The Spitfire

Bertrice Small

The Spitfire

The Spitfire

  • Title: The Spitfire
  • Author: Bertrice Small
  • ISBN: 9780345375650
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

The year is 1483 Just as beautiful Lady Arabella Grey, the young cousin of England s King Richard III, speaks her wedding vows to Sir Jasper Keane, the Scotsman Tavis Stewart, Earl of Dun, abducts Arabella as payment for Jasper s murder of his fiancee Irresistibly, deliciously, Arabella surrenders to her enemy with fierce abandon knowing that there may be only one wThe year is 1483 Just as beautiful Lady Arabella Grey, the young cousin of England s King Richard III, speaks her wedding vows to Sir Jasper Keane, the Scotsman Tavis Stewart, Earl of Dun, abducts Arabella as payment for Jasper s murder of his fiancee Irresistibly, deliciously, Arabella surrenders to her enemy with fierce abandon knowing that there may be only one way to get what is rightfully hers.

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Rating: 3.5I was txting Sarah earlier and I told her that Bertie Small is my trash!author. I have only read 3 of her books so far, and I enjoyed 2 of them. Her books are not quality, and the smut is hilariously bad, but that is part of the appeal for me. This is another keeper for me. Bertie Keepers: 2/3

Bertrice Small's writing is somehiow becoming almost a naughty little pleasure for me. Yea, I know the prose tends to be a titch purply, but otherwise it's not that bad. Mostly, I like the epic saga-type style, the stories spanning over a number of years, with lots of stuff going on. I also gotta admit to likin' the naughty bits in a way too. This one wasn't as kinky as the two mid-east set stories I've read by her, but the heroine did have relations with more men than just the hero. It was tame [...]

This is not your typical historical romance. Though it follows some conventions (hero and heroine despise each other at first, they are forced together, then naturally fall in lust if not love) it is mercifully free of my biggest pet peeve, The Great Big Misunderstanding that seems to so stupidly drive apart the lovebirds of so many books of this genre. Though there is something that comes between Arabella and Tavis, the heroes of Bertrice Small' s The Spitfire, it is an issue that has been a so [...]

Reviewed by ReganBook provided by the publisher for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookFor those not familiar with her work, Small has a very different style than other romance authors and tells complex, intricate and sometimes disturbing stories. This one is no exception. It begins with deception and treachery and a Scottish earl seeking vengeance. But it makes some strange twists and turns. To enjoy it, you must adjust your expectations from the typical historical romance to e [...]

I read this book for the first time about 20 years ago. I've reread it numerous times since and I continue to love it. That first time reading it I was in a mountain cabin laying on a bunk bed stealing it from my mom because I wanted something to read. It was the first romance novel I ever read. So fond memories. The book itself has created even fonder memories. It showed me that it is possible to be a strong and intelligent woman as well as soft and feminine. Arabella's story is fascinating, sh [...]

This was not my favorite book I was not fond of the character Lady Arabella Grey. I found her very spoiled, vain and irritating, I had read this book years ago and was doing a re-read and to be honest did not finish the book.

Too historically accurate for someWell written, this book it's one of the most historically accurate I've ever read. Most people criticize the heroine's age, and though I agree that it is disturbing to find a young girl in such a sexual role, the truth is that it was pretty common at that time. Back then people lived shorter lives so they became adults earlier than we're used to, so I don't look at it as a perverse scenario, for Arabella was very capable of making her own choices.**SPOILERS AHEA [...]

Okay with historical romance friction, but I don't need 1-2 page history lessons, even if Kyle possibly relevant to the story lines. Skimmed through a lot of those sections.

liked the historical aspect. had some difficulty with typos ie. Lena Lona that were distracting - might have come from eBook translation.

I really liked this book. The year is 1483. Lady Arabella is set marry the kings choice of husband (he's a bad guy) and he comes to live with them before the wedding. Note: she is to young to wed yet. During the time he is there seduces her mother. He had already killed one woman that he seduced that was betrothed to the neighboring Scot Lord.Well on the wedding day, the Scot Lord Tavis Steward steals her away and makes her wed him. She falls in love with him and lives with him for a time, but w [...]

This is a very different romance. It's very historical which I am a fan of usually, however this is a very unromantic portrayal of history. I was shocked with the level of violence and brutality displayed within the first chapter. I don't think ill be finishing this booke biggest thing I have issue with is the extremely young age of the heroine. We meet her at age 12 and after skimming the book I believe this is when her romance beginsmething I honestly find weird and disturbing on top of unbeli [...]

personally i don't like it because i think lady arabella is spoiled and thinks only about herself. she became a whore because she is damn idiot. acting like a a spoiled little girl shows she is immature and idiot but not a brave and a bold women. if she threatened her husband that she is suicide or runaway surely he would have done somethin. but no she went and slept with his nephew and went to France and became a whore. she clearly didn't love her husband or anyone around her but herself. she i [...]

This book started off as a regular sounding historical romance, then many twists and turns came alongl due to the maddening result of man's rule and a woman trying to be strong when it wasn't allowed. She is praised and frowned upon for her strength and carries on trying to do what she feels is right, even doing what she feels is wrong because of orders from the men around her. The ending is sad, and it made me wish the end was differentt the ending is goodif that can make sense, it's how I felt [...]

Three and a halfAnd would have been a four if not for the uneventful beginning. I tried to start reading this at least two times before I forced myself to continue. Then the author list me for a while when she made the main character someone I didn't like. I'm not sure if I really enjoyed the ending either because it sort of felt forced. I'm sure I will read more but I hope these things don't happen in the next books.

The book is too long. It dragged on, and I really disliked the heroine.I think there was a three-some sex scene, which was something I hadn't read in a romance novel before, so that was a surprise.

Fast paced and fun. I enjoyed the writing style and look forward to more books by Bertrice Small. I like learning about other places by reading books set there and Newfoundland is on my list. This book heightened my interest in spending time there.

The SpitfireHistory was certainly strange in England, Scotland and France . Isabella seemed to face everything from thievery, wild Scots and being a spy. Love the way Bertrice Small writes. May be she could write about the current times. It would be interesting

Here's the link to my review on Romancing the Book:romancing-the-book/2012/09

Love Beatrice Small I have always loved Beatrice Small's novels . I love how she intertwines history with fiction. Her historical facts are accurate.

3 starsA VERY LOW 3 STARS The last quarter was gut wrenching. I skipped a few pages of her journey in Frances.

the adventures of Arabella Gray is really interesting.Certainly,she is a strong woman.

good read

I believe I've read this. I remember little bits and pieces of it, like her being nekkid at her wedding.

Excellent readI loved this book. Bertrice Small was an excellent author. I have enjoyed many of her books and this one certainly didn't disappoint.

Great Book! :-)

I just couldn't bring myself to like Arabella. Travis was in spite of the era, a sweetheart who loved a selfish-overly proud woman.

I don't like reading bodice rippers as much as I used to.

Great read Typical Beatrice Small novel but still a fun read. Lots of great history of English and Scottish kings. Typical lovers lost and reclaimed.



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