A Fallen Woman

Cheryl Bolen

A Fallen Woman

A Fallen Woman

  • Title: A Fallen Woman
  • Author: Cheryl Bolen
  • ISBN: 9780821772492
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback

In this third book set in 1820 Bath, a woman shrouded in scandal finds true love with an honorable man.

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Oh, I disliked Carlotta immensely when this started. She was a less than stellar mother, and was wallowing in her breakup from a man who used her body, but didn't want to marry her.Along comes the man, now an Earl, that through his disobeying of orders caused her husband to be killed in a battle.He wants to help her son and has always had a "thing" for Carlotta. Not that he acted on it, because he really IS a kind man, an honorable man.He is enchanted now that he's met her again. And he really w [...]

A wonderful story of a marriage of convenience. I loved the heroine, Carlotta Ennis with her sassy attitude and strong will. When she accepts the proposal of James Moore, the Earl of Rutledge, she didn't expect anything more than help with Stevie, her son and settling her financial problems. Time plays a trick with her heart and she struggles with her growing love for James while keeping her dark past a secret from him. A beautiful romance full of the Regency pagentry that I've come to enjoy so [...]

Have you given too much to a partner, thinking he/she would honor a verbal condition of engagement, only to find you dropped cold? Our poor heroine has had this happyen and in this story suffers from those ill-fated choices.Audiobook Review: Carlotta Ennis, we learned in book 2 had been a mistress to one Gregory Blankenship who is quite the rake and filthy rich. It was my intention to disfavor her, not because of being a mistress, but from outward appearance she was a women who took advantage. S [...]

Carlotta Ennis has had nothing but sorrow since her soldier husband perished in battle. So when his comrade comes to make reparations, she accepts with gratitude. But James wants more than to help the lovely widow. He feels an obligation to take her son in hand and be the man in his life. His attention forces Carlotta to examine her life and realize she hasn’t been the best mother. Hoping to improve her situation, she accepts James’ proposal of marriage. Will he still hold her in regard when [...]

This is book 3 of the Brides of Bath. It is better developed and better written than either of the previous books of the series.Carlotta Ennis has appeared in the earlier books and honestly, I didn't like her much. She was selfish and immodest and rather mercenary. However, the author manages to redeem her character very well and Carlotta matures into a caring person, devoted wife and loving mother.

Great book. This is the fourth book. Can't stop reading

This is the third installment of the wonderful Brides of Bath series. (See my comments for The Bride Wore Blue, the first book in the series).

A page turner! I enjoyed it with all its ups and downs.Realistic and moving, this story will pull you in from page one. Carlotta at first seems a bit pathetic and calculating, especially with her not seeing her son for two years. As her history and motivations become evident, the reader is drawn into hoping for a good outcome, even as you know her secret will come out and ruin things. Another good book in The Brides of Bath series!

Hero: James/Rutledge Heroine: CarlottaReading Enjoyment:4.4* I enjoyed this story about maturity, redemption and a friendship growing into love. I did enjoy this book more than the 1st 2 books in the series. This story has a very happy and satisfying HEA

Pride is the bain of our lovers existenceLiked the setting starting in Bath and then moving to the west country in mirrored the changes in fortune and the development of the lovers relationship.

A sweet romanceThe story of a widow whose husband had died as a result of one of his soldier's mistakes during the war. She lives in Bath and her son lives with her grandmother.

I loved this story. The heroine didn't disclose a secret to start with and when it was found out later it lent an interesting outcome to her life.The hero is able to communicate with her son (by her first husband) much better than she can. Her envy of this is touching.And the realization by both that they were truly in love with each other after they marry was quite endearing.I love Cheryl Bolen's use of words which draws pictures in my mind as I read. Yes, I could clearly see each scene playing [...]

This is the third book in the Brides of Bath series by Cheryl Bolen. I am not certain I cared for Carlotta Ennis. She certainly does not fit the image of the Regency heroine. She is depressed and manipulative. She is a "fallen woman," who takes advantage of a very nice gentleman. In the end, the reader learns more of Carlotta and many of her earlier deficits are overcome. She does not have redeeming qualities in the beginning, and that fact affects how much I enjoyed the book.

Very confusing as the title has changed. I read it as THE BRIDE'S SECRET. The narration was horrible. It was difficult to finish. The story was neither exceptional nor horrid. Simply a middle of the road book.

2.5 stars

Light reading

can't even remember it ! it's that ordinary

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