Every Autumn Comes the Bear

Jim Arnosky

Every Autumn Comes the Bear

Every Autumn Comes the Bear

  • Title: Every Autumn Comes the Bear
  • Author: Jim Arnosky
  • ISBN: 9780698114050
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback

Each autumn, just before the onset of winter, a bear shows up in the rugged woodland behind a family farm.

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This is a simple story about a bear who prepares for his winter hibernation. The narrative is short, with only a sentence on each page, but the illustrations are richly colored and detailed. I prepared our girls for the fact that the book would be too 'babyish' for them and asked them instead to discuss what they saw, noticing the quality of the illustrations. We paused over each page, appreciating the beauty of the autumn scenes. We enjoyed reading this book together.

Per my first grader that read this: It has beautiful pictures and it rhymes.

A book my 5 yr old as well as my twin 3 yr olds loved. A solid reading level 1 book, this cute story keeps all ages engaged with the bright colorful pictures and cute story. Very nice illustrations. A great addition to any children's library.

Arnosky seems to be writing about something that is very real for him, a bear that lives near his home, and what it's like in the forest because of it. This is a very well-written environmental text, taking place in the New England region. It covers the bear's arrival and how it effects the other wildlife, concluding with the bear settling into his rock shelter for the winter. Though the bear isn't humanized in any way, there is a certain peacefulness to the entire experience, where the bear, th [...]

The pictures in this book are amazing. There is so much detail in the illustrations that they are pleasant to look at and an analyze. The pictures show what the words are talking about, so a reader could point out to the different objects in the pictures to someone they were reading to. The book takes the reader through the seasons, a bear waking up in the spring to falling asleep for a long winter's nap. This would be a good book for kids who like the outdoors or like animals.

This book was published a year after I was born! The book I read was in very good condition considering its age and I absolutely adored this book. It made me feel all warm inside and excited to keep reading. The writing flows really well and I loved following the bear around. The illustrations are amazing too. It looks like it was done in watercolor and it's beautiful. I recommend this to all ages, especially if you love bears.

There was something very peaceful about this book. It's very simple and short, and the illustrations are excellent. I noticed this book in the Homestead Heritage bookshop, and ordered it through ILL at Baylor.Kate didn't read all of it, although she could have; we took turns reading alternate pages.

This is a great story to read in the fall to help students understand the hibernation process that bears go through. This book goes through the preparation a bear goes through to begin the hibernation process.

We picked out some fall books at the library last week and I picked this for L since she is a big animal fan. I liked this for capturing a fall vibe. Something about it is rather peaceful. L (almost 3) liked the illustrations and did a lot of "awwwing" about the wildlife.

Lovely book for preschool storytime!

This is a beautifully illustrated non fiction book. For every two pages there is only one sentence that is explaining the hibernation pattern of a bear. The pictures are vividly describing the minimal text that the author has offered to give us. This book would be excellent for an early on beginner reader. The would have minimal difficulty sounding out the simple vocabulary that was used. It would be great for a read aloud to have with younger children as well, the bright colors of the illustrat [...]

Wow. So THAT'S what bears do!! They're in the woods and you see them sometimes, but mainly they hide. I think you just don't see them because the leaves are on the trees and it hides them. But when the leaves fall down you can see them if you know where to look. This one looks like it happens in Vermont because it has mountains and the woods. And really really colorful paintings.Update (December 2016) - OK, so you know how I said this one looks like it happens in VERMONT? Well, guess where the g [...]

I love the artistic, nature illustrations in this book, accompanied by the simple story of a bear preparing for hibernation in the late fall. My 2 year old enjoys identifying all of the different forest animals, and I like that the author included many different creatures, including red breasted nuthatches, a bobcat, chickadees, a porcupine, etc. The book also describes the real actions of wild animals. This is a simple but very nature-oriented book.

This book is a seasonal read, there are a lot of wild animals depicted in this book with fantastic artwork. In a nutshell the plot follows a bear in autumn as he is getting to hibernate for winter. It is a really fun book to look at, and would be a great book to read in a science unit about how living things react within their environment (3rd grade). Seasonal topics for lower grades. It would be a fun read at home as well. I like this book.

I would use this book to teach a science lesson to students kindergarten - 2nd grade. I would use this book to kick off a lesson on animals and their habitats and the things thy need to survive. We could then talk about specific things that bears need. Like what do they eat. Where do they sleep. Why does the bear hibernate. I could also talk about the different seasons of the year and the things that you see during each one.

I love the illustrations in this book. I only had a couple children show for story time this week, so I chose this because it was a simpler story (they were 2 year olds) and I thought we could pore over the pictures. 9/25/13Used this for Lap Time this year. Fairly simple and short, beautiful pictures, and can growl.

A nice seasonal book to read in autumn, and a good introduction to hibernation. Every autumn a bear comes to the wooded hill behind the narrator's farm. By story and picture, we see what the bear sees in his search for a winter den. The illustrations are a beautiful portrait of autumn landscapes.

I love Jim Arnosky! His art is amazing and his stories are perfect. I found Every Autumn Comes the Bear while on a library search for children's books about autumn. This was a great find!

A moment in time is caught in this vibrant and autumnal picture book by author/illustrator, Jim Arnosky.Jim shows us the annual story of a bear making his autumn appearance before winter settles in and ho the animals around, react.A gentle book perfect for bedtime.#bear #animals #woods #bedtime Published by Putnam Juvenile.

With spare text and full page watercolors we track a bear from autumn until winter, watching his movement through the forest and the creatures he meets there. This is a natural, realistic view of the bear as part of his natural world. Good for preschool - Grade 1 to support "bear" themes.

Every autumn a bear shows up behind the farm, and goes through a series of routines before finding a den among the hilltop boulders where he sleeps all winter long.Subject: Bears -- Juvenile fictionHibernation -- Juvenile fiction.

Illustrations are beautiful. Takes you through the forest and the different animals and the bear preparing to hibernate. Bear sticks his head in bob cat cave and both look scary. Animals are all afraid of bear.

This is a story about how a bear comes out during fall and then goes into hibernation during the winter. It doesn't go into too much detail though. It would still be good to read aloud to a young class. This can lead to discussion about what certain animals do during certain seasons.

Has a little bit of a scary part for really young one when the bear growls.

I've read 3 of Arnosky's books now with Flannery and she loves all of them. The pictures are beautiful, stories are simple and there are tons of little bugs and animals in each picture.

Follows a bear on his way to hibernation. Shows the size, strength and scariness of bears. Color illustrations beautifully show the chage from fall to the first snow.

A story time favorite. Fall sings in both word and illustrations.

Gorgeous. Loved it.

A great autumn tale that doesn't talk about pumpkins or halloween. Simple learning tool when it comes to hibernation.

Beautiful illustrations, not a lot of text. Good short read for little ones about hibernation.

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