The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys

Chris Fuhrman

The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys

The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys

  • Title: The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys
  • Author: Chris Fuhrman
  • ISBN: 9780820323381
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback

Set in Savannah, Georgia, in the early 1970s, this is a novel of the anarchic joy of youth and encounters with the concerns of early adulthood Francis Doyle, Tim Sullivan, and their three closest friends are altar boys at Blessed Heart Catholic Church and eighth grade classmates at the parish school They are also inveterate pranksters, artistic, and unimpressed by adultSet in Savannah, Georgia, in the early 1970s, this is a novel of the anarchic joy of youth and encounters with the concerns of early adulthood Francis Doyle, Tim Sullivan, and their three closest friends are altar boys at Blessed Heart Catholic Church and eighth grade classmates at the parish school They are also inveterate pranksters, artistic, and unimpressed by adult authority When Sodom vs Gomorrah 74, their collaborative comic book depicting Blessed Heart s nuns and priests gleefully breaking the seventh commandment, falls into the hands of the principal, the boys, certain that their parents will be informed, conspire to create an audacious diversion Woven into the details of the boys preparations for the stunt are touching, hilarious renderings of the school day routine and the initiatory rites of male adolescence, from the first serious kiss to the first serious hangover.

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I never attended Catholic school, though my husband did, and he still bears the scar on his knuckle where a nun smacked him with a metal edged ruler. I feel like I might have missed out on something, because he has lots of great stories to tell.Speaking of great storiesIt's an exciting and dangerous time for Francis and his artistic friends. Soon they'll graduate from Blessed Heart, and the gang will be splitting up for good. They've worked together to create their masterpiece - a school bulleti [...]

Let's continue to invert things. I still want to talk about the movie first. thinking about this, I was gonna say it was an alright, ok-ish movie but then I remembered. Both the movie and the year 2008. The movie was was fantastic. Looking back, watching it even then I knew the book it was based on would be great and I was right. It's amazing. It is one of those rare books that the author got it right. It is well done. This is once in a lifetime kind of a novel and it is an only book by a deeply [...]

Life is all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. This book starts beautifully, perfectly showing humor and beauty in teenage life's banality. First love, lust, and sexual experiences are told beautifully, honestly. Every once in a while, the book will get a bit purple in it's prose, but sometimes that works, and sometimes it's a little distracting, a bit much, but you'll quickly forgive it, I think. It's part of who Chris Fuhrman is. It's a great book, with a lot of heart, and fun, and truths [...]

"I'm realistic. She's twelve years old, man. She's not sophisticated enough to not like you. Sure she looks like she stepped out of a Frazetta painting, and she's nice, intelligent, but she's a kid. Even more than us. She's probably flattered out of her mind. Don't agonize, go take your damn bounty." 66"My name, softening out of her mouth, the magic little combination of teeth, lips, and tongue, stunned me like a cherry bomb did once, too near, the world exploding into clear, startling quiet. My [...]

Una banda di ragazzini sfida le regole imposte loro da un'educazione cattolica e da una società complessivamente arretrata, quella della Georgia degli anni '70. Il fatto che questo scrittore sia morto così giovane, questo è il suo unico romanzo infatti, mi ha messo addosso una profonda tristezza. Sono certo che se fosse vissuto più a lungo ci avrebbe regalato altre pagine commoventi e delicate come queste. "Ogni adulto è l’opera di un bambino. [] La mia vita è il risultato dei sogni e de [...]

I love this book. I don't know why. Whenever I recommend it to someone they laugh because the title as well as the entire story is ironic. This is about two best friends in catholic school who rebel. They would, anyway, as they both seem to be very unhappy boys. Particularly one whose parents are constantly fighting. The main character of the book constantly draws out their lives as a comic. Of course, the comics are the more unrealistic aspect of the book as is meant but the whole things is ver [...]

Even though the cliche punishment-for-loss-of-virginity thing happens, this novel sparkles with excellent prose. The last fifty pages are especially tight, and Margie is far more complex and interesting than the initial pages might lead someone to believe. Quite different from the movie. An excellent novel. HIGHLY recommended.

Wow. I'd seen the movie years prior and decided I needed to read the book finally. I'm glad I did. This book deserves more recognition. This book is a work of art and is a truth for many of those who will read it. I think it's one of the more honest coming of age novels. I have so many questions and very little answers as the author is unfortunately dead. This was his one published work. It's greatly upsetting - I wonder what the world is missing out on without Chris Fuhrman's words. In the word [...]

