Death: The High Cost of Living Collected

Neil Gaiman Chris Bachalo Mark Buckingham Tori Amos

Death: The High Cost of Living Collected

Death: The High Cost of Living Collected

  • Title: Death: The High Cost of Living Collected
  • Author: Neil Gaiman Chris Bachalo Mark Buckingham Tori Amos
  • ISBN: 9781852864989
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Paperback

From the pages of Neil Gaiman s SANDMAN comes the young, pale, perky, and genuinely likable Death One day in every century, Death walks the Earth to better understand those to whom she will be the final visitor Today is that day As a young mortal girl named Didi, Death befriends a teenager and helps a 250 year old homeless woman find her missing heart What follows is aFrom the pages of Neil Gaiman s SANDMAN comes the young, pale, perky, and genuinely likable Death One day in every century, Death walks the Earth to better understand those to whom she will be the final visitor Today is that day As a young mortal girl named Didi, Death befriends a teenager and helps a 250 year old homeless woman find her missing heart What follows is a sincere musing on love, life and of course death.

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Deadly brilliant!!!This is a collected edition of the story “Death: The High Cost of Living” which includes “Death talks about Life” which is a health pamphlet about how to have safe sex, and also there is a brief guide-like about the appearance of “Death” in the pages of “The Sandman”. Also it has an introduction written by the musician Tori Amos.Creative Team:Writer: Neil GaimanIllustrators: Chris Bachalo (main story) & Dave McKean (additional health info)Letterer: Todd Kle [...]

Gaiman’s Sandman is such a brilliant and creative series; yet, for all that Dream does not have much personality. Death is a far better character. “It's no harder to be nice than it is to be creepy. And it's much more fun.” I love what Gaiman has done with her. Death is the end, but she is also something we will all have to accept with open arms. There’s no escaping her and perhaps that’s why she is so welcoming here. It is fate that we will one day meet her. And she’s so likable; sh [...]

It's strange. Gaiman's Sandman is a far better story overall than his death books. But I think Death herself is a much better character.

This graphic novel seems to me to be all too typical of Gaiman’s work. It’s slick, but there’s not really terribly much to it. There are good ideas but he doesn’t do much with them. It’s not that it’s bad, it isn’t. It’s just not as good as you’d hoped it would be after reading the cover blurb. The idea is great: for one day every century Death becomes a mortal, walking among us, so that she can understand what it is that she takes away from us. The character of Death herself i [...]

It is nothing short of criminal that I call myself a comic reader and yet have never read any of Gaiman’s Sandman books. I actually have the first volume at home ready to read, but thanks to my involvement with a comic book discussion group, this one ended up being my introduction to the Sandman universe, instead.Other readers have claimed this book has problems as a standalone book, but I found it to read quite nicely on its own. The book largely centers on a depressed teenager named Sexton [...]

I would date Death.

Mindless multiple gasporgasms.

“It would be really neat if death was somebody, and not just nothing, or pain, or blackness. And it would be really good if death could be somebody like Didi. Somebody funny, and friendly, and nice, and maybe just a tiny bit crazy.”Sexton Furnival, one of the main characters of Death: The High Cost of Living, shares this sentiment with me—and perhaps also with legions of other Sandman readers when they meet Death of the Endless for the first time in Preludes and Nocturnes. It’s a nice th [...]

Loved it. Gaiman's portrayal of Death is truly unlike any other, friendly, kind, and funny. It's not hard to see why she's kinda becoming more popular than Morpheus himself. Personally, while Sandman has better story, I like Death more tham Dream. Too bad there isn't more of the story.

Me salvó la vida.

A fitting story about Death spending a day mortal. Mysterious and entertaining. It's always a good time when Dead of the endless is around. She's just that good a character.It's funny, I remember having the 6 page Death talks about STDs comic back in the day that appears at the end of this book. It really shows how it's a product of its time by having her explain Aids and STDs to readers. Since this comic was released in the early 90s, the Aids epidemic was very much still in the minds of people [...]

Okay, ich wusste nicht, dass Death eine Figur aus den Sandman-Comics ist, weswegen es mir schwerfiel, in die Geschichte reinzukommen und alles zu verstehen. Dafür bin ich aber noch neugieriger auf dieSandman-Comics und will sie alle lesen, um auch mehr über Death zu erfahren, die eine interessante Figur ist.

Death Something a lot of people fear Something unknownHere is portrated by a cute, funny, kind and friendly girl who is a pretty awesome character!I liked the whole concept and the story, but not the artwork as much.I love Neil Gaiman's work and I hope one day I can afford the "Sandman" collection to read too!

The only thing I like more than Dream, is Death. Hmm, maybe I should explain the context of that statement. Neil Gaiman's Sandman comic book series (which is profoundly good - read it right the fuck now) centers around a family of immortal beings called The Endless. The Endless are not gods - they simply personify certain aspects of reality, such as Dream, Death, Desire, Destruction, Delirium, Destiny, and Despair. Being entitled "The Sandman", the series focuses on Dream, however his sister, De [...]

I had heard good things about Neil Gaiman's Death character and I was not disappointed. She is exactly the opposite of how one might expect Death to behave. I liked all of the characters around her almost as much as her. Sexton is sort of your typical teenager who has lost a sense of magic in the world. Nothing is interesting anymore and he doesn't quite know how to cope with it. In that sense, Death is his perfect companion because she sees magic in everything. I loved the juxtaposition of the [...]

