The Snows of Yesteryear

Gregor von Rezzori H.F. Broch De Rothermann

The Snows of Yesteryear

The Snows of Yesteryear

  • Title: The Snows of Yesteryear
  • Author: Gregor von Rezzori H.F. Broch De Rothermann
  • ISBN: 9780141192734
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Paperback

The Snows of Yesteryear 1989 is Gregor von Rezzori s haunting evocation of his childhood in Czernowitz, in present day Ukraine Growing up after the First World War, Rezzori portrays a twilit world suspended between the dying ways of an imperial past and the terrors of the twentieth century He recalls his volatile, boar hunting father, his earthy nursemaid, his fragile,The Snows of Yesteryear 1989 is Gregor von Rezzori s haunting evocation of his childhood in Czernowitz, in present day Ukraine Growing up after the First World War, Rezzori portrays a twilit world suspended between the dying ways of an imperial past and the terrors of the twentieth century He recalls his volatile, boar hunting father, his earthy nursemaid, his fragile, aristocratic mother, his adored governess and the tragic death of his beloved sister, in a luminous story of war, unrest, eccentricity, folk tales, dark forests, night flights, and what it is like to lose your home.

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Beginning a book is like entering someone's house for the first time. You might feel a little uncomfortable and unsure about your host; your initial apprehension may develop into a sense of ease and reassurance or, barely across the threshold, you might feel that you are about to have a experience you will savour, with someone whose every word and action is beguiling. I was half way through the prelude to the first chapter of'The Snows of Yesteryear' when I felt completely beguiled. That feeling [...]

I try to never say "Proustian" in a review because it really means "hey, I've read Proust" which is a laudable achievement worthy of public proclamation but a generally vague and misleading element in a literary review. Rezzori's Snows is a look back, look for and look out for what are memories are and what we let them do to us - that's Proust-like. His language/prose is remarkably erudite and complex but never desultory - that's Proust-like too. Rezzori draws with words, makes music with words [...]

Essentially this book is a series of portraits of Rezzori's family and two most intimate nurses/governesses, and their lives during the two World Wars and the time in between, when their home city of Czernowitz was caught in the post-collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, when it was handed over (and over again) between Romanian, German, and Russian rule. The people of the Bukovina were basically in the hands of whatever army happened to be roaming through the land at the time, and eventually [...]

Among the many memoirs I have read this is one of the most beautiful and meaningful. Gregor Von Rezzori has uncanny ability to create beautiful metaphors that convey a sense of both place and history. It is this that sets his memoir apart from the others. The memoir is subtitled "portraits for an autobiography". Thus Von Rezzori structures the memoir around the members of his family with chapters titled simply "The Mother", "The Father", and "The Sister". These are his portraits and it is only w [...]

I wanted to read this in large part because I'd heard that it's a vivid portrait of life in Bukovina (a region now divided between northeastern Romania and southwestern Romania) in the years between the wars. This proved to be only very partially true. Almost all of the events do take place in or around the city that was Czernowitz in Austro-Hungary when Gregor was born in 1914, Cernăuți in the Kingdom of Romania for most of his boyhood, and Chernivtsi in the USSR when he wrote the book (it is [...]

There are plenty of good books which you gulp down and then forget. And there are those rare excellent books which are made and meant to stay so that you choose to take your time to read them. 'The Snows of Yesteryear' belongs to the latter.I'm not an avid reader of self biographies, but I'm always glad to read one of them when the name of the writer justifies it which is to say when the author did something in literature. (ok, I reckon how 'Open' by Andre Agassi doesn't quite belong here).Now, [...]

So I read Ermine in Czernopol a few months back, and it was one of those books that I didn't exactly enjoy but which made me want to read something else by the author. Rezzori, a German-speaking mutt hailing from what is now a rather barren and homogenous portion of Ukraine but what was, before the fall of the Dual Monarchy, a vibrant ethnic stew of Eastern Europeans, essentially does a Proust here, recalling, in vivid and glorious detail, the events of his childhood. Framed as recollections of [...]