"Vite pericolose di bravi ragazzi" è un romanzo di formazione ambientato negli anni Settanta, che ci racconta della Banda, un gruppo di ragazzini di Savannah (Georgia), che sfuggono alla noia combinando quanti più guai possibili. Qualcuno fuma marijuana, qualcuno legge William Blake; ci si innamora, si prendono le botte. Francis, il protagonista, racconta il suo quotidiano tirare a campare - che a quella magica e tragica età non è mai tirare a campare - e ha questa voce che ti spezza il cuor [...]

The various stylistic/thematic comparisons--John Kennedy O'Toole, Flannery O'Connor and Ernest Hemingway, J.D. Salinger--are all apt. Fuhrmann's pre-publication death at 31 was a tragedy, for he certainly would have had more to say. I also saw parallels with Irving's A Prayer for Owen Meany, especially in the relationship between Tim and Francis. Darkly funny, deeply moving at times, a very nicely executed coming-of-age story.

Before Chris Fuhrman’s passing, the novelist was working on The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys. Set in the 1970’s in Georgia (Fuhrman’s own setting for his own childhood), the novel follows two adolescents: Francis Doyle and Tim Sullivan, and their gang of friends as they try to survive the authority of catholic schooling and the ruling clergy. They find a retreat from the restrictive lifestyle through smoking, drinking, and drawing comic books involving their “religious overlords” in s [...]

Ogni adulto è l’opera di un bambino.Ma questo non lo si può sapere a tredici anni, a tredici anni le cose succedono per la prima volta, le prime amicizie importanti, i primi amori, le prime sbronze, le prime scazzottate. A tredici anni si disegna un fumetto osceno sugli insegnanti del proprio istituto religioso e una volta che questo arriva nelle mani del preside si escogita un piano più eclatante per far ricadere l’attenzione su di un fatto più grave e passarla liscia, ad esempio rubare [...]

Luminous, Sharp, and Witty: Dangerous in the Best of WaysPeople think I’m understanding. I understand little. But I can bear almost anything, and that’s nearly as good.This one’s a favorite. The story is about a group of boys trying to pull off a stunt to get them out of trouble at their Catholic school for their less-than-holy comic book drawings. It's full of the perils and joys of teenage years, and it's all raised to another level with the writing's understated power and acute eye for [...]

Savannah, Georgia. Primi anni settanta. Francis, Tim e i loro amici frequentano la scuola cattolica del Cuore Benedetto. Tim è un ragazzino esile e ribelle, Francis è innamorato dell’introversa Margie, ma è troppo timido per dichiararsi. Quando il fumetto osceno che hanno realizzato arriva tra le mani del preside, rischiano la bocciatura. Per evitarla, elaborano un ingegnoso piano, che si rivelerà più pericoloso del previsto, e cambierà per sempre le loro vite. Riti di iniziazione, scont [...]

This is a touching and unforgiving coming of age story that reminds me of what would happened if you combined The Neon Bible with The Outsiders. This short, angsty narrative follows the exploits of five 13 year old boys in Catholic school who compensate for their mundane school lives by getting drunk, making mischief, and blaspheming against their school in anyway they can, from using their own blood as Christ's blood for the crucifiction mural they do for the school's wall, to stealing the Euch [...]

ci vuole un po' a maturare l'empatia con questi tredicenni violenti, sporchi, affamati di quel sesso che ancora non conoscono e un po' temonor l'esattezza, ci vuole tutto il tempo che occorre ad un adulto per rendersi conto che i tredicenni sono veramente così, e che descriverli diversamente vorrebbe dire edulcorare la realtà, scadere nella vita del mulino bianco, o, più semplicemente, mentire. Non è certo un caso che questo libro sia stato scritto da un giovane (purtroppo morto molto premat [...]

A while ago - a long time ago, really - my at-the-time best friend and I held weekly Friday Night Movie-athons in my bedroom as escapism of our freshman year in college. In was in one of these weekly sessions that we came across The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, starring Kieran Culkin, Emile Hirsch and Jena Malone. Because I had a movie with Jena Malone prior to this, I had a sneaky suspicion it might be worth watching. Also, watching one of the younger Culkin siblings act wasn't holding me bac [...]

Chris Fuhrman sarebbe diventato un grandissimo scrittore se non fosse morto di cancro a soli 31 annià con questo primo romanzo, unico lavoro scritto che abbiamo di lui, si preannuncia ricco di talento entra piano nella storia dei personaggi, nella vita di questi ragazzini, iscritti ad una scuola privata, che bevono un pò troppo e un pò troppo spesso che sono immersi in risse e e bravate dentro e fuorilti sono i temi affrontati: il tentato suicidio, la violenza casalinga, il consumo di alcool, [...]

I actually ordered this book after watching the movie because I really liked it and wanted to also read the book. I love that the book and the movie are both very much alike, I believe everything was included in the movie from the book except the ending bit. The group of friends in this book is what captivates me, they are very different yet you can relate to them. I can see myself in bits of the characters. I think although there were four of them the two main characters are what you really rem [...]

