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  • Title: Captive
  • Author: A.D. Robertson
  • ISBN: 9780525954118
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Hardcover

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The first adult novel set in the world of the New York Times bestselling Nightshade series, Captive delivers a steamy, forbidden romance between sworn enemies drawn together by an irrepressible desire.Twenty five year old Tristan Doran enjoys a life of incredible power and privilege As a direct descendant of the Keepers witches who have embraced dark magic he defers to noThe first adult novel set in the world of the New York Times bestselling Nightshade series, Captive delivers a steamy, forbidden romance between sworn enemies drawn together by an irrepressible desire.Twenty five year old Tristan Doran enjoys a life of incredible power and privilege As a direct descendant of the Keepers witches who have embraced dark magic he defers to no one but his overlord, Lord Bosque Mar For most of his life, Tristan has been kept out of the centuries old Witches War, his bloodline too valuable to risk in battle.But when a beautiful, young human Searcher named Sarah is captured and made a prisoner in his Irish castle, Tristan s infatuation with her flings him headlong into the fray Captive and captor, unable to contain their longing, embark on a passionate, forbidden romance together only to learn that their love is at the heart of a prophecy predicting the downfall of the Keepers ages old reign.Captive explores the darker side of the richly imagined Nightshade universe, a fantasy world of powerful dark witches, shape shifting wolf warriors, and fascinating history The first of three erotic novels, Captive delves deeply into the fiery, illicit romance of two young lovers whose very desires invite their doom.

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Witches and wolf-shifters, wars and prophecies, of such is the Nightshade world!This first book in A.D. Robertson’s The Forbidden Side of Nightshade trilogy is set in her popular Young Adult Nightshade world, which she writes as Andrea Cremer. But, as the title suggests, Captive is a much more adult story - sensual, intriguing, and a bit on the dark side!Cover BlurbTwenty-five-year-old Tristan Doran enjoys a life of incredible power and privilege. As a direct descendant of the Keepers—witche [...]

Initial reaction:Non-existent worldbuilding.Characters I couldn't give two cents about.No plot. No real story.Complete mismatch on genre labeling.Juvenile conflicts. Poor writing.Why the everloving heck was this even published? Full review:I have 99 ways to write this review, but a ten page rant won't be one of them. However, I do bring snark (and some images), so fair warning.I'll open the floor for discussion of this book with a openly-admitted bias: I've never read the Nightshade series by An [...]

Review featured on books-n-kisses2.5 Stars Ok so here is the deal. I have no idea what Nightshade is and what it is all about. I’ve never heard of it so even though it has Nightshade in it’s title I didn’t realize it was referring to a series by someone else. So when I started this book I was lost. Totally completely lost. I have no idea who the characters are or what they do. There are a bunch of titles like Guardian, Arrow, Keepers, etc and it was just too much to try and comprehend. I a [...]

When I first heard about Captive I just knew I had to get my hands on it. Never mind that I don't usually read erotica, or even romance novels, but guys - this is a book set in our beloved Nightshade world! A book that explores what Andrea Cremer could not explore in her YA novels - the forbidden side of Nightshade! It's hot, steamy and gorgeously written - how could I possibly say no to that?! Not to mention that I just love Andrea Cremer and her captivating writing style. Even if I'm not alway [...]

Personally I would classify this as New Adult versus erotica. While there are some very explicit sexy times - it was just some dirty talk. Nothing I haven't read a hundred times before in non erotica labeled books. I was prepared not to like it, thinking it was going to just be a dirty version of the Nightshade world but the characters and story were very engaging. I haven't read the Nightshade series, so even though there was a prologue and some recap, I was lost for awhile. The writing & p [...]

3.5 starsGENRE: RomanceTHEME: Paranormal, MatureRECEIVED: PublisherBLOG: seeingnight/REVIEW: This was my first time stepping into the world of Nightshade as I haven’t had the chance to read the young adult series by Andrea Cremer aka A.D. Robertson. Luckily for readers like me I didn’t have any problem understand this world and Robertson did a great job with the history behind the Keepers and the Searchers without being overwhelming. However after reading this series I definitely want to rea [...]

Read more reviews like this at lovelybooksblog!Having read quite a few novels by Andrea Cremer, and really enjoying them, I was absolutely thrilled when I was asked to review Captive. Presented as a more erotic side of the Nightshade series (so scandalous that Cremer had to go by another name!) I was expecting a romance heavy plot with a little bit of action thrown in here and there. While I definitely wouldn’t classify this novel as erotica the romance scenes had just the right amount of stea [...]

