For Her Pleasure

Maya Banks

For Her Pleasure

For Her Pleasure

  • Title: For Her Pleasure
  • Author: Maya Banks
  • ISBN: 9780425217498
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Paperback

A delicious twist on erotic romance, and the debut collection from a hot new author Three novellas Two interlocking stories One sizzling read.Nice set up one spirited woman in Kit Townsend, and two hot buddies, Ryder and Mac, who take turns giving Kit what she needs It s the perfect no strings triangle and while it doesn t exactly follow the rules, neither does Kit BA delicious twist on erotic romance, and the debut collection from a hot new author Three novellas Two interlocking stories One sizzling read.Nice set up one spirited woman in Kit Townsend, and two hot buddies, Ryder and Mac, who take turns giving Kit what she needs It s the perfect no strings triangle and while it doesn t exactly follow the rules, neither does Kit But when love unexpectedly throws these three friends for a loop, can they still have a happy ending And then there s Mia Malone, a sweet Dallas girl who had big dreams for the future when she first met Texas Ranger Logan Kincaid That fairy tale was a lifetime ago Today, framed for drug possession, she s forced to work undercover at a strip joint where several working girls have disappeared Then in walks Logan her protector, savior, and lover.

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This was a First Reads giveaway. I love Maya Banks. That being said, I wanted to love this book but I just couldn't. It is three interlocking novellas, the first two belonging to the same story, just from different perspectives. The first wasn't terrible. It hopped right into the action and I liked the perspectives lent by Kit and Mac. I was however missing out on Ryder's thoughts. (much to my eventual disappointment) I got this in the second novella. Every. Single. Sentence. He said ended in " [...]

For Her Pleasure is actually an anthology of three related stories, but the first segues into the second and those two, at least, should be read together.This book's themes include menage and dom/sub relationships, but the conflict in the first two stories centers around three lifelong friends and the emotional angst that arises when one of the men, Mac, seeks to establish a one-on-one relationship with the woman, Kit.Kit wants that relationship with Mac but she also wants their mutual friend Ry [...]

I gave three stars only to the last story. The rest? Naaah. There are three stories in this book, part one and two are about Kit, Ryder and Cam. Kit's been in love with Cam and Ryder since forever. But when both of her favorite guys gone without taking her, she's devastated and her misery leaded her to another misery. She was assaulted. Now her guys are back, they determined to win her back. Will they succeed? And the third story is about Ryder's friend. When Jack vanished, Mia's lost. She loved [...]

I read this in one day, which usually means I really like the book! I stayed up late to finish it, but totally worth it. All the stories are connected but it was neat to see them in broken-up stories because they switched point of view, which helped the story suck me in.I loved the characters and the sex scenes were HOT.cially the threesome scenes. The last story (about Mia) was my least favorite, but it was still very good. I didn't love Mia as much as Kit from the first onesbut these are yummy [...]

Out of three stories, I only like the last one. The characters conflicts and issues are better written and the characters are more real. The story between Kit, Mac, and Ryder is just underwhelming. Aside from Ryder, the other two characters are pretty bland. And I got so sick to the point of nauseating of Mac calling Kit 'baby'. The lady has a name. Use it.

Reviewed by: EveBook provided by:PurchasedReview originally posted at Romance After Dark, a Romancing the Book siteI’ve had this book sitting on my bookshelf for years. I bought it because I’ve enjoyed some of Ms Banks other books, namely Colters’ Woman. As we begin to set up this new blog, I figured I’d tackle some of these books I own, but never found the time to read.To start off, the blurb on this book is a little misleading. What the reader doesn’t know when getting this book is t [...]

I thought this was a very sweet book with a TON of hot sex!! It is three novella's that all tie together, which I thought was a very neat twist. I am a huge Maya Banks fan and this book did not disappoint!

This book has 3 stories, the first 2 are basically one, where the last one is a slight spin off. I really enjoyed the first 2 more than the first.The first 2 deal with life long friends, Kit, Mac, and Ryder, all who live in a small town. The guys left for a while then came back. They have been flirting around with a threesome but it didn't happen, then in the mean time Kit was raped. The guys didn't deal well with it, both feeling guilty they weren't there to protect her. When the story starts w [...]

