Fighting Pax

Robin Jarvis

Fighting Pax

Fighting Pax

  • Title: Fighting Pax
  • Author: Robin Jarvis
  • ISBN: 9780007451319
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Hardcover

Throughout the world, Dancing Jax reigns supreme The Ismus and his court are celebrated and adored, and the Ismus is writing the much awaited sequel to Dancing Jax But when someone accidentally reads the manuscript, the true, evil purpose of Austerly Fellows is finally revealed Can the resistance halt the publication of Fighting Pax Or is humanity doomed and will the DThroughout the world, Dancing Jax reigns supreme The Ismus and his court are celebrated and adored, and the Ismus is writing the much awaited sequel to Dancing Jax But when someone accidentally reads the manuscript, the true, evil purpose of Austerly Fellows is finally revealed Can the resistance halt the publication of Fighting Pax Or is humanity doomed and will the Dawn Prince arise at last

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4.5 stars - I'm reticent in handing out 5 because something just didn't sit right for me at the end - can't put my finger on it though.This is probably Robin Jarvis' most accomplished trilogy to date. Ultimately tales from the wyrd museum come in as favorites but this trilogy had a depth and horror that I've rarely seen elsewhere. Essentially Mr Jarvis casts a bright and non-flattering light on today's 'hollow culture' of instant gratification, accumulation of goods, entitlement, undeserved fame [...]

И ето, че дойде време за трета, последна част от трилогията на Робин Джарвис "Танцуващият замък"! Една без съмнение хитова поредица. Ако сте забравили за какво става дума, тук може да си припомните какво се случва в първа и втора част. Отново е спазена тенденцията корицата на [...]

Милиони роби ще умрат…: knigolandiafo/book-review/b Разминахме се някъде по пътя с тази трилогия – а отношенията ни започнаха така чудесно, толкова магически – “Танцуващият замък”, която прочетох през май 2012 г бе изненадваща, мрачна и с някаква поетична злост в основата си. Година по- [...]

Der letzte Teil der Trilogie rund um das süchtig machende Buch Dancing Jax hat mich - um ganz ehlich zu sein - wirklich sehr enttäuscht. Vom letzten Band war ich total begeistert. Vielleicht waren meine Erwartungen an den Abschlussband auch zu hoch. Liegen tut es zum Teil bestimmt auch an der Tatsache, dass zwischen dem Lesen des zweiten und dritten Teils viel Zeit vergangen ist. Mein Buchgeschmack hat sich in dieser Zeit auch etwas geändert, vielleicht bin ich auch einfach aus dieser Art Buc [...]

Martin Baxter, Maggie, Lee, Spencer und all die anderen Überlebenden sitzen gefangen in Nordkorea. Ihre Lage scheint hoffnungslos, denn der Ismus und seine Anhängerschaft feiern ständig neue Siege über die „Abtrünnigen“. Und der Ismus hat ein neues Ass im Ärmel. Er schreibt an einem neuen Buch, dass Dancing Jax um Längen überragen soll. Fighting Pax soll es heißen und endgültig seine Herrschaft über die Welt demonstrieren. Martin und den anderen bleibt nicht viel Zeit, sich doch n [...]

An amazing end to a fantastic trilogy; Robin Jarvis has really outdone himself here. Readers of his earlier books will be used to the often heart-breaking twists of betrayal and sudden shifts in perspective, but some of the stuff in Fighting Pax is just breathtaking. Excellent epilogue, too; just the right kind of ending to finish it all off neatly without any need to drag the whole thing on into an unnecessary series. Brilliant.

This was so. underwhelming. I liked the first book and I thought the second one was thrilling so, naturally, I was expecting a LOT from the finale. But it just didn't live up to my expectations. Sometimes it was dragging, sometimes it was outrageous and sometimes it was ridiculous. I loved parts of it but as a whole I think it's just okay.

azcheta/boini-kolodi-tancuВ „Бойни колоди“ екшънът е на ниво и книгата определено ще допадне повече на хората, които намериха „Изроди и лузъри“ за твърде бавна. На мен пък тя ми хареса изключително много – атмосферата на пълното и тотално отчаяние на героите беше предадена чудесно, [...]

Wie der Titel schon sagt, ist dies der abschliessende Band von Robin Jarvis’ „Dancing Jax“-Trilogie. Wie bei jeder Trilogie empfiehlt es sich, die Vorgänger gelesen zu haben. Da Jarvis aber auf vorhergegangene Ereignisse eingeht, könnte man diesen Teil theoretisch auch einzeln lesen, ob das aber wirklich sinnvoll ist, kann ich nicht sagen.„Finale“ setzt einige Monate nach „Zwischenspiel“ ein und man erfährt, wie es den Helden aus Band zwei ergangen ist. Die Kinder und Martin Bax [...]

Zitat:„Für ein kleines Mädchen, dessen Name übersetzt Schmetterling bedeutete, hatte sie großen Gefallen an allem Grausigen.“(S.65)„Ein Schwall eiskalter Luft war vom Korridor hereingeweht. Sie hörten eine Tür zuknallen, gefolgt vom Echo schlurfender Schritte.“(S.110)Die Menschen und Zwerge waren kriechende Scheußlichkeiten, mit der Gabe elementarer Sprache versehen, sodass aus ihren Mündern nun gegrunzte Drohungen und abscheuliche Flüche drangen.“(S.139)Inhalt:Dancing Jax hat [...]

