Adventures with Barefoot Critters

Teagan White

Adventures with Barefoot Critters

Adventures with Barefoot Critters

  • Title: Adventures with Barefoot Critters
  • Author: Teagan White
  • ISBN: 9781770496248
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Hardcover

Join an adorable cast of animal characters as they explore the alphabet through the seasons From gathering honey in spring to building cozy campfires in fall, the friends make the most of each season, both enjoying the great outdoors and staying snug inside Learning the alphabet is fun when adventuring with these critters, and children and adults alike will delight in TeJoin an adorable cast of animal characters as they explore the alphabet through the seasons From gathering honey in spring to building cozy campfires in fall, the friends make the most of each season, both enjoying the great outdoors and staying snug inside Learning the alphabet is fun when adventuring with these critters, and children and adults alike will delight in Teagan White s sweet, nostalgic illustrations.

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A charming alphabet book. I love the animals in the illustrations and seriously want to decorate my home with them. The addition of a triceratops to woodland creatures is fun.

Love this gorgeous ABC book! The illustrations are just the style I especially enjoy--whimsical and detailed.

This book is simply adorable! I adore the illustrations in this book, as well as the way this story takes readers through the four season, while teaching readers their ABC's.Teagan White is an author/illustrator whom is now on my radar. I love that she created a children's ABC picture book that teaches kids their abc's by letter identification. Each word that begins with the letter being taught is a different color, so that it stands out for easy identification. For example, for C, she includes [...]

This is a beautiful picture book that goes through the seasons following the letters of the alphabet. In a way that reminds me of Lizi Boyd's notable picture book Flashlight or Julie Morstad's splendid illustrations for Julia, Child, White's illustrations are those that you may want to gaze at over (and over) again. So much gorgeous detail, done with such precision- I savoured each page of lovely illustration and serene text. I think Teagan White may be one to watch for the picture book scene.

A gently rhyming alphabet book reminiscent of Tasha Tudor's work. The soft pastel watercolor and gouache illustrations show forest animals at work and at play through the seasons. Observant readers will appreciate the story that the detailed illustrations paint that silently supplements the text. And don't miss the poster on the inside of the dust jacket.

SO VERY BEAUTIFUL. Everything is beautiful; such LOVELY illustrations. Love that it covers alphabet, seasons, the months of the calendar, friendship, recycling, keeping yourself busy, imagination, etc.! Very much looking forward to the author's next book in this series!

Whimsical illustrations accompany text that highlights the spirit of adventure, exploration and imagination.

Beautiful illustrations.

I just happened to see this book when checking in at work and was drawn to the beautiful illustrations. The Barefoot Critters go through the alphabet in a unique way and also include all the months of year and seasons. I just LOVE the beautiful illustrations and also the little mouse doing something cute in each picture! I also love that they include collecting honey and exploring in nature. The next book in this series will focus on counting. A beautiful picture book with a unique look at the a [...]

This came up as a recommendation when I reviewed another children's book, and I'm a sucker for picture books with anthropomorphic animals. The barefoot critters have adventures as they move through the seasons of the year, with each page representing a letter of the alphabet and including rhymes that feature words beginning with the specific letters. Cute and colorful, with lovely greens and browns and earth tones throughout.

I loved anthropomorphic books as a child, but trying to read more books with humans to my 3.5 YO these days. However, the illustrations are so sweet and the monthly activities perfectly describe seasonal activities so it was a hit.

Review by Circulation Supervisor, Hillary McShea:"This adorable picture book follows a cute gang of critters as they find ways to explore through every month of the year. Emphasize the highlighted words when reading aloud to your toddler as the adventures move from A to Z."

Who adds a triceratops to a mix of adorable woodland creatures? Teagan White, and I love it. You can get lost exploring the details of each illustration, enjoy following along with the alphabet text, or be lulled by the rhythm.

