lucian how to appreciate the little things in life even though he was a billionaire whose wealth was mind blowing compared to Evelyn's background. It was such a beautiful fairytale. Watching these two fall in love was amazing! I felt every emotion of their relationship. The sex was off the charts, and I love the excellent job the author did describing it in perfect detail. The s [...]

Wow! What can I say, this was a wonderful conclusion to this trilogy that hit all the right buttons for me. I truly fell in love with Lucian in this one. I love how devoted he is to Evelyn/Scout. Scout continues to be an independent woman, and I loved that about her. There is a bit of angst, but you can never doubt how much Lucian loves Scout. Oh, and Lucian's declarations got to me every time. Sometimes I worry you're so strong willed you'll actually get to a point that you don't need me. I nee [...]

Coming Home was such a satisfying end to a sexy, beautiful, and emotional journey. I have come to care deeply for the two main characters, Scout and Lucian. Each of them has dealt with so much, and through their development has changed a lot, and for the better. This series was really well thought out, well paced, and very well written. The way Lydia Michaels describes things, places, and emotions had me feeling like I was right there with the characters. I could visualize everything perfectly. [...]

In the conclusion of Evelyn and Lucien's story this writer does not disappoint at all. From the first book I was hooked. Her vivid, fluid and breathtaking writing keeps you enthralled and excited till the bitter end. I'm so sad to see this story end that's how much I LOVED IT! A lot is explained and you get the answers you need to be happy and content for the ending of the story. I enjoyed this book so much it is not only beautifully written but has all the elements in a EROTIC ROMANCE you crave [...]

Wow - what can I say?? I was SO happy with Lucian in this book and what his realizations were. I really don't think I like Parker at all. I mean I felt bad for him at first, but forcing someone to love you? Making a deal like that for one month with no interruptions??? I mean I get that he didn't think Evelyn truly loved Lucian, but LORD. I do get why Evelyn was so angry with both of them though. She felt like a pawn piece. Even though I would be most upset with Parker in that situation, I can t [...]

Just finished the trilogy and absolutely loved it! The way Lydia writes helps paint the perfect mental image of how the story is unfolding. I felt like the naughty scenes were extra naughty *wink* but tastefully written. I just loved all the love Lucian had for Evelyn <3 I'll inevitably read this trilogy again in a few months; probably after I read a bunch of poorly written literature and want to cleanse my mind with a beautiful story.

Oh. My. Goodness. Can I give this book 10 stars? The writing is like nothing I've ever read before. Absolutely beautiful! Loved the character development. Loved the twists and turns. This book made me CRY at times. What?? Sad to see it conclude. BEST. TRILOGY. EVER!! Please explain to me why 50 shades being made into a movie when this CLEARLY should be in production - yesterday! Looking forward to reading more of Ms. Michael's offerings!

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