Sweet Legacy

Tera Lynn Childs

Sweet Legacy

Sweet Legacy

  • Title: Sweet Legacy
  • Author: Tera Lynn Childs
  • ISBN: 9780062001856
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Hardcover

United triplets descended from Medusa must find gate between human and monster worlds, rescue aunts jailed under Mt Olympus Greer must use her second sight, even though she hears gods argue in her mind Grace wants to trust her adopted brother, Thane, but what is his secret Orphan Gretchen has fought all her life, but now boys are helping or are they

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THIS HAS ONE AN AWARD FOR THE BEST FRUSTRATING ENDING. EVER. IN. THE. ENTIRE. WORLD.OHMYF THIS. THIS- I'M- THAT- *CRIES* I am now posting my feels and pouring my hearts out because of this. I am suffering from the loss of Sweet Legacy.I am apparently diagnosed of anaphylactic shock.I am searching for a medicine for book hangovers.I am now shutting myself up to write a review which is probably composed of all my feels and othe blurp of nonsense which ALSO does not particularly serve as a so-calle [...]

Is there an audition for being a medusa girl?

Ugh. This series took a serious nosedive. The premise was interesting. I liked the characters. The writing was fine (not amazing, but passable). The plot was a major issue, though. I kept waiting for the series to get better. While things did happen in the first and second book, there was a serious lack of story arc within the books and none of them really pushed the series forward.The third book finally picks it up a bit, but still lacked a compelling story line and conflict. The things that re [...]

*2.5 stars*Not quite as good as the previous two books. I felt the ending was rushed and a bit disappointing. I felt slightly bored at times but I didn't think it was bad at all. It did hint at more to come in this world maybe, so I would be interested in reading a fourth book or a spin off series possibly. I also felt the romances were a bit forced, like everyone had to end up with someone. (view spoiler)[ I called Thane getting with Greer, but I still think that's icky as she looks the same as [...]

Little sad to come to the end of this series. Quite enjoyed how everything came together. Monsters are so unique. Love the monkey horde. The immortality conundrum at the end still has me thinking about it. The three guys were all great and unique in their own ways.

To see full review click here.I have to say this was a nice end to a trilogy.Was it perfect? Hardly. But I honestly feel like this was the best Tera Lynn Childs book I have read to date and I don't regret buying this book or reading this trilogy.It's good old harmless and clean fun.That's something I really appreciate about Tera Lynn Childs. Any age group can read her work and won't feel like they're being talked down to or be scarred for life.Although, she does have a tendency to go towards cor [...]

I really liked the concept of this series, and I think there was some nice mythology, but in the end the jumping between sisters was a bit confusing. If each book had been from one sisters point of view it might have worked better for me, or from a third person view, but then it would have been hard to follow when they split up. I had one main problem with this final book, a problem that started brewing with Sweet Venom. Every person they tell is all, oh wow gods? For real? Coolio. And every boy [...]

What a fun ending! I loved this trilogy. The whole thing was a fun ride that didn't take itself too seriously. I would definitely recommend it to those who love YA with a mythological twist.

The Sweet Venom trilogy reminds me a lot of the Paranormalcy trilogy.First book: cool idea, fluffy and funny writing, interesting characters, satisfying conclusion.Second book: meh plot, obviously this should have been one book and not a series, but still passable for what was given, and in the end I enjoyed it a lot more than I did at the beginning.Third book: Does not compute.Seriously? Insta-love. After all the time spent on Grace's and Gretchen's relationships, Greer gets insta-love because [...]

I'm confused. Is that it? Are we done? Because the ending seemed rather ominous. I'm irritated. What kind of romance was that? It seemed rather middle school instead of young adult. I mean, they were all like "his mouth brushed mine". If you want this to be young adult, please say something like, "His lips pressed to mine" and then go a bit in depth but not adult in depth. I'm not trying to insult her writing, but I just expected more. Same goes for the action. It was short and not so detailed. [...]

One of my favourite things to read is Greek Mythology and renditions of famous tales. A series that I have been reading and just finished with Book #3 Sweet Legacy is based on the descendants of Medusa and her two sisters. The girls hold the key to the portals and hold the power to stop the monsters from entering San Francisco. In Sweet Legacy , the girls have headed through the portal to Mount Olympus to save Euracyles and Stethno from the clutches of Artemis and Apollo . Along with Nick and Th [...]

TF kind of ending is that??You could atleast tell who is going to be mortal. Grace is not strong enough to be immortal. Losing Milo might break her. How selfish can you get Gretchen, nick might be immortal. And thane i hated his stupid build up & secrecy too much and at one point I didn't even care if he came and said hey im actually a demigod and my name is Percy Jacksonexcept Percy wouldn't be this boring. He's just like that in love with Greer who looks exactly like hiser?! What, because [...]

This is the third and final book in the Medusa Girls series by Tera Lynn, and I highly recommend reading the first two before embarking on this conclusion. We have one sister who has a stranger messing with her mind, another sister struggling to trust her stepbrother and a sister finding herself lost and spent. For fans of the dark series, I recommend you pick this up. There's war, chaos and brutal turmoil. All three sisters have grown so much in the series, and I find that I almost wish the tri [...]