This is a very small story and a very sweet story. I've always found Gaiman's personification of Death to be one of the most unique approaches to the concept, and because she's such a delightful character, it's easy to just watch her go on for a day as she takes a stroll amidst humanity.I did, sadly, find myself bored at times, or found that my mind wandered away from the (rather simple) narrative. Nonetheless it held my attention and kept me entertained--and I will absolutely adore this charact [...]

Death: The High Cost of Living is a short and sweet little comic, featuring Death as she appears in The Sandman, but as the star. None of the other Endless appear, instead it follows Death during her one day in a hundred years of being a mortal. It's a pretty simple little story: it's interesting because it stars Death, who as a character is awesome, but the story itself isn't dazzling. The art is nice and the bonus story where Death talks about STDs and such is fun, but in itself, it isn't dazz [...]

Death and Sandman was my introduction to the world of graphic novels and - well, it's pretty much the only graphic novels I've read But they're amazing!Love Death - love the fact that she gets to live once every hundred years and then uses it to the fullest - to eat hot dogs and appels other food! And how she just love life! In theory these stories should be dark and gloomy, but they're not - they're actually very life-affirming and humoristic!

This three-issue book chronicles one of Death's once-per-century days as a mortal, and while it was enjoyable, it just left me wanting a bit more.

Never thought I'd say this, but man I love Death.

One of my favorite authors and favorite artists create a short-but-complete story about the one day, every hundred years, that the personification of Death must live a mortal life. Her accidental companion, jaded teenager Sexton, observes that it seems all wrong -- isn't Death supposed to be a huge hooded figure lugging around a scythe? (Not that there's anything wrong with that -- Terry Prachett proved there's a lot of good material with that version, too!) Instead she's a young woman, experien [...]

One day every century, Death walks the earth in a human body as a container and experiences what it is like to be among the living (and be one herself) before the time comes and she takes their lives away. This time around, Death is a young woman with a seemingly pleasant disposition and aside from her head-to-toe black ensemble, doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. She is accompanied by a suicidal young man for her one-day travel on Earth, and is given a quest while being pursued by a mysteriou [...]

Wow. I love Death, I love Gaiman. This is enjoyable as it's easy to read, as it's funny and in the same way teaches you a lot bout life itself. And death too. It's plain simple, but you never notice it until it's right in front of you. Death is so likeable and lovable.Loved this.

It's a good story. It's just not as great as the main body of The Sandman series. It probably gets more love because the character is so fantastic than it does for the actual plot. At least, that's certainly true for me.

Life is a beautiful thing, but you know what? So is death. In the trade paperback (orginally a limited series, but collected here in one volume) Death is personfied by a perky, sociable & downright lovable young goth girl. I won't give too much away but if you've followed the Sandman Series which the character is derived Death (personified as the young girl Didi) is the phyiscal manifestation and a member of the Endless (the actual representations of war, dreams, delirium & yes death). D [...]

Mayhap I placed it in a duck egg, inside a duck, inside a well, in a castle on an island, surrounded by a line of fire, guarded by a hundred dragons each larger and more ferocious than the last…The is the first of 2 vols. about Death of the Endless, the personification of Death from the Sandman comics, but it can be read separately from the main series. I reread both vols. last weekend. I liked this one better the second time, but I still prefer Death: The Time of Your Life. Once a century, De [...]

There was a time when comic books were about all I would read. Luckily, over time I got tired of the more formulaic superhero titles, and acquired a taste for the more literary stuff. This was my favorite story arc by Neil Gaiman. It was also one of the first things I read that had a strong, smart female character, so it may have helped to erode some of the archaic stereotypes that young people are often fooled by. Gaiman's wonderful conceit is that destiny is governed by a bureaucracy of differ [...]

2009 had some of the best of times but it also had a ton of the worst of times for my family. That is why I thought it appropriate for the last book of my 2009 reading to be the graphic novel, Death: The High Cost of Living by Neil Gaiman with illustrations from Dave McKean, Chris Bachalo and Mark Buckingham. Finished it at 11:45pm on New Years Eve. Yes that is right, I am such a party animal.As usual, Mr. Gaiman does not disappoint. Death: The High Cost of Living centers around Sandman’s sist [...]

It is the curse of The Sandman series, and it's offshoots, that they are fast reads. I zoomed through this so fast, and then got very sad because it was over.There aren't words for how much I adore the character of Death. I've loved her since her first appearance in The Sandman series, and finding out there were novels based solely on her made me squeal with glee. My library not having either of them made me not so squealy. Thank you, ILL! Worth the $2 fee.This story was so lovely. She's so play [...]

Death was my favorite part of Sandman in Preludes & Nocturnes. I enjoyed that story but the art really got on my nerves. I couldn't get over the fact that Dream looked like a cross between Peter Pan and KISS, and the whole technicolor thing was too bright for me. But when Death showed up, I thought, "Ah, here's the story I was looking for." So when I saw Death: The High Cost of Living on Adam's bookshelf, and it looked like a pretty short book, it was a no-brainer. The art didn't bother me a [...]

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