Castle of Deception

Mercedes Lackey Josepha Sherman

Castle of Deception

Castle of Deception

  • Title: Castle of Deception
  • Author: Mercedes Lackey Josepha Sherman
  • ISBN: 9780671721251
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

Kevin, a young bard, faces webs of lies and deception in a world where nothing is as it seems and everything is a trap for the unwary.

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*****3.5*****This is a straightforward fantasy novel for young adults that is based on an old computer game called "The Bard's Tale." This book introduces a series of novels based on the game. The books in this series don't seem to be continuous. I don't plan on reading any of the other "Bard's Tale" novels, but they're not books I would absolutely reject looking into either. As a disclaimer, I'd never heard of the computer game, so I'd never played it. I've read some reviews where fans of the g [...]

Omigod, when I was twelve, this book blew my mind. It was my all-time favorite book for like two years. Also, am I to infer from the subtitle that it was the start of a series?? How did I not know that? [also again, if any GoodReads Librarians read this, the author is wrong on this book. It should be [author: Mercedes Lackey].]

this was the first fantasy book I ever read. I honestly remember very little about it, but it was this book that sparked my love for reading.

Fantastic read, I could feel the very moment I would have rolled the dice if I was playing D&D. Very pat ending though. :-)

A classic heroic fantasy light novel for children. Charming, D&D-ish, and harmless, overall. Not really related to the game --- but sitll enjoyable, and with memorable characters.

As a teenager I was a huge fan of The Bards Tale games and I only found out recently that Mercedes had written a book based on the game and I was quite excited by this. Unfortunately the only connection to the game is the book title, the bard central character, the party of adventurers and a brief mention of the 'Watchwood Melody' bard spell. As a stand alone tale it's decent average level fantasy stuff. As a book based on a computer game it's lacking. I would have been more into this if it foll [...]

I was expecting a bit of fun pulp fantasy with this book, and it does have some tropes I have come to see as cliche, but it also surprised me with some intense, and heartwarming scenes. The main character reminds me of one particular other teenage character in a fantasy novel I've read, starting out as an annoying brat, but growing as a person as he experiences and learns from the real world. Some of the revelations, where the heroes figures out what was really going on, were a bit too easy in m [...]

What do you get when you have a bard, lady mercenary, a fairy and two elves? A grand adventure. A young bard is sent to copy a musical score at the castle where he meets a girl who disappeared and it is up to him to rescue her. Great story!

Wonderful little book based on electronic RPG game The bard's Tale. No need to have ever played or even heard of the game, just great story telling by two of my favorite authors. Part epic fantasy, part fun, just a great story. Can only hope the others live up to this one.

Great book. The characters are interesting and the story line actually managed to keep me guessing for awhile, (and interested as noted by the fact that I finished it in less than 24 hours! LOL) Can't wait to start the next of the series.

Good palate-cleanser and surprisingly high level of story-telling considering it was apparently based on a game.

Do not let my rating fool you. This is a nice little read. For example, "Blast it all to darkness," is hilarious. I always pictured Kevin saying this overdramatically. The plot isn't terrible but I wasn't crazy about it. I didn't become overly invested in the world or the characters. The ending did leave me curious where the next book goes but I'm not going to ThriftBooks or right now to score a copy because I just have to have it. I did not overly neglect my daily life for this book (which is [...]

I'm listing this and 2 other books based on the Bard's Tale game and only giving them 2 stars, mainly because I barely remember them. They were light and had a certain amount of humorey were geared to a younger audienced not memorable at all.I suppose you'd enjoy them as a light read some wouldn't want to invest the time. i can see that. I was into RPGs and read several game oriented books. Even if they weren't all that great sometimes. Oh well.

This book was fine but not up to what I usually expect of Mercedes Lackey or her partnered novels.

This book was too light-hearted and breezy for my tastes. The plot didn't grab me as other fantasy novels have. I bought it mostly for the computer game tie-in and somewhat regretted this purchase.


This book is a great example of how to write an epic story and wrap it up in less than 300 pages.

Houses one of my favorite characters in any given fictional universe. The book that started it all. My introduction to Lackey's humor and I've been smitten ever since.

A fast-paced, refreshing and pleasing ride.

a bit bizzare. totally a d&d novel, still it felt confused snd confusing at times. I think I would have enjoy it more where I younger.

Great book, loved the game series as a kid!

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