The Borgia Apocalypse: The Screenplay

Neil Jordan

The Borgia Apocalypse: The Screenplay

The Borgia Apocalypse: The Screenplay

  • Title: The Borgia Apocalypse: The Screenplay
  • Author: Neil Jordan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Kindle Edition

From Academy Award winning screenwriter Neil Jordan comes THE BORGIA APOCALYPSE, the epic conclusion to Showtime s acclaimed TV series THE BORGIAS, which was cancelled after its third season Fans left wanting can now read the screenplay for the two hour finale and see how Jordan planned to bring the family to a suitably apocalyptic end.

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I never thought I would be happy that they cancelled the show but the finale was epic in comparison to this whatever it is because it is not a proper script for The Borgias.Now this was epic.

For the past couple weeks, I've been binging The Borgias. I knew it got canceled, but I didn't know just how much of an excruciating note it ended on. I didn't take it well."Hey, look!" I said, as I scouted around the internet. "Neil Jordan wrote a 'sequel' screenplay of sorts! Awesome!"The community reviews were not encouraging, but there was a mix of opinion. OK, open mind and all.It wasn't too long before it became obvious:By Cesare's holy codpiece, WTF was that???!!!?Was this a first draft? [...]

Thanks God they didn't made this shit into a movie.Just awful.

After reading Neil Jordan's very passionate and sincere introduction, I really felt as if this would be a swan song for The Borgias and all of its wonderful characters. It took a few read-throughs for the full impact of what Mr Jordan had actually written to hit me. I must admit I enjoyed a few of the characters storylines, it was good to see Micheletto, Machiavelli and Caterina again. Caterina's storyline took a particularly gruesome tone that I'm sure was only inserted into the story for shock [...]

With the removal of The Borgias I was desperate for the continuation of a show I had grown to really enjoy. I loved Cesare and Lucrezia, separately and together, and hearing that the script for the unmade movie was released I was eager to get my hands on it.It wasn't the fourth season I wanted, it wasn't the movie, but it was better than nothing.But all this proved was that I would not have been satisfied. This screenplay left me feeling very glad that Neil Jordan didn't get his hands on the mov [...]

Well, this was unexpectedlyodd and utterly disappointing. I binge watched the television show of "The Borgias" from Showtime on Netflix and it was utterly incredible. No words for the exquisite storytelling and lavish costumes that took you somewhere new (technically old) and beautifully fascinating. I have always been a huge fan of The Prince by Machiavelli, and it didn't occur to me (yes, I know, slow me), that this was the same Cesare Borgia, I had been fascinated with and in awe of ever sinc [...]

Okay. So, this happened. When Showtime and Neil Jordan announced that the third would be the last season of 'The Borgias', but that they were leaving it at a place where it "felt done" I was a little miffed. When I saw the final episode I was downright annoyed. In Jordan's introduction he sounded genuinely heartfelt in the way he explained the way the show's cancellation went down. But, every other interview came of as if he, and star Jeremy Irons, used to the constant movement of, you know, mak [...]

If I could give negative stars, I would. This is The Worst.

ew, neil. have you even watched the show?

Well, I liked it. I'd have preferred a final season of the show, but this is better than not having any closure to the story.

IF YOU ARE A CESARE AND LUCREZIA FAN DO NOT READ THIS EBOOK. I am serious. This ebook will leave you feeling gutted.I have said before that the atmosphere of the Borgias reminded me of some Jacobean plays (the Revenger's tragedy), the grand, the lruid and the horrendous all combined together, except the Borgias still had a lighter tone through their family love. Well here lightness goes out the window, family goes out the window, romance is dead, cue the fatal revenge tragedy ending with lots an [...]

I will start by saying my rating is borderline between 2 and 3 stars.There were things I liked, the interplay between Cesare and Micheletto was one; how Cesare's 'allies' are being played; i will not spoil the rest.I will only say (without further spoilers) that a) aside from a tiny bit that was important, Lucrezia's role in this 'finale' was pitiful and a complete letdown nor was there any sense of closure, b) what led to Alexander's exodus was confusing and nonsensical and was totally anticlim [...]