Wirklich gut gemacht, aber manche Stellen haben mir weniger zugesagt.

The best book I read in 2014 was Robin Jarvis’ Fighting Pax, the conclusion to his surprisingly awesome Dancing Jax trilogy. I’m fuzzy on the finer details since I finished it in August.Robin Jarvis writes horror novels for kids and young adults. I’ve been following his work for some time, reading his Wyrd Museum trilogy and all about the Deptford Mice. His writing is similar to Alan Garner and Susan Cooper in that most of his books are set in Britain, and involve a young protagonist confr [...]

So, with Fighting Pax Jarvis finishes off his jaw-droppingly complex Dancing Jax trilogy. For those who haven't seen my previous reviews, it's a series for older young adult readers (though, depending on your teenager's sensitivity, you'll need to check what the definition of older is). It tells the tale of an evil children's book that took over the world. In Book 1, Dancing Jax the book takes over an English coastal own. In Book 2, Freax and Rejex the book has taken over most of England, except [...]

След завръзката в „Танцуващият замък“ и мъките в лагера в „Изроди и лузъри“, героите се събират в последното останало убежище – Северна Корея. Някои търсят начин да обърнат хода на борбата, да използват малкото си ресурси за стратегически и решителен удар срещу Измъс. За [...]

"Танцуващшят замък 3: Бойни колоди" от Робин Джарвис27.12.14 18:10Автор:DennyПърви впечатления от една дългоочаквана книгаЕй това чета. Вече трети ден.И не знам какво да мисля. Много я чаках тази книга, много й се каних, успях да прочета вече над 300 страници. И още не знам как да я възпр [...]

3.5 - I took a while to decide the rating for this one and decided to be a pedant and use half a star.So I have come to the end of probably the most disturbing trilogy of children's books ever written. What do I think? We I can certainly say that I enjoyed it. Jarvis is a very experienced and highly accomplished writer and that shows in these books. They were fun to read, and despite their girth, relatively quick reads. What I loved most about this book was the DPRK angle and the unlikely heroin [...]

Where to freaking start?This series has always been brutal to it's characters but this book blew its gore out of the ball park. Hit a home run straight through my heart. I'm not a squeamish one when it comes to books but I have to say this book almost got me there.It was so nice to revisit all the characters from the previous books. The PTSD was well rounded and spoken for. Not a chapter went by when a character wasn't suffering from some bad memory. Speaking of characters, this cast (even the o [...]

I have loved this series so very much, even pre-ordering this last book a year before release. I feel a little disappointed in the execution of this story however. This final book seemed a little rushed in places though we had some brilliant scenes *spoiler* like a certain person becoming possessed in Austerly Fellows old house.I personally think that the author was trying to stick to his 'trilogy only' rule and that if he had spread this story over a couple more books he would have been able to [...]

Първата книга от трилогията „Танцуващият замък” на Робин Джарвис ме грабна. Страхотна идея и интересни герои, окултни текстове, буквално завземащи съзнанието на читателите Втората ме смачка. Разпространяващото се като чума влияние на злите сили, прескачащо границите на [...]

Finally done. It got a little better towards the end, but all in all, the story could not really keep me captivated, maybe because it was centered in parts around a love story that took place in the second installment. Said love story also didn't persuade me, hence I was not really convinced by it in this last part. In general, this series should not be given to young or easily shocked readers as it gets quite bloody in the end. I'm happy I'm done with this one. Am not sure if I will give other [...]

Fighting Pax was an epic, horrifying end to Robin Jarvis's trilogy. After two books' worth of nightmarish build up, the third volume delivers a devastating pay-off with murderous unicorns, a heroic North Korean soldier girl, an evil alternate Jesus, the witty-yet-treacherous ghost of a flapper and a very twenty-first century take on the Antichrist, all against the background of a world in the grips of a fiery apocalypse. Speaking as someone who tends to find the third volumes of trilogies a disa [...]

Great book, a fitting end to a trilogy I found enjoyable enough to read one after another. I wasn't fond of the ending though, I think that could have been executed better. But as apocalyptic kind of stories go, this one was particularly nasty. I just had the feeling that the end game was a bit of a cop out.

A solid finale, though marginally disappointing compared to what came before. It may be because he was striving for realism, but the story did feel like it tapered off at the end, but that's life. Plus the final sequence did make my chuckle and hope for a spin off series.

This series is great! Thoroughly enjoyed! Was hooked and haven't been able to put them down. Sad I have finished it all now.

Whilst I thought "Dancing Jax" was the best of the three novels, this was a reasonable conclusion to the trilogy. It was fast-paced and exciting, with a horrifying climax and unsettling ending.

Amazing sequel with an appropriate ending full of suspense. The epilogue was not to my liking but the rest was as crazy good as the first two books.

Recht gelungener Abschluss. Ich hätte es wohl auf Englisch lesen sollen, die Übersetzung ist teilweise grauenhaft!

Okay, das Ende war unvorhersehbar;)Ich fand es wirklich gut und wieder einmal mitreißend. Wer die ersten beiden Teile mochte, wird nicht enttäuscht werden.

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