THE SNOWS OF YESTERYEAR. (1989). Gregor Von Rezzori. ****.A friend of mine recommended this book. It’s by an author I never heard of, but will follow up and seek out more of his titles. When you look at his name, you can’t tell where he is from – other than somewhere in Europe. ‘Gregor’ might be Russian; ‘Von’ usually comes from Germany; ‘Rezzori’ smacks of Italy. When you read this book, you will discover that those regions all played a part in the author’s life. The book it [...]

My friend Louisa recommended The Snows of Yesteryear over a bowl of steaming pork belly ramen in the East Village. Von Rezzori's memoir is Japanese comfort food for the winter-bound soul. He writes about a town in the Bukovina area of what was once the Austrian Empire, briefly under Romanian control, then Russian occupation, and now part of the Ukraine. Rezzori was an expat in his own home. a man without the possibility of national identity. In part the book is a social comedy. Portraying the fu [...]


My continuing obsession with pre-WWII Mitteleuropa culture has landed me at the doorstep of Herr Gregor von Rezzori (obviously). The Snows of Yesteryear is by no means a masterpiece, but it is an incredibly charming, witty, enlightening memoir describing the sort of lost world characterized by children with flaxen curls and sailor suits, fascist uncles and communist daughters, beery Germans and oniony Romanians and gloomy Hasidim, daring youthful romances, saber-scarred cheeks, courtly love, all [...]

The title drew me in, then I highly enjoyed this book, a memoir about Rezzori growing up in Berkovina, with a polyglot of minorities and how the area changed from 1914 until after WWII. He spends a long section each on the people who he felt raised him: his early nanny, his mother & father (who were mismatched and wildly neurotic) , a sister and a governess/tutor. He is the author of "Memoirs of an Anti-semite" which I haven't read, but will now.

gregor von rezzori is creeping his way to the top of my most-exciting-authors list. he has an astounding ability to arrange his thoughts with insight and poetry, and he manages to do so while remaining a few paces away from the threshold of self-indulgence and "purple prose."the snows of yesteryear (that's blumen im schnee in german, or "flowers in the snow") is more directly autobiographical than his also amazing memoirs of an anti-semite, but the two make a perfect pair in the long run. with e [...]

Four stars is more accurate as the book was very well written. But I have so many other favorites it wouldn't be fair to give it more than three that basically says "I liked it". My problem with the book was my own unfamiliarity with the writer and his works and the fact that world history is not something I am too concerned with even in light of its importance. I do enjoy personal history which there was plenty of in this book, but the wars and politics of the time probably bother me more than [...]

rezorri tenderly, beautifully, and with the most amazing descriptive prose tells his life experiences through the stories of the five most important people in his life. his insights are full of feeling, history, and subtle humor. his perception regarding intimate details of character and thought is incredibly keen.

Now that I write this down, she has been dead for fifty-six years and not one of those years has gone by without her being close to me in an almost corporeal way -- not in the abstract sense of a lovingly preserving memory, but in a well-nigh physical presence, often anything but welcome. What I do or fail to do, whatever happens to me, she stands constantly in front of me, next to me, behind me, observing; at times I even call her to make sure she's there. For fifty-six years -- a whole life sp [...]

I read several reviews after finishing the book to try and understand what I missed. I'm still lost. I chose the book because of the setting. The time period and place intrigued me. But the setup of the book (five sections focused on key people in his live) made it redundant and difficult to follow. It is interesting that Elie Wiesel praised his semi-autobiographical novel, "Memoirs of an Anti-Semite" because this memoir comes across as a tad whiny, rather than introspective. Wiesel grew up abou [...]

A deeply personal memoir of the early life of the writer and his family at a place where half a dozen mutually incompatible cultural and linguistic groups intermingled; and during a time when the world of "old Europe" was rapidly being destroyed -- the interregnum between the first and second World Wars. Von Rezzori examines in great detail the peculiar traits of his immediate family members and a couple of his governesses, who in many ways represent the vanishing society into which he was born [...]

O imensa surpriza, atat romanul cat, mai ales autorul, un personaj fascinant. Aproape ca regret ca nu s-a putut traduce mai devreme, ori ca a-am avut informatii la vreme ca sa ajung la el. Epopeea unei familii aristocratice (e autobiografic, probabil vag fictionalizat) dintre-o Bucovina cand austriaca, cand romaneasca, ulterior sovietica - familie pe care autorul n-o idealizeaza deloc, dimpotriva: o priveste cu un ochi critic ascutit si cu un simt portretistic dintre cele mai rare. Cartea reaia [...]

