Moon and Madly

Cameron Jace

Moon and Madly

Moon and Madly

  • Title: Moon and Madly
  • Author: Cameron Jace
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 462
  • Format: ebook


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This review was first posted on Northern Plunder, if you want to see more reviews please click here.Another with very little information available but do not let it put you off, remember Jack from the previous short stories, well he's back and having an adventure with the Moon, well the girl in the moon to be precise. It also gives us the back story to Marmalade the Mermaid that he was ever so in love with in one of the previous stories too. Whilst I enjoyed this book much like the others it did [...]

I wondered if death wasn’t really death, and if people didn’t die, were just reborn into something new, something much more beautiful.I love this, the first few pages I was wondering wholl be the characters and ut is Jack from the story Jack and the beanstalk, i dont have a clue about the moongirl since i havent read her story yet. The story is very cute, seeing Jack's other side, story was just bittersweet since you know the moon died and turned into a mermaid so its kinda bittersweet. Oh i [...]

Začátek byl fajn, ale pak mě to nějak přestalo tak trochu bavit :D Ovšem konec se mi hodně líbil, i když jsem si už nějakou dobu myslela, že to takhle dopadne. A Moon and Madly to opravdu přeju :)

I thought this one was cute as we see a different side of Jack.

This novella kicked off with a rocky start, the author practically burying the reader in a mother load of clichés but I strived onward. Eventually it got better as the plot progressed and I do think the author is incredibly creative.There were a handful of hiccups along the way, in particular: “Even though I was immortal, only one thing could kill me.” Does that not negate your immortality or am I missing something here? In addition “What? Crap. We’re in the 18th century for God’s s [...]

For once, Jace chose a fairytale that I wasn't particularly familiar with, and so I had a chance to just enjoy his storytelling. That said, while this one is better written than a lot of his previous works, the story itself wasn't that interesting. Moon comes down from the skies and runs into Jack, and they spend most of their time talking to one another about their lives. Jack has made previous appearances (and I think Moon has too, in the Rapunzel story, but I'm too lazy to go back and check,) [...]

I am really enjoying these prequelsabout by Jace. Continuing on in progression of the stories, this prequel centers on the Moongirl and Jack Madly a.k.a. Jack and the Beanstalk. This is about how they first met and the forthcoming events after their initial meeting.Without giving too much info away, the Moongirl is an immortal who is loved by children and a comforter for those during the night. Jack - from the previous stories - is a thief. Thei coincidental meeting is only marred by the conflic [...]

Moon & Madly is perhaps one of the only few fairy tales I haven't heard of, being based off of Buried Moon. Oh, and in thoughts of that being a series I think it would be really interesting - and unique! - how the moon being a girl to protect us from things that go bump in the night would play out.Frogs are helpless. Everyone in the kingdom has been bewitching them, turning them into princes and princesses. The poor creature is being played with and humiliated when all he wanted in life was [...]

(3.5 stars) "Moon and Madly" is the second Grimm Diary prequels to feature Jack (of Jack in the Beanstalk). Jack Madly is a thief extraordinaire who likes to steal from goblins. However, don't let his thievery fool you into thinking he is s bad person because his stealing is usually to help a damsel in distress. This time Jack meets and rescues the moon. He is unaware of her true identity because she is cloaked in a dark hooked cape. They are attracted to each other but before they can proceed w [...]

★★★½☆《Why in the name of shining suns and glittering stars did he care about me? Being treated this way made me feel as if I was invisible before, and having this thief’s eyes lay upon me cured my curse.》I really liked the story itself but I couldn't really enjoy it until I arrived toward the ending (and I don't even know why, srsly) :/ This is such a pity. BUT. But the way Cameron is able to put so many pieces together from oh-my-god-so-many-stories makes me crazy, really. How co [...]

Review will also appear on my blog Pages Full of Stars.My rating: 4/6Moon and Madly has got to be one of my favourite stories among The Grimm Diaries Prequels by Cameron Jace. It’s as creative as his other books and I really love the "interpretation" of the moon. Jack the Beanstalk, whom we meet again was much better to read about and much less irritating than in Blood Apples. In general, I felt that the writing was better in this one and the story flew more smoothly. The twist at the end wasn [...]

this is the most interesting diary i have read till now.jack's character is funny,clever and astute. would definitely like to see more of him. :)i really would like to read more about moon and jackso jack stealing devil's hair and devil's mom helping him story would be fun to readd the questionswill jack ever know that "marmalade" is the girl in black hood. the one he fell in love with?will they be together?need serious answers. :Pfor now, i think i have to wait "PATIENTLY" for this story.

