Once Beauty Twice Beast

Cameron Jace

Once Beauty Twice Beast

Once Beauty Twice Beast

  • Title: Once Beauty Twice Beast
  • Author: Cameron Jace
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 423
  • Format: ebook


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It’s better to think of the prequels like snap shots of a magical land you're about to visit soon. I like to think of them as poisoned apples. Once you taste them, you will never see fairy tales in the same light again.Amen.

Krásnější pohádku před spaním jsem si nemohl přát.

This review was first posted on Northern Plunder, if you want to see more reviews please click here.Okay so a lot about this book is not available, no cover, no page count and no synopsis but I really can't keep this in my drafts forever. Do not let this deter you. Honestly this was the best of all eight, I feel this book acurately portrays the authors real skill of writing, when judging on writing skill for the others I'd say he was pretty average at best, but in this one he really shone throug [...]

We take advantage of such things like being alive, rarely bothering if there is reason to it at all. Only if we die, or are threatened with death, do we question and whine about how all this time we wasted the gift of living.I love this prequel. As i was reading this one my mind was thinking of the Beauty and the Beast movie, but in this retelling the Beast was a girl and then by the end this prince who was captured turned out to be the Beast in the end (I dont wanna spoil you guys so you better [...]

Finally a Grimm Diaries Prequel I can give five stars! Jace's retelling of Beauty and the Beast was original, and yet it still held all of the staples of the traditional story. You couldn't help but feel for the characters and their plight, and you wanted them to succeed in their missions to find their various freedoms. That said, this one seemed to show that Jace has grown as a writer, and I applaud him for it.

‘Things must be loved before they are lovely.’Tenhle díl nebyl tak dobrý jako ty ostatní, ale rozhodně mám nad čím přemýšlet.Thank you Mr. Jace.

I reading all the Diaries, have had some disappointment so far. Though interesting, there is more to be desired from these books. I however don't feel this is a the case with the 7th book. (view spoiler)[Beauty is a Boy, and a prince. He is a clueless shallow bookworm. He is similar to many of the characters the series. however, his father is killed transporting Dracula, who we met with peter pan's story. he was hijacked at sea by Captain hook. and left for at sea for day, until he lands on at t [...]

I was pleasantly surprised after reading this prequel, and I must say this is probably my favorite of all the prequels so far. Once Beauty Twice Beast is, as you can probably guess, based on the fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast. In all honesty, when I first saw the title, I was a little skeptical, as Beauty and the Beast was my favorite Disney movie growing up, I was slightly worried that my beloved story might be somehow tainted, for lack of a better term. However, Cameron Jace's stories hadn [...]

Wow his writing skill has improved - SIGNIFICANTLY!! Although it never really deterred me from this prequel series, because I looooove this fairy twist that CJ is presenting, but if they were all written like the very first prequel I was going to give up. Thankfully they just get better.Okay enough with the edit skill - on with the story itselfI was really intrigued by the twist with the Beauty and the Beast fairy tail, and I like how he drew in some of the other characters from the other storie [...]

I love the writers style and flow of these prequels. I really enjoyed the intro to these two characters and a little sad that I have to wait till book three comes out to read the whole story. What a great way to write beauty and the beast, trapped and looking for love. Are we our own beast inside, that we make ourselves? Can we control our own beastly natures? Looking forward to reading the full novels after experiencing these tiny morsels of what's to come.

I have always been a huge fan of beauty and the beast so this was a pleasant surprise. One thing i never liked about the original tale was the way it seemed to lack important details about who the beast really was (or in my mind who the beast should have been) so kudos Cameron for imagining such an awesome twist to the original tale and thank you for including more detail about how the beast came to be. I really cant wait for the full books to come out!

Absolutely loved this one. This one was so different than the original, yet so similar. I can't explain myself properly here, but it was mindblowing.If only you remembered the truth girl! ;)

This has been one of my favorites, if not my favorite, prequel so far. This is a very original take on the story of beauty and the beast and was very enjoyable. I also noticed significantly less spelling and grammatical errors in this one.

I was really surprised at how Cameron spun this beauty and the beast story. Wow! Another good one!

Awesome!! Who is Beauty and who is Beast?!?! Loved this one!

This prequel is much better than first six. Beauty and Beast is one of my favourite stories all time and I'm glad to read different versions. I wish it was longer :(

Beauty and the Beast has never been a favorite of mine, but I LOVE the cyclical story in this book. Longer review will be posted on the 7-10 bundle.

