Liktenīgā Kļūda

Edgar Wallace

Liktenīgā Kļūda

Liktenīgā Kļūda

  • Title: Liktenīgā Kļūda
  • Author: Edgar Wallace
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The Daffodil Mystery aka The Daffodil MurderWhen Mr Thomas Lyne, poet, poseur and owner of Lyne s Emporium insults a cashier, Odette Rider, she resigns Having summoned detective Jack Tarling to investigate another employee, Mr Milburgh, Lyne now changes his plans Tarling and his Chinese companion refuse to become involved They pay a visit to Odette s flat In the halThe Daffodil Mystery aka The Daffodil MurderWhen Mr Thomas Lyne, poet, poseur and owner of Lyne s Emporium insults a cashier, Odette Rider, she resigns Having summoned detective Jack Tarling to investigate another employee, Mr Milburgh, Lyne now changes his plans Tarling and his Chinese companion refuse to become involved They pay a visit to Odette s flat In the hall, Tarling meets Sam, convicted felon and prot g of Lyne Next morning Tarling discovers a body The hands are crossed on the breast, adorned with a handful of daffodils.

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There Are No Daffodils in ArgentinaThis is about the only detail I still remember after reading Edgar Wallace’s crime novel The Daffodil Murder from 1920, and it may even not be true for all I know because last time I was in Argentina I could swear I saw some daffodils. But then I’m not too deep into flowers and so I’ll give Edgar Wallace the benefit of the doubt.All in all, The Daffodil Murder is quite a run-of-the-mill murder mystery centring on the killing of the rich heir and would-be [...]

I was stirred to interest by the flowery title of this novel, and I knew that Wallace had written a lot of early 20th century British crime novels (turns out, he helped write the film King Kong too!). I was, unfortunately, disappointed as I started and continued to read it, as the plot jumped around so haphaazardly, characters were shallow and simplistic, and logical inconsistencies kept flawing the believability of character motivations and responses. I think he wrote this one quickly, with lit [...]

Nach dem ich bereits andere Detektiv-Geschichten, zum Beispiel von Doyle, Christie, gelesen habe, war es nur eine Frage der Zeit bis ich tatsächlich auch auf Wallace aufmerksam wurde. Mein erstes Werk sollte also "das Geheimnis der gelben Narzissen" sein. Eigentlich möchte ich gar nicht zu sehr mit Namen um mich werfen, da es manchmal auch zu viel des Guten sein kann.Doch fand ich es manchmal etwas ungewöhnlich, wie oft sich eine Aussage wiederholte. Oder das etwas, was vorher erwähnt wurde, [...]

Middling Edgar Wallace (definitely not what I'd recommend to someone trying him for the first time).It's an interesting prototype of the kind of mystery that John Dickson Carr would later write: a mystery where there are several suspects with varying degrees of plausibility, but each obvious clue leads to a sign the suspect couldn't have killed the victim. And too many of the cliffhangers are resolved via flashback.Wallace doesn't display the same sort of wild inventiveness as in JACK OF JUDGEME [...]

I thought I'd guessed the murderer early on in the book, only to be caught by twist after twist after twist as this murder mystery goes in circles all the way to the end. It's one of the most convoluted plots I've read, but the writing is excellent, and does not confuse the reader. A rich man insults a girl and tries to hire a private detective, Tarling, to ruin her name for her refusal of his base advances. Tarling refuses, but is intrigued by the girl's plight; he has just begun to investigate [...]

Not at all one of Wallace's better books. Not even as good as his mediocre books. There was a mystery. There was a damsel in distress. There was a witty detective. There was a despicable villain--actually there were three of them. But none of it ever seemed to gel. Seemed that Wallace himself kept losing interest. Oh well, every writer is entitled to a dud very now and then.

It was a slow start and I thought I wouldn't like it but it picked up and had many twists and turns. I ended up liking it a lot. I'd recommend this book to others.

Another splendidly clever and engrossing vintage murder mystery from the pen of Edgar Wallace. Intriguing and suspenseful, it certainly kept me turning the pages. Now for the next one!

By rights this should be a two star rating. For the longest time, this book carried my interest, twist after twist, and I felt sure it was heading to some ridiculously awesome surprise ending. Nope. Not only is the identity of the murderer not a surprise, the detective (who all along says he has a theory) doesn't I.D. them (or do much detecting). Huge let down.But I'm giving the third star because by the time I got two-thirds of the way in, I was positively itching to know who did it. Wallace re [...]

The plot itself was ok, but there was a lot of unnecessary fainting, a lot of weird outdated Asian stereotypes, and just lack of depth to the whole thing. Don't think I will be reading anymore stories by this author.

Being written in 1929 it was fun to see the different approaches to mystery the authors take

While "The Daffodil Mystery" is something of a classic of the Edgar Wallace thriller style--briskly paced, bluntly characterized, densely plotted--its parts don't quite add up to a wholly satisfying novel. Having seen the decent krimi film based upon this novel, "Das Geheimnis der Gelben Narzissen," after reading it, I found the crystallized plot of the adaptation to have trimmed some of the fat from Wallace's original. Nevertheless, there are several threads of genuine interest in "The Daffodil [...]

I like the old fashion British mysteries. This one was set in London in the early 1900's. The story was interesting, with many twists and turns. The characters were very interesting. Thornton Lynn was an heir to a huge department store. He also aspired to be a poet. Odette Rider worked in the department store and did not respond to Mr. Lynn's advances. He decided to frame her for theft. Millbourgh was the accountant and suspected of stealing from the company. Mr. Lynn's body was found in Hyde Pa [...]

