The Accidental Submissive (The Mansion, #1)

Leah J. Michaels

The Accidental Submissive (The Mansion, #1)

The Accidental Submissive (The Mansion, #1)

  • Title: The Accidental Submissive (The Mansion, #1)
  • Author: Leah J. Michaels
  • ISBN: 9781627401678
  • Page: 110
  • Format: ebook

What s a girl to do when fate hands her a look into her darkest fantasies Grab on with both hands, both cuffed hands Karen McGuven s dangerously curious nature has gotten her into trouble before, but this time she s hit the mother lode Kneeling on the auction block she hears the gavel hit and SOLD just as the blood drains from her head What has she gotten herself intoWhat s a girl to do when fate hands her a look into her darkest fantasies Grab on with both hands, both cuffed hands Karen McGuven s dangerously curious nature has gotten her into trouble before, but this time she s hit the mother lode Kneeling on the auction block she hears the gavel hit and SOLD just as the blood drains from her head What has she gotten herself into now When Steven Edwards looks up and sees an angel kneeling on his auction block, he knows something s wrong Because the angel on her knees isn t the pain kitten the auctioneer is selling When he rescues her from a sadist, he can t help but want to keep her for himself.When she finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation, and possibly hunted by the Russian mob, he takes her under his protection Keeping her close to keep her safe, he doesn t even mind as she stumbles into his heart.

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This is the first book I have read by Leah Michaels, but it definitely won't be the last! I absolutely fell in love with the characters in the Accidental Submissive. The men of the Mansion are hot, sweet and sexy as hell. This better be the first book in a series, because I need Berick, James, and Jacob to each have a story. And Leah, what's with the tiny teaser about a secret past for Steven's brother Nathan? I need the rest of that story too! So there ends my fan girl rant, let me move on to t [...]

This is a new author with huge potential!! I really loved the whole story and all the twists and turns. The flow was terrific. I never had a lull where the story lagged.Karen is a great character, I think I am more than a touch like her myself! The artist who is easily distracted, especially when she gets into her creative headspace. More than a touch curious about all things around her! Very easy for me to relate to!Steven is a really interesting guy as well. He is in charge of the Mansion and [...]

I received a free copy for an honest review.When Karen delivers several pieces of interestingwelry a mansion an hour outside of the city for her boss at the jewelry store, she discovers more than she bargained for. She's entered a hotel that caters to the D/s and S&M crowds. While she's read and fantasized about the genre, Karen never thought she'd find it. She's accidentally mistaken for a pretty, masochistic sub and sold to the wrong person on the auction block. Luckily for her the owner a [...]

First of all I would like to thank the author for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I really enjoyed this story and absolutely loved Karen’s character. She’s so dizzy in an intelligent sort of way. She had me cringing from the start.Steven or Sir, was also a likable character, although there wasn’t much to his character. There was very little history to him but the same can be said for Karen.The book is well written and it’s lovely to read the love bloomin [...]

I was given a copy of The Accidental Submissive in return for an honest reviewThe Accidental Submissive is a cute quick read that had me engaged right from the start with Kittens curious nature landing her in a whole heap of trouble she didn't expect. The characters in the book are warm and engaging and I was rooting for the heroine in her quest to to indulge her curiosity and improve her sex life right from the start!The book is well written with characters it would be good to get to know more [...]

I received this a copy of this book from an blog contest.First Time SubWhat did you like:The sub felt very relatable and she made me smile. The proposal scene was beautiful. The story was very emotionally engaging and made me want to beat the evil Dom.What did you not like:There was the reference to the actor in the beginning that I didn't understand. That distracted me in the beginning. While the twist and turns in the story helped to move the h/h relationship along it didn't make me want to fi [...]

really enjoyed the story of a young girls whose constant curiosity keeps getting her into trouble. She ends up in an auction at a BDSM club luckily for her the owner recognizes she does not belong. He saves her but falls for her as well. really good love story as well as funny and entertaining. This is the story of their journey

it was giving to me for a honest review! i really enjoyed the book the only problem i saw was karen had no back bone.but other then that it was good! looking forward to reading book 2 :) keep up the great work!!