Must say I loved this version of beauty and the beast.

I have read this prequel since it was said to be the last prequel needed to be read before I can read Cameron Jace's first full-length novel. Out of all the prequels thus far - with the exception of the one centering around Little Red Riding Hood - this has got to be the best prequel thus far. Just how it flows and the improvement in Jace's writing as well as the memorability of the story makes this prequel worth a perfect score for . (In reality, this is more like 9.5/10 but doesn't do scores [...]

Actual rating:3.5 starsThere is a marked improvement in not only the punctuation and forming of sentences, but also the writing style compared to the last set of novellas. This shows the growth the author has taken and made it easier for me to let the few mistakes throughout slide. Though several descriptions of things went slightly overboard to me which I found frustrating. I understand that lengthy descriptions can provide depth and a more sensory read but I think that he got carried away and [...]

Cameron Jace has proven time and time again how creative his imagination is when it comes to the fairy tales of old. "Once Beauty Twice Beast" is a more complicated edition of all of the tales that I've read so far. This retelling of the Beauty and the Beast story has an added layer on what happens when we willfully ignore the advice of people we do not feel worthy of us.We end up like them!I do not want to say too much about the story line because I do not want to spoil it for anyone. However, [...]

Another Fantastic installment of the Grimm Diaries Prequels!! Jace does another amazing job at spinning the traditional disney version of the story we all know into a grimm affair.I have never read the Grimm Brother's version but will certainly do so. You don't know who the true Beast is and who the true beauty is both characters have a go at both. Its a story of learning to love what is on the inside inorder to see true beauty. It brings in a new element to the series that looks like it will pl [...]

Review will also appear on my blog Pages Full of Stars.My rating: 2.5/6I have very mixed feelings about Once Beauty Twice Beast. I like how different it is from the original tale but there was also a lot of moments when it irritated me. One thing that bothered me in particular was the continuous talk and emphasizing of beauty and how beautiful people are "better". That’s the one thing that keeps on coming up in these stories and is very conspicuous. It wouldn’t bother me so much if I saw a b [...]

Cameron Jace weaves a bit of history into fairy tale magic on a heartbreaking story based on Beauty and the Beast. The genders are switched for the most part, which I find interesting, but you don't know who the narrator is. On the bright side, the castle plays a MAJOR role.Sometimes , hands are like tongues, acting against our better judgment, screaming out the secrets once kept in the deepest closets of your mind.---------------------Original Rating: 4.5 owls

I really liked this prequel. It was really cute and had this true fairytale feel to it. You know the ones where you gain a grain of wisdom after finishing it ^-^Even though some elements of this story were predictable the final final twist I didn't see coming.I really liked how this prequel was still very similar to the fairytale Beauty and the Beast. Often in the prequels it feels nothing like the original fairytale, but that was not the case here so yay ^-^My favourite in the collection of pre [...]

"Things must be loved before they are lovely."my thoughts - This book is about beauty and the beast. I am surprised at the way this diary is written and the content within. It's shares some of the common elements of the famous fairy-tale but in the end it's a completely different masterpiece. There is mention of trickery, curses, spells, deceit, and love. I am looking forward to beginning the next book.reason for reading - I received this book in return for an honest review.

"There wasn’t enough time left to tell the truth about who the real beauty was, and who was truly the beast.""Didn’t beauty equal good? Was it not a cosmic rule that ugliness equaled evil?""I hope that one day when the pages in the book are written, and you read it, you’ll find that I succeeded in making her love me. Only then, it won’t matter who is beauty and who is beast, because we all had our share of both sides; one way or another."

I really liked this one. It was the story of Beauty and the Beast. I liked the twist and how it wasn't so much about the people who filled the titles they were given because after all they are just titles. I would love to just talk about the book, but there is much spoiler in just mentioning even a little part. I'm just going to say that like the ones before it read it.

This was pretty cool. I like that it tells you more about the castle and it's mysterious ways while also incorporating the beauty and the beast storyI hope eventually they will get around to the glass shards of the mirror. At this point, it seems that whoever created that mirror is some kinda super bad. I mean the devil didn't even know who created it.

I absolutely loved this short in the series. The twist was possibly predictable, but so well set up and played out that it made the story all the more intriguing. I love how Jace set up the creation of the beast character and established his history while giving a taste of what his future will be like. It'll be very interesting to see where he goes with this character.

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