I love Maya Banks writing in general but I think next to the Colters', this is one of my favorite from her. She definitely knows how to make the woman feel like the center of the universe whether with one man or three. There is a such thing as "too much" love scenes. When your reading an Erotic Romance sometimes there is just so much focus on the sex it's like reading a marathon of love making through the whole book. I really enjoy Banks writing because of the fact that there are always other th [...]

This was a First Reads giveaway. I've never read this author before, and I must say I did enjoy this book. The sex scenes were hot, and I thought that the feelings between the three protagonists (Kit, Mac, Ryder) blazed forth from page one. I didn't have to have a back story to understand that they've been friends and confidants for many years, which makes her complete trust in them more plausible. As for the mystery of her attacker, it did need a bit more mystery, but it didn't detract from th [...]

Love how this is a interlocking set of stories that continues from one set of characters into another. I wish there was a little more detail in regard to character background of Mac/Ryder and Kit and then again with Kincaidough I felt sufficiently acquainted with Mia. I also would have liked a little more to each storyI felt like they kind of just dropped off. Even after entering into Mia's story where we were able to view more into the world of Ryder, Mac and Kit did not give any detail about w [...]

Within this book are three novellas: What She Wants, What She Needs, and What She Craves. The first two are with the same main characters, continuing their story, which is a menage romance. Some of the same elements of these characters are the same as some of her other menage characters in other books. The third story involves a peripheral character from the second novella. Her story is not menage but is domination/submission. Were these novellas a warm up to the Colter novels? All the stories w [...]

You’ll never know just how sorry I am that happened to you, darlin’. If I could take it away, I’d do it, no matter the cost. But at the same time, it doesn’t change one damn thing about you and me.- RyderIt doesn’t make you weak to admit you’re afraid.- RyderEveryone loves someone, and everyone wants to be loved.- RyderI made it too easy for you, and I paid the price.- Mia

Did Not Finish. Aug 7, 2011What's wrong with Kit anyway? Sees two men who she thought they cared about her when all I see they wanted her for lust. And the slavery sex. What's hot with that? Nothing is hot about slavery sex.

Why five stars? Sizzling hot menage action, and a lot of it; sexy characters, and I'm talking about the females, of course; electrically-charged D/s; and even some action. This was just one of those erotic books you read for the sheer erotic pleasure of it. I got what I wanted.

Ma chi me l'ha fatto fare????? -.-gillyinbooksland/2Primo (e ultimo) libro che leggo di Maya Banks, il confine del Piacere si divide in tre parti, di cui la prima e la seconda sono incentrate su un menage a trois che, scusate la schiettezza, mi hanno fatto vomitare per il 99% delle pagine. La terza parte di questo, perdonatemi ma non ce la faccio a chiamarlo romanzo, ‘coso’ è leggermente meglio, ma sono rimasta troppo scioccata per poter in qualche modo apprezzarla.Protagonisti iniziali di [...]

i got this book from a give a way. this was a good book, but not something i would buy and pick to read myself. I am totally a smut reader but the idea of a girl being in a relationship with 2 guys at the same time is not my cup of tea. it is just like a love triangle in which you end up hating one of the guysis book has 3 parts. the first 2 parts go into the relationship stand point of the 3 way lol. the last part of the book talks about a girl that one of the guys in the first book meets the [...]

This book is split into two stories; the first about three central characters; the second still revolving largely around the first three but introducing another one; the third, focusing on the new arrival from the second, with side appearances from the other three.First off, I wanted to like this book a lot more than I did (and not just because it's erotica, you perverts :P). Though I'd picked it up by chance, the reviews all sung its praises, so I was hoping I'd gotten lucky, so to speak.I enjo [...]

I really can't label this an anthology because even though it is three novellas, it's more like a three-part novel with the same charactersMac, Ryder, Kit, Jack and Mia. All set in the same crappy south Texas town, all set within the same few-months time frame. I love pretty much anything Maya writes, so of course, I liked this one as well, but you can REALLY tell that this was one of her earlier works. Above all, and I know this is nit-picky, but I have never seen so many anal sex scenes with n [...]

I was really excited to win the giveaway for this book! Maya Banks is such an amazing erotic romance author. This book contains even more for your money because there are technically three stores all rolled into one great book. There is a plot for every type of romance reader. It contains BDSM, Menage, and friendships developing into more. Not only does Maya Banks have a great gift for capturing the readers attention with hot, sexy scenes in the bedroom but she also captures the emotions and fee [...]