Captive is the first installment in the Forbidden Side of Nightshade series written by author A.D. Robertson (pen name for Andrea Cremer). This is an adult spin-off of the young adult Nightshade series, but the timeframe is before Nightshade begins and before the Scion is born. A searcher, Sarah, is captured while on a mission at the castle of a keeper, Tristan. In a nutshell: "Captive and captor, unable to contain their longing, embark on a passionate, forbidden romance together—only to learn [...]

Check out this review on my blog! --> Captive: The Forbidden Side of Nightshade by A.D. RobertsonOk, so I definitely think this is my favorite Nightshade book! Not just because of the VERY smexy times, but because the characters, who happened to be Shay’s parents, were so great.Captive is a prequel to the Nightshade trilogy, but it takes place after Rift and Rise. You DO NOT need to have read any of the books in those series to enjoy Captive as it stands very well on its own, but it does in [...]

3 to 3.5 starsThis is the first book in A.D. Robertson's "adult" series set in the Nightshade world — hint, hint: A.D. Robertson is the pen name for Andrea Cremer — and thus deals with some more adult situations in the bedroom (or bath chambers). Since this is almost a transition book from YA to NA, there are elements of both in Captive. On one hand we have the sweet but stunning Tristan, who is a Keeper, and he falls head over heels for Sarah. But on the other hand, many of the situations a [...]

The first novel in the Forbidden Side of Nightshade is an intriguing and steamy tale of magic and an unlikely romance between two sworn enemies in the centuries old witches’ war.Sarah accepts an assignment to investigate a remote castle on a small island to see what the Keepers are hiding there. Tristan is a powerful Keeper that has been protected because of his bloodline on the island for most of his life. When Sarah is captured, the two find themselves drawn to each other and embark on a rom [...]

Captive: The Forbidden Side Of Nightshade, is the first book in A.D Robertson's (aka: Andrea Cremer's) adult trilogy version of her YA series Nightshade.Full of steaminess that is too mature for her teenage audiences, this is the book that A.D wanted Nightshade to be.A.D has crafted an incredibly scorching, steamy and hot read that will appeal to readers that enjoy their romances with a bit of spice.Being a big fan of the Nightshade series (except the last book Bloodrose which left me bitterly d [...]

If I rated this on my reading experience alone, it would get 1 star. If I rated this, however, based on how it fares and compares to other novels in the romance genre, it would get 2 stars. Therefore, I'm going with 1.5 stars overall.Nothing too original here - typical paranormal romanceAs an adult reader of Andrea Cremer's young adult Nightshade series, I was curious to pick up this adult novel set in the same world and written under a pen name. Unfortunately, other than the background of her s [...]

‘Captive’ is the first book in the “Forbidden Side of Nightshade” series. I’d only ever read ‘Nightshade’ in the YA series, which was very good. In ‘Captive’ I enjoyed exploring the steamier and darker side to the war between Keepers and Searchers. Sarah, a Searcher, is on a mission to find out what the Keepers are hiding on an Irish Isle. She’s captured and becomes the prisoner of Tristan, a very special Keeper – a direct descendant of the first Keeper. Yet Tristan and Sar [...]

Reviewed for RT Book Reviews October 2013 issue: rtbookreviews/book-review/captive-7This was probably the most difficult review I've ever written for RT. If the publisher weren't marketing this as erotic romance and was instead categorized it as paranormal? My review might have been different. This is just NOT an erotic romance. At all.

It's a sexy prequel to a YA series i read years ago.

I was excited to read this book when I found out Robertson had written it. I loved the Nightshade series and really wanted to see what the sexier side of this life would bring. I was not disappointed.Blurb from :The first adult novel set in the world of the New York Times bestselling Nightshade series, Captive delivers a steamy, forbidden romance between sworn enemies drawn together by an irrepressible desire.Twenty-five-year-old Tristan Doran enjoys a life of incredible power and privilege. As [...]

A.D. Robertson is the pen-name for highly acclaimed author Andrea Cremer. The Forbidden Side of Nightshade is a spin-off series that will feature three adult themed books from the Nightshade world, made famous in Cremer's young adult Nightshade series. This is a novel that adult fans of the series will love. It features the world they have grown to love in the YA series, while adding to the back story and bringing to the forefront new and amazing characters. Robertson instills this novel with da [...]

3.5 stars - review to comeSarah, a Searcher, is on a mission to learn more about a secret castle in Ireland where the enemy is. It's a reconnaissance mission and she knows she might not get out alive. The Searchers have been fighting against the Keepers, witches who use dark magic, for years and they need more information about the what secrets the castle holds. Tristan, a noble born Keeper, lives there with along with his servants and guards. Once she scales the fortress walls, she is caught by [...]