We thought this book was adorable. Natalie especially loved it and told me we need to buy it. :-D

The stars are for the illustrations. Just beautiful. The text is simplisticbut those pictures

This is a brilliant book full of whimsical and beautiful illustrations that follow along with the alphabet throughout the seasons. I will definitely recommend this book.

A cute alphabet book

1 million stars.

The art is adorable. The story is super cute.I haven't seen another ABC book like this.

Annotation: Barefoot critters two foxes, a squirrel, a deer, and triceratops try to explain what they did the whole year through. These critters use the alphabet to to tell something they did that month of they year in order. The critters first start with A and also the month of January. The critters say "In January we clean the Attic and try on old clothes." Attic as the word for A. Soon the barefoot critters go all the way through the alphabet and soon find themselves celebrating the New Year. [...]

How do you celebrate the seasons? By soaking up the summer sun or winter skating on a frozen pond? Take an adventure with the Barefoot Critters as they enjoy the year in creative ways. From feeding ducks in a spring rainstorm to building blanket forts and writing letters to friends, the Barefoot Critters know how to make the most of every season.Teagan White's illustrations steal the show in this charming picture book. Each page spread features a group of stylish, and indeed barefoot, animal fri [...]

Adorable woodland animals go on adventures and take readers through a tour of the alphabet. Throughout the year, the furry friends do different activities: building a bridge across a frozen river, helping a robin keep her eggs warm, and picnicking, to name a few. The watercolor illustrations and palette of colors give the story charming and classic feel along with the cute clothed animal friends. Very readable story that covers a year in the life of friends and teaches the alphabet, and is just [...]

Barefoot Critters is delightfully illustrated with pretty lights and soft pastel and forest related color palette. The drawings are nothing but adorable, so well done and round, in which the anthropomorphism fits beautifully its purpose. It is visually enchanting. Regarding its literary content, this little book verses on the alphabet, the months, the seasons and different animals through sweet rhymes that accompany the reader throughout the year in activities of a group of friends always united [...]

The cover of this fun ABC book is what first drew me to it. The adorable animals have a very European flavour and the soft colours really suit. Simple text and the highlighted words that match the featured letter is a terrific idea. What I enjoyed was the way this wasn't just an alphabet book but also incorporated a story about the seasons. This title is one that would be a great addition to any personal, school or public library. I know that I will be adding it to my personal collection, and wi [...]

Seriously adorable picture book -- love the images, love the woodland creatures of it all. What I like most is that it is far more intricate than it first appears -- in imagery, alphabet and story. The story is simple, but does a fabulous job of following the year around, bringing in both the months and the seasons. It stays neutral on the the holidays, though, so good for any kid. Very focused on being outdoors and exploring and using your imagination as part of play. Lovely, lovely work.

Charming and delightful critters romp through the pages of Teagan White's first picture book. Little ones as well as adults will be drawn in by the use of seasons, beautiful gouache illustrations and clever writing. Watch the antics of the little mouse who appears on nearly every page for extra smiles. Adventures with Barefoot Critters is one book that will become a family favorite. I need to buy more copies and share the love!

This book is darling. Darrrrrling. The pictures are so lovely and the text combines alphabet awareness and a look at the different activities people do during each month of the year. My only question is: where does the title come from?? Some of the critters are barefoot but some are definitely wearing shoes. It's a mystery

This darling new alphabet books encourages letter awareness through a story, rather than single word identification.Several friends enjoy the seasons by catching colds in February, working to make plants grow, fly kites, jump in lakes, take picnics, rake leaves and ice skate. Beautiful illustrations encourage reader participation.

This was a an alphabet story told in a very unique way. I borrowed this book from the library to read with my 4 year old son. I think I enjoyed it more than he did. He seemed to lose interest half way through, but I'm not sure why. The rhymes are cute and the illustrations are beautiful and very well done.

Adventures with Barefoot Critters is one of the most well-done alphabet books I've ever come across, if not the most well-done. It teaches children about the alphabet and seasons through a fun story and adorable illustrations rather than just presenting them with singular words. The inclusion of the triceratops with the woodland creatures is really unexpected but cute.

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