Juneau Heat

Tressie Lockwood

Juneau Heat

Juneau Heat

  • Title: Juneau Heat
  • Author: Tressie Lockwood
  • ISBN: 9781937394851
  • Page: 483
  • Format: ebook

Shiya flew to Juneau, Alaska to confirm if the man she s been chatting up online is truly a shape shifter This was to be her first job in the field As a tech geek, she s used to staying behind her computer and gathering all pertinent information about the existence of shifters so her family shifter hunters for generations can go and do the dirty work All Shiya was supShiya flew to Juneau, Alaska to confirm if the man she s been chatting up online is truly a shape shifter This was to be her first job in the field As a tech geek, she s used to staying behind her computer and gathering all pertinent information about the existence of shifters so her family shifter hunters for generations can go and do the dirty work All Shiya was supposed to do was to seduce Birk into revealing himself What she didn t count on was how hot the man was in real life She couldn t deny their chemistry and the reaction her body had to Birk When Birk suggests they act on their mutual attraction, she can t say no Then he sets the stakes even higher He wants her to make his best friend her lover too Kotori is the hottest Native American Shiya has ever seen, and her lust is ignited even , especially given the danger she sees lurking deep in Kotori s eyes Two lovers her family doesn t have to know she took the seduction to something physical, right And when her play is over, she can go back home to San Diego with no qualms After all, they re just animals Shiya s reasoning is put to the test when her heart gets involved, and her life in danger when Birk and Kotori reveal they know who she is Shiya s family wants Birk and Kotori dead, and her lovers want to lure the famous hunter family to their deaths Shiya is caught in the middle All that s left is abduction and seduction until something gives.

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Shiya is on her first job of tracking, luring, and terminating the species of shapeshifters in Juneau, Alaska. She meets up with her target a hunky man named Birk and -to her surprise-his friend Kotori for the first time and there is an almost instant attraction between the three. They are both bent on betrayal of the other, but in the end will true love prevail?So the problems I had with the novel is that it was overwhelmed by sex. Now, I don't mind sex scenes in books, but I do not like them t [...]

I really really tried to like this book. It has been recommended for me a million times yet it being based in my home states capitol with polar bears and a Native Alaskan as one of the main hunky men. I just knew it wasn't going to be a good read for me. I received it in a box set so why not.I knew I was getting into a sexy book but come on. There was more sex in this than anything else. There was a huge lack of location description you never actually knew were a person was standing, how they go [...]

Shiya Keith comes from a family of shape-shifter hunters, and she's finally convinced her father that she's ready fo her first solo hunt. She heads to Juneau to confirm that her new online friend, Birk, is really a shape-shifter so that her father's team can come in and kill him. Birk knows who Shiya is and what she's trying to do, but he and his friend Kotori, have their own plan, to use Shiya to lure her family of hunters to their death. No one's plan go's the way the hope it would. From the m [...]

3.5 stars.

While Juneau Heat was definitely hot, I did have a problem with the premise of the plot. Shiya's family have been shifter hunters for centuries and shifters killed her mother. So it seems a bit of a stretch that she would fall for two Polar Bear shifters. Top that off with the fact that her family still wants to kill them and they her family and I just find the plot line hard to swallow. I would never want to have to choose between my family and the one(or ones) I love.I thought that Birk and Ko [...]

I didn't read the description of this book so I had no idea how the story would unfold, and boy was I in for a shocker. I didn't expect the menage twist at all, and it was definitely a good one. The way Shiya, Birk, and Kotori went at it was off the charts. It has to be some of the hottest sex scenes that I have ever read. Although there was quite a bit of hot sex, there was love as well, and I could really feel the connection between the three of them. The book wasn't long, but everything was s [...]

Like it. It takes place in the town in which I live. Some of the mystery is who they managed to drive a 100 miles north when the total number of miles is about 40. Silly stuff but I recognized the places in Juneau proper.Also, Juneau is many hundreds of miles south of Polar Bear country but we do have bears all over the place. It is not the least bit unusual to find them on the streets in the spring and fall. That is life.I will be looking around the popular restaurants for two big Tlingit men w [...]

I find that I really enjoyed this story. Feeling as though she will let her family down if she doesn't go along with and do as she's told. I love that she struggles with what to do, but it would be a struggle for anyone when your heart is playing the on both sides of a very big fence. I don't want to say to much, but I do believe that its worth reading get it by itself or get it in the mass collection that I did. I'll be reading the other two books in this series when she comes out with the 3rd [...]

Part of the anthology Shifter Seduction Boxed Set Could not finish. I thought Shiya was a bit of an idiot. She thought she could just wrap all these "bad" guys around her finger and do the killing. When a friend of one of the guys said he was glad he could bring the other friend "a beast" down from the mountain and she perked up, ugh! I was embarrassed for her and couldn't read anymore. No rating because I didn't finish it.

Facing the TruthI have just started reading Tressie Lockwood's books, and I love her style of writing. Ms. Lockwood's heroines are strong woman who are trying to survive in this world. Here we have Shyia who is the daughter of famous shifter hunters. Birk and Kotori are the shifter heroes (it is a menagerie) she falls in love with. Shyia has a terrible secret that puts Birk and Kotori in danger. You must read the book to see how Birk and Kotori handle everything.

I'm in two minds about this story, something's I enjoyed something's I didn't. It had hot sex but I felt it took over the story a little too much. It felt like the story didn't really get an end either. I would have liked to see more if the other Shifters, maybe more of Kotori's grandmother. I liked where the story was going and it's basic plot, I just don't think it went far enough for me.

I think this was interesting because we always want to see good and bad and so forth but not everything is so black and white. Here we have shiya who was raised to hunt shifters then we have Birk and kotori who are arrogant and cocky. They are so different yet similar with the way they approach things. I thought the story was well written and the characters were coming off of the pages.

Great read. One thing that pisses me off about people like the Keith's is that they blame a whole race/species for what one people has done. That needs to stop. Ooh, they pissed me off something serious, but I guess a great hurt can blind people.

Actual Rating 3.5I liked this book the only reason I did not give it 4 stars was that the relationship between Shiya and her dad could have been explained so much better. :/ Eh it seems like a minor thing but once you read this you will agree.

A very steamy menage

Excellent story.

The sex was fun- the plot had south potential- could have been a longer more involved story

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