Mormon's Codex: An Ancient American Book

John L. Sorenson

Mormon's Codex: An Ancient American Book

Mormon's Codex: An Ancient American Book

  • Title: Mormon's Codex: An Ancient American Book
  • Author: John L. Sorenson
  • ISBN: 9781609073992
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Hardcover


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John L. Sorenson has been studying the relationship of the Book of Mormon to Mesoamerica for over 60 years. He received an MA in archaeology from BYU and a PhD in anthropology from UCLA. His best known book prior to this was “An Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon,” published in 1985.“Mormon’s Codex” is the culmination of his studies. It begins with a Foreword by Terryl Givens and then has three main sections followed by an appendix. At the center of the book are colorful m [...]

I've always been uncomfortable when people justify their belief in the Book of Mormon by saying that Joseph Smith couldn't have written it himself because of his lack of education. To be clear, I believe that the Book of Mormon is what it claims to be -- a book of ancient scripture written by prophets on the American continent -- but I also recognize that there is no telling what someone with a superior genius is capable of. Could someone of sufficient genius have produced the Book of Mormon fro [...]

Fascinating read. Although I don't think anyone can ever *prove* the historicity of the Book of Mormon, this book certainly presents some intriguing correspondences between The Book of Mormon and the archaeological/anthropological record of Mesoamerica. I am of the opinion that one's belief in The Book of Mormon should not be based on or centered around these types of things, but it presents information and sets a stage that makes it entirely possible that the events recorded in The Book of Morm [...]

Splendid work by Sorenson. 700 plus pages, with over 100 pages of references. Perhaps not as revolutionary in impact as his An Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon was back in 1985, but still impressive in the higher resolution of the contextualization. Like going from standard definition to high resolution. I'm particularly impressed with the way that he maps specific cultural movements in particular locations to Book of Mormon events. This is not the kind of thing that you can use t [...]

Fascinating update on current archaeological findings in Central America - and how they compare to the Book of Mormon.

When I read "Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon" over twenty years ago, my views of the Book of Mormon was completely changed. The Book of Mormon events suddenly seemed more plausible, even in light of modern views of geology and archaeology. But those views are not the traditional, orthodox views. Most of the Book of Mormon took place within Mesoamerica, not over the entire western hemisphere. There were hundreds of thousands of other people already living in the Americas when Lehi [...]

To call this book exhaustive is accurate but not adequate. This book is a monster – over 800 pages with extensive footnotes. This book is the product of a lifetime of scholarship. The gist of the book is that the Book of Mormon fits into the ancient Mesoamerican context. To explain his thesis, Sorenson details what we know about the Mesoamerican context from history and archaeology. Then he reads the Book of Mormon very carefully and compares them. He finds much that is similar – a great dea [...]

The single best book about archaeological, linguistic, historical, cultural, and anthropological evidence (indirect, in the form of correspondences) tying the Book of Mormon to Mesoamerica. Much of the research is not new but Dr. Sorenson encapsulates it in a way that makes it both readable and compelling. The book also provides great insight into the Book of Mormon cultures, governments, and conflicts.For me, it does not matter where the Book of Mormon events took place - that's not central to [...]

Don't be daunted by Sorenson's opus magnus: the tome seems prohibitive but a full third is footnotes, source notes, tables, appendices, and so on. This is a follow-up volume to his earlier Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon and a culmination of Sorenson's life work. It is chock full of connections, correlations, correspondences, comparisons, as well as directions for future research needed. I was impressed at the vast quantity of evidence and correlations given--very specific timeli [...]

It's a great summary of most of the latest archeological findings that relate, or don't relate, to the Book of Mormon. As this is a topic full of out of date information and other rumors or misrepresentations it's particularly helpful to those who are curious but not extensively well read on this topic.While it's mostly moves along quickly a few sections would have been more effective trimmed down. A few interesting notes that were nicely dealt with: 1) The fact that someone (Moroni) could have [...]

I really enjoyed reading this book. Sorenson goes out with a bang. Explains many areas and aspects of the Book of Mormon that I thought were good. As important as all the scientific backing and other facts. The real claim to the Book of Mormon is reading it for yourself and finding if it is the word of God. The Book of Mormon does not replace the Bible, it is a second witness of Jesus Christ. For all those that fight and try to find ways to discredit the Book of Mormon, drop it and swallow your [...]

Fascinating. I'm relatively new to this topic, so it was a bit tedious for me at times. However, this is the most comprehensive look at demonstrating that the author of the BoM is from Mesoamerica. Some parallels/correspondences/convergences carry more weight than others, but there were powerful nuggets laced throughout this entire 800+ page book. It also helped me to understand the BoM and its people much better. I'll never look at the BoM in the same away again; it brought it to life.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I was not looking to prove the Book of Mormon true (already believe it) but was looking for ancient american history to supplement and add to the stories in the BoM. This book nailed it. From Aztec and Inca history to wars and culture in central America, this book has a lot of information. It has already been loaned out, and I have a list of others wanting to read it.

This book is mostly boring details based upon loose connections between the Book of Mormon and Mesoamerica. I don't buy it. It's a large book with little substance. Sorenson's Magnum Opus? More like Magnum Erroneous. Joseph Smith never said Guatemala was Zarahemla so the book is almost a waste of time.

The author, who established the anthropology dept at BYU, presents here a great accumulation of archeological correspondences between the Book of Mormon and Mesoamerica. I recommend it to those with a love of the Book of Mormon.

Fantastic book that is painstakingly researched by Sorenson. It is clear he poured his heart and soul into this work. While not an easy read, the book is very rewarding for the reader who can stick with it to the end.

This is a wonderful book written by the only person I know who had repaired himself to write. A long time student of the Book of Mormon, Dr John I Sorenson has written over 200 Books and articles in a lengthy academic career

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