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  • Title: Turned
  • Author: Virna DePaul
  • ISBN: 9780345542458
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Paperback

Perfect for fans of J R Ward, Nalini Singh, and Lara Adrian, bestselling author Virna DePaul s new series of paranormal romances introduces readers to a thrilling world where vampires secretly co exist with humans, seduction rules the night, and the stakes are nothing less than life and undeath.Welcome to a mesmerizing world where vampires hide among humans This centuriPerfect for fans of J R Ward, Nalini Singh, and Lara Adrian, bestselling author Virna DePaul s new series of paranormal romances introduces readers to a thrilling world where vampires secretly co exist with humans, seduction rules the night, and the stakes are nothing less than life and undeath.Welcome to a mesmerizing world where vampires hide among humans This centuries old species has its own rules, code of conduct, and taboos Only the FBI knows that vampires exist and although the Bureau agrees to keep their secret, it also plots to give humans the upper hand.Turning mortals into vampires is forbidden.But there are creatures who refuse to play by the rules.Ever since he was turned, FBI special agent Ty Duncan has had one mission bring rogue vampires to justice As a recruiter for Belladonna, a shadow agency formed to keep vampires in check, Ty must tap Ana Martin, a troubled ex gang member and one of the few mortals who can infiltrate places that his kind and the law cannot From their first encounter, Ty fights a hunger to make Ana his own.When Ty claims to have information about Ana s missing sister, Ana has no choice but to trust this captivating stranger who awakens her deepest desires But as she and Ty climb the heights of pleasure and passion, an enemy is conspiring to destroy them both.Can Ana help Ty find his humanity in a love that could heal them both, or will their passion lead them into a darkness impossible to escape

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2.5 STARSWith great sex comes great responsibility.Whoa there, let’s not be too presumptuous. It wasn’t THAT great.With a bit of effort, I can almost imagine this as the urban-fantacheese erotica book that took me by surprise and make me finally take vampire stories with more seriousness less derisive snortingMOST.Because this did have a couple of good things going for it plot-wise. I mean, you’re bound to get something right if you throw everything and the sink in the storyline, I suppose [...]

The Book Nympho and I have teamed up on this review! You'll get two perspectives for one view so let's bring it.World buildingStrengthsJonetta: There were some unique qualities. For one, there are many distinct differences between "born" vampires versus "turned," which sets up a platform for natural conflicts. Some have mind-reading abilities (not consistent) and there are ways to block it. Knowledge of vampire existence is limited to covert arms of government agencies. Vampires have the same ha [...]

It was a cold rainy night. Nothing was on TV. Nothing was calling to me on my shelves. So, I grabbed my computer and began to search. Search for something new, exciting with an air of who-done-it and of course a smoking hot romance.d I found it in Turned!Belladonna series is a must for me. The world DePaul created is unique, suspenseful, sensual, and leaves a reader begging for book two.Ty was an emotionally damaged character whose past held a couple of traumatic events. Both of which can not be [...]

Two chapters in, I knew I was not going to like this book. I've tried three or four books by Ms DePaul, every time trying to be fair and give her a chance. By book four I can honestly say that I really dislike her writing. I DNFed it and sent it back.Ash in her review saidComplaining about insta-love in urban-fantacheese is like complaining about the cholesterol in your Big Mac. It comes with the contract you signed yourself into. /review/show (Please, read her very nice review.)I'm not sure I f [...]

TURNEDTy Duncan FBI special agent is a vampire turned against his will, he hates what he is. Now working for the highly secret Balladonna agency, he's been ordered to recruit Ana Martin ex gang member. Ty hopes to persuade Ana to join Belladonna , he does have something that will seal the deal if Ana is reluctant, news on her long lost sister Gloria. Belladonna believe that Ana is the key to infiltrating a secret organisation suspected of being involved with illegal activities connected to the t [...]

This book was very good. It kept me entertained the whole way through. It's a little different from most vampire books and the vampires themselves are unique which is important with a market still a little saturated in vampires. It has an HEA and can stand alone but it's a series. The next one starts with one of the main character's friends/co-worker being the next heroine and continues with the investigation they start in this first book. Try it you'll like it! I received this book for review a [...]

AUDIOBOOK REVIEWRating: 3.5/5Heat Rating: 3/5Narrator Performance: 4.5/5It's been a long time since I've read a PNR by Virna DePaul and while this wasn't as good as the previous ones I've read it was still an enjoyable read. The world building was interesting and I'd like to learn more about it.Both Ty and Ana were good characters but I wasn't able to fully connect with Ty. Well, at least not at first. By the end however I knew where his head was at. To me it seemed easy to put myself in Ana's s [...]