"I was the moon. I was your light in your darkest night. I showed you the way, and I kept you company while your were riding on your own."my thoughts - This is by far one of my favorite prequels. I was hooked on it from the beginning. I love the concept of the Moon being someone so incredibly important and Jack I don't even know what to say about his arrogance. But it is nice to see a different softer, warmer side of him. This book like the others was amazing! reason for reading - I received [...]

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. okay I am pretty sure I've said another one of these prequels was my favorite but seriously seriouslyTHIS ONE TOPS THEM ALL!!!!I'm not usually into romance and all that yucky stuff but on my lanta! I just can't get this beautiful tale out of my head. I love that I got to know who and where Marmalade came from. IT WAS GREAT HOW IT ALL COME INTO A FULL CIRCLE!!!! I enjoyed the little bit of facts that I got to know more about Jack Madly. LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE [...]

This was also a very cute prequel where the Moon is the main character. She is such a cute and "good" character that you can't but root for her. I'm not that big a fan of Jack (the beanstalk guy) but I'm really rooting for these two to get togetherBut of course happy endings are never just happeningd the same is the case hereSo, rest of the series, please give these two a happy ending! The Moon deserves it!

this is still my favorite among all the other prequels. (Just finished Ember In The Wind) :DI love Moon. Oh. All my feels.Being honest though, everytime i read about Jack, i can't help but imagine Peter Pan. Hm. Wish they were just the same character Because i hate Wendy/Sleeping Beauty. XDAh well. This one's awesome.Marmalade~!I do hope that one day Jack discovers the truth without them dying. I really hope he does. <3

The intro was very exciting! After reading one of the earlier books I wondered how this was going to play out,(not wanting to give anything away. The story here is soft and beautiful. The moon comes down and shines on earth in a girl form and find Jack of the bean stock. They become friends and a wonderful story begins. I find both characters very likable and looking forward to the full story.

I don't know how it's possible to love a novella that much but I did!It's by far my favorite story of the 'The Grimm Diaries Prequels'.The relationship/encounter however so short between Jack and Moon is kind of beautiful and I simply loved every second of it.(view spoiler)[ I knew Moon had to be Marmalade as soon as the necklace was mentioned otherwise I would've been really disappointed. But of course Cameron Jace gave us a little happy ending with a lovely last line :) (hide spoiler)]

I liked the way this story ended. I was really scared for the character Moongirl at first, but then I remembered (view spoiler)[ she had the necklace that could restore life (hide spoiler)]. The ending made me really happy, and the story itself made me think more about fairy tales like Jack and the Bean Stock.This author has a great imagination and is pulling from every fairytale and fantasy based novel you might have read in your childhood, to create a new world for them to live in.

I don't know the original story as I've never stumbled upon Moongirl, so I don't know where the twist was, but I still liked it all together, mostly the ending. Jack (With the beanstalk, yes) was funny as we've seen before, as he bargains with goblins. Moongirl is moon herself (itself?) when she meets Jack, and then of course, everything changes thanks to Cameron Jace's mind boggling talent.

This is one of my favorite prequels in this series. I'm really enjoying the prequels for six thru ten so far. The moon was a great character and I loved the dynamic with Jack. The moon also seems like the most tragic character so far and I have a soft spot for tragic characters./* Update 2/35/13: After reading all the prequels released thus far, I can safely now say this was my favorite! */

It's so hard to pick a favorite. I unlike some of you truly enjoy Cameron's work since i began his first prequels. I really enjoyed the thought of the moon transforming into a mermaid and hope he continues writing about Jack and Marmalade.

I hate the feeling when I know that something is going to end badly but you can't prevent it. Poor Moon, I wish Jack would be a tad bit less silly and it would hit him that he's dating the girl he loves. But he doesn't get it! Ugh, so frustrating!

Not my favorite. I did find it interesting how the Moon and Jack are relatedAlso an appearance from Red interesting.

really liked this it was sweet and I liked how it linked up with some of the other prequels

"It was a mission, a noble one, to ridicule evil creatures, and it was ironic coming from a thief."

I adore this one <3

I love mermaids. I wonder if I will hear the rest of Moon and Madley's story

this one was the oddest of the sets I've read was a little hard to follow, because it only loosely reflected a nursery rhythm I knew, but I still enjoyed it.

Awesome! Wasn't expecting it till the swamp, great story telling! :) Love Grandma Madly!

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