Graced Filled Marriage: The Missing Piece, The Place to Start

Tim Kimmel

Graced Filled Marriage: The Missing Piece, The Place to Start

Graced Filled Marriage: The Missing Piece, The Place to Start

  • Title: Graced Filled Marriage: The Missing Piece, The Place to Start
  • Author: Tim Kimmel
  • ISBN: 9781617951220
  • Page: 310
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There are few places on the planet where grace is less often expressed than in marriage We often show grace to our competitors in sports, politics and business than we do to our husbands or wives Think about it What does grace have to do with marriage Vital elements like forgiveness, security, significance, acceptance, approval, intimacy all are words of graThere are few places on the planet where grace is less often expressed than in marriage We often show grace to our competitors in sports, politics and business than we do to our husbands or wives Think about it What does grace have to do with marriage Vital elements like forgiveness, security, significance, acceptance, approval, intimacy all are words of grace for which we hunger What does a grace based marriage look like We hear grace in our tone of voice, we see grace in expressions on our faces, we feel grace in the warmth of a touch, we taste grace in acts of simple courtesy, we smell grace in the fragrance of shared prayers and desires Dr Kimmel shows you how to evaluate your own grace aptitude, and then leads you step by step into grace intelligence that will transform first you, and then your marriage

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I've recently been awakening to grace and the magnitude of what it really means to know and experience God's grace and how it should affect the way I live. As I read the Kimmels' book, "Grace-Filled Marriage," I grew increasingly exited because it gave me practical ways to apply grace on a daily basis.Part 1 of the book, "What's Grace Got to do With It?," builds the case for why we should have grace-filled marriages--because God bestows His mind-boggling grace on us. The Kimmels say, "Most of us [...]

Harul parcă nu iese la socoteală, parcă nu are sens.Așa se explică, probabil, de ce majoritatea cuplurilor se sfiesc să așeze harul la temelia relației lor. Este contraintuitiv. Pe deasupra, mai este și intimidant. Harul este atât de.uist. Preferăm matematica simplă din spatele dinamicii cauză-efect dintr-o relație. Dacă tu îmi faci o favoare, îți fac și eu. Ingredientul care lipsește în cele mai multe căsnicii nu este dragostea, ci harul.

While each chapter had a nugget or two that was really good to hear and apply, for the most part, the book was unorganized, overly-wordy, and kind of confusing. Kimmel's thoughts about grace and marriage are great and there are some things I'll remember and continue to work through, but he just takes too long to actually say them. It's not a very concise book, and could have been about half the length it was and would have still said what it needed to say.

This is generally a pretty simple book, but there are certainly some tidbits of wisdom.

Great studyGet the workbook too, the practical exercises and discussion questions are extremely important as well as helpful. Very helpful book.

I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.Grace - undeserved, but much needed. Usually easy to receive, makes life better for everyone involved and yet, it's hard to give. As I began to close out (for the most part) my year long reading journey of relationship building, Grace Filled Marriage had me at Grace. I know I need grace and appreciate it for myself, but I fight against giving it at times, if I think of giving it at all.Kimmel, along with his wife, lays ou [...]

This was a great book on Christian marriage. It did a good job of combining stories, theology, scripture and practical teaching together into an easy read. It had a clear focus and was well laid out. I would recommend it.

It was OK. I appreciate the lack of overt man-leads/woman-submits model so common in Christian marriage books. However, I suspect that the author and his wife each have personalities that easily fall within the stereotypical gender model, leading the assumptions & advice to resonate only for those within similar marriages. Throughout much of the book, the author uses examples of people he's counseled to demonstrate what marriages without grace look like, and his own marriage as an example of [...]

”Grace-Filled Marriage” Offers Fresh and Healing InsightsIf you’ve been married very long, you’ve probably either read or heard of some book that offers a “step program” towards having the perfect marriage. Well, the good news is that “Grace Filled Marriage” isn’t one of those books. Instead, it’s a well-written, entertaining and insightful look at why so many couples struggle. In a nutshell, the element of Grace is often lacking in those relationships closest to us. Tim and [...]

As I read Kimmel's summary of his book at the very end, some things made more sense, so maybe I wished he used that as an intro and explained what the book is all about, and how it was structured.His premise that we need more grace and not more love in our marriage was a bit confusing as later he went to describe that same grace with all the qualities of love in 1Cor 13, so I wasn't sure what he really means by grace. He says grace, but means love ;-)The lack of his/their personal failures was a [...]

I enjoyed the book and if I slow down to think about it enough, there are a lot of applicable ideas here. I didn't find anything earth shattering or new--probably because I am familiar with the author's overall message of Grace as it pertains to parenting. He applies a lot of the same ideas and frameworks to marriage--which makes sense give that the overall message of the gospel is that of Grace and the author's overall message is to live out the gospel. Worth a read and I am excited to unpack t [...]

Read this book with a fun, little marriage group Lisa and I have joined. I agree with and enjoyed the message conveyed though the author has a very wordy way to share it. Recalling the meat of the chapters was difficult at times since the message gets wound up and mashed through stories which don't seem to clearly illustrate the point.Be patient though - the last chapter and epilogue wrap it all up very nicely. 3 stars because some parts were a bit of a slog, but good stuff overall.

If you’ve read any of Tim Kimmel’s other books, Grace Filled Marriage will feel familiar to you. In this book, Kimmel applies his ideas about grace-filled relationships to marriage, and even if the concepts are not new to you, the book is a good reminder to watch the lenses we use and extend grace to our spouses.Read my full review here

My wife and I read this book for our couples Bible study group. I was disappointed in it. I loved the concept of grace being extended in marriage like God extends us grace. We should keep that at the forefront of our marriages. However, this book just didn't flow smoothly. I came across very disjointed. It is about God and marriage so even a disappointing book like this is still worth the read. I am extending grace to the author.

An excellent book on marriage. If you are in need of a book to recommend to couples, or are needing a pick up as a couple, or things are good and you just want to continue to get better in your marriage I recommend this read. Tim Kimmel does a great job getting to the foundation of a good marriage. It must be built on the foundation of grace as well as allowing grace to blossom each day.

First of all, I completely agree with the importance of a grace-filled marriage. However, everything written in this book was very common sense - nothing earth shattering - and the writing style is incredibly disjointed and off. I was bored with the tangents / stories and the very round-about way of writing.

Good book on marriage and how to show grace to your spouse (and improve your marriage for both of you). Information-wise a very good read but I didn't care much for the writing style. Definitely worth my time to read this.

This was a very interesting book, I had not thought about His Grace when I started reading this book. I really think the book is on track, if both spouses want a Grace filled Marriage. I highly recommend reading this book. Very easy to read and understand.

WOW! I will be rereading this one to keep it fresh in the front of my mind. This isn't your typical love your spouse book. We need to make sure that God is the focus of our lives and that will make loving your spouse (and others) easier. I would recommend this book to all couples.

Outstanding and Graciously Challenging!Excellent read Most encouraging! Encourage every husband and wife to read this book ASAP! It could remake your marriage in wonderful ways!!!

This book is different because it focuses not so much on our relationship with another person as how our relationship with God shapes our marriage

I received the book for free through First Reads.

This book was recommended to me by a friend. It was difficult to stay focused on this book. And much of the content is common sense.

A helpful book. I wish that I would have read it earlier in my marriage.

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