Captive. The Forbidden Side of Nightshade. A. D. Robertson.I have a well known love of paranormal romance so this seemed a perfect read. Its different from the usual run of paranormals, no vampires, some shape-shifters called Guardians, creatures from Mythology, Succubus and Incubus, and Searchers and Keepers. There are two opposing sides of which the main characters are searchers and keepers. Sarah volunteers for a risky, no retrieval mission. She knows she may die or be killed executing it, an [...]

3.5 - 4 starsCaptive was a definite departure from the YA world of Nightshade. It is labeled as “The forbidden side of nightshade” and I have to say, it’s not wrong. Captive delivers a great mix of the Nightshade world and provides a bit of background on the Keepers, Searchers and Bosque Mar but throws in a bit of the steamy stuff that pulls it out of the YA genre. Sarah is a Searcher (descendant of Cian) and the book dives right into her story. There isn't a lot of background provided on [...]

I've never read the YA Nightshade series, but after reading the summary for this book, I knew I had to read it. A forbidden romance between sworn enemies in a steamy adult novel? How could I resist? And I'm happy to report that having no prior experience with the YA series took nothing away from my reading of this spin-off "forbidden side" novel. As the direct descendent of the Keepers, Tristan has led a life of extreme power, only answering to one person, his overlord Bosque Mar. Being the desc [...]

So far you've mostly seen reviews of YA titles published here on the blog and today's review of CAPTIVE is an exception. I was so curious about this new NIGHTSHADE book by Andrea Cremer, written under the pen name A.D. Robertson that I couldn't pass up the kind offering of an e-copy by Dutton Adult. Despite its rather uninspired cover, CAPTIVE surely introduces us to a higher seductive sphere of the NIGHTSHADE world. It's called 'the forbidden side of Nightshade', and rightfully so. For once thi [...]

Enter the giveaway attached tot his review: onceuponatwilight/2013Call me surprised when I found out Andrea wrote this book. For some reason I had no idea and found out at BEA in NY this summer when I was walking around checking to see what author line to get in. Well needless to say I was late and was cut off before I could get my signed copy from Andrea but as soon as that happen I ran walked to Penguin's booth and viola! They had copies of Captive sitting there waiting for me. I was thrilled [...]

Reason to why I read the book: I've actually read ALL the YA books of this series. Now, before you go on telling me YA readers shouldn't be reading erotica, you're wrong. I read EVERYTHING, and I just happen to have read her entire series. Okay. Okay. Okay. Where to begin? First off, if you're going to write a romance novel, it doesn't need to be of the same universe of your other series. What were you planning to achieve, CREMER? Hopes that your YOUNG ADULT readers would read an adult erotic no [...]

Ugh. This reading experience totally reminded me why I don't go to the library and pick books off the shelf at random anymore. The chances of actually picking a good book are slim-to-none, as pessimistic as that sounds. I made it about halfway through the book before I threw in the towel. The premise of the fantastical plot was pretty standard; two fantasy races pitted against each other since the beginning of time and on the edge of the war-- waiting for a mysterious prodigy to make an appearan [...]

MY THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITI am a huge fan of the Nightshade series by Andrea Cremer and if you haven't guessed (or googled) anything about this book, it really is Andrea Cremer writing this about characters that we are familiar with but taking the story in a more adult direction. Taking place on an Irish island, Sarah, a young Searcher, is a quite gifted human, who has daring and skill with weapons and warfare. She has volunteered for a suicide mission to discover what is being guarded on a [...]

As mentioned in the book summary this takes place in Andrea Cremer’s Nightshade world and A.D. Robertson is a pen name she is using to write her adult series. What I did find interesting after finishing Captive is that this is supposed to be an erotic series and at least for this first book I don’t see why. If anything this book was much tamer than 80% of the romances I’ve read. I’m not an expert on erotica but I have to admit I expected more. While Tristan and Sarah have sex a lot it’ [...]

I absolutely loved the Nightshade trilogy and I have even read the two books in the prequel series. I was excited to hear that Andrea Cremer was writing another book set in the Nightshade world. This series is for adults and is definitely not YA due to some graphic adult content. That is the reason she decided to use a pen-name instead of the name associated with her YA books.Captive tells the story of Shay's parents, Tristan and Sarah Doran. Tristan is a Keeper and Sarah is a Searcher, which in [...]

A captivating read! Fueled by love, laced with magic, and embedded with danger, CAPTIVE is a spell binding read that will leave paranormal romance fans wanting more.A.D. Robertson knows how to write fantasy, sizzling character chemistry and create a world just as in enchanting as it is dangerous. Filled with romance, passion, magic and plenty of danger, CAPTIVE The Forbidden Side of Nightshade gives fans of Andrea Cremer's YA series NIGHTSHADE, and readers new to Robertson's writing something to [...]

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