The triplets are on a rescue mission to save their great-great-forever-great aunts and to open the portal between the worlds. Battling against them are the Greek gods and the monsters are determined to kill them after they open the portal.Why I started this book: Fun series, who wouldn't love finding out that you are triplet and that it's your destiny to fight monsters and be a hero?Why I finished the book: It's been a couple of months since I read the first books and I struggled at the beginnin [...]

Since this book is yet published, I won' reveal any spoilers. Ms. Tera is one of the authors who knows how to end a series. In this book, the author builds up Thane's character and reveals his true nature. She also emphasizes the importance of family, and what it can bring forth. If you are familiar with Greek Myth, you already have an idea how the irreconcilable differences of Gods can destroy the human realm example is the Trojan War. So, expect that to happen in this book. This book contains [...]

This was a great ending to a really entertaining trilogy! :D I really enjoyed Grace, Greer, and Gretchen and their sister bond. This action-packed book had me hooked from the beginning. Although some things were just too convenient, I really enjoyed the story and how these three sisters overcame their obstacles. This was a really great trilogy, that was really fun to read! :DThis novel wasn't perfect, there was some insta-love, and some waayyy too convenient plot devices and things happening, bu [...]

Really liked this one. A good ending to the series. Though the ending of the book was a bit abrupt. I've still got some unanswered questions. And while I know it's not really fair to compare this one to Rick Riordan's books they're both mythology based and I read them all so close together like I said, hard not to compare. I like that these books are a totally different take on mythology. But I gotta say, I like the gods personalities better in the Percy Jackson world (namely, Poseidon, Apollo & [...]

Definitely the weakest book in the trilogy. The ending was very abrupt and I didn't like being introduced to new "big" bad guys in the last 30 pages. Also, each of the girls ending up with their own neatly packaged boyfriend at the end seemed too contrived. Not everyone needs a boyfriend by page 300 to have a happy ending. I also hate the "instant" love I see in almost ALL YA books these days. I would've given this three stars--my average rating, except the cutsie stilted "Me Tarzan, you Jane" w [...]

A perfect end to this series. I did cry a few times but that is not always a bad thing!

The last book? NOOOOOO!!! I need more!

After reading the first one I can't wait for the other two!!!

I need this book right here right now this instance!

The characters are well developed in the way that their past is told and in the way that each of them are described. Some of the characters are relatable in the way of some people know what their childhood was like. The plot line is not very predictable and very original from the plot line to the setting in the book. Greer, Grace, and Gretchen are triplets, but they were separated at birth. They each have their own special and different abilities. Greer has second sight; Grace has auto-porting, [...]

SWEET LEGACY is the final book in the trilogy begun in SWEET VENOM. Grace, Greer, and Gretchen have lots to do before opening the door that they are meant to guard. They need to rescue their mentors, find their boyfriends and learn their secrets, and find the door that they are meant to open and guard. Hordes of Greek gods and monsters are trying to stop them. Greer gets a better grip on her ability of second sight once she manages to break the link with Apollo that lets him know where she is an [...]

Usually the second book in a triogoly is the MEH one, no not this time. Book 1 was fun, enertaining and made me root for the sisters. book 2 tried a little too hard with over the top moments, still good though book 3 oh where did it go wrong, there wasn't much right. How are the parents okay with them going off to fight monsters? Not one question The insta love was so icky sweet, that I rooted against the couple. Okay for the plot yes they are fated to retell relive resomething of the Medusa Myt [...]

Not worth writing out a proper review, so here are random thoughts: I do like how she rationally make it so literally everyone is against the girls. Thane is annoying. It's not about you. Just spit it out. Plot really jumps.Plot twists became annoying and too drawn out. You didn't even make them decide who gets to be mortal. Do they all have to be in sappy relationships? Probably all cishet white ones. Not a good enough book to go back and check. Too much of a neat box ending.

My uncle Timmy gave me a hardcover copy of the book. My personal review of the book is as follows:The storyline of the book really did reminded me of a Hellenic(Greek Gods) themed triplet sisters YA(Young Adult) version of the TV series "Charmed". I really enjoyed the strong bonds between the sisters. Some of the love story arc felt a bit too convenient/unrealistic. I can't really explain more about what happens within this specific book because it's the 3rd book in the trilogy in case anyone is [...]

SistersI very much enjoyed the third book - the revelations and the descriptions of the characters and the different realms was great. There must be another book. Cause there are a couple of cliff hangers. These first three were great fun and a nice balance to the Percy Jackson books!

I finally got around to reading this. It's the last book in the trilogy, and I'm so happy I did! It was a good ending to a pretty decent series. It would be interesting to see where the triplets are in about 10 years, though. Maybe Tera Lynn Childs will write that? Hope so!

As a conclusion to the trilogy, I felt like it was a bit of a let down. Not that the battle and teenage love were terrible or anything but because it ended almost as a cliffhanger with the promise of more. It feels incomplete! Maybe one day Childs will write a concluding trilogy!

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