Molly Saves the Day: A Summer Story

Valerie Tripp

Molly Saves the Day: A Summer Story

Molly Saves the Day: A Summer Story

  • Title: Molly Saves the Day: A Summer Story
  • Author: Valerie Tripp
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Paperback

Alt Cover for ISBN 9780937295434A game of Color War threatens to ruin Molly s summer fun at Camp Gowonagin She must use her ingenuity to save the day.

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Molly does not fuck around when it comes to capture the flag. The best book on the the best American Girl.

Another super exciting AG summer book. I love this so much and I love how all the Molly books teach you really clearly what home front was like and war time events from the 40s. Molly is one of my top fav AG characters.

Way to save the day through ethically questionable behavior, Molly. Color War is hellowl/worstbestsellers

The book was about a girl,her name was Molly.Molly and the school were going on a camping trip.As soon as Molly arrives at the camp she loved the camp.She and her friends Linda and Susan spend two weeks of singing and hiking and canoeing.They all had so much fun together.One day the teacher said that she would split the class into color groups ,because they were going to have a color war.Molly and Susan were in the blue team,but Linda got separated.Molly got to stay with a really mean girl who a [...]

This review is from the perspective of a mother. I am reading the books to decided when they are age appropriate for my daughter.This is hands-down, my favorite Molly book, and the one that shows the most character growth. Out from under the shadows of teasing Ricky and serious Jill, Molly really shines as a leader and decision-maker, and the reader gets to experience the camaraderie, competition and adventure of camp life, which has similarities across the ages.The Looking Back section looks at [...]

A fun girl's camp adventure story where Molly overcomes her fear of swimming underwater and learns a lesson about being a true friend. Abby loved it and is still chanting the Camp Gowonigan theme.

Wonderful book for the American Girls series.


I want to go to camp! This one is fun, although really fast-paced so there might not be as much detail.

I have really enjoyed all of the books about Molly. My daddy served in world war II, in fact Pearl Harbor was bombed on my Dad's 18th Birthday. He went into the army soon after that.

Molly, Linda and Susan are at summer camp and having a great time, until the camp's annual color war is announced. Molly and Susan are put on the Blue team, while Linda is put on the red team, they'll have to fight against each other, and even worse, the blue team leader Dorinda is a tyrant who won't listen to anyone. When Dorinda's plans end up with the whole team captured, except for Molly and Susan, can the girls come up with a plan to win the game for their side?This story was a let down. Mo [...]

summery molly and her friends go to camp gowonagin they lurn games and songs. setting molly and her friends go to camp gowonagin and molly has to be strong because they have to play capture the flag at poison point character trait molly did not now how to swim but she had to be brave for this game she is playing so she got some worms and started swiming under water she pored it on her friend that hates worms to destraced all of the blue team she got all her team out of prison and they captured t [...]

I thought it was a great book because they had a color war and there were red and blue. One of their friends, Linda, was on the red and they were on the blue. It was weird because Linda was so furious and demanding, but Molly and Susann faced their own fears. Susann's was canoeing. She wasn't very good and the boat tipped over while she was paddling. Now Molly's fear was swimming under water because once she had fallen into the lake and she thought it was deep. Even though she was only under for [...]

In this book Molly is at a camp with a bunch of other girls. Near the end of the camp time there's a "color war," where the girls are split into two groups, put into two different areas, and given a flag. The purpose of each group is to steal the other group's flag.A girl takes charge of the team Molly is on and proceeds to get everyone on the team captured except for Molly and Susan. It's up to Molly to save the day, but to do that she is going to have to swim underwater which is something she [...]

In Molly Saves the Day, Molly and her two best friends attend summer camp and they love it. They love everything about it. Leading up to the end of their camp they are divided into two teams and play a huge game of capture the flag. Molly and one of her friends are put on one side while their other friend is on the other. Molly's leader makes all the choices and when things go off course Molly struggles to help her team. All in all this fifth installment of Molly's American Series is a good one [...]

