A Gentleman and a Cowboy

Randi Alexander

A Gentleman and a Cowboy

A Gentleman and a Cowboy

  • Title: A Gentleman and a Cowboy
  • Author: Randi Alexander
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Storeowner Laci Monson can t see that Finn Halliday is just the genuine cowboy she s been looking for until he resorts to using borrowed duds to capture her attention When things go wrong, will she be able to see the real man behind the clothes

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A Thrill Ride to Rawhide!A normal day at the shop turns out to be not so normal when a particular man walks into a store and offers his services as a model. Laci, the store owner is naturally skeptical. He wins her over gradually by weaving a web of deception but the web is breached when the truth comes to light. Whether he’s a cowboy or a gentleman you’ll want to keep your eyes on Finn.Author Randi Alexander writes Finn’s part with a masculine appeal and it displays her ability to write t [...]

I really liked this little story overall. I did feel Laci gave in just a bit too quick, but the interaction between Laci and Finn was both hot and sweet. I liked the set up and his need to prove to her he was a stylish man, which was the absolute wrong way to go about it. Fun, sexy, short free read and a great introduction to Ms. Alexander's writing.

Laci had been dreaming about A Gentleman and a Cowboy all wrapped up in one man. Finn was a Gentleman and a Cowboy that had seen Laci and for months had dreamed of having her. Once they both managed to talk to each other, the chemistry just worked for a really good story with a hot cowboy hero and a beautiful red haired girl. Sometimes dreams do come true!

Not bad

Short, HOT and Cowboy, what more can I say. Oh Yeah, it's FREE too. ;-)

A Gentleman and a Cowboyby Randi AlexanderWhat happens when a hunky cowboy enters a western wear store? Sparks fly and passion sizzles! Laci has a thing for real cowboys but when a man comes into her store in a ill fitting suit, she’s not sure she should agree to his proposal. The story is a wonderful quick read that will entertain you and excite you. Laci and Finn come alive on the pages as they explore their passion. They are such a cute couple, I’d love to see what happens to them next. M [...]

I really didn't like this at all, too unrealistic. The only thing it had going for it was a hot cowboy.Finn walks into Laci's store (Lacy's-- it was spelled both ways) with some concocted lie about being a model to get her to have dinner with him. He tries on a pair of jeans and she's gobsmacked by the size of his junk. He tells her the truth then they do it in a dressing room. Then they go to her place to do it some more. And from all that he's "a gentleman and a cowboy". *eyes are a rollin'*

Love itFinn, a wrangler at a ranch 4 hours from Denver, saw Laci-a hot curvy redhead at a clothing boutique when visiting downtown Denver for business. He's been back several times on several months trying to ask Lacy out, but she refuses. This time he arrives all candied up in a suit and tie borrowed from his ranch manager. He's determined to get Lacy to go out with him, and things heat up quickly. Short story with great characters.

Randi Alexander is a phenomenal Adult book author who knows how to rope you into a great story filled with hot passionate love scenes that make you want to take a shower. Her stories generally contain a cowboy(s) and a woman with some past history that makes their attraction all that hotter and harder to stay away from. A Gentleman and a Cowboy is fast paced quick read that shows the volcanic attraction between Lacy & Finn that shows even cowboys can be roped, tied and put up satisfied.

I started this book with no expectations. From the cover and description I had an idea it involved a cowboy and that he is not hard to look at. Or is he? Hard I mean.Randi has a wonderful way with steamy words and paints pictures that fill your mind with physical emotions.The story was a very quick read with hard hitting impact.And this cowboy is one you will not soon forget.

Sexy, hot and lots of fun with the characters despite the limited number of pages. I enjoyed the Cowboy Jackpot:Christmas from this author and plan to read the next 2 in the series: Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's DayIf I remember correctly, this one was a freebietely recommended for anyone in the mood for a short, sexy read.

I am a big fan of cowboys Hell I got a cowboy myself. So when I get a chance to read a cowboy love story I jump at the chance. Randi Alexander keeps the reader wanting to read one of her stories after another

A enjoyable short story. I'd love to read more about Finn and Laci!

Yay Randi! Way cool book. I really enjoyed this.

