The Gallic War and Other Writings

Gaius Julius Caesar Moses Hadas

The Gallic War and Other Writings

The Gallic War and Other Writings

  • Title: The Gallic War and Other Writings
  • Author: Gaius Julius Caesar Moses Hadas
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Hardcover

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Caesar's insights into the traditions of the Gaulish Celts, particularly the order of the druids, is fascinating, but the detailed descriptions of battles, especially when he frequently applauds his own heroism, can get a little tiring. It is fairly obvious that he is rewriting history to make himself look better. This was a very quick read and it was so interesting to learn a little bit of the Roman perspective, something which I will have to incorporate into my Celtic studies at some point any [...]

It is a marvel that this text has made it through the centuries. Written during the last days of the Roman Republic, a young Julius Caesar makes his impact on the German and Gallic tribes. His early invasion of Britain to the final siege of Alesia, a great story of Roman arms. A must for all to understand the beginnings of the Roman Empire.

In a time of impressive men, Julius Caesar was THE MAN. Just ask him.

he just wasn't that great of an author. And the war was kind of a jerky enterprise. Not a big fan.

An excellent translation into modern English of the greatest work of propaganda ever written.

We had to read this in second year high school Latin in "the original." Of course, the text was modernized in ways which would have perplexed the author(s). It had punctuation, distinguished between upper and lower cases in accord with established rules, included diacriticals to facilitate pronunciation and had copious notes to help us with the more difficult words and concepts. It is the only authentic Latin text I have ever read completely with understanding. Only two years of language were re [...]

I only read the Gallic War; I'm not too interested in the Civil War at this moment. I got a lot of insight into the way the Gauls and Germans lived and fought. It is very interesting to see how the Gauls and the Germans came to be so different. I was so impressed by Gaul's efforts at independence from Rome, and I think Julius Caesar did a lot to make it clear his respect for their military tactics and their dedication to the cause. It was also a lot of fun for me, personally, to hear about Caesa [...]

I thought this book was just "okay." While it was interesting to have Caesar's first-hand account of his victories and travels, the bias was often overpowering, and his attempts to paint a picture of his bravado and heroism seemed conceited and honestly a little desperate. The writing itself was often dry and the content sometimes needed additional explanation, which was supplied by footnotes and an excellent introduction. The dull writing was made up for in unbelievable first hand accounts of t [...]

Excellent read. An incredibly comprehensive and well written memoir of an ancient and consequential war by the man Julius Caesar himself. The Gallic War is not only history, but was also a tool used to make history. Julius Caesar wrote in compelling and no non-sense pros. It is clear why the Romans read this so eagerly, and why it helped his popularity in the home front.

This is the closest I could find to the book I have. My copy has a gold-embossed tan and black hard cover. It doesn't say anywhere who the translator is and the introduction and appreciation are by H.E.L. Mellersh. It doesn't contain an ISBN no. Looks nice, though

I loved this. It's not my style, but because we worked with this for over four months, i started to like it and i love the thought that what happened in here is reality. Caesar is such a fascinating person.

Caesar was not a megalomaniac. He was brilliant and ambitious, knew how to spur his men to victory and was magnanimous to his defeated enemies. His accounts of these wars offer an insight into the man, not the myth. A very good read.

Посылаю тебе, Постум, эти книги.Что в столице? Мягко стелют? Спать не жестко?Как там Цезарь? Чем он занят? Все интриги?Все интриги, вероятно, да обжорство.

Fairly straight-forward read on Caesar's wars and tactics. Great for historians or military-enthusiasts, can be dry for normal readers.

The commentary about these two centurions, T. Pullo and L. Vorenus is amusing.

I confess I didn't finish it. I'm just not that interested in the Gallic war! But it was fascinating, for 100 pages or so, because Caesar's account of fighting the Gauls reveals so much about his character: encouraging to his troops, merciful to those he's conquered and even, at times, those who have betrayed him, and a wise strategist in battle. He was a remarkable leader (and not just b/c he said so -- the intro says that contemporaneous writers agree with his account of his own leadership). P [...]

The Defeat of Ariovistus and the Germans From 'The Gallic Wars'

A fascinating and concise "history" of Caesar's campaign in Gaul.

Great account of the Roman conquest of Gaul.

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