'Are you a shepherd of souls now?And I see before me a lost sheep. Utterly lost, my love. Then, by hook or by crook I shall save you.'A quote from the series because this is how I wish to remember it, preferring the ending of the show to the screenplay.

I thought this would read awkwardly, but I blew through it and could picture everything happening in my mind. I wish The Borgias had gotten its final season/movie, but I found I was pretty satisfied with this. An appropriate ending for where it was going.

So glad the series ended the way it did. If this had been I would've been angry as it's character assasination. Lucrezia is ruined.

I really like the way plot has evolved, sadly this wasn't filmmed.

Considering the fact that Neil Jordan had to wrap up what was supposed to be a 10 hr season in a two hour movie, it was a commendable effort. As a huge fan of the series, however, I felt it was a bit rushed, jumping from Catherina Sforza to the French to the Wild Bunch to Della Rovera Lucrezia seemed out of character but I guess we were supposed to see her in a dark pit by the end of season 4; we were unable to see her fall, though, since two hours is too short a time. I felt the same about Cesa [...]

This was a satisfying ending to a mediocre show I only watched because the actor playing Cesare was kinda hard not to stare at. (Francois Arnaud, le sigh). Its available on netflix, and even with Jeremy Irons it was hard to not get sucked into the circular path of the storylines, someone is poisoned, someone is mad at the pope, someone's lips get cut off. So the show was cancelled before its final season so the creator wrote a 2 hour script for the movie to tie up loose ends. And it is exactly w [...]

I didn't find it as bad as most people here. In fact I rather enjoyed it until about the last fifth of the script, which pretty much seemed like Jordan just couldn't be arsed any more. Too bad about that.The show needed a proper fourth series to depict Cesare's vain battle to regain power. Come on, that would have been very interesting. Oh well.As for Lucrezia, I really liked her in this script. "What have they built? What artists have they patronised?" Indeed.

Can't seem to decide whether "it was okay" or "I liked it". It's not the best thing I would have seen on tv, had they made it, but I can't bring myself to find it worse than the last two seasons. In fact, I might find it better. Anyway Lucrezia's character hardly looks like the same as she was in season three.

This show steered away from historical accuracy long ago but I still enjoyed the overall conclusion. Of course, a whole fourth season would have been a better choice. He had a lot to cram into the finale so at times it seemed rushed, a tad boring and not developed. The main characters get a conclusion, whilst others just disappear once they fulfill their purpose. If edited, could be just right.

*Looking at Lucrezia* Fix it, Neil. You don’t end a series on a note like that.

I read this book purely on the basis that I have recently watched all 3 series consectively. I am pleased this was written, creating an end to the story.Negatives: the book was far to short, feeling like it had been rushed.

Cesare - psycho. Lucrezia - schizo. Definitely not! I want REAL Cesare, REAL Lucretzia and REAL Borgias

I'm just gonna forget I read this

I don't think I have read such a devastating character assassination before. Was Neil Jordan so utterly fed up with the characters he created? No, no and no.Clearly this was never going to end happily I would have preferred something closer to historical fact mixed with the characters we know and have followed through the three series. Pope Alexander trying to help Cesare while on his death bed but knowing it is probably futile. His deathbed scene in this screenplay is absolutely the worst thing [...]

are you f*cking kidding me? my first mistake of 2k17 was starting the year with this bs.i am sooo glad showtime didn't let this shitfest go to screen. i was left with many questions after the finale of the show and got hella angry that it ended but now i see how perfect it was. and to me, the story ended there with cesare cleaning lucrezia's body and saying that she was his. that's it. perfect. not this crap. "Lucrezia: Why me?Cesare: Let me count the answers.He puts his arms around her.Cesare: [...]

Great showThe tv series was really good and really well written. This is what the final season would have been like had they had the chance to film it. Glad I at least got the opportunity through this for some closure.

It was horrendous. Any fan of THE BORGIAS deserved so much better than this. What an absolute letdown, and an insult to the beloved characters that took three seasons to build and develop. Cesare and Lucrezia are but cartoons of their true selves.

A bad fanfiction level conclusion to an otherwise very good TV show.

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