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  • Title: Rise
  • Author: Kimberly Stedronsky Adams
  • ISBN: 9781481854641
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback

Roam, imprisoned in an ancient land and left to the mercy of Troy s cruel reign, longs for freedom, her child, and West Surviving with only Logan s presence to save her from certain insanity, she turns to herself and finds that she alone possesses the strength and power to save her own life.Deep within her soul, Roam remembers her timeless love for West and their child DRoam, imprisoned in an ancient land and left to the mercy of Troy s cruel reign, longs for freedom, her child, and West Surviving with only Logan s presence to save her from certain insanity, she turns to herself and finds that she alone possesses the strength and power to save her own life.Deep within her soul, Roam remembers her timeless love for West and their child Drawn together for the final battle, Roam and West cling to each other and the promise of one last life Together.

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Omg. What is this author doing to me?? I'm a mad man speeding through the pages!

Just how much would you be willing to sacrifice to keep your loved ones safe? As much as it takes.From love to loss, Roam Camden has traveled from the high of euphoria to the depths of despair. No amount of planning in her few short years has prepared her for this last loss: her freedom. But if her misery will keep West and Eva safe, no torture Troy meters out will be too great. Will she lose her sanity along with her freedom in this nightmare, or reach deep for the inner strength to reclaim the [...]

5+ StarsI absolutely love West and Roam and their epic love story and i am not ready to let them go yet,they are seriously one of my all time favourite couples next to Tatiana and Alexander. I can't wait to read the next book but i don't want this series to end yet.

5 DEVASTATING STARSIf you had clawed your way out of a nightmare, scarred and broken and barely alive, would you choose oblivion, amnesia, the erasing of every single memory including the good ones or would you choose to suffer the memories to remember the one you love? And how would you choose if it was someone else’s memories – of you – that would be erased?Rise is the most emotionally devastating book of the series so far and by devastating, I mean it was an emotional wrecking ball and [...]

Fantastic book! I was lucky to get an advanced copy and was thrilled with the wonderful story. I love how the author doesn't miss a beat. RISE begins where FALL ended and we follow Roam through her tormented time with Troy. Logan is with her, which gives her comfort, but she continues to endure enormous suffering. Without giving anything away, the story also focuses on how West, Eva, Violet and Morgan have dealt with Roam's absence.There are many clever twists and turns and I was completely surp [...]

A satisfying end for a fantastic story. I'm really glad the author stuck with three books for the story arc. Two would have been too short, and I think a lot of authors would have tried to squeeze a fourth or even fifth out just to make some extra money (and negatively impacted the story as a whole). The story was told well and very competently. The characters just come alive and I feel like I know them.I am really happy that Logan is going to get his own set of books. He was always a very inter [...]

This series keeps getting better. I think this might be my favorite of the three (but I've said that about each of them as I read them). This book takes you on quite the emotional roller coaster ride and Roam and West cope with their separation. She has to endure torture at the hands of Troy and West has to raise their child alone all the while wanting to get Roam and bring her back. Kimberly Stedronsky is such a talented writer! Quickly becoming one of my go to authors.

My goodness, this book was awesome. Once again I was glued from start to finish. The story line is absolutely amazing, I marvel at the authors thought process and I found myself continually asking how someone can come up characters and settings that completely blow the mind.I read a lot of books, this series is one of my favourites. A MUST READ! Thank you Kimberly. Is it silly to ask then Rush will be out???

This series is so complex but enjoyable - the jumping to different times zones makes me dizzy and struggle to keep up with who is in what era. Troy - he is so evil although I did start to warm to him when Roam was in the castle before she tried to plot against him; will he ever die or will he keep plaguing Roam & West forever?

totally not disappointed with this booka total roller coaster of emotions the whole time!!! I love West and the new character WillHoly Hell!!! SEXY!!! Everyone needs to read this series right this sec!!! NOW I tell ya

I loved this book and this series!

I LOVE this series it's original. I love all the characters even evil Troy lol looking forward to the rest of the series and more by this a amazing author!

I read this book in one day. Excited to see there are more to come. I love this series!

I cannot wait for books 4&5! I highly recommend this series!

4.5 Stars

This series is getting more intense and getting better and better with each book. On too Rush

May can't get here soon enough!!!

I was confused when the author switched from first to third person with no warning; a lot of errors in grammar

This series just keeps getting better I tell you. So this books picks up with Roam stuck in Isapond with Troy. Troy is intent on having Roam, whether she wants him or not. So much of the story in the beginning focuses around the horrendous experience Roam endures as Troy's Queen. Roam falls into a place of survival while West, Eva, Violet, Morgan are back in our world trying to find a way back to Roam.This book is jam packed with story. There is so much happening that it is amazing. I found myse [...]

Bittersweet is how I would best say what I think. This was my least fav of the 3 but because it tied up most of the loose ends, it was good. **Spoiler** Alert** I did not like that they ended up no longer immortal status. I really don't want them to die even of old age! The author threw in some past life persona's of West, civil war and I liked that, it was a nice extra. What happened to 2nd baby? The reversing time, reverse a life throws stuff forward but undoes this/that, a bit much to keep up [...]

In the third book of the series things slowly become more complicated and evolve into more of a fantasy type sorry. Things run their course and then bam! We are right where we started! My mind was blown away while reading this one because if how the author was able to weave my mind into this story and KEEP me invested the whole way through.The characters are the same, we love them and hate a few, but to me, My mind was slowly starting to understand Troy, I hate that but it's the truth. We meet s [...]

Wow, what a rollercoaster ride, so many twists and turns in the plot with lots of history trivia thrown in. It was intense at times, especially the beginning, (view spoiler)[ where Roam was being continually abused. That was difficult to read. Also, the confrontation with Troy was rather abrupt and over in a heartbeat, it seemed.(hide spoiler)] But the HEA ending for Roam and West was satisfying. While it could have used some more editing for the numerous typos and a few inconsistencies, the nov [...]

Again, I was hooked from the start. I read this book in 2 days. I truly enjoyed the ups and downs in the whole series, and more so in Rise (Book #3). I just feel the author explains settings/moods/emotions of all of her characters so well and in such a way they are just painted in your mind as reality. I have been seeking a good series to get lost in and this sure does it! I am looking forward to Book#4! Excited to see what is next for everyone in the series! Amazing Series!

Roam and West defeat Troy, but in order for Roam to continue living, the memories of her lives must be erased. I cried. West tries to stay away from Roam, but she's plagued with dreams of wanting him, feels like she knows more of him than she realizes. They collide, she remembers everything - Troy comes back to life. Troy comes for her and attempts to take her life again, he fails.West and Roam think it's over, but their child still has a prophecy to fill

Amazing Omg i cant put into words just how much i love this series i read part 2 n 3 in one night i struggled to put it down and needed to know what happened. Its intriguing and keeps you on your toes with characters you will fall in love with. Can't wait to read book 4 n logan's story.

Keeps Getting Better!This series definitely need to be read in order! So realistic and entertaining! While I have never been a fan of romance storyline, this series is definitely worth reading! Enjoy!



Continuing with Roam and West's story. This book has less suspense and more romance. I am hoping that the next is more suspense. I am not in a romance mood!

good read and every time you think that you are getting "it" the story goes in another direction.

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