The Book Class

Louis Auchincloss

The Book Class

The Book Class

  • Title: The Book Class
  • Author: Louis Auchincloss
  • ISBN: 9780395361382
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Hardcover

Christopher Gates, cynical homosexual son of a member of a ladies book club, narrates this tale of upper class women who struggle to find meaning within the strict confines of New York society in the first decade of the twentieth century Nancy Pearl

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A very minor entry in the huge Auchincloss Ĺ“uvre. What it amounts to is a series of anecdotes about a number of society ladies who belong to a book club, but references to the dealings of the book club are rather perfunctory. In spite of Auchincloss's fluid style and command of his material, this is a vey slight book with no memorable characters or scenes.

this book certainly reads as from a different time -- but it makes the time live and it was a thoroughly delightful read.

"If there is any significant difference between the sexes, it may be that a woman can talk as she listens, while a man hears only himself."I am loving this one!! Found it quite by accident at the library (was looking for Paul Auster, this was next door) and started it this morning Witty, snarky, wry, and full of delightful characters - Auchincloss captures a moment in time and society with wit and aplomb. I looked up reviews - he's gotten some "why didn't he write THIS instead" comments, slammin [...]

Louis Auchincloss has a unique talent for portraying the privileged women of the first half of the 20th century. In his world of New York society the men may boast of the external trappings of power and position, but their personalities pale when compared with the women who surround them. His novels are fascinating studies of these women. The Book Class is not unlike a stroll through a gallery of Sargent paintings---rather than reading as a novel, it is sketches of the various members of a book [...]

A bit of a disappointment in what I was looking for in the book. The early 19th century when women first won the vote and WW1 had already passed into WW2 starting. Rather than concentrate on the new woman: The woman who went to work for the first time in her husbands shoes while he was at war. This author decides to focus most attention on the boys and the fathers he grew up near. The first chapter I believe is very misleading.However it is a bit of historical interest. Just not so much in the t [...]

I'll have to read another of his novels to determine if I might like his work. This book did nothing for me beyond leaving me with impressions of a class of women mostly born to money in the late 1880s/early 1890s. That was interesting, but not enough. An hour after finishing the novel I could not recall what story belonged with which character; they didn't "stick" with me.

This book is nowhere as good as his wonderful _Rector of Justin_, which enthralled me, but I still found some of the character descriptions and behaviors intriguing. Very loosely constructed, a bit lame in parts (for Auchincloss). Not a keeper.

This book is made up of a series of sketches about the members of a upperclass New York women's book club. What is presented is interesting but without depth and it does not include much interaction between members.

The book class by Louis Auchincloss Book about 12 women of NY. They meet monthly for the book club, and more.Lots of drama from the queens as the book goes through their stages of life in NY.I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Not my favorite Auchincloss novel but this man is fabulous in his literary descriptions of life in old money New York City. His books are always nice to read in between other selections.

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