Since learning about the existence of vampires, the FBI didn't want to rely on the Vampire Queen's word that they posed no threat to humans, so they secretly took preemptive measures and employed Rogues to turn FBI recruits. But the Rogues had their own agenda and were creating vampires on their own. When a couple of agents were attacked and turned, an off-the-books agency named Belladonna was formed to clean up the mess - hunt down and destroy the Rogues. Special Agent Ty Duncan was attacked, t [...]

My Review:Where to go with this review? This is a tough book for me to review. There were moments when I absolutely loved reading it and then there were moments when I wasn't sure I was going to even be able to finish it. I will tell you, it took me 4 days to read and I read on it every single one of those days. For a girl that reads a book/day, that isn't so great. But to sit down and say why that wasI have no clue. The premise is good. I liked every single character that was introduced. I like [...]

I received this book from Netgalley for my honest review. A very good start of a new series!The back-story is complex and wil surely lead towards a lot of books, as we are introduced to many interesting characters.The FBI knows about the esistence of vampires, but it is keeping the large human population in dark. Obviously there're people in the FBI who wants to take advantage of their powers. Those people goes against the vampire law which forbids human being turned into vampires and with a hel [...]

3.5 stars.This series has potential. I hope the author can really deliver the kind of story that can rival the Midnight Breeds and the like.FBI Agent Ty Duncan was sent to recruit Eliana "Ana" Duncan to the Belladonna Agency, a covert goverment agency hunting rogue vampires. The general population in the United States were unaware that vampires existed among them. However, the federal government had recruited some of the vampires to turn some soldiers into "super vampire soldiers". Some of the n [...]

*I received an ARC of this book courtesy of Random House Publishing Group - Bantam Dell, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review* 3 1/2 starsTy Duncan isn't the man he used to be. He's a vampire. Forced into a world that he never knew existed, he finds himself trying to make the most of it. A recruiter for a secret agency know as Belladonna, he is responsible for helping keep the shadows a secret from the world and reigning in rogue vampires. His next assignment just might bring him to h [...]

Turned by Virna DePaul A fantastically fun beginning-of-series, full of suspense, romance and intrigue!Renowned author, Virna DePaul adds another paranormal series to her vast collection. The Belladonna Agency series, introduced FBI special agent Ty Duncan. Only a privileged few within the FBI know the real existence of vampires. When Agent Duncan became one of those few, he did it unwillingly as he was turned into one. Now working under the sub-agency Belladonna, he is determined to bring to ju [...]

*Book received from NetGalley for review*I have not read many vampire books but I decided to check out this book. Ty is an agent of The Belladonna Agency, a sector of the FBI, who is looking into a human slavery for blood camp. Ty was changed into a vampire a short time ago. Eliana "Ana" is a former gangster who left to take care of her sister, but ended up going to prison with her sister hating her. Ana is asked to join Belladonna because of her sister's potential involvement of the camp. She i [...]

Meh. So much erect peen. The hero thinks with his johnson more than anything. Another guy interviews the queen of the vampires with a woody. The emphasis on sex-sex-sex over what could have been an interesting story about vampires and human trafficking felt cheapened by all the focus on the lust.Parts of it were good, but I rolled my eyes so hard I was seeing the back of my skull when the hero Hulks out on a former gang member trying to get his freak on with his beloved Ana. Ty, the hero, ends u [...]

I really enjoyed this book! I liked the strength of the characters, and I really look forward to more books in this series! It was interesting having a secret FBI unit mixing with vampires. I thought Ty was great, and it was nice to see his strength and his vulnerability. I liked Ana, and it was good to see her grow more comfortable with herself. The whole gang aspect I could've done without, but I could see why it may have been needed. I like the way this story ended, and that some of the chara [...]

I have to say this book was pretty great! The belladonna project series, and the first which provides a definite twist on vampires. I received this arc for free from netgalley in exchange for a review. This novel length story provided enough character in depth for an amazing read. Ty plays a newly turned vampire who needs Ana to help him infiltrate a cult, the chemistry between the two is amazing. I look forward to the next in this series.

At one time I could tolerate dream sex but that time has passed *sigh*

Originally published at Reading RealityI picked this book up from NetGalley because I signed up for the Turned Blog Hop from Romance at Random last week. (The hop is still going on, so enter here!)Turned introduces us to a slightly different version of the fanged ones. In this world, some vamps are born, and others are made, in other words, turned from human to vampire. There are lots of politics involved, because, well, immortal vampires make for convoluted politics. But in this case not all of [...]