It was a good filler read while waiting for another book to come out. Kudos on being a free read and an introduction to a new author for me.

I could have seen this book being a novella. I just wanted to read more, maybe even read the times Finn came into Laci's store before. At the end you really want to read more of Laci and Finn.

Short story

Not much meat to this. Pretty much wham bam thank you ma'am insta love.

A short story packed with steamy scenes and plenty of emotion.

GoodThis is a very short story! It was a steamy little story! If you're OK with a story line of nothing but steamy sex than this book is for you!

A sassy upbeat read that was just the perfect length for a cowboy and the woman he has set his sights on. I read this quite some time back and it still sticks with me as one of those, "aw, shucks" stories. It definitely made me want to read more stories by the author.

For a book that takes less than 30 minutes to read, it was packed with hotness and humor. Finn was a cowboy on a ranch and had passed through Denver a few times and saw Laci in her shop. Knowing he wanted her because he just couldn’t forget her smile and boots, he came up with a plan. He would show up dressed as a gentleman and see if he could talk her into a date. Laci never dated the men who shopped in her clothing store, they were wannabe cowboys and she wanted the real thing. When Finn wal [...]

A Gentleman and A Cowboy starts with Finn going into Laci's western wear store trying to get her attention by telling her he is a model and would like to have some pictures taken in clothes from her store for his portfolio. She can keep and use the pictures for advertising but he wants her to have dinner with him as payment. Finn has been attracted to Laci for a little while and gone into her store a couple of times but couldn't get her attention so he tries again by pretending to me a model. It [...]

Review:The story line was amazing! I wanted to know more about the characters. I just can not get why there was not a lot of detail about the characters.I wanted to know more of why he watched her. What got him drawn to her? His desire to have her was not clear.I so hate rating books this low. The storyline was the only thing that got me turning the pages.It feels, to me as a reader, that the author rushed the book. There was no character development from what I read.I am on the look out for ano [...]

Randi Alexander has done it again this story revolves around Laci and Finn Laci had always dreamed of finding A Gentleman and a Cowboy all wrapped up in one awesome package Finn was a Gentleman and a Cowboy he had been seeing Laci and for months had dreamed of having her in his life When they finally get to meet and talk the chemistry between then sparked and sizzled Will Laci decide he is the guy for her and of course we all know that dreams can come true!!!! a beautiful hot sexy read I recomme [...]

For an extremely short story this was ok. However, there are times when a short story needs to become a long story. This was one of them. I think these characters could have been developed and the love story could have been sweet as a kind of love at first sight story that builds. But it turned into a quick, lust at first sight and even though I don't know you, I'm gonna let you bang me in the dressing room, story. For what it was, it was fine. But I want to invest my time in seeing people and r [...]

It was pointless to read this book even if it was free. There's no depth to the characters, no relatability, and it wasn't even that hot. Finn has a crush on a store owner, goes in pretending to be a model, then bam, him and Laci are doing it? Please. I rolled my eyes, finished the story and was left wondering how I can get back the time it took to read this. This book completely fell short for me, and I'm glad I got it for free. You may want to move past this and on to something worth reading.

I thought this was a decent short story, for what it wasd it definitely was short. A little unbelievable that a guy would walk in to a store and they'd be getting busy not 45 mins later. But, I will say it was fairly well written, and the author managed to pack quite a bit into 20 pages or so - we even got a bit of plot! And the sex certainly was steamy, so not bad for a freebie and worth the 20 mins or so it'll take you to read it.3 stars

This was a great, fun, fast read. Laci always wanted a gentleman, and a cowboy wrapped up in one package would be nice. Finn had visited Laci's clothing shop and couldn't get her out of his mind, would she go for a cowboy like him? maybe he should smarten him self up a bit, he knows how to treat a lady right.Once he gets a chance to talk to her who knows. Dreams may come true for both of them.

Great story, didn't stop reading and wanting more.Loved A Gentleman and a Cowboy. Finn is the picture of the perfect cowboy, and I loved how he went after Laci. Talk about a dream come true and it's walking through the front door. Laci is a strong, independent lady but even she can't resist Finn. Great story, can't wait to read more by Randi Alexander.

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