Magick by Moonrise

Laura Navarre

Magick by Moonrise

Magick by Moonrise

  • Title: Magick by Moonrise
  • Author: Laura Navarre
  • ISBN: 9780373004249
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Paperback

Tudor England, 1556A religious war is brewing The Catholic Church relies on the ruthless reputation of Lord Beltran Nemesto, who tirelessly hunts down those who don t believe or who practice dark arts.Half mortal, half Fae princess, Rhiannon le Fay is a healer trying to broker peace between the Faerie and mortal worlds The Convergence is approaching, an occurrence everyTudor England, 1556A religious war is brewing The Catholic Church relies on the ruthless reputation of Lord Beltran Nemesto, who tirelessly hunts down those who don t believe or who practice dark arts.Half mortal, half Fae princess, Rhiannon le Fay is a healer trying to broker peace between the Faerie and mortal worlds The Convergence is approaching, an occurrence every thousand years where the Veil that separates the two realms temporarily dissolves Without her help, war between the two is inevitable.After meeting Rhiannon, Beltran knows he must bring her to justice, but he s instantly attracted to the ethereal beauty She forces him to confront his beliefs and introduces him to the Faerie world, and in the process he discovers a haunting truth about himself.As the Convergence nears, Rhiannon and Beltran must decide where their loyalties lie as they fight to prevent a war that could destroy both of their worlds forever.Book one of The Magick Trilogy.88,000 words

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Wow was this ever a pleasant surprise! Historical romances tend to be hit-or-miss with me, because I tend to prefer lighter stories with plenty of romance, and sometimes that just doesn't happen with this genre. With a captivating mix of Tudor England and the legends of King Arthur, the fear and treachery of the Catholic Church's Inquisition, and the marvel of angels and Fae, Magick by Moonrise takes the reader on a journey that is truly like no other I've come across. Add to that one smoking-ho [...]

The daughter of King Arthur leaves the Summer Lands of Faerie to petition the Catholic Tudor Queen for a truce between worlds in this uber-romantic take on Arthurian lore. If you are a devotee of The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley and you enjoy sensuous romantic heat that threads through a great   story, you will relish immersing yourself in the world Laura Navarre created that intersects sixteenth century English historical fiction with some surprisingly fresh interpretations of Art [...]

Incorporating faerie and Arthurian legend with the intrigue at the end of Queen Mary’s reign, add in biblical references to angels and vengeance for the church, the reformation versus the inquisition and a desperate quest to reach Queen Mary before Convergence and you have a hint at the elements Navarre has woven together in creating this fantasy. As if the political intrigue, superstitions and the time-sensitive mission weren’t enough; magic and mayhem are constantly stepping into the foref [...]

To read my full review, visit: Love Saves the WorldDisclosure: A review copy was provided by Lit Connect. Thank you to Lit Connect and to Carina Press for the opportunity. Yes, this is an honest review.This novel incorporates Arthurian Lore, Faerie Legend, Angels and the history of Mary I and Elizabeth I -- one would think this mix would result in a hodge-podge of a story but, no, Laura Navarre's Magick by Moonrise has got to be one of the most intelligent, most focused, most absorbing stories t [...]

Liked this a lot. Loved all the descriptions. Navarre's style seems to be descriptive, which I prefer over minimalist books. I want to feel I am in the setting, smelling the scents, seeing what the protagonist is seeing, and Navarre does that for me. Beltran is a great hero, tortured but strong and honorable, and Rhiannon is a great heroine, strong, brave, open to love. The only critique I might have is that the sex scenes were a little over the top graphically, considering the heroine was a vir [...]

Rhiannon Le Fay is charged by her mother, the Queen of Faerie, to travel to the mortal lands before ‘The Convergence.’ The idea is that Mary Tutor (present queen of England) will sign a treaty with the Faerie Queen so the two realms don’t merge. There is dire need because Rhiannon’s mother is knocking on deaths door, and if Mary doesn’t sign it in time Rhiannon’s evil sister will corrupt the human lands. Rhiannon is stopped by bandits when a man shining with divine light saves her pa [...]

I have to start by saying I loved the premise of blending Tudor England, Inquisition insanity, Fallen Angels and Arthurian legends but I found myself a bit bogged down by the sheer amount of information provided. I enjoyed it but am writing it up as first book information overload and will want to watch out for more in the series. Rhiannon is the half mortal/Fae daughter of Arthur and Queen Maeve who doesn't feel like she belongs anywhere but is now charged with a mission that could save both th [...]

I received this book through giveaways for an honest review.Magick by Moonrise was a blend of magic, religion, and history. I had a hard time getting in to the book in the beginning, but got interested in the middle and end. I really liked Rhiannon's character and the way the point of view switched between Rhiannon and Beltran. I would have liked more of a wrap-up in the end.

I read the synopsis for Magick by Moonrise by Laura Navarre and jumped at the chance to read this story. I love books that heavily feature faerie lore, so I was especially excited to see someone else’s take on the faerie realm. The fact that it was a historical paranormal romance was a welcomed bonus. We’re introduced to Rhiannon le Fey, a half mortal, half faerie tasked with delivering an important treaty to the Tudor Queen Mary. This treaty is essential in preventing a cataclysmic event kn [...]

Originally posted on What I'm Reading"Hey everybody! Well, todays selection is Magick by Moonrise by Laura Navarre. I have to say that this was interesting read. Something I wouldn't normally choose, because there are a lot of layers to this story. First off you have Rhiannon le Fay who happens to half-mortal and half-faerie. Who happens to be on a mission to make sure a war doesn't start between the faerie world and the mortal. Rhiannon is to get Queen Mary to sign the treaty between the two wo [...]

I am such a sucker for a Fantasy Romance. I love the idea of Faeries roaming through a Medieval world and my biggest love as a child was Arthur and Camlot. So when a book seemed to combine all of those - I jumped!Rhiannon is the daughter of the Queene of Faerie and King Arthur of Camlot. As she has spent most of her time in the Faerie Realm where time moves differently, she is a young princess on a diplomatic mission as she enters the mortal realm. She needs to meet with Queen Mary and secure a [...]

Let me start by saying that Magick by Moonrise is a well written and well thought out book. There is a lot of world building in this first book. I liked both Rhiannon and Beltran and I found myself rooting for them to find a way to be together.Having said all that, I found that the book just didn't work for me overall. It may have been that there was too much of a mix of genres in the book. There is fantasy, historical, and angels. Because of this, the book was too densely packed for me to enjoy [...]

Miniseries: The Magick Trilogy

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