Rating: C+ Liked It, but I had issuesOriginally posted at That's What I'm Talking AboutReview copy provided by NetGalleyIn Turned, Virna DePaul introduces readers to the Belladonna Agency, a top secret section of the FBI that knows all about (born) vampires and uses rogue vampires to turn human agents to made vampires. Special Agent Ty Duncan is one such agent that was turned against his will by a group of rogues who captured and tortured him, along with his sister Naomi, Peter Lancaster and Ben [...]

3 stars The story in a nutshell…Ty Duncan is part of Belladonna, the agency tasked to take care of vampire issues or, in this case, catastrophic problems. They believe a private organization publicly known as a shelter and help group for immigrants is working with rogues, vampires who formerly worked for the FBI but who had turned against the agency. They need someone who can help them infiltrate or at least get close to the organization. And Belladonna found that someone in Ana Martin. Her ti [...]

Overall rating: 5 Rockin’ ★★★★★This is a story about two star-crossed lovers that come from very different backgrounds. Ty Duncan was born into a world of wealth and privilege while Ana comes from a life of poverty, abuse, prison and gang membership. The big difference, however; is that Ty is a turned vampire!“Right. The rest. Like the fact the Rogues turned humans into vampires for the FBI? And that even though the FBI wants those Rogues dead now, it also wants to find a way to co [...]

Title: TurnedSeries: N/AAuthor: Virna DePaulGenre: Paranormal/RomanceBlurb: Welcome to a mesmerizing world where vampires hide among humans. This centuries-old species has its own rules, code of conduct, and taboos. Only the FBI knows that vampires exist—and although the Bureau agrees to keep their secret, it also plots to give humans the upper hand. Turning mortals into vampires is forbidden. But there are creatures who refuse to play by the rules. Ever since he was turned, FBI special agent [...]

Turned. The Belladonna Agency Series. Virna DePaulReview from Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews. I love to find a new series starting so was pleased to get this one for review. The first book in a new series can be problematic, sometimes its so good that the next just can't live up to the promise, and sometimes – as I found with this one, there's so much information to give that the actual novel is quite slow starting. I enjoyed this book, but the first half did go very slowly for me. To be honest th [...]

I’ve read Ms. Depaul’s Special Investigations Group aka SIG series and enjoyed it. Just like her SIG series, Ms. Depaul executed the mystery and suspense in this book with precision. The FBI, police, and gang involvement were quite realistic. Certainly, the vampire sides of things are not practical but the connection between the vamps and FBI was interesting. As usual, the FBI is trying to keep the existence of vampires a secret, but not so shy in using them to their advantage. Unfortunately [...]

Turned is not your every day dark paranormal romance. The FBI has tried their hand at creating vampires and it has literally come back to bite them. The same rogue faction the FBI allied themselves with is now forcibly changing and torturing agents, using illegal immigrants as blood slaves and murdering without discretion. Trying to take back control, FBI agent now turned vampire, Ty Duncan must enlist the help of Ana Martin to infiltrate this rogue band. Ana is the key because her sister and he [...]

The premise of this book starts with the fact that vampires are alive some are born and some are turned. The population at large does not know this fact but the FBI does. For fear that one day vampires would try and rise up and over throw humanity the FBI has been prepping and double dealing behind the Vampire Queen's back by creating their own vampires. But now the vampires the FBI were working with have gone on their own and started turning others without the FBI's consent.That's where Ana and [...]

As seen on Joyfully ReviewedSource: PublisherTurned by Virna DePaulThe Belladonna Agency, Book 1BantamParanormalISBN: 978-0345542458Reviewed by MirandaFBI Special Agent Ty Duncan was brutally turned into a vampire. Now he is learning to deal with the day-to-day life as a vampire. It has not been easy but one thing keeps him going: bringing to justice the rogue vampires. Ty is working with the Belladonna Agency and his first assignment is to recruit the beautiful Ana Martin.Ana Martin is an ex-ga [...]

Lots going on in this first book of a brand new series. We've got the FBI and vampires combined together and a complicated story. TY Duncan is a FBI agent who finds himself turned into a vampire along with one of his other FBI friends. While still trying to figure out his new body and not knowing to much about it he joins a new agency that hunts rogue vampires. Ana Martin grew up with a mother who was no mother at all and eventually found herself in a gang and brought her baby sister along for t [...]

This thrilling read is a great beginning for an intriguing new vampire series. FBI agent Ty Duncan was recently turned and now has one mission: to bring rogue vampires to justice. As a recruiter for the Belladonna shadow agency, he must tap Ana Martin, but from their first encounter, Ty fights a hunger to make her his own. When Ty claims to have information regarding her missing sister, Ana has no choice but to trust this captivating stranger who awakens her deepest desires. But as they climb to [...]

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