Leah did an awesome job. I really enjoyed Karen and Steven's story. I am looking forward to more stories about the Mansion.

Karen is someone who has been curious about the BDSM lifestyle and weather or not she is a submissive since she first started reading romances based on the theme. Karen's curiosity often gets her into situations where she fails to think "what if". One of these such times finds her on the auction block at a magnificent hotel that caters to the lifestyle. She is saved from the block by Sir Steven, the owner of the hotel and soon they begin a romance. Throw in a bit of intrigue along the way, and K [...]

This was great, the storyline was believable, something you could see happening!I enjoyed the writing, the characters were great, the meek and clumsy Karen, a jewellery designer, working for an old chap, who apparently hid lots of things from Karen. So she finishes an order and has to deliver it direct to the client, not realising what it was she had been working on.She had been reading lots of erotic romance books and secretly wanted a more interesting love life.She accidentally gets taken to a [...]

Accidental SubmissiveTitle speaks for itself! Kitten couldn't be anymore accident prone!! LOLSilly Karen, aka Kitten, finds herself on the catwalk at a submissive auction. Since she's curious, she doesn't speak up that she's not who they claim she is. But, she meets Sir and life is never the same. Sex, romance, erotica, humor, and twists. This book has it all. Kitten cracks me up with her ability to be so distracted in such an establishment. For reading BDSM, she doesn't seem to know some of the [...]

Book: The Accidental SubmissiveAuthor: Leah J. MichaelsPublication Date: 7/2013Reviewed by: Tammy Payne at booknooknuts/My Rating: 5 StarsREVIEW:Karen seems to keep having the same dream about being tied up and spanked.When she is sent to a Mansion to deliver some jewerly little does she know her dreams are about to come true !!And in the end she gets her dream man who is a Millionaire and her Sir Lucky Girl.This book kept me trapt I was barely able to put it down.Excellent work and the author [...]

Enjoyed reading this book for many reasons, not the least of which was the way it kept my attention and how invested I became in the characters. While many of the qualities of novels like this are similar and can become boring, this book captured me and kept me interested. It was a good read, the characters were engaging, the men were delightful, sexy, loving and caring and sex was HOT!!! My one criticism would be that some of the language and grammar was not up to par and the book needed better [...]

This was a terirific read! I loved that Steven called her "kitten" and that Karen called him "Sir".The story was a little odd in the beggining, because you did not know why she was going to the mansion. Then, when she openingly went for the bidding and told no one that she was not one of the subs to be auctioned off. Karen had a dark side to her that she wanted to explore. Steven, however, wanted to keep her for himself. She explored her sexuality and yurned for what Steven had in store. This is [...]

First I would like to thank Leah Michaels for allowing me to read and review her book The Accidental Submissive which I loved very much. I enjoyed the story about Karen and Sir, first in a series I hope, I would like to read more about Berick, James, Jacob and the story behind why Nathan won't visit The Mansion. I will recommended this author to my friends and will read more of her books in the future.

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When Karen's boss asks her to personally deliver a package to The Mansion, she finds herself in a heap of trouble including being cuffed and on stage at a BDSM auction. After reading BDSM, Karen finds she is excited to be enthralled in the heart of the community, especially when Steven aka Sir, who calls her Kitten, and with her curious nature how could he call her anything else!, allows her to explore the submissive side of her she had been wanting to experience. The novel was well written, a s [...]

I gave this book 3 stars because it was pretty well written and Kitten was funny. This book has confirmed for me that I'm just not into reading about BDSM. So for me, the bulk content of this book was a turn off. The "horse races" was pretty much the point where I was done. This is me though. I'm sure that there is an audience out there that will thoroughly enjoy this book. Gitty up ;)All in all, considering what it's about, not too bad.

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