Yay: Decent mystery. Weird balance of non-racist/racist portrayal of a Chines character (he speaks excellent English, he's a great detective, and he solves things faster and quicker than the non-Chinese detective does. His Chinese, however, is written weirdly and he's "inscrutable," among other stereotypical things).Nay: Almost everything else. "I only know two things about you but I love you and want to marry you." "Heroines" who faint so much I'm surprised they can even function indepandently [...]

Edgar Wallace was a prolific novelist--mostly of mysteries and crime novels, although his best known story is King Kong. This is the first of his novels I have read, listening to a free copy from LibraVox Recordings. It was definitely a fun listen. The twists and turns and whorls that the plot runs through could make a person dizzy. But the characters, a Chinese detective and his faithful friend, a rich Chinese businessman in London, and a few additional unsavory characters, not to mention a bea [...]

Odette Rider is fired by Thornton Lyne after rejecting his favors. Jack Tarling, a detective who has been working in China and just returned to London, visits his cousin Thorton Lyne at his store to discuss his cashier Milburgh's embezzlement. In his anger with Odette, Lyne decides to try to blame her for the embezzlement instead. Tarling immediately falls in love with Odette. Lyne is found dead in the park with one of Odette's nightgowns wrapped around his gunshot wound and it doesn't look good [...]

Well, I'll try again to write a review (I lost the one I just wrote). I enjoyed this mystery by Edgar Wallace, a free download on my Kindle. I always like mysteries that don't let me guess the identity of the "bad guy," and this one didn't let me down. I had to finish it because I needed to know. Wallace's mysteries are always better than some, because they are solved logically and they don't allow one to guess who the culprit is. I enjoyed this so much that I am starting another by Wallace toni [...]

This ended up being a great mystery, even though I had an inkling about who the guilty party was (this never ruins a good mystery for me - half the time I just love the story and trying to figure out "whodunit" especially when it's a period piece). Anyway, I definitely would recommend this book. Like other readers, I listened to the audio version from librivox, and it was great. I usually just listen to librivox books while driving in my car, but this was one of those books I couldn't stop readi [...]

I read this immediately after finishing Wallace's Duke in the Suburbs, so I had expected something lighter, frothier, and with more humor. Instead, I got a pretty routine '20s mystery, complete with dated views of China and her people. One of the bright spots was that the victim in the story was very interestingly portrayed, with a firm eye on human pride and weakness. Other than that, the story was largely forgettable.

Kind of a convoluted mystery set in the early 1900's in London. A wealthy department store owner is found murdered after trying to frame a former cashier in his story of stealing money from the store. The murdered man is an unsavory character who is called on the carpet by the investigator he tries to hire to frame the girl. The investigator becomes involved in helping the police solve the murder while also trying to protect the girl from being arrested for the murder.

Old school mystery. Parts were fun but overall meh. Probably I'll check out another. I guess that this is acknowledged as one of his more middle mysteries. Not his best. However, it was interesting how he showed the prejudice of the time while also writing the story of an incredibly intelligent Chinese man. I mean, who really figured out the mystery? Seems to me it could have been done without Scotland Yard, but never without the Chinese dude.

I really was so surprised this was such a good story. I like a longer book and this was quite long. I like a mystery without a slue of bad language and sex. This was decent. Some mentioned the swooning element was annoying. Woman did this a lot in prior history since that was how they could get attention without being termed mental hysteria. The book plodded a little slowly at first and in places for me, but for free it really was an excellent book to lose oneself in.

In this crime novel Wallace follows his usual style - a dashing detective and his love interest are introduced, the crime is committed, everybody is under suspicion, plot twist, happy end. I admit, however, that I learn something new and exciting in every novel of his and the stories are suspenseful and enjoyable still. So I like it. A nice distraction from the mundane activities.

Mr. Thornton Lyne, the owner of Lyne Stores, is found murdered in Hyde Park. There are varying suspects in this case which ends up being investigated by Lyne's cousin Jack Tarling. With characters like Tarling, Odette Rider, Milburgh, Sam Stay and Ling Chu, this mystery by Wallace gets pretty interesting and exciting.

Good read. A loathesome man bent on revenge is found dead and the main suspect is the young woman Tarling, the great detective, has fallen in love with. Finding the murderer takes some twists and turns and surprises. Worth the read.

I listened to this on Librivox as well. In general, a fun and engrossing mystery. The end was certainly a surprise! My main complaint was the repetition throughout; I thought many of the scenes could have been more concise.

Another entertaining, twisty thriller from Edgar Wallace. Every time it seems that detective Jack Tarling has cleared Odette Rider from murder charges, another damning piece of evidence arises. Is he just a sap in love or are his finely trained instincts right when he feels she must be innocent?

3 1/2 starsFirst time reading a Wallace novel recommended to me by Linda @ my dentist's office. I enjoyed the storywell written with likable main charactersesting way the Chinese character was portrayed.ereotype anyone ? Good mystery with a twist at the end.

I listened to this on podcast downloaded from Librivox.- goodThe guilty party wasn't someone I put more than a quick thought to the idea of being guilty. I don't want to say more lest I spoil the story.

A classic mystery which had me interested all the way along. I love a good old fashioned bloodless murder and this was great. The characters were engaging, a nice little love story lurking in the background and a complicated murder. Good stuff.

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