I received this book through first reads. Thanks!I always like to read books I never would have purchased on my own. I really don't think that I liked this book. I have never read a book with a threesome before and now realize I won't again. I thought the sex scenes were very well written but I just like sex between two people. I was really not into the way the guys treated the Kit like she was fragile and kind of up your mind woman! Yes it would be nice to have two super hot studs [...]

I love this book! This book was an attention grabber, emotional, sort of funny and I learned to love both men. Even though I loved Mac more than I did Ryder, I still loved them both for their protective sides and masculinity. I loved that Ryder had something in common with Kit and loved all the twists in the story. I also want to applaud Maya Banks for making it separate stories. I just couldn't leave the book.Then, she gave me WHAT SHE CRAVES and my mind goes: *BOOM*!p-assets/540x540/fit/hI lov [...]

Kit, Mac and Ryder have all known each other a long time. Kit ends up getting attacked and Mac and Ryder are a bit wary about going ahead with thier plans to sleep with her. It's not talked about much but Mac and Ryder perfer sleeping with women together, and dosen't take alot of convincing to get Kit interested. Once they all meet up at Mac's house one night the fun begins. As the story progresses Part 2 finds us with Ryder's dilemia of not wanting to intrude on Kit and Mac's relationship. So o [...]

Alright so not one of my favorites. It is well enough written but maybe just slightly too depressively seedy for my tastes. Too much incorporation of the big bad world. The starring females in these three stories are all technically sexually violated in one way or another and saved from that violation by the heroes in the stories and loved regardless of those occurrences. That is lovely and warm hearted and all but for me the circumstances it's just a little too depressing, dark and dingy for me [...]

I won a copy of this book via a FirstReads giveaway.I had previously read a couple of books from the author's "Sweet" series and was looking forward to diving into this one. Unfortunately, I didn't care for this book much at all and am only giving it two stars because I'm feeling generous after winning a free copy. This book is composed of three short stories. The first story was the most interestingobably because I wasn't sure what to expect. I initially liked Kit and Mac as characters, althoug [...]

Eléggé le van értékelve ez a könyv. Nem tudom sokan mire számítanak ha a borítóra és a címre ránéznek. Nem mondom, hogy tökéletes könyv, de többet érdemelne, mint 69%. Csak azok olvassák el akik tisztában vannak azzal, hogy ez kemény erotikát tartalmaz. Én a könyvet két részre tudnám osztani a Rayder-Kit-Mac sztori és a Mia-Jack sztori. Rayder-Kit-Mac történet egy kicsit fura volt számomra 3as szex azért elég távol áll tőlem, de el lehetett olvasni. Volt egy k [...]

"A delicious twist on erotic romance, and the debut collection from a hot new author. Three novellas. Two interlocking stories. One sizzling read. Nice set up: one spirited woman in Kit Townsend, and two hot buddies, Ryder and Mac, who take turns giving Kit what she needs. It's the perfect no-strings triangle and while it doesn't exactly follow the rules, neither does Kit. But when love unexpectedly throws these three friends for a loop, can they still have a happy ending? And then there's Mia M [...]

Good. It was good. Mac, Ryder, and Kit. Kit, poor girl-she paid the ultimate price for letting her guard down. Mac and Ryder both loved Kit, and Kit loved both Mac and Ryderbut only one suffered heartache out of the three once a relationship developed. Having to ignore/hide your feelings at the expense of others-I felt for Ryder. But love, it knows no boundaries-with trust, understanding, honesty, hard work, and comprise, love can conquer all.I NEED MORE OF JACK AND MIA. Gosh, Mia. Poor thing. A [...]

Well, the narrative was scorching. The blurb on the back cover does not mirror the story set-up. However, you can easily get caught up in the stories. There were times I found myself blushing. I would recommend this book for anyone who wants to read hot scenes, but does not have issues when facts don't line up or plot lines are not fleshed out. I was ready to read about the sex trade in south Texas, which is very prominent, but, instead, we find out Mia was tricked into it, not investigating it. [...]

I received this book via First Reads Giveaways.I really enjoyed the first two novella's in this book. The third, not to much. Though it contained characters that were throughout the whole book, the third book just didn't seem to fit with the rest. It may have been better to start with the third and then the other two. Maybe if it had been presented that way it would have been a foreshadowing of Mac and Ryder's character. That they were stand-up guys who were willing to put everything on the lin [...]

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