Siamo nel 1974 a Savannah, Georgia, profondo Sud degli Stati Uniti. Una banda di cinque tredicenni, i “bravi ragazzi” del titolo, frequenta la terza media di una scuola cattolica. Francis, la voce narrante, cresce come può fra un padre disilluso e reso violento dalla vita e una madre fatua e insoddisfatta. Per fortuna c’è Tim, senza il quale non ci sarebbe nessuna banda e la vita di Francis, Rusty, Wade e Joey sarebbe quella di qualsiasi ragazzino alle prese con le prime turbe adolescenz [...]

An interesting look at a young boy's adolescent years growing up in Savannah, Georgia during the 1970s. Francis and his friends attend a rigid Catholic school and get into all kinds of trouble -- usually at the hands of Francis' best friend Tim (the brains of the operation). It is a nostalgic look back at childhood friends, first fights, first love, and myriad of adventures to be found when things are still new and can be done for the first time. The end is tragic, but like most childhood memori [...]

Got this book from another member on PaperbackSwap and started and finished it in one day today as we had a field trip up to SCAD-Atlanta and back today. Good read. Funny, honest, heartbreaking, surprising and smart. Set here in Savannah. Loved reading about places in Savannah, in particular Oatland Island (called Marshland Island in the novel) and the prominent role it played in the story. A coming-of-age novel written by a writer who died too young when he was finishing the final revision of t [...]

With this book, I broke one of the key pledges of avid readers. I saw the movie first. I thought doing so would spoil the book, but as it turns out, the book is infinitely better than the movie.The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys is a coming-of-age novel about several boys in Savannah, Georgia. They attend a Catholic school, get into trouble, fall in love, and face their own mortality. Fuhrman tackles some heavy issues here, in his only novel. He writes in a captivating style as he helps the reade [...]

The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys was published posthumously. Chris Fuhrman died of cancer at the age of 31 while working on his final revision.The protagonist, Francis, tells the tale of the assorted misdeeds of his eighth-grade Catholic school friends, led by the cunning, under-sized Tim Sullivan. The boys get caught for drawing a comic featuring priests and nuns in compromising situations. Tim cooks up a plan that will draw attention away from this prank, a plan that unfortunately works far b [...]

Savannah, Georgia, 1974. Frances, Tim, e i loro tre amici Wade, Rusty e Joey, sono tredicenni bianchi che frequentano la scuola cattolica del Cuore Benedetto. Stanno per lasciare la scuola, e difficilmente si rivedranno: molti di loro stanno per trasferirsi altrove con le famiglie. Ma quando un fumetto osceno da loro disegnato viene trovato da uno degli insegnanti, i ragazzi rischiano la bocciatura. Per evitarla, i cinque elaborano un pericoloso diversivo. Romanzo di formazione ribelle e spietat [...]

I came across this book during a Film class I had while in grade 12. The assignment was to compare a novel to it's movie remake. It took me awhile until one day searching online, I noticed the movie that I had loved since I watched it for the first time, actually had a novel. Since it was not in stock, I ordered it from Chapters & read the entire book in one day, considering by the time it came my project was due in a week or so. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the quick read I gave it. It is a conf [...]

The blurb says this is "a touching and hilarious rendering of the school-day routine and the initiatory rites of male adolescence" and I don't know that there's much to add to that. Except I should probably say that it's very, very funny at the beginning, which is a very clever move by the author. Later the humour is much lessened, but by then the reader is totally hooked into the lives of this group of boys and doesn't notice that there's anything lacking. And of course, there isn't anything la [...]

Not as good as people want it to be and frankly just more coming of age crap. If I read one more story about a young catholic boy or a young jewish boy or how as a young boy I grew up in the Bronxd I got news for you, you weren't the only one who's dad was a jerk and you weren't the only one who stole liquor from the cabinet and you weren't the only one who got in fights or had a girlfriend or blah blah blahd just because you do something really stupid and get your friends (spoiler retraction) d [...]

To be absolutely honest, I did not manage to finish this book. This is actually a rather common occurence, as many books just cannot hold my interest long enough. So I passed this book on to my younger brother (who is the demographic the book is actually aimed at), and he is here with his review. He managed to finish this book within a day, so I guess it held his interest long enough. He said it was funny, and the story was quite good. The language is sufficiently youth-oriented. That's about it [...]

This book follows the lives of a pack of boys growing up in the south. I read this book after enjoying the movie when I saw it in the early 2000's. There is a relatively close parallel between the two, so perhaps the book was a bit of a disappointment. If I hadn't completely fallen in love with Jena Maloney as a and the cast in general, I think I would have been hard pressed to care about many of the characters in the book. The author is spot on in building up some of the group dynamics, but I a [...]

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