"Riconoscere l'assurdità dell'esistenza, e adattarvisi, non offusca minimamente lo sguardo sulla sua tragicità, e piuttosto aiuta, alla fine, ad assumere un atteggiamento più conciliante." (p. 27)"Dove l'inquietudine conduce al dolore e il dolore al lamento muto, là fiorisce la poesia." (p. 212)

I love how von Rezzori used his family members to portray society's post-war down fall. Despite the fact that he wasn't alive to really be a part of the golden era of culture before the war, he was still a witness to the devastation.

**** 1/2

There is something really tangible about the way Gregor von Rezzori is writing. You can feel and smell the air of the moment. It is emotional and linguistically colorful.

Gregor von Rezzori was born in 1913, and his childhood saw his hometown of Czenowitz pass from Austro-Hungary to Romania in the wake of World War I. This region, Bucovina, which is now split between Romania and Ukraine, was host to a remarkable diversity: Germans, Ruthenians (Rusyns), Romanians, (Yiddish-speaking) Jews, Poles, Russians and Armenians lived side by side in Czernowitz. In his memoir THE SNOWS OF YESTERYEAR (originally published in German as Blumen im Schnee), Rezzori depicts the ch [...]

Un roman autobiografic, care evoca 5 portrete ale unor persoane importante din viata autorului. Stilul narativ e foarte asemanator cu lucrarea Memoriile unui antisemit. Detaliul din ambele romane care m-a impresionat este impactul emotional foarte puternic, pe care unele imagini, il provoaca cititorului, senzatie venita pe fondul unui fir epic care nu prevesteste o asemenea furtuna de sentimente. Rememorarile clipelor alaturi de mama, din acest roman, si alaturi de fiul pierdut, din romanul Memo [...]

Like Miklos Banffy's Transylvania Trilogy, this is another report from the reaches of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, but von Rezzozi grew up in Chernivtsi, Bukovina (which was divided between Ukraine and Romania after WWII.) This autobiography is most interesting for what it tells the reader about the life before and after WWI in that part of the world, and for his depiction of his rather disfunctional family. However, he's a little to apt to overly (and my in opinion) vulgarly psychologize [...]

La Editura Humanitas a apărut la începutul acestui an un volum de memorii al lui Gregor von Rezzori, intitulat Zăpezile de altădată. Titlu intertextual trimite la faimoasa întrebare pe care François Villon și-o tot pune în poemul Ballade des dames du temps jadis, poem al nostalgiei trecutului și al îndepărtării de un prezent mizer și nedemn.Titlul, prin tot ceea ce sugerează el, nu este dezmințit de cele 300 de pagini de amintiri despre cele cinci persoane care i-au marcat viața [...]

A beautifully written evocation of what is something of a lost world - the remnants of the Austro-Hungarian empire between the two world wars.There are some excellent reviews on here - e.g. Declan's - that do the book much more justice than I can.Why not 5 stars? Well firstly I set the bar high on that award. But secondly, as a matter of personal taste, I prefer fiction to non-fiction, albeit that this is my favourite type of autobiographical non-fiction, told by a fiction writer so that it read [...]

Quite simply one of the best books I have ever read. The writing is sublime, erudite and hugely readable. The memoir is set on the borders of the old Austro Hungarian empire as it crumbles after the first world war, leaving Rezzori and his family stranded in the new Roumania. This former Austrian aristocratic family lose their position and security as the second world war looms. The young Rezzori is better able to adapt than are his parents but ultimately he leaves whilst they stay on with no wh [...]

The model ship story would suffice to make this a great book. But there is plenty more. The idea of a Ruritanian History book by a guy who was almost, but not quite, Ruritanian is enticing, and very well executed here. Zenda is both less and more of a joke seen from within. 'Exotic' lands that once flourished outside the bounds of modern nationality - let's say Sicily in the Friedrich II Hohenstauffen era - are often deployed to portray an Utopian past; in Bukovina's case one destroyed by modern [...]

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