I didn't think it was possible to introduce the concept of war (with broken friendships, physical hardships, and tactical thinking) THIS gently. It's a soft, kids' story, but that might make it more understandable to the small fry. On the plus side, I'm glad that my little one found poison ivy to be too high a cost to pay for winning a summer camp game of capture the flag. As the person who would be primarily charged with dealing with the medical care of said poison ivy, I couldn't agree more!

This was a perfect book for my daughter and I both! Not only are we covering World War II in school, but just a week ago we were in a camp similar to the one described in the story. Only instead of the kids being given the task of capturing a flag, they were tested on how to work together and find their own individual strength on challenge course. Needless to say we really enjoyed Molly Saves the Day because of the relatablity factor. These books are perfect for intermediate age students wanting [...]

I like Molly Saves the Day because it's about when Molly goes to Camp Gowanagin. She loves it the minute she arrives. At the camp they have to do a color war. The color war is where everyone is on a team, either red or blue. Linda is on the red and Susan and Molly are on the blue. They are all best friends and enemies. When Molly and Susan find out something unbelievable, can Molly save the day and fix everything? You have to read it to find out!P.S. My favorite part was when Molly threw worms o [...]

I chose to re-read this book last night because it was one of my favorites as a kid. Just like a lot of the other books I've read so far, it has a great meaning about friendship that I really like. It would be a good one to show that no matter what happens, friends will always be there and forgive each other. It also kind of has a sense of adventure about it and overcoming fears, and I find that inspiring.

This is a fun story, especially when I read it as a child, because it involves team games in the outdoors at summer camp, and the strategy and adventure of playing capture the flag on an island, without a lot of adult involvement. Molly and her friends Linda and Susan are not all placed on the same team, and while they do all they can to help their teams win, learn that their friendship is ultimately far more important than which team they are placed on.

This series might seem a little old fashioned for some of us, but for a young reader, could be just the ticket. The girls have a wonderful time at camp and discover that each of them have something they're not naturally good at. As they begin the 'end of camp' competition they find themselves working through their individual challenges to reach a common goal. This is a good example of critical thinking skills, overcoming fears, and asserting one's self.

"Capture the Flag" was always a cool summer camp activity, not that I was any good at it. But this Molly story was action-packed & suspenseful, & fun to read! Also reminds me of an oldies song, "Poison ivyyyy, poison ivyyyyy, You're gonna need an ocean of calamine lotion "

I read this I think like 2 or 3 years ago but according to what I remember, it was really funny! The one part that I thought was funny was when Molly (an American girl doll) put a whole can of worms down this girl's back!! I would have screamed so loud! And they were alive too!! Ha ha!! but I sort of feel bad for that girl!! But oh well!! it is just a story!!

I thought this book was one of the best Molly books.My favorite part was when ever Molly had to swim and stay in one spot until she was out of breathe. But in the end,all of Molly's team got poison ivy after they won the color game. Molly didn't want to turn a different color from blue to red but she did any way! poison ivy pink!

I liked Molly Saves the Day because Molly saved the day. Molly and her friends, Linda and Susan, were at Camp Gowonagin and one day they did a color war, and they had to split into two teams, the Red Team and the Blue Team. Linda was on the Red Team, and Molly and Susan were on the Blue Team. Molly's team won, and so that's how she saved the day. - by Felicity

I thought this was a very good book. I really enjoyed rereading it. I think this a nice change for Molly. She did not have to really think about the war at camp. Here at camp she is clever and is smart about the knowledge she knew about the war so she could help her team win the color wars.

I loved this book when I was little and I love it now. The reading level is simple, but not in a way that makes the reader feel dumb, and there are all kinds of lessons about being brave. :) I'd read it to any kid who wanted to hear it.

My first grader really enjoyed the whole Molly series. The content really kick started some good discussions about life during WWII. The historical aspects definitely help expose children to some additional perspectives on life in different generations.

This book was very good.This book was soooo exciting and interesting because there are lots of adventures in the book!!! I gave this book 5 stares because the way the author worded the story and the way the characters developed!!! I hope you enjoy the book!!!

Z struggled a bit with understanding the strategy and plan, but it did allow us to talk about poison ivy, being a good friend, and facing your fears. I told her when she is a bit older she can read it herself and some of it will be more interstinge is five, im glad for what ii can get.

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